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We are going to pretend I cropped her out of the background and actually edited the picture…in fact, we’re going to pretend I’m capabl of cropping her out of the background. Thank god I wrote these answers about an hour ago. Uh. Yeah. Okay, nevermind. It’s Friday night and I’ve had a stressful week, that’s all.

  1. Full name: Claudia Graychel Breeze…and I haven’t decided yet if the G is silent or not.
  2. Height: 170 cm
  3. Sexual orientation: Bisexual (yes, another one)
  4. Where are they from: I just sat here for three minutes trying to remember in which world I played the yellow gen…Willow Creek, of course, and I’m really worried about my memory.
  5. Occupation: She’s an athlete and also kind of an online star
  6. Bad habits: I mean. Where do I even begin. She farts…a lot…in front of other people…and I wish I was just kidding but slob sims just are like that and I hate it.
  7. Insecurities: She doesn’t really worry about this yet where we left off at the end of the yellow gen, but as we all know, as the grey heir, she’s supposed to have a few failed relationships. This has led to many sleepless nights, wondering if she is the reason why they turned out like that.
  8. What makes them proud of themselves: You’ll see close towards the end of her generation. She’s kind of a big deal.
  9. How would they describe themselves: “That girl who went grey way too prematurely but guess what, she loves it and doesn’t mind it at all!" 
  10. Hobbies: Sports, singing, social media (I can see her spending way too much time on TikTok and I can’t explain it)
  11. Dream vacation: A roadtrip with no set destination. Just her, her friends and maybe some good songs on the radio…or someone who can play the guitar.
  12. Favourite animal: She’s always wanted a pet snake.
  13. Favourite music: I feel like she’s into a lot of alternative stuff, but also some current big hits.
  14. Guilty pleasure: Watching funny animal videos at 2am
  15. Pet peeve: Being told to be “more feminine” -_- For example, she hates when someone asks her why she never wears dresses and skirts. She just doesn’t, mind your business Paul! (I don’t know who’s Paul. I just made him up.)
  16. Favourite subject at school: Aside from P.E., she also weirdly enjoyed Maths. Not that she was good at it, but she had a really fun teacher and she has great memories of his classes.
  17. Anything strange about them: I’m not sure if everyone will see this as a strange thing, but she really loves beans. (I personally kinda liked beans when I was younger but I can’t eat them anymore for some reason, they just don’t taste as good to me anymore 😂)
  18. Best friend: Her sister
  19. Partner: Well…I’ll keep that to myself for now 🤫
  20. One trait they like in others: She likes active people. People who can’t sit around all day and want to do something exciting all the time.
  21. How would you describe their aesthetic: Comfy and sporty
  22. Random fact: I’ve probably said this before, but her name was Gemma for like half the generation until I changed it to Claudia. And why that? Well, you have the word cloud, clouds are grey, this is the grey generation, and just take away the o and replace it with an a and you have Claudia. 😂 It would be even better if I had a male heir and named him Claude or something…but oh well. This works too.

Thanks for the ask!

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Here it is! I wrote this and something else today during my short study breaks and it was hard to then come back down to Earth from the world of my imagination and focus on the “real” things. Just…a little behind the scenes fact haha.

  1. Full name: Josephine Lyra Grant, soon-to-be Vatore 🥰
  2. Height: 165 cm
  3. Sexual orientation: Either straight or heteroromantic demisexual, she would really fit that definition. But she herself doesn’t really think about this much.
  4. Where are they from: Windenburg
  5. Occupation: Well, she’s a witch who helps people with her spells, so I guess…that. She didn’t require it at first, but they paid her anyway, so now she does it for money. I mean she’d be dumb not to, sooo…
  6. Bad habits: Biting her nails and the skin around them when she’s nervous. Yup. She hates it, but she doesn’t even notice when she does it.
  7. Insecurities: Like most girls, she sometimes has body-image related worries. They’re not as bad anymore, it used to be much worse growing up.
  8. What makes them proud of themselves: She’s never been cursed. Same can’t be said about her soon-to-be husband…
  9. How would they describe themselves: “A girl who never thought the stuff she had read about could be real, but she’s really happy they’re her life now.”
  10. Hobbies: Playing the guitar, singing, gardening
  11. Dream vacation: Nature. Doesn’t matter where, as long as it’s pretty, peaceful and far from civilization.
  12. Favourite animal: Cat! She’s a total cat person.
  13. Favourite music: Either stuff like Hozier or Lorde or some chill 60s/70s music.
  14. Guilty pleasure: She still likes to watch cartoons. (Saaaame.)
  15. Pet peeve: People who make others feel bad about themselves. Like, come on! No one needs your negativity!
  16. Favourite subject at school: She liked Biology. Learning about plants was her favourite thing.
  17. Anything strange about them: Technically it’s not that strange, but she still can’t believe it. I didn’t really show it in my gameplay (just hinted at it), but her family actually comes from the magic realm. The magic bloodline just got really weak over time, but it was restored with Josie.
  18. Best friend: I don’t wanna sound uncreative but when most of my ships are the “friends to lovers” kinda ships…I’ve gotta say Lucian 😅
  19. Partner: Lucian
  20. One trait they like in others: Selflessness
  21. How would you describe their aesthetic: Comfy and getting witchier and witchier as the time goes on. (is “witchier” even a word lol? I mean it looks right and wrong at the same time to me)
  22. Random fact: Before Realm of Magic was announced, I was going to have her, Lucian and Claudia form some sort of a band. But then RoM was released and I decided to change my plans. It was worth it. Maybe I’ll do an AU if we ever officially get bands in TS4…pretty pretty please EA, give me a band pack or something like that and I swear I’ll stop complaining after that

Thanks for the ask! ♥

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Okay, in his case, I had CAS pictures where he’s alone, but I was too lazy to crop them, so here you go, here’s a picture from a photoshoot I did about a month ago :D

Also, I think there’s been a misunderstanding, the way I intended that ask thingy was that I’d answer all 22 things. So I hope you don’t mind me doing that instead of just those three. :)

  1. Full name: Should I go with his birth name or the one he’s using now? Or should I call his birth name his “life name” and his current name his “vampire name”? Anyway, this was just a really long way to say that he now goes just by Ross Vatore. (MCCC changed his surname and I decided to keep it and pretend he’s changed his name like that - because I feel like he would. Oh and he officially doesn’t use his middle name anymore.)
  2. Height: 185 cm. He’s a big boy.
  3. Sexual orientation: Bisexual
  4. Where are they from: Oasis Springs
  5. Occupation: He’s unemployed at the moment (I mean, he’s a rich vampire, he doesn’t have to work 😂), but he used to be a politician.
  6. Bad habits: Thinking he knows better than anyone else. He’s fully aware that he doesn’t, but when it comes down to a certain thing that he feels strongly about, he will automatically switch into this mindset.
  7. Insecurities: He’s worried he’ll never learn to control his vampire powers. They’re just…difficult. (But I guess he doesn’t have to worry about this anymore, huh?)
  8. What makes them proud of themselves: His growth, if that makes sense. When he looks back at everything he’s done, he’s proud of who he was able to become.
  9. How would they describe themselves: “I’m quite possibly both the best and the worst guy you’ll ever meet.”
  10. Hobbies: Reading, going out for a drink, videogames, woohoo
  11. Dream vacation: He’d love to see Sulani someday. Sulani on a bright summer afternoon…yeah that won’t work buddy.
  12. Favourite animal: He doesn’t care about animals much except for his dog Rocket. (who was technically Sunset’s dog at first but we know how that went, he ended up being closer with her dads instead 😂)
  13. Favourite music: There are essentially two ways he would go - either some alternative early 00s emo bops or classical music.
  14. Guilty pleasure: I’d say the emo bops. It’s always been the emo bops. The further he got in his career, the more of a guilty pleasure they became.
  15. Pet peeve: When he’s talking to someone online and they reply either by a single emoji or they just like the message. Way to kill a conversation, dude.
  16. Favourite subject at school: He enjoyed political history and figuring out why exactly certain people had such incredible charisma that it controlled the entire countries. (that was his niche interest when he was a teenager…along with dating a million people at once I suppose)
  17. Anything strange about them: Aside from those high school dating shenanigans and the fact that at one point in his life he could probably recite Twilight word by word? :D
  18. Best friend: Caleb. I can’t think of anyone else. I mean he has friends, but they’re nowhere near that.
  19. Partner: Caleb again.
  20. One trait they like in others: It’s not a trait I guess, but he appreciates people more when they admit they’ve messed up instead of making up excuses to make themselves look better. He’s been there too and he knows it can be difficult sometimes.
  21. How would you describe their aesthetic: I’ve always had this idea of like “classy but with a dark vibe” or something like that? I don’t even know what I mean by “dark vibe”, but it’s there. It probably has to do with the colours I usually put him in - dark red and black.
  22. Random fact: This is kind of my new way of looking at why he acted like…that. In high school, I mean. Why he treated people the way he did. I think that underneath all that confidence, he was actually quite hurt,  insecure and angry at the world. Now we don’t have the time to unpack all that but maybe one day, I’ll explain more.

Thanks for the ask! ♥

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Alright, this is the second ask that I’ll use as a preview for the next generation. Again, no name, no face, just some little random things. Let me know if you guys like these “teasers” because if you do, I might do them more often! Who knows when I’ll actually post the next generation…first I need to get rid of my old TS3 gameplay, I really don’t want to push that any further.

  1. Their mother writes romance novels. They personally don’t like them at all and think they’re dumb. As many love-related things are.
  2. They’re from San Myshuno, but they often travel alone to different towns. Without their mother’s knowledge.
  3. They’re actually really creative at breaking the rules their mother set for them.
  4. They made a big promise a long time ago, but they didn’t keep it. I mean, obviously, they were just kids and many kids make a promise like this one and then don’t keep it, but still. A certain clown took it too seriously.
  5. They have a big dog named Daisy. I forgot her breed, but she’s huge. And adorable. And last time I checked, she was old. And I’ve never even shown her in the legacy. She just exists. Well now I feel bad.

Thanks for the ask! ♥

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I got a suggestion that maybe I could answer these 5-facts asks with a sneak peek to my next NSB generation and thought that was an amazing idea, so that’s what we’re doing today. Here’s…a person. I won’t tell you their name. I’ll give you a blurry picture. And I’ll tell you some little things about them.

  1. They swear a lot. Claudia hates it and indeed has tried all that was in her parenting power to make them stop, but in the end, she failed. Now that they’re a bit older, they try to control it, but it still slips too often.
  2. They’re a huge dog lover, but so far, the only pet they were allowed to have (and “allowed to” is an exaggeration) was a rat. Technically Claudia had no say in that, but when she found out about the pet, she let them have it.
  3. One day, this legacy will have a straight heir. But it won’t be this one. 🤷‍♀️ They’re a gay disaster and I’m here for it. Also, they’re a bit of a clown - not my words, they say that about themselves.
  4. They’re friends with everyone, but they don’t really have a close relationship with anyone. Not anymore, at least. 👀
  5. They have at least three half-siblings. Two sisters, one brother. So far. I’ll have to watch out for what MCCC does next.

Thanks for the ask!

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Thank you!

I don’t often show Lilith in my legacy, she’s kind of the cool chill aunt that comes visit sometimes, but I think it would be fun to focus on her. Which is why I did that whole poll where I let you pick her new girlfriend.

And yes, again, when you look at this and then compare it to the tone of the actual legacy…it’s quite some contrast 😂

  1. Last time I did this fact thingy for Caleb, I mentioned that it wasn’t his idea to become a vampire, but Lilith’s, and that had he not interfered, he could’ve stayed human. But why did Lilith want to be a vampire, you ask? Well, let me quickly paint the picture: we’re in like 18th century and she’s a young girl. Her mother got an offer to marry her to a wealthy noble man and she accepted that for her daughter, but Lilith indeed wasn’t fond of that. She didn’t even know the man! She wasn’t going to just accept her fate and looked for a solution. She considered just running away, but then one time, she learned about this strange clan of people…and by people I mean vampires. It didn’t matter to them whether their member was male or female, they treated each other equally. Lilith was intrigued. Not only it would be a ticket to get out of the unwanted wedding, they also genuinely sparked her interest, she wanted to join them and live like them. It only took a few weeks for her to prove that she was worthy of being turned. The night they were going to do that, Caleb tried to save her, but as we already know, it only led to him being turned as well.
  2. For a while, the relationship between the two siblings turned sour. Lilith was mad that her little brother did this, and that he wouldn’t stop talking about how wrong and unethical and whatnot this whole vampire clan is. For Lilith, this phase they had was mostly along the lines of “my brother is stupid and I can’t stand him but if you hurt him, you’ll still have to face me” feelings, and so, when she found out how badly her friends were treating him, she understood where Caleb was coming from. Her blind belief in what the clan was doing slowly faded. And over time, the two started planning to run away. It didn’t quite work out as they wanted, but they got out and that’s all that matters.
  3. Lilith, unlike Caleb, never regretted her choice to become a vampire. Sure, she wasn’t proud of her beginnings, but she wouldn’t trade her state for being human. Ever. They actually don’t agree on many things, like feeding or turning other humans.
  4. In the 1920s, she decided she could become a doctor, and so she did. (And I know that sounds very random but my game once made her a doctor and I like that so we’re going with it.)
  5. She doesn’t really feel like sticking to one label, but she hasn’t been in a relationship with a guy for decades and her latest ones were…simply mistakes. Just saying. Some mistakes are not as bad as the others though. Her failed relationship with a spellcaster turned out to be rather beneficial for her, as she learned a lot of wisdom thanks to him.

Thanks for the ask! ♥

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🖤 Emo

Noooo it’s not crazy at all! I like this idea. I mean, considering who raised her, it makes sense she’d be at least a little influenced haha…and yeah, I know Ross never looked like he had an emo phase but let’s be real, he secretly wished to be able to dress like that as well.

Thanks for the ask!

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