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emptymasks 65 days ago

haven鈥檛 drawn these three in a long while. musical erik, raoul, and blonde christine because i felt like it. so not used to colouring blonde hair that in frustration i eyedropped the colour from @geickogarbage聽鈥榮 art oops

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emptymasks 113 days ago

i'm sorry you aren't feeling great today. :( sending lots of love

aw sweetheart, thank you. always sending love your way too

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emptymasks 114 days ago

Been down today and felt like I couldn鈥檛 draw anything right and I still feel eehhhh about this but I thought at least it could maybe cheer me up a little to draw my own Erik鈥檚 and some of my favourite Erik鈥檚 from other artists @geickogarbage @smallhero-for-hire @staminaoverlook @lebzpel @brbdaly-a

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emptymasks 114 days ago





Neopronouns are not a 鈥渢umblr fad鈥. Gender neutral pronouns other than they/them have existed in the English language for actual centuries. They are not harmful to the trans community.

To those who are against neopronouns, you鈥檙e acting against the evolution of a language and acting against something that鈥檚 been around for far longer than you鈥檝e been alive.

To those who use neopronouns, your pronouns are not harmful. You do not deserve to be made to feel ashamed for your pronouns.

Op you can鈥檛 just drop this and expect us to not ask what the old school gender neutral pronouns were!!! How on earth are all my nb friends gonna pick the dapper pronouns????

I found these doing VERY minimal research:

鈥y/Em/Eir (1975, created by Christine M. Elverson)

鈥/Em/Es (1890, created by James Rogers)

鈥er/Pers/Perself (1976, Used in a novel by Marge Piercy)

鈥hon/Thos/Thonself (1858, Created by Charles Crozat Converse)

鈥e dates back to 1980

鈥e dates back to 1973

鈥n 1789, William Marshall confirmed the use of both鈥渁鈥 and 鈥渙u鈥 as a replacement for he/she/they and even i.

鈥o/Coself (1970, created by Mary Orovan)

鈥e (1850, appeared in print in 1884)

鈥n (1868, mentioned by Richard Grant White)

鈥an/Hans/Hanself (1868)

鈥n/Uns/One (1868)

鈥e/Sis/Sim (1884)

鈥esh/Hiser/Himer (1879)

鈥i/Hes/Hem (1884)

鈥e/Lis/Lim (1884)

鈥ersh/Herm (1884)

鈥p/Ips (1884)

鈥ae/Haes(Hais)/Haim (1884)

鈥ha/Thare/Them(Thon) (1885)

鈥yhe/Zyhe鈥檚/Zyhem (1885)

鈥r/Iro/Im (1888)

鈥e/Der/Dem (1888)

鈥or/Hors/Horself (1890)

鈥th/Iths (1890)

Sources for these as well as many others that I didn鈥檛 add due to the list getting too long can be found here.

An interesting note is that in the modern language a lot more people use neopronouns then you would expect!

鈥o is a majorly African American pronoun coined in 2004 and used by Middle School students In Baltimore, Maryland.

鈥ae/Faer, coined in 2014, is used by 4.3% of participants in the 2019 Gender Census.

Plus a vast variety of newly coined pronouns that you will have seen commonly floating around!

Neopronouns have existed and been recorded for a long time, they are not a new concept, nor are they mogai or a tumblr concept. They are not modern, there have just been many modern adaptions to already existing pronouns.

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Singular they is older than singular you!

Reblogging this to anyone who is against neopronouns. I鈥檝e heard takes that they鈥檙e harmful to the trans community because they somehow make community look like a laughing stock because I guess transphobes won鈥檛 take them seriously but newsflash when have transphobes ever taken non-binary people seriously. Or the argument that it is only teenagers who use them who are聽鈥榞oing through a phase鈥 because I know multiple adults who use ze or xe pronouns.

Also interesting that I鈥檝e seen this take from trans people, but never non-binary people. Because I wonder if it鈥檚 something some transmen and transwomen can even understand. To be against neo-pronouns is to be against non-binary and genderqueer people, in my opinion. Because there are so many people who are on the non-binary side of the gender spectrum who do not feel that they/them fits them.

I am sorry if you or someone you know has been hurt by someone making fun or you for using neo-pronouns or not understanding and either verbally or physically attacking you. But if someone attacked you for that, it sort of feels like they would have attacked you regardless of the pronouns you used or they thought you were using. If someone is going to attack someone for the pronouns they use, then they would probably attack you regardless of those pronouns and purely because you are trans or non-binary.

Stop making non-binary people out to be the reason why trans people get attacked.

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emptymasks 161 days ago

So Apollo didn鈥檛 make it into the Hades game so I went and designed him myself. And someone else. I鈥檒l post the drawings of their art/sprites separately and the concept art if people are interested. I really want to keep making these fake screenshots and tell their story through them. I also have more characters I want to draw in the games style. Which is what I tried with these. This isn鈥檛 my normal drawing style, but I tried to replicate the game鈥檚 style, which let me tell you I鈥檓 not used to block colouring so that was hard to get used to at first.

But yeah, I love them, I want to draw them more, let me know if you鈥檇 be interested in seeing more.

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emptymasks 240 days ago


You鈥檒l kill him, Artemis says one afternoon and her voice sounds worried and sad, almost as if she wears the grave of the world on her shoulders.聽

You don鈥檛 see it yet, you never do, but your shoes are filling with his blood and the weight slows you down because this boy is everything that is not right with you, desperate hands grab at the hem of his leather jacket, pull him back, turn him around, worried big eyes so unlike like his own with fear around the edges, sharp and - He patches you up in places no one should be allowed to touch. Can鈥檛 you see? A strangled shout - Apollo are you even listening?

I am, he says, hollow like the echo of an old record, played too often.

But I am already his, he doesn鈥檛 say but instead thinks of sun kissed backs and the marks on greedy bones.

Fall of the Sun

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emptymasks 258 days ago


Maimu Mime / 鑸炲あ銉炪偆銉
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emptymasks 283 days ago


Maimu Mime / 鑸炲あ銉炪偆銉
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emptymasks 315 days ago


鈥淎mid Elysium鈥檚 moss-covered chambers, carved of stone, stand untold numbers of eternal monuments in tribute to the greatest heroes which mortality can offer, there to honor them in life as well death.鈥

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emptymasks 339 days ago


鈾 Good riddance to all the thieves, to all the fools that stifled me聽鈾

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emptymasks 363 days ago


for my @officialtolkiensecretsanta - a reimagining of Edmund Leighton鈥檚 classic chivalric painting, god speed.

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emptymasks a year ago

A Phantom Among Us

Christine finally takes off her helmet! A couple hours late I know. Life has been a little hard to handle but I’ve been feeling better the last day or so. Not going to let you guys down by missing a week. I also just made a Tiktok account the other day to post drawing processes and cosplay and other things on if anyone wants to follow me there @鈥 emptymasks.

Updates every Friday at 11pm GMT on Tumblr and Instgram and at 5pm GMT on Webtoon and Tapas. Please help support the comic on here and on other sites! I鈥檓 @emptymasks鈥 everywhere else and you can find the comic either under 鈥楢 Phantom Among Us鈥 or #aphantomamongus and #potoamongus

Episode 6 Part 2 < Episode 7 Part 1 > Episode 7 Part 2

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emptymasks a year ago


Hades parody bc can鈥檛 play right now and I鈥檓 bored

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emptymasks a year ago


hades 鈥 1/?

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