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on-the-heath·11 hours agoText

today was long!! but ended up alright. did some readings and assignments, picked up some stuff up for my cat, listened to 2 book lectures– on on 16th century paper, another on 18th century censorship– then grabbed a backyard drink with another early modernist in the department

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on-the-heath·2 days agoText

Judith Butler on the culture wars, JK Rowling and living in “anti-intellectual times”

“Feminism has always been committed to the proposition that the social meanings of what it is to be a man or a woman are not yet settled. We tell histories about what it meant to be a woman at a certain time and place, and we track the transformation of those categories over time. 

We depend on gender as a historical category, and that means we do not yet know all the ways it may come to signify, and we are open to new understandings of its social meanings. It would be a disaster for feminism to return either to a strictly biological understanding of gender or to reduce social conduct to a body part or to impose fearful fantasies, their own anxieties, on trans women.”

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on-the-heath·3 days agoText

my cat is obsessed with bread and she can tell that i ate pizza so she’s licking my hands trying to pick up crumbs

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on-the-heath·4 days agoText


me: say it— i need to hear those three words

library database: Full Text Online

me, shedding tears: i love you too

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on-the-heath·6 days agoText

wow okay i am not feeling great!! about anything!! today is for being a person, logistical/ grounding tasks, and cuddling my cat

  • clean apartment
  • emails (m) (jc) (rs) (mor)
  • bartleby
  • jest
  • quick grocery shop
  • call k
  • call m
  • crit theory readings (1) (2)
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on-the-heath·7 days agoText

my advisor: are you sure you want to take on this project rn? i don’t want you to get overwhelemed

me: this is the first time in my higher education i haven’t been working 30 hours a week while in classes, for the love of god pls give me something to do

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