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#i have another AU in my head where Eddie starts off as an Uber driver 👀
toosicktoocare · 10 days ago
randomly can’t stop thinking about an AU where Eddie is a new news reporter and keeps coincidentally ending up on all the scenes the 118 are responding to
Imagine? Eddie accidentally losing his train of thought bc Buck whips by and the cameraman follows Eddie’s gaze and is all 👀👀 at Eddie, who is oblivious af
Imagine? It’s so frequent that it starts to lightly trend online: Firefighter and Reporter Duo Back Together Again
Imagine? Eddie covering a house fire that turns out to be worse than expected and his professionalism falters when he hears Captain Nash radioing for a status update, and Buck has yet to respond
Imagine? Eddie’s field medic training kicking in the second he sees Buck get hurt on a call and his cameraman sneakily follows along when Eddie excuses himself to tend to Buck instead of report even though there are multiple paramedics around
Imagine? Eddie being too close to a house fire to report and Buck has to tackle him to the ground to protect him from a minor explosion erupting from the house?
Imagine? Eddie being too smiTTEN after Buck successfully performs a water rescue and he’s not paying attention and fucking walks off the bank and falls into the water
Imagine? people pointing out the very clear disappointment on Eddie’s face when the 118 shows up on a call and Buck’s not with them so Eddie finds a sneaky way to figure out why Buck’s not there when interviewing a Probie
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