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my best friend told me about yamato and i fell in love with his big spooky eyes INSTANTLY. he/him || 24 || im on shippuden now 馃槶
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mokutonea day ago
Tumblr media
happy birthday u nightmare man...
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mokutonea day ago
@cmyk8 replied to a post:
frankly impressed there鈥檚 no mountain goats on here
wow!!!! can't believe im being bullied by my best friend on my own blog...the betrayal...
but yeah no while i love john darnielles music i cannot see it for yamato-even mr goats songs about god miss the gate entirely
honestly i cant even see him for kakashi, like hes got some songs about being radically and catastrophically depressed but theyre a much more jacobi depression, y'know? a kind of "yeah i'm going down and i'm taking a body count with me" kind of energy. even the song "autoclave" which talks abt systematically destroying any sign of love and life within oneself doesn't work for anbu kakashi bc it has the line
"And I am this great, unstable mass of blood and foam
And no one in her right mind would make my home her home"
which doesn't work for kakashi bc hes got plenty of people who he respects and appreciates who see him pain and emptiness and all and are like yeah im absolutely gonna make a home in this guys heart. it just doesn't feel right. it doesn't feel like kakashi..
idk!!!! anko could probably get some goat songs but that's probably it for me
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mokutone11 days ago
I just adore your ficlets so much! I love how you write them so accurately 馃槉
A big thank you for giving Lady Tsunade and Yams the love they deserve through your amazing work! 鉂も潳
tshdgkjhs thank you!!!!! that's so flattering, i am very glad that you resonate with the way that i write them, and that you enjoy their interaction as much as I do!
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mokutone11 days ago
gghgHHGHG ty for sharing in this enthusiasm with me!!!! i really appreciate it! i dont wanna make this post longer than it is, so i'll tuck it under a readmore, but here is the little ficlet
"Cat," Tsunade says into the alley, "Show yourself."
Obediently, he emerges from the shadows, offering a slight bow.鈥漎es, Lady Tsunade?"
"Walk me home; I鈥檓 a little imbalanced and it's Shizune's day off."
"Of course," he takes her arm. She leans into it only lightly, perfumed heavily with the scents of a bars.
They walk together in a silence that is neither uncomfortable, nor companionable, but almost still professional. At some point, because of the way her breathing changes beside him, Yamato becomes aware that she鈥檚 been preparing to speak and holding herself back. Curious, he turns his head, and the wide, blank gaze of his mask toward her. 鈥淚s something the matter?鈥
鈥淣o,鈥 She says, but pauses and recants. 鈥淚t鈥檚 just, you know that I鈥 didn鈥檛鈥.if I had known that you were my grandfathers progeny I would have intervened."
"Thank you for your consideration, Lady Tsunade,鈥 Yamato says evenly, thinking that progeny is an odd choice of word for the thing that he is.
"You're twice-over my responsibility. Firstly you were made by my teammate, and secondly you were made with Senju flesh-if I'd known you existed I would've taken you in as my own. Old man Sarutobi probably knew I would too. Meddling geezer. That was always his way, you know, hiding things. He couldn鈥檛 stand to share his plans.鈥
"I am no more your responsibility than anyone else in the leaf village," Yamato replies quietly, 鈥測ou don't owe me anything."
"Oh I owe everyone something at this point." She laughs after declaring this, but if she meant it to sound bitter, she failed. "But, this is all I can give you wouldn't have been a good life. We would've constantly on the road, evading debt, there would be a lot of bars and drinking and I鈥檓 a coward, Cat. I鈥檓 a coward and a real bitch sometimes. You would've hated me by the end, probably, but I would've liked to have given that to you if I knew. If you would have wanted it.鈥
He tries to imagine the way that would鈥檝e shaken out, traveling around with her and Shizune as a young and frightened creature, just ejected from Root. It would鈥檝e been chaotic, and unstable, and probably a horrible idea given everything Tsunade has had to work through to handle being Hokage, and everything Yamato has had to work through to become the person he is now, but something about the idea charms him. It would be a different life entirely, him being mentored by the greatest mednin that Konoha (possibly the world) had ever seen. He has no doubt that the person he would become through that process would undoubtedly be unrecognizable to him now, but perhaps he would鈥檝e learned some mednin skills, and fuck knows that would鈥檝e helped him out of a tight spot or two.
鈥淭hank you for your kindness in saying so,鈥 Yamato says. 鈥淏ut I鈥檒l correct you on one thing; I don鈥檛 think I would鈥檝e hated you, and I don鈥檛 think you're a coward."
Much like Kakashi, Tsunade refuses to take the barest hint of a compliment, or even just the denial of unfair criticism,directing it away with another laugh. "But I am a bitch?"
"In a good way, Lady Tsunade. A commander should be a bit of a bitch, on occasion.鈥
She shakes her head, and turns at the door.
"Do you want me to walk you inside?" He asks.
"No, thank you, I'll be alright from here. You can end your shift."
She pauses, and focuses on him with her intense, hawklike eyes.
"You look like him, you know? Just a little. Your hair is a shade lighter, and your eyes are still so big, but something about the way they sit in your face, and your nose..." she touches his cheek.
Yamatos eyebrows knit together, but he makes himself smile. "Goodnight, lady Tsunade,"
"Of course. Good night."
Dropping by to say that I just love it when u draw tsunade 馃ズ
Like i love the regular dose of yamato too but the way u do their dynamic is so chef kiss
thank u!!!!! i love her a lot and i find the potentiality of her trying to bond with yamato to be. utterly fascinating...
we have the displaced familial affection (the senju like kinda dies with her and technically shizune right? and good lord she lost her whole family. if hes got even the barest connection, hes somebody she could have around the table)
we have the GUILT (orochimaru who is the reason for yamato being the way he is being her teammate, and then being made from her grandfather, twice over she may feel responsibility towards him)
AND then we have yamatos side of things-we KNOW he wants family ties, we KNOW he wants a place to belong-but is it any better to be loved for hashiramas presence in his blood than to be used for hashiramas presence in his blood? would he not still feel somewhat uncomfortable being the vessel for affection meant for hashirama? does she have any other reason to explore their potential for a familial bond than that he has that blood in him?
does she need another reason? perhaps yamato doesn't know this-he is not a very open person, but the reasons for which we create bonds can be incredibly arbitrary and meaningless too, but sometimes even the most inane reason to make a friend is a good reason, because eventually the friendship may come to sustain itself without aid...
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mokutone11 days ago
i was looking through your blog and saw you talking about the meaning of kinoe's name, which i've always found cool so i wanted to explain!! "kinoe" sort of means "first", but more in like "first class" or "first place" when written as 鐢. however, when it's written as 鏈ㄣ伄鏋, it means "tree branch"! i dont think we ever get to see what kanji his name uses, but it's a cool little double meaning.
I SEE...i see...danz艒 gave him a name which was also a pun...thats got me somehow.
anyway i love it thank u so much for sharing this, my knowledge of japanese is beyond abysmal and i struggle with trying to research these things, so i appreciate the additional information very much
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mokutone11 days ago
Got any yamato-adjacent song suggestions? I'm making a playlist!
ah! i've not gotten a question like this before. i should warn u that, firstly, i don't have good music taste, i never have and i probably never will 馃様. I also don't honestly have a lot of songs which ring strongly as Yamato? i have maybe one song that DEFINTIELY makes me think of a naruto character, but that character is like. obito. i don't even like obito that much its just the song is like extremely him. anyway
There are some songs that make me experience emotions which sometimes (due to my brainrot) are converted into Yamato Emotions though, but they're generally abt the relationship between an individual + god. I think because of the extremely important relationship between yamato and hashirama/hashirama's mokuton (as he's often called the God of Shinobi and also has a similar kind of. extreme reverence placed upon his name)
the first one is the sweetest: Spring (Wake) by the Arcadian Wild, I like the first verses the most, n i think abt this mostly as a like. very lonely little kinoe considering his mokuton as a presence in its own right, almost like an imaginary friend
Wake up, sleepyhead I pulled you out from the flowerbed My breath fills your lungs I鈥檒l give this garden to my favorite son
this Big Blue by Vampire Weekend, it repeats the same verses over and over. four times, i think. i tend to think of it as tenzos stages of life as he's freed from one nightmare and moves on to the next. being free'd from orochimaru, to being free'd by danzo, to being free'd by kakashi, to being released from anbu duty to live in the sunlight, each time kind of like "ah, is this where i'll belong?"
I was so overcome with emotion. When I was hurt and in need of affection, When I was tired and I couldn鈥檛 go home Then you offered protection So am I learning my lesson? Or am I back on my own?
this one is one of my favorites! Garden Song (pete seeger version). he's one of my favorites, and there's such a kind of gentle, accepting dedication to slow progress that makes me think of yamato..ah. ack. there are other versions of this song, and if you can find a live version thats especially good cause pete seeger does the wackiest call and response youve ever heard, he sings the song twice over, once to share the lyrics, once to partake in them himself, all at the same time, lyric by lyric. nutzo. love that guy
Pullin' weeds and pickin' stones, We are made of dreams and bones
last one on my list is Ya Hey also by Vampire Weekend, which has absolutely nothing to do with yamato but the vibes of it are impeccable and while it's a song about god, a couple of the lyrics pierce my heart + make me think of him, not in a way which is true to the song, nor in a way which is direct, but which speaks very quietly to my heart
In the dark of this place There's the glow of Your face There's the dust on the screen Of this broken machine And I can't help but feel That I've made some mistake But I let it go Ya Hey, Ya Hey, Ya Hey Through the fire and through the flames You won't even say Your name Through the fire and through the flames You won't even say Your name You say, "I am that I am" But who could ever live that way?
#I am that I am#yamswers#clareion-call#obvs it should be noted that like. songs which deal with the narrators relationship to god r highly personal#and i enjoy these songs for their own selves outside of thinking abt yamato#ya hey is especially a favorite of mine because it has such a heavy emotional throughline#where the narrator feels simultaneously comforted and also abandoned by god#and acknowledges that he may have abandoned god as well鈥攚hich is why god might be abandoning him#its a song of such immense frustration but at the same time a very strong longing that it knocks me flat on my ass every time i hear it#which i know is shocking to hear abt a vampire weekend song but like its facts#ya hey fucks#if it isnt obvious just by listening to them i'll note that these songs r not all of the same faiths鈥攜a hey is v distinctly jewish + abt it#while vaguer big blue probably is too#meanwhile spring (awake) is distinctly and sometimes uncomfortably christian#garden song is that weird kinda christian that wants to settle into the background. i dont dislike it at all but it is there#god the lines:#Through the fire and through the flames || You won't even say Your name || Through the fire and through the flames ||#You won't even say your name || Only || But who could ever live that way?#just absolutely fucking obliterates me#the frustration! the longing! ah! ack!#you won't even say your name...good lord! that one hurts!#im a simple man. i love a song abt ones relationship with god#long post#i didnt really care for vampire weekend a whole lot but my roommate took me to see them once#and it was the third time ive ever gone to a concert#and the experience of a concert will change the way that you interact with the music in a fascinating way鈥攊ts like the music becomes#something tangible in you for a moment#i would never say theyre one of my favorite bands but at the same time theyre in my head in a way they werent before
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mokutone12 days ago
i love your art!! a whole lot!! i may not know who some of the characters you're drawing are, (i havent seen much of naruto) but i still very much enjoy reading your comics :)
Tumblr media
thank you so much...welcome to yamato shippuden, where the substitute teacher is the most important character.
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mokutone12 days ago
I love your meta and headcanons and stories so incredibly much, they fill me with an indescribable amount of joy鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
hehehehe!!!! im glad to hear it thank you!!!! i enjoy sharing them too :) i'm much rustier at headcanons and storytelling than i am at drawing so i'm glad to hear that they resonate with you!
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mokutone12 days ago
Just wanted to slither in and say that I absolutely adore all of your art, it scratches the itch in the back of my brain so good. (Especially your Witch Hat Au, which actually got me into the manga itself - gosh it's such a pretty series ^W^). I hope you're having a wonderful day/night, thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us!
HEHEHEHE IM GLAD...witch hat atelier is sooo good. cant wait for the next volume to come out at the end of september, i am going feral waiting
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mokutone12 days ago
@angeloshadows submitted this photo to me like 10 days ago but something is DEEPLY wrong with tumblr and every time i try to add a comment to the submission or god forbid post it my whole window breaks sdkgjhdsgkjh
Tumblr media
anyway. i love it ty for the submission
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