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diavolosthots · 3 hours ago
Belphie becoming president thanks to Gen Z because he finally shortened school and work hours because his slogan was and I quote
"Sleep is way superior, work brings death nearer"
Can y'all just imagine Satan running for U.S. president in 2024 because he's done with everyone's nonsensical bullshit and tired of people getting stuck in his circle of hell because of dumbass reasons that could've been prevented had people not been idiots?
Because I can
#satanforpresident2024 #makebraincellslitagain
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diavolosthots · 3 hours ago
S-so this is my very first request °\\\°.... I love your writing sooooo much and omg I read all Diavolo posts of you **nosebleed** I WANNA READ MORE PLEASEEEEE 😫 Im addicted to your writing HAHA XD
Sooo this is my request: Please write a Diavolo x F!Reader with their first kiss and following first time (breeding would be.... eeek~♥ 🌚) You can write romantic and smutty however you want HAHA I just need to read a new diavolo post of you :*
Thank you so much for making my life better with your amazing writing!!!!❤️💙💚💛🧡💜
Haha im glad you enjoy it ❤😌 i couldnt do fluffy tonight but I'm craving my husband so I wrote this anyway. Glad you enjoy it!
Warning: NSFW, semi-public (don't get caught kids), breeding threats but no real breeding.... I think.
Tumblr media
Sexual tension is a motherfucker. The constant hunger for one another, the stares that seem to dig into your souls and private parts. The lingering touches and the licking of one’s lips because the other person’s look so fucking nice right now. That glimpse that you got of them shirtless the other week and you haven’t stopped thinking about since and definitely the way their hands grip something a little too tightly while you wished they were holding you that desperately instead. But you know what’s even worse than constantly being surrounded by hormones and looks that say “rip off my clothes, now.”? A cockblocking butler. Barbatos has gotten in between every single one of you’s and Diavolo’s conversations and maybe, somewhere, you understood that. Barbatos probably snuck into the future and saw you guys banging for hours on end, but honestly you don’t see how that’s any of his business. Even if he was appalled by it, how does that concern him? You debated the thought of maybe, just maybe, the butler would like to join? But even then, you had your doubts. Maybe Barbatos didn’t deem you worthy of his Lord’s dick and that’s understandable. 
You haven't even kissed the guy, though. You wanted to. Oh goodness, you wanted it so bad. Those lips look so inviting and you swore, everytime the two of you got a little too close to one another, he’d lick his lips on purpose. That beautiful wet tongue darting out just far enough to cover the soft pink flesh… you always wondered how it would feel against your own tongue, or dare you say, against your other sets of lips. You clenched your thighs beneath the dress you wore tonight, clearing your throat and quickly downing the glass of champagne that you had been gripping a little too tightly after your mind began wandering. How can the guy invite you to one of his balls, dress up all nicely in an expensive suit, buy you a rather expensive dress as a ‘early christmas gift’ in April and not expect your mind to be wandering? Impossible. “Thinking about me?” Speaking of the Devil. No, literally. The Devil. 
You turned around to face the culprit that had been occupying your mind for most of the night and gave him a soft smirk, looking him up and down. “Always… you look rather snazzy this evening.” The usage of that term gave you a rather confused look from the Demon Lord and you found that adorable. It’s so easy to forget that, although he pretends to be, Diavolo isn’t as ‘hip’ or ‘cool’ as he’d like. “Well, you look snazzy as well.” but that won’t stop him from using the word anyway. You laughed softly, setting the now empty glass of champagne down beside you before holding out your hand to him, “you know it’s rude not to ask a lady if she’d like to dance.” For a moment, Diavolo almost seemed flustered; how could he forget? But he quickly recovered and gave you a smirk of his own, grabbing your hand and kissing the back of it before leading you out to the dance floor. “You’re absolutely right. Where are my manners?” You wondered that too. Shouldn’t the Prince be more polite? But you could barely focus on that when his lips still tingled on the back of your hand. If they felt so nice right there, then you wondered how they’d feel against your own. 
Diavolo pulled you into him, keeping his hand in yours and resting his other one on your hip, waiting until you had placed yours on his shoulder before he started to dance. “Do you like the dress? Not to praise myself but I did a wonderful job in choosing it… it accentuates all of your body.” His smirk turned into a smile and for a moment you wondered if he even realized what he just said. Was it meant to sound the way it did? Because it did, but two can play that game. “I love it, although I do believe you bought it more for yourself than me.” He scoffed, a playful glint in his eyes, “do you really think me so low as to only buy you something I would enjoy you in and not because it looks good on you in general? How rude. My feelings are hurt.” You couldn’t help but laugh at him, feeling him pull you just a bit closer. “Careful, if you pull me this close I can’t promise I won’t cling to you.” “Maybe that’s exactly what I want.” His smirk returned and he dipped you with the next step, successfully making you squeal and cling to him in shock, both of your hands now on his shoulders. “Hm… yes, definitely what I wanted.” Once you recovered from your shock, you laughed again and goodness, how can anyone laugh so sweetly? He likes it. He wants to hear more of it. But he’s also painfully aware of how close you are to him right now and how tightly he’s holding onto your hips. Nice hips… “Oh, your tie got a little messed up there.” 
And now your hands are, most certainly on purpose, running down and back up his chest before your hand wrapped around his tie. Your eyes met his for a second and for a moment both of you hoped the other one would just make a move already like goodness, please. But then your hand just fixed his tie and moved back around his neck and Diavolo can’t deny that he’s disappointed. “Thank you dear. Whatever would I do without you?” You hummed in thought, letting your hands move up a bit into his hair as he continued to sway you. The action had a shiver run down his spine and he silently cursed your ability to make him so desperate for you. “Oh what the hell.” your next phrase just confused him though and he gave you the matching look as his feet stilled “what do you me--!” You took it upon yourself to kiss him, deeply. Your fingers tugged at his hair for a moment before your hands moved to cup his face. Diavolo hummed against your lips, gripping your waist even tighter and immediately pulling you flush against him. You could feel all of him, but even that proved to be not enough when his kiss deepened. It felt so good you could’ve moaned right then and there, but right as you were about to lick your tongue across his lips, he pulled away. “It’s rude of me not to finish what I started, but I won’t do this here.” At least you were on the same page about that because you definitely weren’t about to let him go after that mind-blowing first kiss. 
You let Diavolo drag you away from the crowd, catching Barbatos’ disappointed and somewhat disapproving look out of the corner of your eye. You took a second to stick your tongue out at him because not this time! This time you didn’t get butler-blocked. “I’ve been thinking about this more than I should have…” His words bring your attention back to him and before you knew it, you were pushed up against a wall. His large frame trapped you there while his lips found yours again hungrily and you couldn’t help but moan this time. God, you had wanted him so bad. “I did too…. No shame in that.” he chuckled against your lips before capturing them again hungrily, letting his tongue find your own. His hands began to roam over your body, sliding up and down your sides before grabbing one of your legs and hooking it to his waist while his own hips moved closer to yours. You could feel his growing erection in his pants and for a moment you wished you were already naked. Once Diavolo pulled away from your lips, though, and began kissing down your neck, you had a moment to check out your surroundings and decided that this is not the place you wanted to be fully naked in. You were trapped in the dark hallway somewhere between the entrance to the castle and on the way to the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hear the party that’s going on a little further inside, and if you could hear them, they would’ve definitely heard you. 
“Diavolo…” He growled playfully against your skin, grinding himself against your body while his hands moved further down to pick your dress up. “Forgive me for being eager… Like I said, I’ve been thinking about this.” Your own hands moved beneath his suit jacket, feeling his chest over the button up and silently cursing the timing because you would’ve loved to see all of him right now. “If you’re really as big as your bulge is promising right now, I don’t even care.” He couldn’t help but laugh, pulling away for a second to collect himself before kissing you again. His bare hand brushed over your naked thigh underneath the dress and further up until it touched your heat. “You won’t be disappointed but… no panties? Were you planning for this?” God he hoped you had. If you did, that would be incredibly attractive. “Maybe not planning… but definitely hoping.” Your lips met his with desperate need and you feel almost ashamed to admit that you can’t keep away from him. Your hands moved away from his chest and further down to undo his zipper. If you maneuvered this right, you should be able to just pull him out and if he lifted you up right now…
“You’re soaked.” He breathed out against your lips and something about his words had you clenching around nothing, nodding in agreement while you killed down his neck, “yes…. Like I said, I’ve been thinking about it…” and oh you had. You can’t count the amount of times you had gotten up just to the thought of him, but rest assured, because he had too. “I wish I had time to taste you… but you’ll have to work with me here.” you finally pulled him out of his pants, licking your lips at the sight of him in your hand because no, he did not disappoint. Not at all. He was big. Very big. Once again you could feel yourself clenching just at the thought of him. “Same here…” He chuckled, moving his hands back to your hips, “jump up for me princess.” You did as told, wrapping your arms around his neck before jumping and wrapping your legs around his waist. He pushed you up hard against the wall for security, his cock brushing up between your folds as the dress got moved up. 
“I hope you realize I’ll have a taste of that cock one day.” His eyes narrowed before a playful smile returned to his lips and he shifted a bit, grabbing his erection and moving it between your folds teasingly, “certainly, but first… I think these lips deserve a taste.” You gasped as he pushed into you and he quickly shushed you with a deep kiss, groaning against your lips as the feeling of you enveloped his cock. You were so wet, it was almost ridiculous how easily he could slide in even with his size, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t feel the nice stretch he was giving you as he filled you. “Oh god….” You pulled back from his lips, letting your head roll back against the wall as heavy breathing took over. It was hard for him to stand still like this but the last thing he wanted was to hurt you so he held back for now. “Not quite…. Wrong guy. He won’t be making you feel this good.” 
Diavolo shifted his hips, pushing in even deeper while his grip on your thighs tightened so he could begin to thrust without losing a hold on you. His forehead rested against your neck for a second, soft groans escaping him while the pleasure of his thrusts began to settle in. “So tight… I want to stretch you out… fill you up…” There’s people right down the hall and he knows that, which is giving him even more a thrill. You moaned out at his words, slowly rolling your hips back against his. “Keep doing that and I won’t hold back…” You laughed softly although it turned back into a quiet grunt. “What makes you think I want you to hold back? Fuck me, Diavolo.” His head pulled away from your neck and he let out another growl which immediately made you clench around him. God, that was so sexy. 
His hips snapped forward hard and you about cried out but his lips covered yours quickly, a smirk evident against your lips. “Be quiet. You don’t want them to find out that I’m balls deep in your needy cunt… You don’t want them to find out I’m about to paint the insides of your womb white.” His words had you clenching again and you groaned against his lips, tugging at his hair with your fingers as he slammed you up against the wall with each of his thrusts. He was pushing in so deep, filling you so nicely, and you couldn’t even let him hear how much you actually enjoyed it because there’s people down the hall. “R-right… you feel so good.” He hummed, pulling back from your lips only to breathe out against your neck heavily, kissing along the damp skin before biting down hard. 
You gasped out at the sudden sensation, whimpering softly while your legs tightened around his waist. “D-Diavolo….” he sucked harshly on the spot he just bit down on, pulling away from the skin with a soft ‘pop’ before he looked at you again. “Now you’re really mine….” Something about his words had butterflies flying in your stomach and you couldn’t help but smile, “really?” His hips snapped forward hard, slamming into yours and you quickly covered your mouth so as to not cry out. “Almost…” he winked at you, one of his hands moving around a bit until his thumb was rolling your clit. You clenched again and the action had Diavolo’s cock throbbing inside you and the demon groan. “As soon as I fill your womb… you’ll be mine…” 
You nodded almost too eagerly, biting into your hand to muffle the sounds of pleasure as his cock began spurting cum. He slammed you down hard on his cock, groaning out loudly as you bit into your hand, feeling him empty himself right against your cervix and straight into your womb. His thumb never stopped drawing circles on your clit, instead speeding up as his cock continued to spurt. “Dia… I-I’ll… cum… oh!” You threw your head back, forgetting to keep quiet for a moment as your orgasm rushed through you. Your walls squeezed and pulsated around his length, trying to suck him in deeper as the last spurts of his seed filled your womb. Your legs were wrapped tightly around him, your nails digging into his back as heavy breathing filled the air around you.
For a moment, both of you were just still, your breathing being the only thing interrupting the silence between the two of you while both of you begged whatever other entity was there that no one heard this down the hall. “That was… so good… don’t pull out.” Diavolo pulled his head from your shoulder, looking at you with parted lips and eyes that screamed for more. “I won’t … I can’t… we’re not going back anymore.” He shifted his hands again, moving both of them back around to grip your ass and then pull you off the wall, his cock shifting inside you a bit. 
“We’re going to my room.”   
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diavolosthots · 7 hours ago
If you haven't listened to the preview to the song "Choose Me" featuring Leviathan, Mammon, and Asmodeus 👀👀 lemme tell y'all missing out but the link is here.
Shit this is WAY better than the solo songs and i got no regrets saying that lol
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diavolosthots · 7 hours ago
Imma say it
There's nothing worse than censored hentai
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diavolosthots · 9 hours ago
Can y'all just imagine Satan running for U.S. president in 2024 because he's done with everyone's nonsensical bullshit and tired of people getting stuck in his circle of hell because of dumbass reasons that could've been prevented had people not been idiots?
Because I can
#satanforpresident2024 #makebraincellslitagain
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diavolosthots · 13 hours ago
Spoilers for lesson 48 under the cut
Tumblr media
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diavolosthots · a day ago
Hey dear! I hope that you have a good time! I want to make a request, but please delete it if you don't feel like doing it.
I saved that request in the notes and been waiting for you to open them 😊
For request
First fight with brother (any of your choice) and one of them (I mean MC or that brother) thinks that it's end of relationship (because never had anything serious), but they reconciled in the end. I want some heavy angst with happy ending. MC can be GN if that is OK.
If you don't mind you can do for Mammon, but feel free to choose another one if you don't feel like write for him. Or if that would be better to write as headcanons for all the brothers. That's up to you!
I haven't been doing requests for ages. Please don't hate me if there is something wrong! I've read the rules, and I hope I haven't missed anything.
Anyway, sorry for long ask. And thank you for your writings!
(I forgot to look if you did anything similar, and remembered it at the end of writing that ask. Sorry if you already did something like that!)
Hey babes ❤ I did end up doing HCs for all of them because I thought it would be cooler (or more like I know someone is gonna request separate fics for all of them if I dont and I'm saving myself that trouble lol) I still hope you like it ! ❤ also this got SUPER LONG so its under a cut
Warning: angst -> happy ending-ish
THE BROTHERS in a fight with MC and thinking that they’re over (yikes)
Everyone always says Lucifer is quick to lose his cool but he’s honestly been nothing but patient with you. He may have hinted at several things he doesn’t condone and he definitely has that ‘look’, you know the disappointed dad look, but he has held back a lot so as to not ruin the beautiful relationship you have with him. Everyone snaps, though, and when he finally did, it was ugly. He did NOT call you names, but oh he didn’t. He went straight for your feelings and pointed out every mistake you ever made for as long as he’s known you. Ouch. In his defense, you weren’t nice either. The argument ended nasty and ‘I hate you’s!’ were definitely thrown around, but none of them were meant, right? Goodness, he doesn’t know. After you left, he threw himself on his bed, literally, and just stared at the ceiling. His anger slowly fled away and he began to feel… guilty. Not necessarily because of the argument itself, but because he delivered some low blows and he knows that. Are you over? Done with him? You haven’t texted or called or talked… you’ve been actively avoiding him and he doesn’t like that, but his pride is such an issue, goodness. He can’t straight up apologize, that dickhead, but he’s sending you flowers and standing in front of your door with a sad face that says it all. 
“Forgive me? I made reservations at your favorite’s? We can talk over a nice dinner?” 
Mammon is known to get mildly agitated over the silliest things, let’s be real. He’s also quick to revert to the “are you dumb?!” argument, which is never effective. But he loves you and he would do anything for you so even if you do do something that he deems ‘dumb’, he usually bites his tongue. Doesn’t mean that doesn’t get on his nerves, though, and he definitely has a short temper, although people tend to overlook that. You just managed to push his buttons today and he used the “are ya stupid?!” argument, to which you obviously defended yourself, and rightfully so. This ended in a massive screaming match and him saying “Then leave! Ain’t nobody keepin’ ya with me!” He regretted it the minute those words left his mouth and you could see his eyes grow wide in shock at his own words, but that didn’t mean you stayed. “MC!” he tried running after you immediately but you were faster and honestly, who can blame you? He fucked up, and he knows it, and he feels terrible about it. Honestly, he’s crying just at the mere thought of you taking his words seriously and he can’t… he can’t bear to lose you, you know? What’s he gonna do? You’re the light of his life, as pathetic as that may sound to some…. So he won’t let you run away. Homie will hunt you down and beg for forgiveness. 
“Please, MC! Forgive me! I’m dumb, not you!!! Don’t leave me…” Don’t leave him. He will continue crying. 
His constant need to put himself down is frankly, quite annoying. To you anyway. But you put up with it and just reassure him that, at least to you, he’s the most amazing demon that ever existed. It’s just facts. But a person only has so much patience, right? You can’t always spend your days trying to lift him up when all he does is dig himself a bigger hole. Who has the emotional time for that? You sure don’t. “Oh my God, Levi! Shut up! I can’t take it anymore!” Followed by “See! You’re just like everyone else! Leaving me!” and then you slamming the door to his room shut. It’s frustrating and understandably so. It makes you feel awful that you can’t even make your own boyfriend feel good about himself and get at least a little bit of self confidence and it’s so, so, so very draining to have to constantly listen to that. At this point, it’s affecting your own mental health and you just… you just can’t…. But Levi can’t lose you because he knows you’re right. He has to work on himself if he wants to keep someone as amazing as you with him and that’s why he’s crawling back to you now. 
“Look I… I know you’re right… I’m sorry. I promise I’ll … I’ll try. For you.”
For being the Avatar of Wrath, you always admired Satan for his ability to keep cool. He prefers the relaxed and easy going life much more than the type of life people expect him to live, and you respect that. That doesn’t mean his constant need to one up Lucifer, through whatever means necessary, didn’t bother the hell out of you, though. You tried talking to him about it once or twice in a calm manner, but you always got the same answer “Pfft.. it’s Lucifer. Who cares?” And it never sat right with you. Just today he decided to pull a prank on the eldest and you had enough, standing in front of Lucifer and letting the bucket of cursed green slime land on you instead, to everyone’s shock. “What are you doing?!” Now that you’re thoroughly green from head to toe, you were also beyond pissed. “What am I doing?! What are YOU doing?!” But Satan matched your anger tenfold, accusing you of favoring Lucifer over him and oh! “You probably got an affair with him, too!” Which was a stupid thing on his part, but it looked like it the way you defended him. Anger doesn’t even begin to describe the emotion you felt running through you and had it not been for Lucifer, you probably would’ve physically fought Satan for such a dumb accusation. Lucifer took you to get cleaned up and lifted the course, giving you your natural skin and hair color back within a few days and plenty of scrubbing, and Satan felt like shit. You’ve always been there for him and, rationally speaking, he didn’t have a reason to doubt your loyalty to him, but he just can’t help but feel insecure beside Lucifer…. He decides to come apologize anyway, a deep blush on his face and guilt in his eyes 
“I’m… sorry for accusing you. It wasn’t my right to speak out of anger and jealousy…” 
How can anyone fight with the Avatar of Lust? Seriously, the guy is super easy going and he loves pretty much everyone. Not as much as himself, but almost. You on the other hand… you didn’t. Well you didn’t NOT love him or yourself, but you were just… you. You didn’t spend 4+ hours in the bathroom trying to get ready when you knew you were only going to the kitchen down the stairs. Like?? Although you never brought it up to Asmodeus, he constantly bothered you about skincare and what foods to eat and what not to eat, etc… It’s quite annoying, honestly, and at some point you just gave him a passive aggressive “Okay, whatever. Can we move on now?” To which he didn’t take lightly. He was still nice and sweet, trying to convince you that at least one of these things will make your skin glow brighter than a unicorn’s ass but you just had enough. “Can you stop?! You’re indirectly saying I’m ugly without that shit ton of product in my face and a diet that would make me starve before it helped me! If you want a skinny VS angel that barely holds onto their skeleton, get one!” It was more hurt and frustration speaking than anything, but your outburst still shocked him and he was taken aback for a moment. And then you ignored him for a week straight and as someone who thrives off of attention, especially the kind he gets from you, he can’t handle that! So he showed up in your room in sweats and a tshirt and messy hair and no product on his skin. 
“You’re right… we’re all naturally beautiful…. Wow that… that really hurts to say MC but can you forgive me?” 
Oh the sweet, sweet angel. He’s far from innocent and you know that. We all know that. But for this story, I will give him the benefit of the doubt. His reliance on Belphegor is just really… annoying. Belphegor this, Belphegor that. “Belphie used to…” or “Belphie said….” or “one day when Belphie and I….” Like why does everything have to include his twin? It’s so annoying and so rude when your significant other is right here !!! and planning their own future with you, Beel, thanks. It makes you feel less than and like Belphegor will always come before you. It makes you feel like shit, quite frankly, and who is to blame you? “Hey MC did I tell you what Belphie---!” “No! Shut up! I don’t care! It’s always about Belphie! The day you come to me and don’t let that name drip from your tongue is the day Jesus comes back to save me and we both know that will be never! I’m tired of always being stuck with Belphegor! We are not equals!” Granted, you shouldn’t have yelled and Beel was more than confused at your outburst, but you wouldn’t talk to him anymore after that so he left you alone. He thought you may need an hour or two, maybe a day tops, but that day turned into a full week and he even lost his appetite just because he knows you’re angry with him. It’s been a week, does that mean you’re over? His heart aches just at the thought… 
“I’m sorry for bringing Belphie up… I don’t want you to feel less than, MC. You mean a lot to me and so does Belphie, but you’re not Belphie and I need to learn that…”
Honestly it’s a miracle he hasn’t lost his temper at you yet. Well, he partially blames it on his own laziness because if being angry or getting upset didn’t take so much energy out of him, maybe he would’ve snapped by now lol, but he tries really hard not to because he thinks your relationship with him after everything is pretty good, considering yall kiss and snuggle and fuck on a regular basis. But anyway, that’s exactly the issue. Considering everything, you’re still holding *that* against him. It’s never direct either, which makes it worse. It’s always said in a joking manner and something like “haha look it’s just like that one time you killed me” or “Beel’s grabbing that ham like you grabbed my throat” or “I remember seeing jesus for a moment there” and it agitates him. It makes him so angry, and he finally snapped. “I know I fucked up MC! Stop holding it against me! What do you want? A medal of honor? A survivor's certificate? Maybe a pat on the back for developing some sort of Stockholm syndrome that made you come back to your abuser?!” And then he left. And you may have cried both from confusion and your own anger, he isn’t quite sure. It’s just so…. Aggravating. He can’t deal with it. He knows it was a mistake spurted by his own insecurities and survivor’s guilt which ultimately led to his hatred but please, stop holding it against him.. He can’t keep putting up with it from the person he’s grown to love. He’s the one ignoring you and he won’t budge either because he’s a stubborn ass, but maybe if you come up first… 
“I’m sorry for yelling at you… I’m just so tired for it being held against me… I love you, and you should know that, and I do feel guilty about what happened.” 
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diavolosthots · a day ago
hope i'm not just a mutual to you but also your secret crush that you're so in love with so much
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diavolosthots · a day ago
You ever just wanna do something nice for someone
And then stop yourself
Because you know they wouldn't appreciate it anyway
So you just have pasta instead and scroll endlessly through Reddit
Because same
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diavolosthots · a day ago
Someone got mad at me about that mammon fic that got clearly tagged as non-con ....
Its bright and bold and in red letters
What more do you want???
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diavolosthots · 2 days ago
Friendly reminder that there's still a global pandemic going on and if you're one of those morons throwing/going to parties I have no respect for you.
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diavolosthots · 2 days ago
I absolutely adore reading your comments/tags for my stuff. Please never stop guys. The amount of serotonin I feel every time I see that is insane
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diavolosthots · 2 days ago
Im a huge Yuma fan and i can confirm thanks
Tumblr media
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diavolosthots · 3 days ago
Hi, love your ART( that Is the correct term) ; can i ask for a breeding season with beel, but with the eggs🤤💗, size kink; pretty please🙂🙃🙂🙃
It is art. Youre right haha sorry it took so long. Also me? Putting out 2 fics in one day again? Wowsies.
Warning: NSFW, breeding, somewhat dub-con in the beginning, eggs, size kink
The Lord of Flies (BEELZEBUB X F!READER)
Tumblr media
The Lord of Flies. That’s what humanity knows him as. That’s what they think of when they hear his name: Beelzebub. Sadly, you haven’t seen much of the flies everyone seems to think about when they debate him, at least not outside of his demon form. Really, he doesn’t fly either come to think of it. He’d run a marathon before he ever used his wings, or so it seems. Were they just complicated? A nuisance? Maybe a little off center? Sadly, none of those are the actual reasons. They just remind him of what he’s supposed to be, of what he truly is, so he avoids them. Beelzebub gets a weird sense of… shame when he thinks about that too long. He loves being a demon, don’t get him wrong, but at the same time, he never thought he would be one. It’s a love hate relationship he holds with himself and although his self-loathing is not as bad as Leviathans or as guilt-tripping as Belphegor’s, it’s still there. He’s just hiding it. 
But there’s one every couple decades or so where he can’t hide it. As a matter of fact, his body refuses to cooperate with him and he just… changes. The Lord of Flies emerges and like any animal… he’s desperate to reproduce. The thing about Beel is… he never knows how to handle it. Well, he knows how to handle it, but not when he actually cares about the partner he takes, which this time around will be you. There’s no ‘would’. His instincts won’t let him even entertain the idea of it being anyone else; it will be you. 100%. He’s been so attached to you ever since he saw you and there is no one else who could fit that role. He’s just not sure how to come onto you for that and he’s running out of time. Just smelling you is enough to get his cock aching, pressing against his pants as the phantom of his wings flutter behind him. He has to keep control of himself, just a little longer…
“Beel!” You practically threw yourself at him, laughing happily as your arms wrapped around his frame tightly. His breathing hitched, his eyes grew wide for a moment, and he didn’t dare move. If he moved, he’d lose. And by God, he hoped you didn’t feel his hard on as you did that. Please, just a little longer… “Belphegor told me about that time that you ate Lucifer’s birthday cake and spit it back out! Is that true? Did he eat it?” Birthday cake, right… let’s focus on cake rather than the close proximity you have to him right now or how absolutely delicious you smell. “I.. uhm… yes…” He swallowed thickly, looking down at you and shakily prying you off of him while simultaneously hoping you didn’t take it the wrong way, but of course you did. “What’s wrong? Do you not feel well or something? You never push me away.” That’s true, he never did…. He didn’t want to either. As a matter of fact, he’d rather have you much, much closer. Your tiny frame against his much taller one didn’t make that aspect any better. You were so tiny… so fragile… he could break you. 
“Beel?” “Hm?” He snapped back to reality, shaking his head quickly before grabbing your shoulders. “You have to listen to me.” His actions made your eyes grow wide momentarily before confusion rushed through your face, “What? Why? Are you okay? Did something happen?” Your worry for him didn’t make this any easier. It was so… sweet. You cared for him and that made the beast inside of him want to come out even more. “Mate…” “What?” His own eyes grew wide and he quickly stepped back, “I… I need… you…” He shook his head, trying to think clearly again. “I need you.” But it didn’t work. He let out a frustrated groan before picking you up. He can’t let you get away. Every fiber in his being told you to keep you, to run off with you, and the fact that he can smell his brothers everywhere around this damned hallway didn’t make that any better. It made him more possessive. You squealed when he picked you up, trying to hold onto him but his wings sprung out of his back and practically whipped you in the face, “Beel!!” It wasn’t that you wanted him to stop, per se. It was actually really hot for him to just… take you, but you did want an explanation. 
“I’m sorry… I can’t..” “You can’t what? Oh!” The door to his and Belphie's room was kicked open before you were tossed on his bed and he quickly locked the door. His breathing was uneven, heavy, and he wasted no time shedding himself of his clothes. Confusion rushed through you once more as you looked up at him, raising an eyebrow. “Don’t get me wrong, you look good and all bu---!!!” Before you knew it, he was also throwing off your clothes, tossing them aside and ripping them off of you pretty carelessly as huffs and grunts left his mouth. “I need you… You smell so good…” his actions made you wetter, no doubt, but once again, you would at least like an explanation. His eyes, his demeanor, seemed darker, and the way he was acting was strange, until it somewhat clicked inside of you, “wait.. You said… mate earlier.. Do you want me to be your ma--!” but he didn’t let you finish that sentence either, instead grabbing your face roughly and placing a deep, hungry kiss on your lips. His body was hot, aching even, and his cock was throbbing in his boxers, begging to be released, but he can’t just… maybe he can… “Yes… my mate.” 
He pulled away from your lips, kissing down your neck and running his hands over your naked body. His skilled fingers had worked quickly in ridding you of your clothes and he doubted you even noticed, although he wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. No time for thinking though. He growled softly, grinding himself against you although the friction did little to relieve him. You moaned softly when you felt him, his hot breath tickling on your neck, but it soon turned into a bite and you cried out in both pain and pleasure, “ow! B-Beel..! Oh…” No time to focus on that, though. His hand had sneaked between the two of you, rubbing over your bare clit once before his fingers went to feel your slick folds. He could’ve caved right then and there, honestly, and his body was shaking in anticipation so he quickly pulled back, admiring the mark he left for only a moment. “Need you..” He pushed himself back off of you, standing up and then pulling his boxers down too, tossing them somewhere. His cock was throbbing against his abdomen, leaking with his seed, but that’s also when you saw it. 
“W-What is… that?” On the underside of his shaft, there was a black line, almost like a dark vein, although you doubted it was exactly that. His hand moved down to grab his cock, stroking it slowly to the sight of you before he growled again, “eggs…” it was mumbled and you didn’t really have time to question him about it because before you knew it, he was back on top of you, spreading your legs apart before grabbing them and pushing them back on either side of your head. “Mine… I need you…” he knows he’s been repeating his words but he can’t help but say it. He needs you. He needs his mate, his body is craving you. He moved his cock to your entrance, pushing in with one hard thrust and he didn’t really give you time to adjust to him. Naturally, you cried out again, arching as your hands gripped your thighs. 
The sight of it was beautiful to him and it only spurted him on more, thinking that you’re willingly holding your legs back for him, that you’re presenting yourself to him just as much as he’s been presenting himself. “My mate…” Somewhere in his mind he knows he should have warned you, that he should have told you about this and warned you or at least left you with one of his brothers while he’s going through this. He’s definitely not the worst but there’s so much you don’t know and even now, as he’s thrusting into you and your cries turned into moans, he knows he shouldn’t have made you do this. But his mind and his body are two different entities right now, and his body is certain of what it wants. It wants to push his eggs into you and coat them in a thick, creamy white as they get fertilized by him. “(Y/N)...” he’s groaning loudly, the feeling of your slick walls around him almost too overwhelming. 
At least for the demon in heat, the pleasure is amplified and all his nerve endings are on fire. He can only hope you feel the same way. “B-Beel...hghn..!” But judging by your sounds you do. You haven’t told him to stop yet either. Is that a good thing? Do you want this too? Do you accept him as your mate? The thought of it is exciting to him; his heart is swelling and his thrusts speed up. He can feel his tip push up against your cervix every time he pounds into you and he can feel himself grow thicker inside you. Once again, you moan out, throwing your head back into the pillow as Beel thoroughly pounds you into his mattress. “S-So… close…” it’s amazing how just a few of his thrusts can make you so… weak. So sensitive. So eager to cum for him. You’re not quite sure what all of this means, but honestly it doesn’t really worry you either. 
You telling him that you were close had his eyes go wide for a moment, a deep growl escaping him as he clenched his teeth. A look of determination passes over him and his hips snap forward hard while one of his hands comes down on your stomach, rubbing over it a little too harshly, “need to breed…” His mind is foggy, his cock is throbbing with need as pure instinct takes over. His tall frame leans over your smaller one, his chest pressed against your breasts as he keeps your legs folded, “you’re so tiny…” His cock is twitching from his own words as he takes in your little, human self. His wings are fluttering too and he dares look down between the two of you to watch his aching erection disappear into your tiny, tight cunt. 
That was a mistake. The sight alone pushes him over the edge and he thrusts in hard, making sure his tip is pressed firmly against your cervix as both his eggs shoot out of the vein-like structure, and his seed out of his main tip. You could feel him fill you as a loud cry erupted from you as well, his last thrust fully pushing you over the edge. Your hands gripped his biceps and you could feel his muscles flex with every spurt of his seed. Something was filling you up, you could feel it, and you swore your womb was already filled to the brim “B-Beel… what… so much…” He grunted above you, nudging your head to the side with his horns to bite down on the other side of your neck, leaving a matching bite mark to the one he left earlier, “mine… my mate..” 
You whimpered from his actions, dragging your nails down his arm as your hips rode out both yours and his orgasm. Beel, however, took that as a sign to keep going, and he’s quick to pick up the pace that he just ended on, pushing deep into your now overly-sensitive cunt. “B-Beel please.. I...oh!” No time to rest. You’re begging him for more, and as your mate, he shall deliver. “I got you..” He pulled back to look down at you once more, groaning at the sight. So tiny, so helpless, absolutely beautiful beneath him while his massive cock continuously impales you. 
“I got you… will keep you filled… need to breed you…” and that’s all he could think about. 
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diavolosthots · 3 days ago
My favorite thing ever is when my newer followers find out that I write dark stuff
Like yes hello my children.
Gore, death, yandere, dub/non-con, tearing people to shreds/etc... Is definitely welcome here
So are hand holding, long cuddle sessions, wing preening, and silly love confessions
Depends on the day of the week, honestly.
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diavolosthots · 3 days ago
I actually love the way you do yandere, could we please get a yandere mammon breeding fic (f!mc)?
I'll still put a disclaimer here that I am not fully confident in my yandere writings
Warnings: yandere, nsfw, non-con, forced impregnation, spanking, hair pulling, aphrodisiac
Tumblr media
The gold you wore tonight did nothing but make you feel worse. Shouldn’t you be happy about it? The fancy dresses, the extravagant getaways that were paid for? Of course, once you figured out how they were paid for, the unsettling feeling in your stomach returned, but still. Isn’t this nice? Isn’t this exactly what you wanted? After all, you knew the man you were getting involved with. The one guy who craved for nothing but riches and admiring glances. Hell, you were one of the people that admired him most! Were being the keyword. After having been with him in the most intimate of ways, you knew better than to still admire him, but at the same time, you could never tell him that you didn’t still admire him. Unimaginable things would happen if he found out how you really thought of him. No. You couldn’t do that to yourself. You’ve seen first hand what would happen if you dared step out of line and really, Mammon had a point when he said “at least I ain’t Lucifer” because you’re not sure you would’ve survived for this long with the eldest. 
See, the thing about Mammon is that most of the time he just wanted your attention. He required your attention. He wanted praise and love-filled kisses and he wanted you to compliment him, reward him. That’s what happens most of the time. Of course, he also wants you to look good because him “Yer with the Great mammon, (Y/N). Act like it.” And oh you did. The one time you dared wear sweats around him was the one time you didn’t walk for a weak straight and it certainly wasn’t because he fucked you so good. No. Tight dresses, short skirts and shorts, and tops that showed most of your cleavage was all he allowed, in gold of course. Sometimes, on really rare occasions, he would allow you to wear jeans, too, but only if they were skinny jeans and they made your ass pop. He still prefers the stuff that shows off your legs, though. At least he’s the one paying for it, right? Well, kind of. It’s not uncommon for him to ‘sell’ you a bit. Never would he let anyone else touch you, God no, and believe me when I say you really don’t want that. 
No, he just makes you dance a bit, preferably on him but he’s also known to let you get up on a pole. The grin he wears each time is sure to make your stomach twist and turn, but all you can do is smile, that is, if you’d like to eat tonight and sleep in a bed. Mammon isn’t the worst, truly, but that’s only as long as you don’t step out of line. You learned that rather quickly. “Whatcha thinkin’ ‘bout?” Even right now, with his grip so tight around your waist and his very prominent hard on pressing into your ass, you couldn’t help but smile. At least you were in a public place and at least he didn’t leave you alone yet which made sitting at the bar with alcohol you barely knew the name of a little more bearable. As long as he was with you, you were at least ensured safety. You took a big sip of whatever colorful drink he had ordered you and turned a bit in his lap, the smile ever evident. “Nothing much. I’m just enjoying myself.” As much as you could, at least. 
A grin spreads across his face and he’s quick to deliver a hard slap against your naked thigh, shifting a bit until his face is buried in the crook of your neck. His hot breath tickled your skin and it almost felt unnatural how hot your body began to feel. Soft kisses were placed against the sensitive skin until he allowed himself to moan out softly into your ear, making you clench your thighs together. Why was your body reacting so quickly? “Yah? I know a way ya could enjoy yourself more…” you could feel his hand grip the edge of the gold dress you had on. It was already short, tiny, way too fitting on your body, but his hand moved right between your legs now and if you weren’t careful… “Hm… it seems to be working…” “w-what?” You closed your eyes, pleasure washing through you as your head rolled back against his shoulder, your legs trying to open for him but you had to remind yourself that you were still in public. 
“The drug I laced ya drink with, of course.” He growled into your ear, hungrily, and you clenched around nothing at the sound. Fear rushed through your body at his words but it was mixed with the pleasure that your body started to feel, a soft whine escaping your lips. “Don’t worry… I ain’t gonna let ya make a fool of yourself.” He grabbed you bridal style, still grinning as you barely found the strength to hold onto him. Your body felt weak in his arms and you were sure that if it wasn’t for him carrying you, your legs would’ve given out. Still, you twisted in his embrace, trying to push him away, “stop. I ain’t gonna hurt ya.” Something told you that that was a lie. He carried you behind the bar, you noted, where you were met with a long corridor of doors. Rooms. You know what they are. He kicked one open, still grinning as you tried to squirm out of his grasp. “I ain’t gonna let ya suffer too long, babe. I can’t… ya drive me insane.” You shook your head, groaning when he tossed you on the bed and went to lock the door; at least he had the common decency for that. “Please…” 
A laugh escapes him. Of course he’d mistake your pleading for you wanting him just as much. “Please? Yer already beggin’?” His eyes scanned your body and you tried to curl into yourself but he gripped your his harshly and flipped you onto your stomach. Excitement rushed through you with the action and you silently cursed your body for its reaction. “W-what… what did you put in my drink… oh!” A hard smack was delivered to your rear as he lifted the dress up over your bum. His hand reached above your head to grab a pillow, lifting you up just enough to lay it under your hips as a soft groan escaped him from the sight “perfect… ya ass is out just like it should always be for me…” for a moment you feared he would ignore your question as you tried to crawl away but his hand pressed down on your back, keeping you in place. “It’s just a little drug t’get ya ovulatin’.” he said it so matter of factly, as if you should’ve known, but it only made your eyes grow wide as you turned your head, “w-what…?!” Now you really tried to get away from him but he growled, slapping your ass hard once more, which made you whine. 
You could see him undone his belt out of the corner of your eye, undoing his pants just enough to pull his throbbing cock out, leaking with precum. “Ya didn’t think ya could have me to yaself, did ya? How selfish…” Mammon dropped on top of you, his cock placed almost too conveniently between your legs as he landed. Slow movements of his hips made it move between your lips, getting coated in your slick juices. Your body felt hot, needy, and the familiar tingle between your legs that just begged for him to enter you wasn’t helping. “M-Mammon…” “Ya got me starin’ at those hips day in, day out… that gorgeous body of yours… it would be a shame if I didn’t impregnate ya.. Ugh… just the thought’s gonna make me cum…” He groaned out into your ear, grinding harder against you as if to emphasize on his words, all while you squirmed, “n-no…!” His hand moved down between your bodies to grab a hold of his cock, which he now began to push toward your entrance. “Gonna have that belly swellin’ with my seed…. I ain’t ever gonna let you not take my seed… with that little drug… ya acceptance rate will be higher…” He chuckled again, right into your ear, “maybe it’ll be twins.”
He pushed into you hard, making you cry out as a loud moan escaped him as well. Something about that drug made you seemingly even more sensitive and you clenched tightly around his length, gripping the sheets as you tried to move away again, but his weight was too much on top of you. “S-Stop… please…. I… I will be good… Mammon please…” But his thrusts were only being delivered harder. He was never nice with you. Never slow or gentle. He always delivered powerful blows inside your core and that wouldn’t be any different now. No. If anything it was even worse because now he had a goal. 
“Oh I know ya will be good… a good little momma… with that belly swollen in ya pussy drippin’” He moved his hand around, between the pillow and your hips, his fingers finding your clit. Just the slightest of touches had you crying out for him as tears began to sting your eyes. This can’t be happening, no way. His cock felt so good inside you, reaching deeper with each thrust and you were very evident of his hips connecting with yours, his balls slapping against your cunt with each of his movements. He was seriously trying to impregnate you and there’s nothing and no one that would stop him. “M-Mammon…” You whimpered beneath him, shaking your head “please….” You didn’t even care about the tears falling. You just wanted him to stop, to pull out before he did something dumb, but his fingers on your clit felt so good. 
He only rubbed the little bud faster, his hips snapping against yours with such force that the bed began to bang against the wall behind it. “Stop complainin’ it ain’t like Imma just leave ya.” You struggled beneath him again, making him growl and his other hand was quick to get tangled in your hair and yank your head back as he moaned out into your ear. “Stop strugglin’. I will tie ya to this bed if I have to…. Either way, ya will be getting knocked up.” You could feel his cock throbbing inside you as your own body prepared for an orgasm. The tears were streaming harder now and you still shook your head, trying to ignore the pleasure he was giving you, the fingers that played so skillfully with your clit and the cock that was stretching you so nicely…
“Shit.. I.. Imma…” He’s pounding into you now, his head throwing back as a cry of pleasure escapes him with his orgasm. Hot spurts of his seed are being plastered right against your cervix, straight into your womb, as your body is eagerly sucking him in with your own orgasm. He timed it just right, making sure both of you are coming undone as he paints your walls white. You cried out too, still squirming beneath him but your cunt was clenching around him tightly, keeping his cock inside you, although his hips never stilled. He couldn’t let them still, not until his balls were completely empty and your womb was filled with his seed. 
Your worst nightmare is coming true and there’s nothing you can do about it. “Ya so wet… eatin’ me up… don’t worry… imma fill you again, and again, and again…” 
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diavolosthots · 3 days ago
Im still upset I finished writing it 😅 still a good drawing!
The Fallen King
Tw/cw: Blood, beheading I guess..
Keep reading
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diavolosthots · 3 days ago
Sometimes i think of making a separate confession page you know... Like for obey me confessions
But then i need to figure out how to edit pictures and put texts on them and stuff and i swear I'm not dumb but I AM dumb
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diavolosthots · 4 days ago
It's that time again. Once again i already did Diavolo and you can find his somewhere in the masterlists
ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚BARBATOS proposing headcanons ˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ₓ
What is love 
In all seriousness, he rarely has any time outside of Diavolo, although the Demon Lord insists on Barbatos taking a break. The butler usually declines but that one time he was forced, something good came out of it. 
You. You came out of it. 
You instantly clicked with him and he really appreciated that, although he will admit that he desperately tried to keep your relationship strictly platonic. 
Obviously that didn’t work. Who knew? He didn’t. He should have though considering he can literally see the future, but anyway. 
He’s a very easy going guy outside of his job and contrary to popular belief, he absolutely loves to have fun. Except that his type of fun is like… ballroom dancing and knitting, sometimes painting, or inline skating. He’s also a very talented ice skater. Some people may find that boring or emasculating, but you just… take him for it and sometimes you join him. 
Hell, one of his fondest memories with you is you two putting on roller skates and skating through the kitchen while simultaneously cooking. It ended in a small mess but it was absolutely worth it. 
You remind him on those fun days that brighten even the darkest of nights. Of course, you were also worth an immense amount to him, which is why he chose a gold ring that had vines going around the band, small diamonds in between, and a nice, oval aquamarine stone in the center. It kind of matches his hair and he’s proud of that, you know? 
He’s also not really nervous about this
Being able to see the future allowed him to see that you did indeed say yes to him so he’s less than worried
That doesn’t mean he won’t go all out though
As a matter of fact, he kicked Diavolo out of the castle for the evening. Yes. HE kicked out DIAVOLO out of his own castle 
Or in short he’s paying Lucifer to keep the guy busy for at least three hours haha
Anyway, he prepared a nice, fancy meal for the two of you and then set up a little outside area with fairy lights and candles and freshly cut flowers. Nothing but the best for his favorite person.
He also has a little present ready. Just a simple gold bracelet with the infinity symbol in the middle. Forever and always, right?
The food was delicious, as was to be expected. After all, it was made by Barbatos so you couldn’t really complain, could you? 
“Allow me to speak, (Y/N).” You only giggled at him, taking his hands in yours, careful not to mess up any of the food or decorations on the table. “When do I not allow you to do that?”
But he just has to be sure that he has all of your attention, you know? 
“There’s a reason I brought you out here tonight. Besides being blessed with your beautiful presence, I would also like to gift you something.” A frown appeared on your face as you held up the arm with the bracelet. “You already did.”
“Yes, but something else. Something way more important for the both of us.” He could sense that he was worrying you so he quickly continued, slowly pulling out the ringbox out of his pocket and opening it. No need to get on one knee; you would’ve pulled him back up again anyway. He saw it.
 “You know, I have served more than just the Young Master. I have lived far longer than he, and I’m almost older than even his father, the Demon King, but in all of my time here, past, present, and future, I have never met someone who had me quite as smitten as you. Your easy going nature mixed with your sense of humor is sure to bring me out of my shell even on the darkest of days. The Devildom is not just filled with fun times and extravagant things, I’m sure you’re aware of that. However, even if it isn’t… you make it seem like it is. You make me want to try more things, to get out of the castle and even defy my Lord sometimes… I have never done that before. I don’t want to lose this newfound sense of self, (Y/N), and I certainly don’t want to lose the thrill, the love, that you are giving me. Please, my dear (Y/N), will you marry me?” 
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diavolosthots · 4 days ago
I love how vivid my imagination is to me. It sometimes even feels real. When I'm sad i can feel diavolos arms around me and my face buried in his chest and I swear I know exactly what he smells like and how his heartbeat sounds i---
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