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themissyvonne · 2 months ago
Elriel Month | Day 28: Against Your Morning Skin
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“Did I get that right?” He whispered to her with a charming smile.
“Perfect.” She whispered through her happy tears.
Azriel landed, it had been months since they’d been here together, their meadow. He set Elain down and he knew that her heart glowed the same way his did when they were here. They had spent so much time here together, first as the Seer and Spymaster, then as friends, building trust and affection until they had become lovers stealing time away for their trysts.
Elain held his hand, head tilting as she pulled him along to something new in their meadow, a cottage, it was so lovely that it seemed lifted straight from the pages of a fairytale, sitting atop the small hill that overlooked their favorite spot. “Do you think we’ll have to stop coming now?” She asked, looking up at him.
“Why would we do that?” Azriel asked, watching her as she neared the cottage, clearly enchanted by it.
“Well, I’m sure whomever built it isn’t interested in seeing us here in their meadow.” She said, smiling sadly, her fingers dancing over the freshly planted flowers. “Aww, they’ve planted Hydrangeas, those are-“
“Good luck and represent gratitude and happiness.” Azriel said.
“Yes, that’s right.” Elain said, smiling though there was a touch of sadness in it. “And peonies”
“For love.” Azriel added. “Chrysanthemums for longevity and harmony, and Marigolds for protection. There may or may not be a small patch of dandelions sprouting soon.” He added with a smirk.
Elain’s heart skipped as he took her hand, lacing their fingers together and placing a kiss atop hers.
“I thought you should pick the rest, it is our place after all.” He said, smiling down at her.
“Azriel…is-is this really yours? Ours?” She asked, eyes glistening with unshed tears. He nodded, silver lining his own eyes. “It is, if you want it to be.”
“Of course I do!” She said, throwing her arms around him. “Oh Az, I love it! Its perfect, its just, its so beautiful.” She hugged him tightly, crying into his chest, her heart overflowing with love for him. Azriel wrapped his arms around her, pressing a kiss to her temple.
“Lets go inside.” He said, smiling and opening the door for them, effortlessly lifting her into his arms and carrying her over the threshold. “Did I get that right?” He asked with a charming grin, knowing that he had when she laughed tearfully and kissed him. “Perfect.” She said.
Elain gasped in wonder as she took the cottage in, it was beautiful, like a dream-her dream. Tears pricked at her eyes again as she recalled stepping around the meadow and planning the perfect cottage for it, Azriel, patient as ever, sunning his wings as he listened to her ramble on.
“And I would put the bedroom here, so one could wake with the sunrise, wouldn’t that be lovely? Aaand the dining area just here and the kitchen there.” Azriel sat back, watching and listening as he always did as she described the cottage that she thought belonged here. She would apologize and get back to describing her latest vision shortly after, not realizing that he had tucked this information away for later.
Azriel set her down and she laced their fingers again, not wanting to let go of him. She pulled him along, to the bedroom, just where she said it should go.
“So we can rise with the sun.” He said, his rich voice full of emotion.
“Together? One day?” She asked, tears slipping down her cheeks.
“Soon, I promise.” He vowed, thumbing her tears away as he cradled her face in his hands. “Even if I have to shield this entire cottage to keep them all out.”
She covered his hand with her own, turning to place a kiss on his palm. “I love it, I love YOU, Azriel.”
“I love you too, Elain. With all that I am, my scarred heart beats only for you.” He said, kissing her softly. “And mine for you, always.” She answered.
Azriel leaned in, kissing along her neck before whispering something that made Elain’s core heat. She nodded and yelped as Azriel slung her over his shoulder and gave her an intimate tour of their new bedroom. Cottage christened.
The sun streamed in through the window, bathing everything that it touched in its golden light. Elain stretched and looked over to where Azriel lay, he looked so at peace and it warmed her heart that more and more he’d been sleeping peacefully through the night. For too long, his sleep had been plagued with dark thoughts and nightmares, now he could finally rest, finally be happy. Now he lay completely vulnerable with her, face half buried in his pillow, wings splayed, one draped over her, the other draped over the opposite end of their bed. Their bed. Elain couldn’t help herself as she moved to place a featherlight kiss on his bronze, tattooed shoulder. A smile curled at his lips and he groaned sleepily, pulling her closer until she was close enough for him to return the kiss to her sun-kissed shoulder, his thumb lazily stroking over her stomach.
“Good Morning.” She said, her voice near a whisper.
“Morning, petal.” He said, face in his pillow again.
Elain laughed and slid her fingers through his hair, her fierce Illyrian warrior with spikes of hair sticking this way and that. A low rumble came from his chest and she smirked.
“I didn’t mean to wake the beast…” she teased.
“Your touch always wakes the beast in me, love.” He said, turning to face her, a sleepy and contented smile making him look more handsome than she’d ever seen him.
“Its been a year, you know?” She asked, not sure if he would remember, she had gathered that most fae didn’t track many things, some not even birthdays, but Azriel wasn’t most fae.
He smiled. “I know. One year in our little paradise.”
“But not a secret anymore.” She said, smiling.
“No, not a secret anymore.” He said, bringing her hand to his lips, their fingers laced together.
“We should get up, we have lunch with the family today, remember?” She said.
Azriel grinned. “Shower time?”
Elain laughed. “If you get up now, then yes.”
Azriel’s wings slid tightly to his back as he groaned and stretched. He lay on his side, a lopsided grin on his face as he watched Elain slip out of bed. She paused in the door way, smiling back at him. “Are you joining me or not?” Azriel lept out of bed and followed after her.
Elain turned the water on, pretending not to notice Azriel leaning in the doorway, watching her. He was deathly still and quiet, but his arousal filled the room, his desire unmistakable. Elain stepped into the water, glancing back at him with a smirk. “If I have to get started without you, then I rescind my invitation.” She teased, gasping as he was instantly behind her, his hand splayed over her stomach, pulling her into him. She could feel his length pressing into her backside, the beast certainly was awake now. Elain slid her hand over his, smiling. “We’ll be late…”
“Mmmwe can multitask, I believe in us.” He said with a chuckle, moving her hair aside and soaping his hands up as he kissed along her shoulder.
Elain smiled, her lip clenched between her teeth as his hands moved to soap her breasts up, kneading them slowly, his calloused thumbs rubbing over her peaked nipples. Azriel captured her mouth in a kiss as she lay her head back on his shoulder, a dainty moan escaping as his tongue slipped passed her lips. His hands moved from her breasts, one sliding up to her neck, keeping her head tipped back and kissing him as his other hand slid down over her soft stomach. Elain trembled as he lightly brushed his fingers over her slick folds, gasping as he slipped a finger in, pressing and teasing that little bud that sent shockwaves through her entire body and made stars dance before her eyes. She clutched his arm, panting, but he kept going, pushing her further in delirium as he circled that bud again, pressing to elicit another gasp against his lips. He played with her for a bit before nipping her neck and turning her around, leaning her back against the shower wall as he dropped to his knees before her.
Soft panting breaths left her as she watched him, sliding her own hands over her breasts, knowing how much he loved to watch her touch herself for him. Azriel slid his hands up her thighs, cupping her bottom as he pressed his lips to her stomach, his kisses making her throb as heat pooled between her legs. He trailed his kisses lower and lower until he was running his tongue over her slit, the taste of her exploding on his tongue and shooting straight to his throbbing cock-they were definitely going to be late. He slid one scarred hand down her creamy thigh, guiding her leg up and over his shoulder.
“Azriel…” she moaned, arching against the wall, her fingers threaded through his hair now as he worked her with his tongue. He savored her sweetness and thrilled at how her body trembled as he brought her closer to the edge and then she was screaming his name as she peaked, dissolving into pleasure. Her panting mouth met his, hands in his hair, tugging his head back so she could claim him this time, her tongue begging for entry and caressing his as he rose, his arms wrapping around her, his length pressing against her. He could feel her smiling against his mouth, knowing they weren’t done just yet. Elain forgot everything in that moment, nothing existed but Azriel now, his body, his soul, that commanding presence even when he was on his knees for her. She melted into him, her hands running over his muscled back, her nails pressing just enough to elicit at low rumble from his chest.
His thigh slid between her legs and she wanted to protest, to tell him that it was his turn now and she wanted to please him too, but she couldn’t stop herself from tilting her hips and pressing her aching sex against his muscular thigh. She lost herself in it, in the pressure between her legs, his hot breath on her neck, teeth nipping and scraping and those beautiful hands of his sliding over her back.
“Az. Az I want you, I want all of you.” she pleaded, panting.
“So bossy.” He teased, his eyes like molten gold as he slid his hands over her ass, picking her up and guiding her down onto his throbbing length. Elain wrapped her legs around him, hands gripping his shoulders tightly as she whimpered and finally took all of him in. That molten gaze of his set her soul on fire and threatened to consume them both as he pressed her against the wall, his thrusts rough and demanding. One of his hands tangled in her hair, guiding her head back so that he could bury his face in her neck, kissing, nipping and sucking.
Elain gasped and released a moan as his grip on her hair tightened. He grinned, covering her mouth with his, his tongue sweeping past her lips, she moaned against his kiss, nipping his bottom lip as he came up for air. He could barely breathe as she ran her petite hands over his back, her delicate fingertips playing a dangerous game as they danced closer and closer to his wings. He moved his hands to her hips, his fingers digging into her soft flesh as he quickened his pace. He growled, his voice so rough and commanding that it sent a thrill through her. “Come for me…fucking come for me, El.” And she did, all of his kisses and caresses building the pressure within her until only his command would allow it to be released, shattering her completely, his own guttural roar echoing against the walls as she fluttered and tightened around him and he emptied himself inside of her.
Elain pressed a kiss to his jaw, both of them still in a daze, eyes heavy lidded as their panting eventually slowed. “Like the first time, every time.” She said, a blush painting her cheeks.
He tipped her chin up, kissing her softly, no matter what they did, always ending it with sweet tenderness. “I don’t need to be your first, I’d much rather be your last.”
“Last, best, my forever.” Elain nodded, glowing.
Reluctantly and slowly the pair showered and changed and finally made their way to the River House.
“Finally!” Feyre called. “We were ready to start without you!”
“I’m so sorry, we lost track of time!” Elain called, rushing to the dining room, trying to keep the blush from her cheeks as Azriel followed close behind. Elain slowed as she made her way in, Azriel guiding her the rest of the way into the room.
“Oh my-what is all of this? Its so beautiful, are we celebrating?” Elain asked, looking around the room that was filled with roses of every color, more than they could have clipped from their entire garden. “This must be every rose in Velaris, Az-“ Elain froze as she turned to find Azriel down on one knee.
From the corner of his eye, Azriel could see his family scattered around the room. Feyre and Nesta watching with tears in their eyes, both having given their permission in absence of their father.
Azriel pressed a kiss to Elain's knuckles, his hazel eyes gazing up to meet her tear filled amber pools. “Elain Archeron, I want nothing more than to love you until the end of forever. Will you marry me?”
“Oh Azriel…” Elain breathed, fighting tears as she nodded and tearfully exclaimed, “Yes!” throwing her arms around him and kissing him. Azriel returned the kiss, his heart pounding as he stood and wrapped his arms around her tightly before they slowly parted, gazing into each others eyes.
“Did I get that right?” He whispered to her with a charming smile.
“Perfect.” She whispered through her happy tears as he slid the dainty diamond ring onto her finger, two smaller sapphires standing guard on either side of it.
Azriel pulled her close, pressing one more kiss to her lips before they were pulled back into the excitement and happiness of their family. She may be fae now, but Elain’s heart would always be human and Azriel swore to himself that he would give her all of the things she’d wished for as a human and more until the end of forever.
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