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#fvck me
sweet-and-foxy · 26 days ago
I just want to be a brainless fuck toy, breeding machine, with a swollen gravid belly and breasts full of milk.
I want to feel the true joy rushing through my veins as another strange man penetrates my overstimulated, abused, wet pussy. I want to roll my eyes in pleasure as I feel his cum going straight to my young and fertile womb, and spend the next months watching my body transforming itself to accommodate the child growing within me.
I want to feel my hips widening, my tits expanding, my flat tummy stretching, to see my body covered in stretch marks and getting fat to support the baby I'm breeding.
I want to be heavily gravid, being fucked day and night, feeling hard cocks hitting my cervix, hot cum dripping from my loose cunt. I want random men to rub my pregnant belly while they force their large dicks inside my unprotected entrance, to squeeze my sensitive nipples, ready to lactate.
I want to give birth to children I'll never see again, and, as soon as I recover from birthing, more men will come to make sure I'm knocked up again, growing again, breeding more of their children again.
Who wanna come first? My virgin tight pussy is ready
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amandaparkerblog · 26 days ago
It weekend let's have some fun together😍😍
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elliepeachh · 5 days ago
So horny rn, I'm rubbing my pussy with my legs spread open.. really need somebody between them🥺
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mygawdbiebs · 16 days ago
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Oh yee bad bih moment
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charllehunnam · a year ago
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Tumblr media
SANTIAGO CABRERA Star Trek: Picard 1.05
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sweet-and-foxy · a month ago
I can't stop touching myself. I've been fingering my pussy for hours now, rolling my eyes as I orgasm, and it's pointless to fight against my urge, because what I want isn't this. I NEED to be fucked raw, to feel a large, hard cock violently opening its way inside my entrance. I need to feel the cum slowly dripping from my abused cunt, my clit red and swollen from overstimulation, my legs shaking from all the pleasure. I'm begging you, fuck me.
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mygawdbiebs · 16 days ago
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Can someone please love me <d3
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