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daisybrekker · 7 hours ago
Are you worried about the severe amount of backlash that elain’s book will get from the fandom? Like gw*nriel is pretty popular right now among the active fandom & a lot of people hate on Elain (I’d argue that Elain receives more hate than nesta did)…. And if elain is confirmed as the next book or Elriel is confirmed then I feel most of the fandom will go rabid.
Hello anon!
Truthfully? Not really
It's obvious that the fandom will go crazy when SJM confirms an Elriel book, but if you think about it, it'll just be history repeating itself.
SJM's readers were acting the same way when she announced Chaol and Nesta's books (who are also extremely hated) and if you look at social media now, you'll see that many changed their minds when they read the books.
I have no doubt that SJM will manage to make more Elain antis start to like her when she finally tells her story.
The only people I can see really going crazy over Elain's book is the Gwynriels when they realise that their ship isn't canon, but it's not like they can do anything about it🤷‍♀️
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alivedean · 15 hours ago
do you know of any good sambucky fics?
i have 166 sambucky fics bookmarked so far so as not to dump all that on you i just wanna highlight some of really great but underappreciated (in my opinion) fics:
Gone Home With series by @burn-thatbridge | very sweet, Sarah is the only one with braincells
On a night out, Bucky and Sarah leave together. Sam fears the worst.
When You Awake by @the-lunar-pull | thee sambucky amnesia au
“Mr. Wilson, what do you remember?” Dr. Ramirez asks, her voice tense.
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart by @the-lunar-pull | modern no powers au with past samsteve, absolutely delicious
Today is the day that Steve received an invitation to the love of his life’s wedding.
i hate accidents (except when we went from friends to this) by dharmainitiative | didn't know they were dating
five times people assume Sam and Bucky are dating, and one time Bucky realizes they sort of are.
just let me adore you by dharmainitiative | bucky being super chill about his feelings for sam and driving him insane in the process
“Sam,” Bucky finally says, slow and deliberate. “I’m not interested in anyone you’ve tried to set me up with because I’ve been gone on you for ages.”
(Sometimes) All I Think About Is You by softwinds | bucky is a thirsty dumbass for sam
Bucky discovers Sam Wilson's pre-blip media content and things escalate.
Start Me Up And Watch Me Go by @yavannie | thee steering wheel fic
In which Sam brings up the steering wheel thing yet again and Bucky tries to make up for it.
Longing by @elwenyere | really great angst with a happy ending
When Sam gets caught in a memory machine, Bucky goes in after him.
Take Me Under Your Wings by @yavannie | fluff and smut, established sambucky
Bucky smiles again, wolfish this time, and says: “You know, every time we end up under here, I think about all the things we could do without anyone knowing.”
Shaken by @glittercake | private investigator/bartender au
Sam Wilson runs a small, independent investigative firm with his college friend Steve.
Almost Every Night by @burn-thatbridge | past samriley, bucky taking care of sam
Sam has a rough night. Bucky helps.
Don't shy from the light by @glittercake | THEE sambucky boxing au, absolutely mind blowing (it's a wip, but it's been updated regularly, only 3 chapters left)
When Bucky was younger he'd steal pages from his mom's gossip magazines of Wilson leaving some fancy club in a thick fur coat, or pictures of him arriving on the red carpet in a form-fitting suit and shiny rings on his fingers, and Bucky would… he thinks the word for it is swoon.
I (Don't) Wanna Be a Part of Your Parade by Bella_Dahlia | mutual pining, angst with a happy ending, all the good shit
The one where Sam inherits the Avengers Compound and decides it's time to put together a new team.
Easier said than done.
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mywritingonlyfans · 5 hours ago
So who was gonna tell me dami has a whole ass portrait of jesus on his thigh? -🦇
and still you wanna sit on it!! how wicked!!!
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caroldantops · 18 hours ago
Imma be real with you chief, breeding gets me fucking GOING. Like thinking about demon!Nat growling about how she's going to fuck a baby into me and she's got my legs hiked up so high I don't have a choice but to take load after load. Her rubbing my tummy cooing about how cute I'll be filled with her kid like ahfhjsksjdhakksks
she's sooo into it, she'll even plug you up after she's filled you with cum "just to make sure you take it all baby."
and she's gonna use her longest strap too, fucking you as deep as physically possible because she wants to cum right up against your cervix--
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onisuu · 15 hours ago
Do you still do speedpaints or not? Because I haven't seen any new ones on your youtube channel for over 9 months now.
Ahh, yes I haven't made speedpaints in almost a year. 🥲🤧The first reason is that I've only been drawing sporadically and in small sections at a time like a sketch here, a bit of lineart there, and colouring over different sessions 😅 so it's messy for me to record and compile~😔 and the second reason is my screen capture program stopped working and I need to purchase it to use it again, 🧐but I felt like it wasn't worth the price since I hardly used it anymore T . T A bit of a negative feedback loop 🥲 once I start drawing more again, I'll look into recording the processes again 🖍💪😄💪💕
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selcky · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
personal mb , tagged by @irbit
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maxwell-grant · 14 hours ago
Brazilian character review: Jose Carioca
Tumblr media
I can't say I have too many strong feelings on Zé Carioca as a character, but in retrospective, I think the existence of Zé Carioca is very emblematic of the way Brazil is viewed overseas, and the contrast between this sort of idyllic postcard fantasyland version of Brazil that gringos see, and the reality.
The first thing that comes to mind when I look at Zé Carioca, other than he's a popular Disney mascot, is that contrast. He's intended to look like a carefree young carioca (a term we use for people that come from Rio), but he's perpetually dressed like a 1920s caricature, the kind you only really find in pictures of your grandpa, and attempts to modernize his look have robbed him of his charm. His name is "José", which is a common Portuguese name usually abreviated to "Zé", but in pretty much every media he shows up in, they always say his name the Spanish way, instead of the Portuguese way.
The Zé Carioca that people outside of Brazil know is a character that only exists in the context of an ensemble with Donald and Panchito, mostly defined as a suave, romantic party goer, the phlegmatic opposite to the choleric Donald and the sanguine Panchito (I haven't checked out the new Caballeros cartoon, although I intend to). The Zé Carioca that Brazilians know is largely defined as a charismatic scammer who keeps going to great lengths to avoid work, the joke being that usually he goes through a lot more work to do so than he would have otherwise.
Tumblr media
It's based a lot on the stereotype of cariocas as lazy beach-dwellers who look down on honest work to instead cheat and take shortcuts. Every region of Brazil has it's own stereotypes, in fact, Zé Carioca in Brasil has a lot of relatives to embody those, but gringos treat Brazil like Rio is the only city in it, which is why this stereotype gets applied to Brazilians in general, and, well, it is a stereotype to begin with. It's a change that allows him to work as a solo protagonist, but it also leads to a disconnect where fans of Zé Carioca don't quite see eye-to-eye with most depictions of the character not made locally, because it's not really the same character.
I gotta stress that I don't dislike Zé Carioca, not at all, I do think the idea behind his creation was a good one. I can't think of any Brazilian character, either created here or just coming from Brazil, who was a popular name overseas during this time period (could be wrong though, but nothing comes to mind). He gets credit for that, if nothing else. He's a fairly cute character and I do like seeing him when he does show up. But Zé Carioca seems like one of those characters who is popular as a mascot, but not so much as a character.
I think the best way I can explain this disconnect between what Zé Carioca is by sharing this text I found, written by Gabriel Bayarri here, that I translated and post below. I think this kinda gets to the heart of how I feel about Zé Carioca, which is not a dislike, just a disconnect.
Tumblr media
Brazil was the land of Zé Carioca, he who had shown the world in 1942, during WW2, a Brazil that seemed cordial and happy, a Brazil that valued it's mixed heritage as a symbol of national culture. The parrot presented to Donald Duck a city proud of itself, joyfully beautiful, where samba, cachaca, parties and romantic rascals all mixed together.
Now, he's watched, terrified, as his wonderful city embraced armed heroes, and took flight perplexed, trying to understand what had changed in a city he recalled painted in watercolor strokes. Zé Carioca flew to the heart of the tropical city, where spaces of resistance stood symbolized, straggling remnants of a democracy that he used to think was harmonious and shielded against the monsters that ruled it.
The parrot fluttered its wings between the hills, and rested its feathers in its beloved square in Cinelândia, and breathed its history, of which he only recognized the harmonious part: the square had become a central place for beginnings of the 20th century, representing the Belle Époque of Rio de Janeiro. Cinelândia acquired French features, so desired by the recent Brazilian Republic, and it tried to become a Tropical Paris. At it's center, slaves recently freed from plantations arrived, while the square acquired a cosmopolitan personality. This was all familiar to the parrot, who found in history a joyful account.
Tumblr media
From abroad, the narrative of a happy and harmonious Rio de Janeiro recovered the idea of a cordial Brazil, without racism and without violence, promoted by Zé Carioca. In addition, this imagery of the city was promoted to foreigners as the period of a “Golden Brazil”: the drop in poverty rates, the increase in investments and the enormous influence in the Latin American and global context.
The bird breathed the chronicles of literary bohemians who populated the surroundings, and who built in their writings the characters who walked the square, its muses, its rogues, its carnival heroes or its capoeiristas. Authors built at that time a model of the “carioca people” that the parrot Zé Carioca repeated and synthesized in his image: a kind, cordial and warm character who crossed borders, transmitting to the world a image of Brazil harmonized and absent from conflicts and violence. It was that conception that, in Brazil, everything would tend to soften and adapt.
Cinelândia had begun to fill with cinemas, rooms of spectacle. Hotels, restaurants, night bars. The arrival of hotdogs at the Square was a revolutionary bridge, from North-American influences to the carioca lifestyle.
Tumblr media
The parrot was proud of his city, until a woman approached him: “Our hot dog is carioca to the core”, explained the street vendor who was carrying a T-shirt with the face of Marielle Franco. Who was this woman who wanted to explain to him what was like to be brazilian: Who was this woman on her shirt? Where was Carmen Miranda, with the fruits on her head?
Then, the parrot listened in the square to the story of the murder of the councilwoman Marielle and her driver, and the new reports of violence on “carioca nights”, and its police conflicts against immigrants.
But Zé Carioca did not believe that his beautiful city was affected by these issues.
The parrot was aware that Cinelândia represented an image of the essence of what it was to be Brazilian, the construction of its own unique soul in a public space, the creativity and trickery and joy.
Tumblr media
But he was surprised to hear that his happy and dancing people were also active warriors, who had used this square over the decades as a historical space for building demands, from The March of 100.000 against the military dictatorship, and the recent manifestations against the new president.
In one of its streets, the square bore the name of Marielle herself, the murdered councilwoman whose plaque had been broken publicly by the current governor of Rio, and whose death had become a symbol.
The parrot had Disneysified the image of his city, in a portrait of heroes, castles and tropical princesses, which made it difficult to understand now the political victory of monsters.
It seemed as if the history of Brazil was rebuilding itself before his eyes, and its people were now made up of activists, women warriors, LGTB+ collectives and anti-racism movements that defended civil rights and identity demands, of a Brazil that could not be pigeonholed, because it wasn't made for beginners.
Tumblr media
What had happened to his colorful Brazil? – he asked himself nervously, replacing his straw hat and plucking his feathers.
Something transformed in the parrot's gaze, and after a brief disturbance, he decided to regain his composure. The bird spread its wings and took flight to Copacabana Palace, the place where it had been born from the hand of Walt Disney 77 years ago. He needed to reflect, think of the the gray tones of truth that splashed in his colorful costume, and seek new spaces to resist the monsters.
Perhaps the world had believed Zé Carioca's colorful report, in the palette of illusions that an emerging Brazil offered, and they had forgotten that, like every grown child, Brazil had nightmares. Kicking up at night over its racism, structural militarism, murderous violence, patriarchal inequalities.
Perhaps Zé Carioca had fallen in love with the exuberance of a land of fruit, sailors and smiles, and the world had listened to his account, a lovable sales pitch to tourists and sporting mega-events, and they had forgotten the voices of their people who watched helplessly the approach of a military parade from congress.
Tumblr media
Zé Carioca's flight transformed the parrot, and in his old age, he went through a rite of passage to adulthood. After years of blindness to the violence of a post-colonial society and it's extended torture under jackboots, Zé Carioca opened his eyes, and faced the hidden part of a wounded Brazil.
A Brazil that had been dressed up in tropical colors and that now had to be sincere, with the world and with itself, in order to overcome the times of monsters.
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myjunkisyuzuruhanyu · 2 hours ago
Girlie I gotta say if you're going to bitch at Nathan Chen for being homophobic (as he deserves) you can't just ignore that Shoma hates women...
Why did I see this coming? 🙄
I don't feel like I "bitch" about Nathan, but ok. I adressed an issue where he said a homophobic and mysogynistic answer in an interview.
I have answered the "Shoma thing" couple of times already. You can look that up if you want to. So I didn't ignore anything at all. And so I am not allowed to have an opinion because I still support Shoma? I have explained my reasoning before. And also why exactly should I bring Shoma up when Nathan is in question?
But still let's unpack your accusation a bit:
First of all there is still no official confirmation that it was Shoma after all. It was a voice, not a video, in a quite "skating anonymous" YT gaming channel that isn't officially tied to Shoma's name at all. So even if I agree that it likely was Shoma's voice in this, it's still totally different from an official interview with your name attached to it like what Nathan did.
2nd - this is not the whole picture of what Shoma actually said, it was "I hate girls my age because I see them too hard to impress boys" (at least this is one translation of similar other translations). There is a 2nd sentence to the "I hate girls" that ppl like to forget, because that frames a specific group of girls and not women in general (I dunno why ppl forget that - maybe I do) . He also said he hates animals and himself and a lot more things in a gaming stream of 4 hours and in between answered questions about his favorite food etc.
3rd - Translations make a difference. There are many different translations of what he said and they differ a lot and it depends on who translated it - a hater or someone neutral or a fan - because Japanese speaking ppl are not agreed on the fact whether he actually meant "hate" or "dislike", which makes a difference in how heavy the wording may hit. As I don't know Japanese myself I can only refer to translations of others and chose which translation to take as truth (none and all at the same time), I guess like most of his English speaking fans. (I can assure you from other native Japanese speakers that the Japanese FS fandom in general doesn't care at all for what he said in that stream, so maybe there is a context we as non-Japanese speakers are not getting or a society thing shows.)
THOUGH I do agree that the wording was mysogynistic and I am not excusing what Shoma said.
But I also don't neglect the background of the time that it was said at a time where he was without a coach, didn't feel he was worth anything, was thinking about quitting skating etc. Back in September 2019. So for me a mood where you say bad stuff. (If any of you wants to read different translations of this stream, you're welcome to ask - I'll send you links)
Btw you can read many interviews where Shoma praised woman and girls, for example he wanted to train with the Et*ri girls because he found their skating/jumps impressive. He also had two female coaches whome he praised at any minute, he also was the only male skater for long time in this group. In one of his recent video on his official affiliated channels he talked about "how girls are so much better at doing steps than he is". In SOI 2021 he praised the girls - who he was in a group number with - because how they repeated the number again and again and made him more comfortable because he was so bad at learning it. (The Japanese girls have all spoken in Shoma's favor how he made them laugh, about his intense stare in his eyes etc. You can also look this up under # soi2021)
As for Nathan the issue is different from Shoma's case. It was an official interview about the perception of the sport as "feminine". So he wasn't even asked about his personal feelings towards girls or LGBTQ ppl or asked about his sexuality but he chose to speak about being straight and about how the sport is "LGBTQ dominated" which is just plain wrong and how he wants to make the sport more masculine instead of adressing the perception of the sport as wrong or problematic. (Shoma was asked "what about girls" and talked about himself not the sport) Nathan as a world champion is heard and had a chance to have an impact to talk about the problems but he didn't. Instead he showed internalized homophobia and misogyny (not on purpose ofc and he may not even realize it yet) in his answer, so this was no help at all for the problems in this sport. Call me biased but there is a huge difference if you mumble something while gaming or if you have an official interview and know your words will get published and recorded. I don't and I won't excuse either one for what they chose to say, but to put everyone in the same pot just because "misogyny" is mentioned is a far too easy take.
I understand ppl got offended, it's also fine to cancel your support for either Shoma or Nathan. But as I said about Nathan as well in the post, I believe in the good in ppl and I am very sure those few sentences don't picture Nathan's nor Shoma's whole personality or world view in general. I don't judge ppl based on a few sentences, because I also wouldn't want to be judged by one insensitive thing I said at some point. We don't know these skaters, I haven't talked to them, did you? I also believe ppl can grow past mistakes and I also believe action speak louder than words. (I can only say for Shoma but when I met Shoma at the Challenge Cup he was surrounded by women and he signed autographs on the floor while everyone looked down on him and that's a thing a mysogynist would never do)
Calling out wrong behavior or microagressions is totally fine and we can all learn a thing or two, but to hate on the skaters or call them mysogynist or homophobe is going a bit too far imo. Also it deflects from the openly straight forward homophobe and mysogynistic men in this world.
And lastly as I said in another post already I follow skaters for their skating and Nathan's skating was never my cup of tea, so I wasn't his fan at all before, which is very different with Shoma as I loved and still love his skating and call me crazy I am not liking Shoma any less than before, because his skating remained the same and also I don't put ppl on pedestals. I am not actually personally offended when someone turns out to have flaws and views that don't represent my own views. I am old enough to understand that ppl irl differ from the person they show outside and I am also old enough to understand ppl have many layers of their personalities and just because views don't fit my own, doesn’t mean they are awful persons.
I write far too much, but I hope you got what I wanted to bring across, girlie....
I am here in this fandom for skating first and foremost and I support who I like and if you don't like Shoma (or Yuzu) anymore or at all feel free to unfollow and block me.
If you want to talk about Shoma and what he said you can send me a message I swear you can be honest and I also understand if you're not able to support him anymore. I don't want to convince anyone that you are not allowed to feel offended and hurt, just that I am not. I was disappointed in his words as well but I looked into my heart and there is still the same feeling there ever was. (You can also talk about Nathan but I may not be the right person to help you here as I never was his fan)
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hyporheicflow · 17 hours ago
heeyyyy do u have any texts on like. backstrap loom weaving?? or kumihimo. or actually that 15 years worth of jacquard weaving. i wanna READ
mmmmm i'm loving these options! i don't have anything on backstrap weaving handy unfortunately but it might be buried in a drive...
kumihimo is a weird one bc, like lots of traditional japanese fiber art, there's a weird dollar store version that white women have decided is the same thing... i went on a kumihimo search fest a while back and got bogged down in the whitelady hobbyist stuff but i love this video of the process
and for the jacquard reading list!! i'm literally gonna lift citations from a paper i wrote a few years ago:
- Becker, John. Pattern and Loom: A Practical Study of the Development of Weaving Techniques in China, Western Asia, and Europe. (NIAS Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, 2014). (VERY detailed resource recreating historical textiles with diagrams, not jacquard but figurative weaving, its precursor)
- Harlizius-Klück, Ellen. (2017) “Weaving as Binary Art and the Algebra of Patterns.” TEXTILE, 15 (2), 176-197 (i really recommend this one because it busts the myth of the jacquard loom as both a feat of western minds and the precursor to the computer)
- Hooper, Luther. Hand Loom Weaving. (Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd. 1920). (if you ever needed to know literally anything about weaving you could possibly ask except for computer stuff bc it was published first in like the 1800s)
- Ng, Frankie, and Jiu Zhou. Innovative Jacquard Textile Design Using Digital Technologies. (The Textile Institute, Woodhead Publishing, 2013). (digital jacquard stuff!! love!!! i worked as the digital loom technician in school for a year)
- Pye, David. The Nature of Art and Workmanship. (Cambridge University Press, 1968) (this one isn't even about weaving specifically, but absolutely foundational for craftspeople on the theory of 'craft'. i can provide a pdf of this one if anyone wants <3)
and here is a digital jacquard weaving file i made of the skeleton rocking chair meme that i first wove and then converted into an image to print on my phone case:
Tumblr media
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americachavez · 7 months ago
NOTHING is funnier to me than Sam "Went to a Liberal Arts School" Winchester being like "i'm so well-adjusted and knowledgeable about Real people, if only *I* was the queer sibling, i woud handle it so much better and be SUCH a good gay, but alas I am tragically Straight" meanwhile dean is hucking on as much flannel as he can and chugging beer and fondling a pool stick like every butch lesbian trying to play at being straight, bent over the pool table booty-out like, "you ARE the queer sib tho?"
ajshkshfkdjfk ok sam trying to be a good ally discourse is out now the only thing I care about is this. dean sucked a dude off in the bathroom then called sam gay for ordering a salad and sam is just like I would have been so much better at this than you at least I know the lgbt LORE, dean
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maxwell-grant · 20 hours ago
Sooo... Batman: The Idiot Root?
mirrorfalls asked: (If you haven't read it - it's a bit awkwardly spread between Batman (#472-473) and Detective Comics (#639-640), but all those issues should be easy enough to find online. AFAIK it's written by a white Brit who's never been within a hundred miles of Brazil.)
Never heard of that storyline before, so I'm gonna do a bit by bit commentary on it as I'm reading it for the first time. I do like the other Peter Milligan Batman stories I've read, so this could be interesting. Might have to split this post into a separate part though.
Tumblr media
...Okay, I'm gonna give the story some slack because it was the 90s and of course information about these things were far more limited back then than now, but literally on Page One there's a funny reminder of how gringos tend to think of South America as some homogenous "Other". Because, and I'm no expert on those affairs so I could be wrong, but that right there looks like a fairly typical Mayan temple. The kind of place Indiana Jones plumbs for gold. Not at all the kind of structure that any tribes from the Amazon would have built, and there's not really an overlap at all between Mesoamerican and Brazilian tribes. But, fine, whatever, let's roll with it.
"Mad scientists conducting mad science on the Amazon jungle", another cliche, although at least this one is based on something. I get that the stories of Nazi experiments on Brazilian soil became quite popular.
Actually, between this and the following page of Bruce on an airplane flying over Rio, this storyline's reminding me quite a bit of the Mexican Fantomas storyline where he comes to Brazil and also investigates a conspiracy in the Amazon. Although I doubt this story is going to have as much tact as that one, or that it's going to end with Batman going to Carnaval as a vacation.
Tumblr media
To give credit where it's due, I can see the point where some research was made. That building in the middle of the 2nd panel does look like something resembling a particular style of colonial architecture you see in some cities here, usually in places more accomodating to tourists. You'd never find those in the middle of a favela, but, there was effort here.
Also, I nowadays have gripes with how so many stories set in Brazil, even made in Brazil, immediately go to the favelas as the go-to scenery for crime and murder and drama and sensationalist writing. But for the 90s? Not gonna lie, when most comics at this time still treated Brazil like a perpetual post-card, this was pretty ahead of it's time.
Tumblr media
Very cool sequence, and also, very much appreciated that the story mentions Batman having gripes with the language and the layout of the city. It helps to both ground the character's skills and it respects the cultural barrier.
I shouldn't have to give credit to the writer for remembering that Brazil's language is Portuguese, but I've run so often into gringos thinking we speak Spanish or "Brazilian" that I think props are somewhat deserved here.
Tumblr media
Sometimes I forget how much more I like Batman when he's allowed to react to things with emotions other than grumpy self-righteousness.
And, yeah, I get that there's a sort of awkwardness that comes with superheroes tackling more real issues like drug problems, but honestly, for a Batman story set in Rio? It's probably the best idea, in terms of a situation that is both within the typical tone of Batman adventures as well as a timely subject (just as timely nowadays as it was then, sadly). As is the sequence later when Batman's trying to rescue a bunch of kids from a moving truck and one of them fires a gun at him. Definitely wasn't expecting that level of authenticity.
Tumblr media
God I fucking love Norm Beyfogle's art so much. And I'm really digging the expressions on the Queen of Hearts. Her character's not terribly interesting but I love that Norm's not afraid to twist her face into a vampire Joker-ish aberration. It's such a stark contrast to when Jim Aparo takes over for the Tec issue and he draws her just like a disgruntled generic female character.
And moving on to issue 2...
Tumblr media
This one definitely merits an inclusion in the "Batman out of context" pantheon along with Hugo Strange in costume screaming "I AM A PARAGON OF MENTAL HEALTH" or Batman kicking Two-Face as he's eating ice cream. I'm not even complaining here, I like Batman when he's nutty and taking trips down madhouses.
Tumblr media
I'm not clever enough to think of a joke for this but I feel like "The idiotic idea cannot be verbalized. It's too idiotic for words" in the context of a Batman story definitely feels like it's waiting for a snarky commentary.
Tumblr media
Hey, look! Actual company names. Serrador was the name of a fairly famous hotel in Rio, and VASP is the name of a local flight company. Again, props for this story for actually doing at least a little of research to make it believable. Definitely wasn't expecting that one.
Tumblr media
I don't know if Milligan designed "Mister Slim" in reference to someone but so far, I can absolutely say that Mister Slim is the only character I've seen in this story, and maybe all of DC comics I've read, that feels authentically Brazilian.
I can already picture this guy hanging out at a bar, talking about the scars. Hell, even his name. I can imagine him being named something like "Magrela" or "Magrão", "Seu Magrinho", "Zé Fino". Not joking, I can hear what this guy sounds like and all the swears that he probably spits out like punctuation.
MASSIVE props to Milligan for this character, now I'm wishing this guy could have been brought back as an ally to Batman in another story.
Tumblr media
Not gonna lie, The Idiot's definitely got a more interesting backstory than I assumed from his fairly lame design. While the drug's backstory is definitely relying on an erroneous and fairly racist exoticism of indigenous customs, I do like that the story's predicated on a gringo (the story states he's only renting an apartment in Rio, and Crosby's not at all a Portuguese name so I'm assuming he's not Brazilian) scientist going to the Amazon, taking a gift offered to him by one of it's tribes, and twisting it into self-serving mad science that sends ruin upon the streets of Rio and those most victimized by it's drug trade, and threatens to unleash a only slightly more literal "monster from another world".
I also love that, after a prior page contemplating on whether The Idiot is a god or not, Batman's immediate first reaction to The Idiot hijacking the plane and menacingly proclaiming he's real is to deck him in the teeth stating he can be hurt if he's real. That's the kind of Batman I love reading about.
Image limit ran out so I'm gonna carry this into another post. Here’s Part 2.
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thetransguard · a month ago
Saw your posts about Anthony Mackie. Can you please explain what's going on? I don't really ship Sam and Bucky and I'm not the best at keeping up with drama in the Marvel fandom. What happened?
basically variety interviewed anthony mackie and asked him about sam and bucky (the ship) and he said that he doesnt ship them. which is well within his rights to do lmao??? and he said a bunch of other stuff too which tbh he was 100% right about (how ppl fetishize men in mlm relationships (ESP men of colour ESP Black men) how right now the current status quo is to tokenize queer relationships but never actually commit faithfully to actual rep etc etc) and compound that variety took. all of his reasonable statements and kind of just smashed it together in the headline etc to make it look like he said that gay ships are inherently fetishistic and bad.
and white marvel twitter (and some of u on tumblr) have decided because of this its open season #anthonymackieiscancelled2021 which. is so embarrassing it takes what. one interview headline for you to show ur true colours? this man has consistently and openly supported the lgbt+ community he's been a fantastic fucking ally for years and years and the moment you are able to misconstrue his words for shock value you turn your back on him. it's literally not what he meant and you are all too eager to condemn this man. dont think we forgot that random unwarranted post last month where someone was like i think anthony mackie is homophobic because "he gives off those vibes" or something. we all know what "those vibes" mean for u
also to the "its not about race" crowd. its always about fucking race you people just think white = default so you can put blm in your bio but refuse to address your own obvious antiblackness. embarrassing
EDIT: theres some more contextual information under the cut ik this has been reblogged a bunch but yeah
i'd also like to point out quickly that i'm nonblack so a lot of what i've said here is my own personal extrapolation of the situation + of what other queer poc have been discussing for the past day
creds to kit from the MYSU server
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link link link link
someone transcribed the actual interview without the bullshit editing variety put in to make him look bad
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americachavez · 7 months ago
maybe the angels do deserve rights for bullying cas ..... they probably constantly hear him thinking about dean in all kinds of ways imagine how tired they are🙏
angel radio from 2008 onwards was just cas constantly thinking “g*d I wanna **** his *** until he’s ********* and **** *** ******* **** ***” and all the angels are like
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maxwell-grant · 16 hours ago
OK, if we can Ask about random Brazil-related things, thoughts on Fire and/or Flare?
Tumblr media
You mean this character? Because I only discovered she existed now, having to look it up. I gotta tell, I've looked very, very far and wide in trying to find as many Brazilian superheroes as I could, and never once did I ever see this character listed anywhere.
I took a look at some of the comics but none of it interested me, it just seems like fairly standard superhero stuff that's mostly just a thinly-veiled excuse for cheesecake and/or erotica, and that stuff's really not my thing. And apparently the only thing that even kinda makes her South American is that she was "born" in the Amazon from a Nazi experiment, and one character even says she speaks with a German accent.
And wow holy shit ANOTHER instance of the "mad science in the Amazon" cliche in comics after I just talked about a Batman storyline that had that, man gringos really need some new material.
I mean maybe I should look up more of her bio-
After being raised to the peak of her ability and schooled in all the sciences and many languages, Teresa was artificially aged from a 14-year old-girl into a full-grown woman.
Tumblr media
I fucking hate comics.
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mell0bee · a month ago
why is the cr2 finale 7 hours long? wrong answers only
they spend the first half explaining to molly everything that happened since he died (very poorly)
jester spends the next week using all her spellslots to Send to literally everyone they know
the wizards mess with some time travel magic on their aeor date and get trapped and the rest of the party has to save them Search For Grog style
the second half is a 3-hour beauyasha wedding
due to Archfey Shenanigans sprinkle gains sentience and spends 2 hours airing his grievances to the party detailing every single encounter he’s had with the raven queen while jester looks on in horror
they roleplay out beau assassinating every single member of the cerberus assembly with Fantasy Cocaine
Ashly Burch has been summoned by the probability gods to take out Molly once and for all (neo-ashly form)
jester and veth spend an hour on a worldwide prank tour graffiti-ing every temple in Exandria
they roleplay out molly taking over as leader of the syphilis bandits
the raven queen is PISSED at caduceus
they return to the sea only to find out that lucien somehow released uk’atoa again while they were busy catching up to him (one hour of the episode is dedicated to calming fjord down from his panic attack)
ashley rolls a dragon again
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americachavez · 7 months ago
twitter(.)com/duskofdean/status/1340840591551131648 we could have had this hug and a face cradle!
Tumblr media
oh they were SICK FOR THIS
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