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daisies blossom over a body nestled between blades of grass; eyes bloom open, and arms stretch to the sky. a hand reaches out to capture the sun. she is beautiful, so so lovely indeed.

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In an interview with inc.com, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

oguile·6 years agoText

{ ♡ } :                             ’ …I put nuts and berries on the windowsill,

                                                             for the squirrels…


                                             but the squirrels aren’t awake yet

                                                                    and the food is all gone…’

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oguile·6 years agoText


; what a quaint little thing, it thought.

            how i’d love to defile her, it whispered. ;

    .h̦̥͉̞̪̟̦ͅe̮̯̩̖y̙͉̜̼͇̣ ̫̗̺̝̹ḷ̬̞͉͚̝͎̩i̤t͓̘͓̮̬̜̺t̳̲̱̞l̰͔̦̼e̯̼̪̮̭̠ͅ ̞͍͙c͈̩̱̝͕̖͙͙ṳͅt̝̭̺̜̭i͕̘̰͎͎̞e͈̞̭̰̘̬̞͙͖,̼̰ ̮h̯̺̪̲o̩̦̙̱̺͎̠̖w̞̱͎̹’̻͕̜s̮̻͈̳͎͕̠ ͇i̦͉̻̞̱̳͓t̗̲͕͉̼̯ͅ ͈̯ͅh͎̮a͍̱͎̦̜̮n̟͕̰̜g͎̗̗͇i̞̳n͔̗̲̖͇’̫̙̟͖̳̮?͓̯͖̤̪̹


{ ♡ } :                      ’ Whooooa! How did you do that?

                           You crawled through the window like a slithery snake…! ’

     Curiosity may kill the cat, but satisfaction will always be there to bring them back.


                               ’ That was cool! …Where did you come from?

                                                       A r e   you a snake? ’

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oguile·6 years agoAudio


Title Lúppulagið
Artist Sigur Rós
Album Inni (2011)
Genre Post-rock

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oguile·6 years agoAudio


♫ I hear a bird chirping, up in the sky
I’d like to be free like that spread my wings so high

I see the river flowing water running by
I’d like to be that river, see what I might find

I feel the wind a blowin’, slowly changing time
I’d like to be those flowers, open to everything

I feel the seasons change, the leaves, the snow and sun
I’d like to be those seasons, made up and undone

I taste the living earth, the seeds that grow within
I’d like to be that earth, a home where life begins

I see the moon a risin’, reaching into night
I’d like to be that moon, a knowing glowing light

I know the silence as the world begins to wake
I’d like to be that silence as the morning breaks

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oguile·6 years agoText



’ you are in the cosmopolitan hotel
                 how did someone like you end up in vegas?

{ ♡ } :                     ’ Vegas… I’ve only heard of this place once or twice.

                                     I guess. I’m. Wondering the same thing, now.

                                         …Perhaps my venturing led me too far?


                           But! To arrive at such a specific place is a feat in itself!

                          Please tell me, did you…see me walk in?

                                          H-Have we…met once before, by any chance? ’

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oguile·6 years agoText


                                       suddenly she felt the urge to try to help her. maybe she was sick ? cold ? scared ? —— something else ignored by the blonde ?

                              a small grin twisted her delicate features, in an attempt to make the other feel more comfortable. the idea that the girl was shivering because of her refused to leave her thoughts, yet she could always try to compensate her.


                  ❛ i am lost, indeed. you’d be surprised of
                         all the places i have ended up
                              after following butterflies or birds. ❜

                                                                                                    an awkward chuckle. 

{ ♡ } :                             ’ …Following birds? Wh-What kinds?

                                                 Jays, peckers, warblers…?

                          The birds here are sweet and lovely and kind, very much so!

                                      I have not ever thought of following them…! ’

     Her eyes brightened at the possibility. If this person travelled from far away, she was assuming, then what kind of places would she herself come across if she followed the birdies too? Would the lands she cross be like the stories she was read, once upon a time, of glitter stars and cherry-syrup oceans?



                                          ’ What sounds did the birds make?

                    Were they ringing “ taka-taka-taka-taka ” noises,

                                                       or squeaky “ see-wee-see-wees ” ? ’

     Talking about her feathered friends seemed to loosen something in her; the smaller girl’s stiffened shoulders grew lax again, and the shaking in her hands and legs soon subsided, until all that was left were occasional tremors. There was still a lower note of something she felt earlier, but compared to the few minutes before her outlook on the stranger had completely flipped.

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oguile·6 years agoText



                  ❛ i’m so sorry !!!

                               the shaking does not go unnoticed.
                              yet she prefers go to with the basics.

           ❛ —— i did not meant to scare you…
                   god, am the worst. are you okay ?

{ ♡ } :                                ’ Okay? …Yes I am okay. ’

     Her shivering does not stop. Why is this? What is happening? Is she getting sick? She has not fallen ill in a while.

                                               ’ Thank you for asking!

                            I…do have another question to ask you, however,

                                      if you are alright with me doing so. ’

     The child hoped she was not stepping out of boundaries by continuously dealing out questions, but it was protocol to do so, wasn’t it? Besides, she was curious with the answer she would get!


                                           ’ …How…did you get here?

                              This forest, from what I have seen, is very large!

                                                 It is easy to get lost. ’

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oguile·6 years agoText

ღ  puzzlinglittlegirl  ღ  innocentis 

{ ♡ } :                              ’ Outside, what was that noise? ’

                                              …Why am she…shaking?

                                                   She is  not   c o l d . 



                                                      Whatis this?

                          ’ …Who is there? Please, I promise no harm to you! ’

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oguile·6 years agoText

ღ  exris  ღ  gasmxsk 

{ ♡ } :                                     ’ …What is that smell?



                                   Did the squirrels track something in again…? ’

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oguile·6 years agoText



ugh stop that. you can stay.
                to what do i owe the… pleasure. ‘

{ ♡ } :                                  ’ …Nothing but an urge to walk around

                                                 and discover things I haven ’t before.

                                 It’s only coincidence that I’ve stumbled wherever this is.



                                           But…part of what “ w a n d e r l u s t ” is is

                                       to covet the unknown and learn more of it, right?

                                …In that case, would it be rude of me to ask where I am?

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oguile·6 years agoText


Kili’s mini giveaway;;

        so, since Khaos is finally at her next
        hundred, I’ve decided to do a small giveaway for
        her hella lovely followers bc all of you are my bbies
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xxxxx. so that gives three hours for this. bing
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        10 notes, btw.

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                                 sample work - [ xx. xx. xx]

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oguile·6 years agoText



’ something about you makes me uncomfortable.
       wait——- i know what it is, ‘

{ ♡ } :                                  ’ Uncomfortable?

                                     …I don’t think I understand.


                                           Should I leave, if I am?

                                  I’d hate to make you feel that way…! ’

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oguile·6 years agoText


            oguile )


              — it’s very rude to stare.

{ ♡ } :                                  ’ Oh…!



                        Was I staring?                        I’m sorry.

               …I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, if I did!! ’

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oguile·6 years agoAnswer
3 through 10.


3. Name one or more of their bad habits.

  • Emi pulls at the ends of her hair, picks at her cuticles, bites/licks her lips, and stands pigeon-toed. 

4. Any addictions? (Food, sex, drugs/alcohol, shopping, power/control, etc.)

  • An addiction to help: even if it’s bad for her personal health, and could endanger her wellbeing, she feels she has to assist someone with something. 

5. What is one thing they do that can negatively affect their relationship with friends?

  • Never fully understand the impact of a dark, tougher decision. Due to the innocence imbued in her being she literally cannot empathise or sympathise with more complicated situations. It’s like showing a first-grader Physics problems, and expecting them to give a full coherent answer when they are not even sure what they’re looking at.  

6. Their romantic relationships?

  • N o n e .

7. What is the biggest mistake they’ve ever made?

  • The occasion when she was nearly coerced into committing the most horrible of crimes. 

8. What mistake(s) do they continue to make/have not learned from?

  • She is too trusting of others. Her mind does store past experiences of betrayal from other people she has encountered, but her unwavering purity always insists that ‘not all people are mean; every person is born inherently good!’. 

9. Name some of their major physical shortcomings.

  • Height: very short. 
  • Weight: thin and petite; no muscle. 
  • Weak grip and kinda knobbly knees (like a fawn). 

10. Some of their emotional shortcomings?

  • Lack of empathy for explicit life occurrences. 
  • A desire to be loved can leave her bare-backed and vulnerable to dagger-teeth predators. 
  • Difficult to mask emotion. 
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