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A bird explaining to a hedgehog crossing so it doesn’t die.

!!! ok but that’s legitimately what it’s doing!! That’s a corvid right there (looks like a hooded crow, to be precise), which means it’s intelligent enough to recognize, a) cars are dangerous and streets should be treated with a certain degree of caution, b) this car’s slowing down for them–cars do that sometimes–which means they’re not in imminent danger, so it doesn’t have to fly away just yet, c) that hedgehog’s still gonna get killed if it doesn’t MOVE, FAST (cars can change speed very quickly and the hedgehog’s still in the way), and almost certainly also d) if the bird does nothing it gets a free lunch.

Y’all, Y’ALL. This bird is consciously deciding to put itself in danger in order to save the life of a very stupid creature. A creature which, if the bird did nothing, could be free food

i can’t - look if you follow me you know I have a thing for corvids, but this is - like!!! People are always saying “ah yes they have sub-human intelligence and don’t consider anything that isn’t immediately necessary for their own survival/pleasure,” but! Whether or not it can do philosophy, this crow is clearly demonstrating compassion. Even if it’s just the kind of compassion a toddler shows to a snail, a social creature that instinctively recognizes the potential for emotion in other beings, that’s still huge and cool and important and corvids!!! are! neat!!! 

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Someone put red paint on the “Serve and Protect” sculpture at the Salt Lake City police building and it is such a powerful statement.

“Good art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed.” -C.A.C.

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I know there have been a lot of posts going around with links to really important places to donate, but I just found out that Kentucky’s only abortion clinic, and one of only a handful of black-owned clinics in the country, was damaged in the Louisville protests.

Despite the damage, they are still open and seeing patients today.

If you are able, you can donate here.

Donate - Kentucky Reproductive Freedom Fund Assist & Protect Rights

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Image Text: If you’ve been out in in a big crowd protesting today, consider self quarantining for 14 days to avoid this being a super spreader event. Your actions after the protest can help save Black lives too.

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“I detest the masculine point of view. I am bored by his heroism, virtue, and honour. I think the best these men can do is not talk about themselves anymore.”

— Virginia Woolf, The Pargiters (via ablogwithaview)

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To the #Blackout Community and Tumblr at large, 

We know you must have a lot of questions or are feeling distressed about the news. The world has been dealing with a lot this year, and it is an especially harrowing time for Black Americans and Black folks abroad. We know your biggest question right now could be summed up by a quote from Toni Morrison:

“What can I do where I am?”

Here at #TheBlackout, we have decided to help you start finding an answer to that question - we feel that we need each other. We need unity, organization, a clear sense of direction, but more importantly, a space where you can be yourself without judgement or fear.

So, in addition to boosting your art and businesses, our highest priority right now is to provide you all with resources to help you start from where you are.

This is a masterpost of places you can donate, find mental health + spaces for radical self-care, and just do something fun. We will be adding on as things change. 


Mental Health Resources:

  • Ethel’s Club - Black-owned and operated social club offering access to Black therapists and a multitude of creative events for People of Color. 
  • Crisis Text Line - A different approach to crisis intervention, Crisis Text Line offers you help when you text 741-741. You’ll be able to chat with someone who is willing to listen and provide you with additional resources.
  • Shine Text. – Black-owned! Sign up to receive cheerful texts and tips every day. 
  • Therapy For Black Girls - A Black-owned a directory to help you find Black therapists in your area. 

Tips for Organizing/Protesting:

Fun Online Communities and Things to Do:

Some of our favorite online communities. 

Nerd Culture: @blacknerdproblems, @superheroesincolor

Poetry and Literary Spaces: Cave Canem Literary Balms program for Black poets,  Nuyorician Online Open Mic EventsWell-Read Black Girl

Podcasts: Therapy For Black Girls, Strong Black Legends by Netflix’s Strong Black Lead, The Read with Crissle and Kid Fury.

Hobbies: #BlackBirdersWeek by BlackAFinSTEM (5/31 - 6/8), Wellness Week by Black Girl Gamers. 

Join us for the 5/31 Emergency #Blackout/#BlackoutDay here on Tumblr and Twitter.

Update (5/30/2020 4:41 PM EST): Our original post included a memorial link to Tony McDade. We corrected the link to an ongoing petition. As of this posting, there is no official memorial fund collections for Tony McDade.

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this quarantine, we’re bringing tumblr back! I’ve tried the other social media platforms, and I hate them! they make me use my real name! they’re always trying to sell me things! here, the mean users are random antis or racist bone thieves. on twitter, it’s the actual president of the united states. don’t you miss reading 1800 word rants about the way two characters looked at each other in a three second scene? wouldn’t you rather be looking at a gifset of katara right now? fuck instagram. I’m crawling back to my hovel.

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PLEASE if anyone is in la stay safe they’ve called ice and are planning on arresting anyone present at the protests

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I firmly believe all the best stories happen at WalMart self checkout, I was there at 3 in the morning one time buying Froot Loops, and there was a tall, tall country dad there and his little 5 year old daughter.

And when buying my Froot Loops, I dropped them. And I said “fuck. my loops.” And I remember, like, in the back hearing, [gruffer, southern accented voice] “Yeah! Dont be afraid to speak!”

[normal voice] And I was like, “What?”

And he was like, [accented voice] “Youre angry, about your cereal. Say it. Say Fuck with your chest!”

[normal voice] And I was like, “…Fuck!” and his little daughter was like [less gruff accented voice] “Yeah my daddy lets me say Bitch!”


I cant stop reciting this and then laughing so hard I cry


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My matriarch is pregnant with her 100th baby and I have to decide if I’m going to just keep going or not. I’m out of storage on my computer and I really need to get all my photos off my phone and onto the computer and I think I’d have to at least delete this particular game bc it’s so big now with so many sims in it. But I might have to delete the whole game which would suck but I’m out of other stuff to remove from my laptop so idk what else to do.

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I texted my mom today that i’m nervous about going back to work and she literally asked me why and then said “people will be so happy to be out again hopefully you’ll find it a joyful experience” and now I remembered why I don’t talk to my mom about how I feel about things.

Like, she just completely dismissed how I feel so wtf am I even supposed to say now?

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I texted my mom today that i’m nervous about going back to work and she literally asked me why and then said “people will be so happy to be out again hopefully you’ll find it a joyful experience” and now I remembered why I don’t talk to my mom about how I feel about things.

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