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Thanks for clarifying 😩 I’ll get to it when inspo strikes

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I’ve been working on the fic for the au, and it’s full of angst, so don’t worry! There will be angst for that soon <3

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I love hinayama they’re such a warm pairing 

hinata and yamaguchi after an all-night study date. Hinata passes out right before dawn, and Yamaguchi just covers him with a blanket and watches the stars turn into morning hues of pink and orange. Hinata wakes up at dawn and finds Yamaguchi has also fallen asleep

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I need that type of commitment in someone

“I dOnT kNoW hOw”

Well ASK YOUR PARTNER or fucking Google it like. Find someone who knows how to make a girl cum (I heard lesbians are pretty good at this) and LISTEN TO THEM

Shoutout to your partner

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Lucifer is out here for my heart 😭😭😭 goodnight Lucifer, I love you too. Sweet dreams ✨💕

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We had a whole convo about that on my blog the other day

No man has ever made me cum before and i highly doubt they ever will

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I’m gonna… Assume you have a vagina and not a penis

For me its this like.. Tingling that explodes. I dont moan, I’m not very vocal at all, but it makes me gasp and my legs may shake, but not always.

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Hey guys,

With the winter season really kicking in, us being in the middle of a global pandemic, and seasonal depression hitting us like a brick falling from the sky;

Please make sure to check in on your friends/faves. I’ve seen a lot of my favorite creators absolutely breaking down lately due to the things mentioned above. A little “hey, hope youre okay ❤” means the world to someone who might not be coping well right now.

On that note,

Hey guys, i hope all 3,215 of you are doing okay. Please never hesitate to reach out to me ❤

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I usually look at them and pick the one(s) I get inspiration for

However, and this may be a little bias, but if i see a request from someone whos NOT on anon, and I know them (I.e. we’ve talked before), i might do them a little favor and pull their request to the front because everyone deserves a little happiness sometimes ~

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Fun fact: the requester called it “halfway stuck in a wall” and i LEGIT THROUGH THEY WANTED ME TO JUST WRITE MC GETTUNG FUCKED THROUGH A WALL

like I was like “ouch but okay” until I realized they meant kabeshiri 😂😂😂🤡 im a clown.

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Hey guys it’s my birthday today so I won’t be posting… or maybe i will 0-o

Anyway, I hope there’s something on this blog you haven’t yet read, and can enjoy! Have a great day!

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// I just wanna say in between posts that I’m SO happy that I’m regularly getting questions? And I’m getting questions about other characters??? That was something I lacked on this blog the first half of this blog’s life, which seriously killed my motivation to do anything on here. Thank you anons and everyone in between for bringing me such fun things to read and draw for every day.

(Also I’m super happy with drawing Greece and Turkey because I’ve been wanting to draw with other skin tones ahldhalhdlah-)

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