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violetnpurple8 hours ago
Hey can you recommend your fav active blogs atm? I haven鈥檛 been active for a while and my following list is not active
Hi Darling!! I think I follow a lot of active blogs so I've made my follow list public for you. Go through it whenever you have some time/want to.
But as for some of my faves, I'll tag them here: @juanitasupreme
@beserkerjewel @kibumkim @comintoyoulive @quackle @blackglitteration @etherealnoir @modelsof-color @duovxq @nostalgicdestanee @jamaicanbornandbred @h0neyteasupremacy @kingfakey @velvetwiz @madeofwhitebone @wowtings @scortchedtoast @diversehistorical @lacetulle @mahoganymamii @wakandamama @lilblckraincloud @bispice @curryspicequeen @lilwitchguard @hwi-tae @itszonez @coutured @mrcmxwll @dateablackwoman
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trash-panda-shifty17 hours ago
>鈥ou should probably check the phone to see if it has enough battery, you unplugged it and-
Tumblr media
鈥淔inally, it鈥檚 at 100%!鈥
鈥淵鈥檏now, you could have just used it when it had 50, but ok.鈥
>ok, all you have to do now is just text sniffles about tag, simple. Just one message and that鈥檚 all. Just one.
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>you woke up to notice your phone going off with messages. You figured it would be spam, but you put on your glasses to still check- Oh, it鈥檚 shifty!
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>鈥.oh. You can鈥檛 really think of other words but oh. Well, might as well get dressed.
[Sniffles is open for asks]
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caroldantops10 hours ago
i just wanna sit in therapist!agatha's lap, let her be super soft and kinda treat me like a baby for a bit and the just absolutely destroy me with her strap whilst degrading me and then just revert back to the soft side to psychologically confuse me... just want agatha to look after me... i think i need therapy
hhhhghf yes yEESSS yes
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apostate-in-an-alcove11 hours ago
A very important person in my life just died. (In India鈥鈥檓 in Canada) When I was Catholic, I would say the rosary and pray and all that. But I鈥檓 not Catholic anymore and I don鈥檛 know what to do. Just sitting here makes me feel like a sociopath. I鈥檓 not gonna fake it by saying a prayer. What can I do instead?
This was something I had to grapple with when I was freshly out of the Church. Two family members (my grandfather and dog) had died in close proximity to each other last year and they were the first deaths I had to deal with as an atheist. Consequently, I had rethink the way I see death and how I dealt with the passing of loved ones in previous years.
People respond to and deal with death differently so much of what I鈥檓 going to say is based off of my own experiences.聽I wasn't sure what to do myself and ended up watching a lot of atheists talk about their own perceptions of death and how they dealt with grieving. Keeping a loved one's ashes, making a garden or memorial in their honour, keeping their pictures out, or hanging onto an important piece of clothing are all different ways people can cope. Using a journal or pursuing a hobby are great ways to manage one's emotions, I know painting or video games have always been my go-to.
How I see it, we all have our chance to live on this planet and then that time inevitably comes to an end. The limited time we have makes life all the more precious, it makes the time we have with loved ones all the more valuable. But it makes the parting quite painful. Nonetheless, the time spent with loved ones, their little habits, the things they liked, the things you associate with them become precious memories and for me those memories are often what I draw comfort from. To think that in all of time and space, we got to meet and bond with the ones we hold dear is something so wonderful.
When I think of my grandfather I don't always think of him as a sickly old man with cancer. Rather, I think of his voice, I think of the jeans and plaid shirts he wore, I think of the baseball cap that was seldom seen off of his head, I think of the way his tall, lanky frame used to stomp around the house whilst humming. Likewise, when I think of my dog Lola I don't always think about how sick she had gotten. Rather, I think of her large expressive eyes and ears and how she always seemed alert, I think of how she loved warm milk, I think of the sound her claws made when she trotted to the door, I think of the time I put my scarf on her and how she pouted when I took it back from her.
I don鈥檛 know for sure what lies beyond the grave but what I do know is that聽there's no one easy way of dealing with death. But grieving is a process and you must be patient with yourself. I鈥檓 so sorry for your loss Anon, I hope what I said here may be of some comfort or assistance to you.聽
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rainbirdsky21 hours ago
Tumblr media
@agodth Your desire for violence has been noted (and I'm telling Teal on you)
Also Teal isn't currently doing anything wrong! Candle punches Teal when Teal messes with Sky Kids (especially Reef) or to keep crime bird out of Sanctuary. Not everyone's default reaction is to come out swinging lol. But the lack of mask probably would make punching Teal easier.
The general idea was just that Teal was collecting wax and ran into Candle training/krill-dodging. Shrug.
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americachavez7 months ago
NOTHING is funnier to me than Sam "Went to a Liberal Arts School" Winchester being like "i'm so well-adjusted and knowledgeable about Real people, if only *I* was the queer sibling, i woud handle it so much better and be SUCH a good gay, but alas I am tragically Straight" meanwhile dean is hucking on as much flannel as he can and chugging beer and fondling a pool stick like every butch lesbian trying to play at being straight, bent over the pool table booty-out like, "you ARE the queer sib tho?"
ajshkshfkdjfk ok sam trying to be a good ally discourse is out now the only thing I care about is this. dean sucked a dude off in the bathroom then called sam gay for ordering a salad and sam is just like I would have been so much better at this than you at least I know the lgbt LORE, dean
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thetransguarda month ago
Saw your posts about Anthony Mackie. Can you please explain what's going on? I don't really ship Sam and Bucky and I'm not the best at keeping up with drama in the Marvel fandom. What happened?
basically variety interviewed anthony mackie and asked him about sam and bucky (the ship) and he said that he doesnt ship them. which is well within his rights to do lmao??? and he said a bunch of other stuff too which tbh he was 100% right about (how ppl fetishize men in mlm relationships (ESP men of colour ESP Black men) how right now the current status quo is to tokenize queer relationships but never actually commit faithfully to actual rep etc etc) and compound that variety took. all of his reasonable statements and kind of just smashed it together in the headline etc to make it look like he said that gay ships are inherently fetishistic and bad.
and white marvel twitter (and some of u on tumblr) have decided because of this its open season #anthonymackieiscancelled2021 which. is so embarrassing it takes what. one interview headline for you to show ur true colours? this man has consistently and openly supported the lgbt+ community he's been a fantastic fucking ally for years and years and the moment you are able to misconstrue his words for shock value you turn your back on him. it's literally not what he meant and you are all too eager to condemn this man. dont think we forgot that random unwarranted post last month where someone was like i think anthony mackie is homophobic because "he gives off those vibes" or something. we all know what "those vibes" mean for u
also to the "its not about race" crowd. its always about fucking race you people just think white = default so you can put blm in your bio but refuse to address your own obvious antiblackness. embarrassing
EDIT: theres some more contextual information under the cut ik this has been reblogged a bunch but yeah
i'd also like to point out quickly that i'm nonblack so a lot of what i've said here is my own personal extrapolation of the situation + of what other queer poc have been discussing for the past day
creds to kit from the MYSU server
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link link link link
someone transcribed the actual interview without the bullshit editing variety put in to make him look bad
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americachavez7 months ago
maybe the angels do deserve rights for bullying cas ..... they probably constantly hear him thinking about dean in all kinds of ways imagine how tired they are馃檹
angel radio from 2008 onwards was just cas constantly thinking 鈥済*d I wanna **** his *** until he鈥檚 ********* and **** *** ******* **** ***鈥 and all the angels are like
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mell0beea month ago
why is the cr2 finale 7 hours long? wrong answers only
they spend the first half explaining to molly everything that happened since he died (very poorly)
jester spends the next week using all her spellslots to Send to literally everyone they know
the wizards mess with some time travel magic on their aeor date and get trapped and the rest of the party has to save them Search For Grog style
the second half is a 3-hour beauyasha wedding
due to Archfey Shenanigans sprinkle gains sentience and spends 2 hours airing his grievances to the party detailing every single encounter he鈥檚 had with the raven queen while jester looks on in horror
they roleplay out beau assassinating every single member of the cerberus assembly with Fantasy Cocaine
Ashly Burch has been summoned by the probability gods to take out Molly once and for all (neo-ashly form)
jester and veth spend an hour on a worldwide prank tour graffiti-ing every temple in Exandria
they roleplay out molly taking over as leader of the syphilis bandits
the raven queen is PISSED at caduceus
they return to the sea only to find out that lucien somehow released uk鈥檃toa again while they were busy catching up to him (one hour of the episode is dedicated to calming fjord down from his panic attack)
ashley rolls a dragon again
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highdio9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sombysomby said: 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽
Did you see we鈥檙e getting an official Yoshikage Kira tie for cats? You can dress your cat up as Kira.
No I didnt see this I had to look it up, send help.
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americachavez7 months ago
twitter(.)com/duskofdean/status/1340840591551131648 we could have had this hug and a face cradle!
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oh they were SICK FOR THIS
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thcrin2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Last night at the Miss Universe pageant in Florida, the reigning Miss Singapore, Bernadette Belle Wu Ong, walked the stage. Ong strutted out while wearing a red bedazzled bodysuit, cuissardes, and a red and white dress. The dress, a riff on Singapore鈥檚 national flag, was created by designer Arwin Meriales. - Vogue
鈥淲hat is this platform for if I can鈥檛 use it to send a strong message of resistance against prejudice and violence! Thank you #MissUniverse for giving me this opportunity! My national costume is inspired by Singapore鈥檚 National Flag鈥攊t symbolises unity for all and social harmony in a multi-racial, multi-cultural and inter-religious country.鈥 - Bernadette Belle Wu Ong on Instagram
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brownvampire2 days ago
wait if you're a person of color and you've ever dated a white (derogatory), what's a funny/absurd moment in ur relationship that made u realize "yea this isn't gonna work"
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americachavez7 months ago
thoughts on the cw apparently removing every single supernatural related video from their youtube account today?
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