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#she doesnt have heels at all
angel-archivist · a month ago
Cant a character be gender nonconforming for themselves and not to please some kind of parental figure or whatever like, I dont go to this fandom but like. cant this character just like wearing fishnets and having long hair without you feeling the need to insert a parental figures own insecurity with the gender of their children into the mix????
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bakugohoex · 5 months ago
“you come in dressed like a strip”
Tumblr media
pairing: toji fushiguro x female reader
cw: AU, fluff, cheating with Toji, language, implicit mentions of abuse, nsfw (MINORS DNI, kissing, spanking, dry humping, thigh riding, degradation, praise kink, jaw grabbing, male receiving oral, titfucking, clit play, unprotected sex, consensual sex, nipple play, nipple sucking, spit play, blowjob, thigh grabbing, exihibitionism, car sex, semi pervy Toji, assumed age gap)
word count: 5900+
other information: jujutsuhub collab by @suna-reversed
summary: in which after gaining an infatuation with your boss you can’t help but flirt with the man, when he realises what your motives truly are he can’t help but take you in his office right for your co-workers to hear
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Tumblr media
Every fucking day, every god damn fucking day, you had become an issue for the man. Every day you’d saunter into his office, black heels and that oh so tight skirt that seemed to get shorter every day. Your blouse with a mesh that was almost see through with your bra peeking out of it held your chest on show. He hated it, hated how whenever you bent beside him to pass his coffee, the way your back arched and legs almost looked spread made his trousers become tighter.
Toji had too much to worry about then how his secretary dressed but seeing it right in front of him. The way your ass perked up, your bare thigh on show. Toji leant back on his chair to get a better view of your back as you spoke of upcoming meetings which he already knew of. The pencil skirt made it hard for Toji not to have the urge to slap at your ass. Going against his wants he turned towards your face as you stared down at him with your own coffee in hand.
“As long as the car is on time this time then we shouldn’t have a problem,” he muttered playing with the pencil he had on the left of him.
“Of course, I’ll make sure they’re ready, Sir,” the sound of the single word made him look up at you, every part of you screamed to want to get fucked. But he couldn’t dare touch you, he couldn’t dare touch his stupid little secretary who held a stupid job that she only got through her stupid fiancé, nepotism at its finest.
The golden band around your ring finger made Toji glare, you stupid fiancé, his stupid little worker bee who wasn’t even good at his job had gotten you to become Toji’s secretary. Maybe Toji had allowed it to spite your fiancé or maybe it was to imagine fucking you into his desk every single day. His eyes staring at the metal, some cheap jewellery that adorned your finger as if some lustful insight into your relationship.
“You got a date yet?” Toji watches you freeze as you grab the papers around the desk to organise later.
“For what, sir,” the stress of the term makes the man's jaw clenched, so pretty and yet so young, so full of vitality. He could imagine pushing that face of yours into the mattress as he fucked into you almost groaning out loud at the images in his head.
“What do you think?” He mutters once again more annoyed at how unaware you were as you began to place the files in your hand, licking the tip of your finger to grab a hold of the pages that were stuck together.
You looked up at him, his unamused look, the dark dark hair that matched his personality, the scar across his lip that almost gave him a crude look. He was everything your fiancé wasn’t, with his confidence and wit that came with the calm tone he presented the majority of the time. Your fiancé was caring and that’s all you ever wanted, but with your bosses lingering looks, his sharp movements of his hands that always seemed to graze the back of your thighs. “No sir, we haven’t gotten a date yet, I hear June’s a good time though.”
“Bit far away, doesn’t he want you to be his,” Toji spoke with such a calm tone, but his words and possessiveness sent a shiver down your spine, “if you were mine I’d want that.”
He mumbled the last part out, choosing to ignore the phrase as you thought over the man's words, you had been engaged for a while, you thought of your fiancés surname, Mrs…Mrs…“Mrs. Fushi...”
You didn’t dare stare at the man in front of you, he tried to hide his smirk as he heard you say his surname rather than your husbands, “I didn’t hear that, why don’t you repeat yourself?”
“I…I didn’t say anything…” you whisper out as he looks at you with a knowing smirk.
Standing up as he came closer to you, almost pushing your back against the wooden desk that he had so often thought of fucking you on, “say it again Mrs. Fushiguro.”
His hand attached to your jaw as his thumb traced your lips tentatively as if he was preparing them for something before he could even dare to make a move. The sound of your phone indicating that the driver was here brought the two of you out of each other’s arms. “We need to leave…”
You trailed off wanting to forget about the moment, if you could even call it one, occurring. He watched you grab your bag as you walked out of the office with a click of your heels, his eyes staring at the sway of your hips and the fabric that clung to your skin. He let out a groan as he grabbed his jacket putting it on, he was annoyed at how close he had been to you, how he would have kissed and fucked you in a matter of seconds.
Stepping out of the door as he looked at his stupid little workers, he noticed you being cornered near the door, your fiancés eyes glimmering as the man stared at you. You seemed aloof as you tried to not meet the mans eyes, walking up to you both, Toji looked down at his stupid workers bee. “We need to go,” he spoke stoically as he gripped your wrist, removing you away from your fiancé mid conversation.
“It’s rude to interrupt,” you muttered as you both walked towards the elevator.
“It’s rude to talk in work hours to your stupid fiancé,” he mumbled once again, not bothering to hide hid boredom of the conversation as he let out a yawn.
You shook your head watching how you both stepped foot into the cramped elevator, the way his broad shoulders bumped against your own, you felt suffocated by the way his gaze remained on your body. You hated having to work for such an attractive man, he had it all, the money, the looks, but in his head all he really wanted was you. With that stupid smile and perfect face, your fiancé didn’t deserve you, he did or maybe he just hadn’t gotten his dick wet in a while.
As Toji looked down at you he reminisced on a day he could imagine relationships and what nots but with you, you seemed like a porcelain doll to keep and preserve, maybe all you needed was to be broken.
“I had the new proposal printed off, I’ll give it to you in the car,” you spoke professionally, rummaging through your bag to find the plastic wallet that held the documents. He didn’t care for a meeting at this moment, after your previous mishap his brain had become wild with thoughts and ideas as he looked almost bored at the prospect of spending three hours hearing a proposal.
You both stepped outside of the elevator, walking towards the car as you told the driver the address, Toji already getting in the back as you passed the files to him. Crossing your legs, Toji saw the way your thighs squished together, the way your skirt rose, and your tender delicateness was on show.
Licking his lips as he moved his gaze to your blouse, the buttons holding your cleavage in as he tried to suppress the disgusting thoughts he was having over you. There was an obvious sexual tension between the two of you, but you weren’t one to cheat and he didn’t want to lose his secretary over one fuck.
He flicked through the proposal, grumbling at how shit it was before you sighed already having read it and having an interest in it. “I think the idea is good,” you mumble out yourself, flicking through the notepad you had.
“And how would you know?” Toji questioned staring up at you, he watched as you brushed your hair away from your face, your eyes glued to the notepad and a loud sigh came from your mouth.
“I read the proposal and worked out the numbers it’d work in our favour and with the percentage they’re giving I would go for it,” you mumbled out some figures as Toji played a close eye on the way you flicked the pen between your lips. He finally saw you meet his gaze as you stopped your mumbling, “sorry for stepping out of line.”
“I didn’t realise you knew that much about the proposal,” he saw how the driver was pulling up to the building as you finally gave a reply to him.
It was a statement but sounded ever so sweet to his ears, “that’s my job Sir, to know everything inside and outside concerning you and the business.”
You probably hadn’t even realised what your words held, but Toji did, and he was going to play with this advantage, “inside and out…interesting.”
“What is it Sir?” you noticed the driver stop as you were ready to take your seatbelt off and open the car door.
He stopped you, his hand on your thigh as he turned to the driver, “outside.” The driver knew to never question his superior as he scurried out, not wanting another shouting like last time.
“Is everything okay, Sir?” The stress of the title made his cock grow even more, how sweet and succulent you sounded with one term. “Sir?”
“Can you shut up?” He leant back against the seat, his hand against the window as he played with one strand of his hair, you stayed silent, his other hand brushing against your skirt and thigh as you pushed the muscle together. “Aren’t you the obedient type?”
It almost sounded like a joke as he chuckled lightly but the stoic nature of it made you shiver instead, “Sir, we’re going to be…”
His hand moved closer from your thigh, moving past your skirt as he stared down at his little secretary. “What does he have that I don’t?”
“I don’t understand the question…”
His fingers skimmed to your side, touching the underwear that encompassed your hips as you looked at him with glossed eyes, “you do understand, I see everyday how your skirt gets shorter, your blouse tighter, don’t think I don’t see you whoring yourself out in the office.”
“I haven…”
His hand quickly moved out of your skirt slapping your thigh as a red bruise of a handprint was forming, “you fucking were, you wanna know how fucking hard it is to watch you bend over in that pathetically short skirt, or you leaning over me with your tits in my face.”
“I…” You had become speechless; your toying and teasing had been noticed you had almost given up on any encounter with your boss. You didn’t love your fiancé enough, he wasn’t the one for you, a marriage forced on you both where he had decided to make you his when all you wanted was freedom. All you wanted was Toji.
“Speak up,” he mocked lightly.
You looked down playing with your fingers as you felt his hand grab onto your jaw, forcing you to stare right into his dark eyes, “I w…want you,” you finally croaked out.
“Too bad,” he let go of your jaw as he left the car, the wind and sounds of life outside the car had emerged as you finally looked at yourself in the rear-view mirror. Horrific and disgusted at yourself as you got out of the car and followed your boss to the meeting, three hours of hell to endure.
He was the first to step through the doors, the meeting with some men you’d never met before, but you could spot them from a mile away. White hair with blue tinted sunglasses and an opened up black suit with a blue shirt, he seemed boyish and somebody that Toji would entertain for a bit, the other with black hair that was tied up and his own matching suit in a much deeper rouge . They contrasted one another, stepping through the doors yourself.
Their eyes fixated on you as Toji smirked at the way your entrance had made the two men almost freeze, the black-haired man shaking his head as he nudged his friend. Both introduced one another to Toji as you sat beside your boss. It felt suffocating under his guise, his fingers occasionally tapping against the pen he held as both Geto and Gojo spoke about what they had proposed. You already knew a lot of it, seeing how they were able to speak calmly to a man who was intimidating.
You continued to write down the notes of the meeting, Toji asking occasional questions as they answered sophisticatedly. Toji turned to you, seeing how Gojo had occasionally watched over you taking notes, you seemed to be of interest to the man, which Toji really did hate. “Y/n, you seemed to like what they’re selling, what do you say?”
It sounded like a euphemism as you pushed against the table to finally look up at the three men, staying calm and collected, you were about to talk when you could feel Toji staring right through you as if he was imagining everything he had ever wanted to do to you. “I…I…I like what they’re selling and think….think it would be a good inve…investment.”
You could barely speak as Toji nodded, he trusted your decision and couldn’t lie and say the proposal wasn’t a good one, Geto took him towards his office to print off the paperwork as you were left with Gojo, alone.
“He's your fiancé then,” Gojo asked as he sat on the long wooden desk staring down at you. He had noticed the ring but couldn’t help but ask, having seen a tension for the past three hours between you and your boss.
“No, my fiancé is a colleague,” you muttered slowly, it seemed embarrassing to even speak about your fiancé how much you actually hated the man. Pressing harder on your pen Gojo moved to sit right in front of you, his legs landing on the ground as you turned to face his crystal blue eyes.
Gojo chuckled lightly as he watched you look up to him, “doesn’t seem like you want that.”
“Excuse me,” you were trying to act polite but the urge to tell this man to fuck off was searing through you.
“It's just you and your boss seem very comfy together…” Gojo noticed Toji walking back with Geto, both speaking about something as he leant down to meet your ear. “…as if he wants to have you himself.”
Toji watched as Gojo moved back away from your ear as you looked down, not meeting any of the men’s gaze, “Y/n, if you’re done flirting, we’re leaving.”
“I wasn’t…” you mumble as you quickly grab your stuff and go with the man. His hand resting on the bottom of your back, as he clenched his jaw.
As you both stepped out of the building, the driver looking fearful at the two of you, “get a taxi,” Toji passed the man some money taking the keys as he opened the door for you, Toji taking the driver’s seat with a slam of the door.  “You’re my secretary Y/n, stop whoring yourself…”
Toji was left speechless with the way your hand just reached his face, catching your hand as your eyes were glossed and for the first time he saw you vulnerable. “Why…why do you always blame me?”
He dropped your hand as you tried to speak without stuttering but Toji became quiet, “he shouldn’t have touched you…I shouldn’t have touched you.”
Toji looked down as he begin to drive back to the office, he looked up seeing how your gaze had become enchanted with the sunset, “I wanted you…I wanted you so fucking much but you…you just see me as a whore.”
It had been silent when you spoke up, finally collecting your thoughts as you had a new sense of confidence as you were confronting the man, “Y/n…”
“No Sir, you’re listening to me now, you treat me as if I mean nothing to you, I see your lingering looks, I fucking see it and I let it occur because I just wanted you to see me, see past this stupid ring and like me.” His hand stayed firm against the steering wheel as he was seeing the different emotions you felt towards him.
“I fucking see you, I do Y/n, you just…you have a fiancé, you have a custom life ready for you”
You interrupt him, “I…I don’t love him.”
He reverses into the parking spot as he finally meets your eyes, those stupid beautiful eyes, “fuck, Y/n…”
His mouth attaches onto yours, as his large hands cup your face, his tongue gliding past your own as your hands moved into his hair. You almost felt in heaven, as he undid your seatbelt and his own, his hand roaming against your skirt as gripped the back of your thigh to make you sit on his lap. Spit and saliva mixed together as you kissed him with such intensity, his other hand moving to undo the buttons of your blouse, which almost felt like a tear.
He couldn’t help but cup your chest with one of his hands, squeezing and massaging at your fat as one of his fingers played with your hardened nipple. “Fuck…fuck…fuck,” he groaned through the kiss as he felt your cunt through underwear move against his thigh.
Letting go of your mouth as you both stopped kissing, foreheads touching as he looked at you, your finger tracing the scar on his lip, he almost gave out another moan at the feeling. Your lips moving to kiss at the scar as you continued to move your lips on his thigh, “I want you…want you…so badly Sir…”
Your moans filled the car as you continued to move your clothes cunt against his thigh, your head at his shoulder as he moved his mouth down to your tits, undoing your bra as he threw the fabric into the backseat along with your blouse, “you gonna cum just from my thigh, pathetic.”
“Want…want to feel it…” he knew what you wanted, as he continued to circle his tongue around the bud of your nipple. “Want to feel your thi….” Your moans were almost intoxicating as he moved your skirt higher, seeing the way your underwear had become soaked from the movement, he watched as your fingers moved to his belt. The way even though you were trying to concentrate on removing his trousers you still moved your clit against him, he moved his own hips upwards as his trousers moved off of him, lifting your cunt off before landing back on the muscle.
Your eyes fixated on the print of his cock through his black boxers as you moved your hips against his thigh, “we…we should remove these.”
He slapped at your ass as he pulled your underwear, a slight rip occurring as he tugged on it to allow the fabric to stay on you with your cunt on show. “Fuck…To…Toji,” your name in his head had never sounded the way you had just moaned.
He bounced his thigh against your moving hips as his fingers moved to your clit, eyes fixated on the way your tits bounced in front of his eyes. “Say…say it again baby,” he moaned as he could feel his cock become excruciatingly harder.
“Toji…Toji…fuck…faster,” your hair was a mess as he moved his mouth up again, capturing your lips to feel you moan in his mouth. The bouncing of his thigh against your cunt had made him become even hornier, hands roaming your perfect body as he pushed your back against the steering wheel. You were just so perfect as he could see how tired you had become, “cu…cum…”
“You want to cum baby, cum on my thigh, go on…go on baby,” he groaned as his muscle tensed under your clit, your rubbed against him faster as he felt himself wanting to put his cock into you.
You moved faster as you felt the coil in you snap, cum gushing out as his thigh became stained in white, the rubbing between your cunt and his thigh spread the white cum as he looked up at your dazed face. “Pretty, pretty girl…”
“Want…want your cock, Sir,” you mumbled as your hand moved to his cock and the other began to unbutton his white shirt, he placed his hands on top as he gave you a sickly-sweet smirk.
“Let’s have us an audience baby,” you tilted your head as he grabbed your jaw, giving a soft short kiss to you, “you going to sort yourself out and meet me in my office, okay baby.”
“O…Okay sir,” you spoke with a drool coming from your mouth, he moved his thumb to push the drool back in as he watched you go back into your own seat, pulling your skirt down as your underwear had been ruined.
He quickly put his trousers back on, the stains of cum evident on them and his thigh as his hair was a mess from your tugging and you looked fucked out of your mind. He left you to put your shirt and bra on as he went up to his office, waiting for his treat to arrive.
He walked past his workers as they seemed to be getting ready to leave for the night, he looked happier than normal, and the scent of sex lingered against him as he could feel traces of your cum remain on his thigh and clothes. He saw how your fiancé looked at him in confusion, his dishevelled look that made him question where his to be wife was.
Toji went into his office looking around as he was met with the darkness from the sky sneaking through the window as he looked down at the room. Ever since you came you had livened the place up, speaking about how plants would look amazing in the office and then the next day carrying a few as you doted it around the room. Your coat lay on one of the chairs as you had bought an air filter for the room as well.
He looked down at his desk, counting down for your time to come.
You had tried to look as professional as you normally were, but with cum staining your thighs and a lack of underwear which you had thrown in the bin, you looked a mess. You looked at yourself through the mirror in the elevator, trying  to smooth out your hair to hide the strands that had become a mess as your face looked a mess.
Smudged lipstick and clumps of mascara across your cheeks, you were praying nobody was in the office, even if Toji wanted an audience you just wanted to finally have the man. You moved the lipstick back onto your lip as you wiped the mascara with your other finger. Before finally stepping out of the elevator, it seemed like luck wasn’t on your side as you saw your fiancé in the office.
Trying to stay hidden as you walk towards Toji’s office without your fiancé noticing you, but the feeling of his hand grabbing your arm seemed to falter your plans. “We’re going home,” he mumbled as he watched your chest heave, one of the top buttons being almost ripped off.
“I have to finish this proposal off,” you lied trying to shake his hand off of you.
“You can do it tomorrow…” before you could even speak, the sound of Toji made both of you look at the man, he looked smug as he walked towards you both.
“She really can’t, I’ll drop her back home when we’re done,” your fiancé clenched his jaw as Toji removed his hand off your arm and led you into his office, “we’ll only be an hour or two.”
Your fiancé gave a pissed off look as he watched how Toji’s hand moved to your ass just as you both walked into his office. The sound of the lock making your fiancé know exactly what was to occur and knowing he could do nothing about it.
“You come in dressed like a strip,” Toji spoke as he leant against his desk, arms crossed as you looked at him with doe eyes.
You moved closer to him as you smirked, “help me,” you whined as he rolled his eyes.
His hands on an instant pulling at your buttons, some even falling to the floor. He undid your bra as his mouth moved onto one of your tits sucking at it as he left a string of saliva from your nipple to his mouth. “Ya gonna let me fuck these,” he mumbled as all his dreams were about to come true.
You nodded as his hands moved to pull your skirt down, his finger moving along your clit right to the bud as he pressed against it, “I’m gonna make you forget all about him.”
“Want…want to only think about you,” you mumbled as he moved you towards his desk chair. He  shook off his jacket and started to undo his shirt buttons. You licked your lips as you watched him teasingly undo each button, you had sat on top of his desk, as he could see how puffed your clit had become just from thigh fucking him.
Undoing his trousers as you could see your cum stains still on his thigh, your eyes fixated on his hard cock that was just waiting for your mouth. He grabbed a fistful of your hair to force you to look up at him, “gotta get this mouth ready baby,” the sound of spit building up in his mouth was heard as he watched you open up, your tongue hanging out to taste the spit in your mouth.
“To…Toji more,” you groaned as your hand moved to pull at his boxers, he let you do it, watching as his cock sprung up against his stomach. You began to leave the red marks of lipstick against his neck and chest before you pushed him onto his chair, letting you fall to your knees. “Wan…want to make you happy?” You mewled with your legs pushed together, Toji watched as you were at the perfect height to give him what he wanted.
Your tongue licked from the base right to tip as the groan of your name came from his lips, he watched as you cupped at your breasts, letting both fall to the sides of Toji’s dick as you pushed both to rub against his dick, moving them back and forth. Toji felt in heaven, he had wished for this since he had seen how tight your blouses had become.
His eyes watching how each time the precum leaked out it helped your chest to move back and forth against his cock. He hadn’t expected your mouth to be ready for his cock, as just as your breasts moved back down your mouth covered the tip, kitten licking at the blushed tip you circled your tongue against it. Watching as Toji’s hands gripped onto your head to push you to take more of his cock, your droll dripped down onto your breasts as you moved them quicker along his cock.
Toji could feel his own orgasm hit as you moved quicker, each time sucking on his cock for a bit longer to get him to snap on your tits and mouth. “Fu…fuck Y/n, faster.”
He groaned out as he watched you move quicker, the way the smudges or red encompassed his cock and how obedient you were to him, “cum…fuck Toji…cum in my…mouth,” you mumbled as each time you took his tip in your mouth.
“Fuck,” he groaned as cum spluttered on the inside of your mouth and against your tits. You let go of his cock as he looked down at you, cum dripping from your breasts as it fell to your stomach and the way you swallowed the cum as he saw the string of cum encompassed your mouth. “Want me to fuck you baby, you want my cock?”
You nodded eagerly as he grabbed onto your waist as you stood up, putting you on his lap as he turned his chair to look out into the night sky. “Want your cock,” you moved your hips against his cock, wanting to feel it get hard as your hand moved to touch it.
He groaned as he looked at you softly, “gonna fill you up baby, show them who you belong too.”
He didn’t leave any room for you to reply as he moved your cunt right on top of his cock, letting you sink in with a heavy moan at the feeling of being filled right up. “Go…good girl, taking me all,” he kissed you softly as his hands moved to move your hips up and down as you rested your head against his chest. “I’m going to take care of you princess, gonna make you happy.”
Toji didn’t know what he was saying. Maybe it was the fact your cunt was squeezing at his cock as you moved your hips or the intimacy he felt as you laid on his broad chest, kissing at his chest softly. “I want to be with you,” it was the first coherent sentence you had made since he had begun fucking you, but he knew it was the truth.
He watched you moan softly against his chest as he looked out to the sky, he wanted to make you feel happy, softly moving his cock in and out of your walls each time going deeper and faster into your cunt. His hand had gravitated to your clit as he played with the numb hearing you mewl against him and occasionally give out a loud groan of his name.
You seemed at peace with his cock stuffed into you, he normally hated slow sex, hated the fact he couldn’t quickly make you cum. But with you, he felt secure to do something like this, because you were never going to leave him.
You gave him a tearful look as he brushed your hair away from your eyes, wiping the tears as he kissed you softly, as both your tongues moved together. He felt you move against his cock, lifting yourself up before slamming back down as if you knew your orgasm was coming.
He continued to kiss you, hands cupping your face as he let you move your cunt back and forth against his cock. You had been wet enough to take him well, he was almost surprised that you had barely complained about his size but knew that you would be complaining about feeling broken any time soon.
“Cu…cum…” you mumbled through the kiss as you wrapped your arms around his neck to deepen the kiss.
He groaned feeling his own orgasm come as he moved his hips to move further into you, hitting the back of your cervix each time, “gonna…fuck, gonna fill you up baby.”
At the sound of that you let out a moan as the white gush fell from your cunt, the way he moved easily through your cum to move faster into your cunt, he watched as you kissed at his neck, red stains continuing to form against his neck as he rolled his eyes feeling his own cum shoot out of his cock and into your cunt.
He watched how dazed you had become, the way he softly came out of your cunt, placing you against the desk, as he pushed the cum back into your cunt with one finger. He knew you had no underwear and would need something to keep it in till you could get rid of it. But it almost turned him on at how you looked there lying, tired out of your mind. He kissed softly at your clit as he moved his finger to let the cum seep out onto the desk.
He left you there as he went to find some spare clothes in one of the cabinets, passing you them as you finally looked up at him. “Sorry for ruining your desk,” you said, realising his desk had been covered in sweat and slick.
“I could make you clean it up with your mouth,” he mumbled as he helped you put the shirt on, it was too big for you as he did the buttons and gave a slap of your ass as you turned to get the boxers and skirt you had worn this morning.
“Toji…” you groaned as he smirked, putting his own clothes on.
He touches your ass with both his hands cupping it as he leans his frame against your shoulders, “it’s just so pretty baby, want to fuck you there now.”
“How are you still horny?” you spoke as you turned, wrapping your arms around his neck, “next time you can.”
He smirked kissing you softly as he gripped onto your ass not caring if he left a bruise or not, “think they heard.” He questioned as you shrugged, almost hoping they didn’t, “come on, I said I’d drop you home.”
“I don’t want to go home…he’ll be there,” you spoke sadly as you grabbed your bag. Toji looked up at you in confusion as he went to unlock the door. He had semi wiped the desk but knew he’d have to clean it properly tomorrow.
“Who said I was taking you there, princess?” He chuckled as he grabbed your hand, letting you out of the door first.
Both your eyes met the face of your fiancé as he looked at you with fury in his eyes, “you fucking whore.”
You stayed silent almost standing behind Toji out of fear of what he might do, “what are you doing here?”
“I…You slept with my fucking fiancé,” a red fury ran through him as you looked at Toji, who had a smile on his face.
“Ex-fiancé, you weren’t satisfying her needs,” he smirked as he gripped onto your hand. Your fiancé was ready to pounce on Toji, but the man spoke before he could do anything else, “your desk should be cleared by tonight and I’ll expect your key card and keys to be on your desk tomorrow.”
“You…you can’t fire me,” everything to do with you seemed gone as the man stood in front of you. You knew the amount of money someone of his standing had been getting that’s why he had been able to get you the secretary job but at the click of Toji’s fingers it had all gone.
Toji moved past your fiancé as he held you close by him, “I just did, now you’re wasting more of my time by talking, when all I want is to fuck Y/n.”
“She’s a fucking whore, she’ll sleep with someone else and fuck you over too,” your ex shouted in a disarray as you turned to meet his eye.
You removed the ring and threw it at him, “I deserved better than having someone who forced a marriage onto me.”
Both you and Toji looked at one another as he gripped your hand leaving your fiancé jobless and alone. “Toji…” you muttered as you went into his car, he looked at you softly waiting to hear your question, “do you…do you want something between us?”
“That’s a stupid question Y/n,” you looked down playing with your fingers as Toji grabbed onto them, “you’re what I want Y/n, plus fucking you is a bonus.”
He chuckled as you playfully hit his arm rolling your eyes as you hoped that this new relationship would prosper.
Tumblr media
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coco-goat-milk · 15 days ago
Tainted Love
Tumblr media
Pronounce: She/her (normally i write for anyone but with this au/idea the reader has to be she/her)
Summary: being in a toxic relationship with genshin men made you realise that women are superior<3
Kaeya x reader ~ Eula x reader
Childe x reader ~ Keqing x reader
Scaramouche x reader ~ La signora x reader
Thoma x reader ~ Ayaka x reader
Warning: toxic relationship / curse words / jealousy / angst / hurt no comfort: for genshin men / mentions of cheating / being neglected / emotional abuse / fat-shaming? / grammar mistakes / read a/n
A/n: i had this idea so yea here you go! Oh and probably most of the genshin men wouldnt treat you like this except Scaramouche<3 oh and reader is girlboss.
Tumblr media
{Song: Crack baby ~ Mitski}
Being in a relationship with Kaeya was in the beginning nice and amazing, he was attractive, charming, everything you would want in a man. Even now people keep talking about how amazing Kaeya is and how lucky you must be. You were seething, Kaeya was the one lucky to have you not the other way around.
Each day you woke up and made him breakfast, made him dinner, cleaned his clothes, etc. But it doesnt matter what you do, he was never there for you and he will never be. You were sick and tired of him coming home late at night, of him acting like you were just his maid. You never got even a hug or anything like that.
He was always a secretive person but now everything he does seems like a secret. You wanted more of you deserved more. Whenever you would tell him what you needed, he just laughed in your face or got angry with you. The disrespect, the audacity. He made you resent him, everyone loved him except you. You werent just some sweet little housewife, you were more than that.
Your heels clicked against the cold tiles, looking around the place you shuddered at cold atmosphere. Kaeya was at work at the moment...perfect time to investigate. Speedwalking towards your bedroom, you pinched the soft flesh between your fingers. As you arrived at the door you opened it, it was dead quiet even a graveyard was more lively.
You were crouched in front of Kaeya's sude of the bed. Getting on your hands and knees you reached under the bed. Feeling some sort of fabric you grasped it, pulling it under the bed away. Standing up so you could see better in the light, you held the fabric in front of your face. Clicking your tongue in disgust, you looked at the unknown underwear.
You were boiling with rage and pain, your chest heaved up and down. Tears were threathing to spill but you held it in, just like always. Placing the unknown underwear on the bed, you grabbed your stuff...not that it was much anyways.
Arriving at Angels share, while you walked inside you made eye-contact with a certain blue-haired knight. She was sitting all alone in the corner of the bar, looking around you seemed to notice that everyone was avoiding her. You heard sometimes about her from Kaeya, he always jokingly asked if you would leave him for her. And you always answered with a "I am not interested in Women you know that".
She knew who you were, she always thought you were beautiful and kind. And she knew that Kaeya was treating you badly but she didnt want to intervene. You sat down in front of Eula, she looked at you shocked but then she saw you slightly red eyes and she understood.
~slight timeskip~
Entering Angel's share, Kaeya looked around and thats when he saw you and the usual stoic Eula smiling so fondly and loving at you. He knew it was over, it had been several weeks. But what he didnt expect was you and Eula together, maybe the two of you were friends. You did tell him after all that you would never date a women.
But when Eula kisses you on the lips and you smile lovingly at her, he knew. He felt his chest tightening, as he watched you trace patterns on Eula's hand. He was once in Eula's place and now he is just a bystander. He could see how you were happier in Eula's arms but a part of him wants it to be him.
He realises once again he messed up and lost someone, and with that he drowns himself in alchohol.
"You don't know what you want but you know that you had it once and you know that you want it back"
Tumblr media
{Song: im not the only one ~ Sam Smith}
Yes he loved you, but in his way. In the beginning of your relationship everything was oh so sunny and romantic but now, you dont even know who Childe is anymore. He never really had any problems hiding things from you, and when you confronted him he just laughed it off.
In the beginning of the relationships he would love to take you shopping and always brought you flowers, but now he only brought you flowers when he couldnt keep his promise. His eyes would always light up whenever he saw you but now he doesn't even bat an eye when he sees you.
He never had time for you and he would only come back late at nights, you knew something was wrong. You knew it but you trusted him, maybe you shouldn't have trusted him. Whenever he hurted your feelings he would just laugh about it and buy you some expensive gift, does he really think that your feelings can be brought.
You just wanted to be happy but can it be with him? Can you be truly happy with him? Can he give you will he give you happiness? You wanted to trust him but everything he did made it hard for you to trust him.
And now standing in front of the restaurant where Childe took you for your first date, he is sitting there with another girl. He is smiling and laughing at her, while that used to be you. The heavy rain poors down onto your pretty face, while you clench your fists in anger. How could he betray you like this? The cold rain made you shudder but you kept watching. There were no tears in your eyes, why would you cry? It wasn't your fault, of course it hurted but you were already numb towards his words and him.
"Hey! You are going to get a cold like that you know?!" A girls voice snapped you out of your thinking, a beautiful girl with purple hair stood before you with a concerned face. She held her umbrella above the two of you, making your personal space practically unavailable. When the two of yours eyes meet you felt everything around you quieten, you felt connected with the beauty in front of you. She lets out a little gasp, and you could see the heat rise up her cheeks.
Right then and there you had fallen in love.
~slight timeskip~
You had left Childe a while ago, because you did not want to cheat on him. Even though he probably cheated on you, but you weren't a cheater. You had fallen in love with Keqing, she was always there for you and made time for you. When she heard about Childe she called him "fatui scum...but its fine you have me"
As Childe walked around Liyue his eyes caught sight of you and keqing. You and Keqing were seated at a restaurant while several shopping bags were presented at your feet. Keqing was feeding you while you were feeding her, often commenting on the delicous food.
Childe felt jealousy rise up inside of him at the sight of you and a women being all lovey dovey. He shouldn't feel jealousy after all he has hurted you. When you confronted him that day, he told you it was just a one time thing and blamed you for not being good enough.
And then when he tried to get you to stay, Keqing came and told him that you were her lover and that fatui scum like him shouldnt touch you. He was furious, but it was his fault after all. So who was he to blame you?
Now he stood there looking on in jealousy as his chest felt like it was about to burst, and when Keqing made eyes contact with him and she leaned forward to kiss you he wanted to scream.
But really now? Wasn't he the one at fault? He was the one who betrayed you and hurted you.
"You've been so unavailable, now sadly I know why your heart is unobtainable"
Tumblr media
{Song : Maribou state ~ Tongue }
You were just his trophy wife, his personal maid and slave. But you could not allow that, you deserve love like any normal human being. He is a selfish man, not caring how he treats you. He didnt even care if he screamed at you nor did he care if he hurted your feelings. He always told you that your feeling didn't matter and that no one would love you.
In the beginning you might have been the quiet and obedient little pet. You might have let him drag you around whenever he pleased and let him dress you up like a little doll, but for your own heart it needed to stop. But no matter how cruel he was towards others he could at least try to be less cruel, but he didn't want to.
Scaramouche wasn't at home much either, and how many times you asked him to stay with you he left. He did not care how alone you might have felt, and he will never care. He would only care if it were to involve his feelings. He wanted you to give him his everything so he didnt have to give you anything, he even got so far to preventing you from using your vision.
The first time you met La signora you were impressed to say the least. But when she flirted with you, he laughed in her face and told her "She isnt intrested in women nor is she intrested in other people, now fuck off".
After that day Signora would come and visit you countless of times, she was cruel being but towards you she was a kinder and loving person. She treated you like a deity, very much the opposite how Scaramouche treated you. The moment where she pressed a kiss on your cheek and smiled at you lovingly was the moment you realised you fell in love with La signora and that the things Scaramouche told you were lies.
You became less obedient towards Scaramouche and obviously he did not appreciate that. He didnt love you but he didnt want you to leave either, why? Because he had to have you, he had to make you his own personal doll. Scaramouche is a selfish person with selfish needs.
As Scaramouche angrily stomped through hallways, the fatui agents could only shrink back not wanting to be murdered by Scaramouche. He entered a room and that's when he saw you with La signora, the two of you were seated on a sofa. Your head was laying in her lap as she fed you various chocolates and sweets.
Scaramouche clenched his jaw a few times as he muttered curse words under his breath. He was ready to walk out until he heard a giggle, an giggle that was all to familiar to him. He could feel his blood boil just by hearing it.
"Oh my, Balladeer what an unfortunate moment....for you~"
"...La Signora" Scaramouche uttered out as he gritted his teeth, he should have known she would steal you away. No Scaramouche doesn't care that it was actually his fault how he treated you.
"My, my~ i just wanted you to know that...Y/n is mine now. And not my slave, she is my lover. Now leave." her smirk widened when she saw Scaramouche his jaw slacken. Scaramouche turned around his heart beating wildly in his chest while his glare burned holes into Signoras head. And his glare only increased when she leaned down to kiss you on the lips, he could see the fondness in her eyes when she looked at you.
But as always he doesn't care, you were his property, his doll, his maid, his trophy, his. And now you are with this..women? He stormed out of the room with a heavy feeling, how dare you leave him. He was angry, jealous, annoyed, all the bad emotions.
He should have known he cant love someone. But as always he blames you because why is he to blame...well because he is at fault.
"You made it so obvious that you weren't in love you made it so obvious that you didnt gave a damn about us cause you're not in love"
Tumblr media
{Song: Too good at goodbyes ~ Sam Smith}
He wasnt ready to love you fully, he was a good guy really...but not in this relationship. He wasnt there for you when you needed him, it usually ended up with you crying yourself to sleep. He always forgot your birthdays, each time you had to spend it by yourself. He also forgot anniversary's and dates.
He also never kept his promise, whenever he told you that he would make it up to you tomorrow...he would forget it again. He was very distant, he didnt really interact with you that much and when he did it felt like it was forced.
Sure people praised him often and told you often about how good of a guy he is, but really? If he is such a good guy, how could he tell you mean things? How could he say that you should lessen your weight? How could he say that you should put more make-up on? How dare he.
It had been a while since you had seen Thoma, maybe a few days when he came back to your shared house. You were suprised to say the least, you thought maybe he would apologize for the first time. But oh no...he wanted to introduce you to Ayaka. You had heard a lot about her and of course you wanted to meet her.
The moment Ayaka saw you she was entralled about you, your beauty, your smile, your voice, everything. She never had a partner let alone a girlfriend nor did she ever have much friends (except Thoma). She was so excited to befriend you, but she knew once you smiled at her...that she couldnt stay just friends with you.
Many times after that meeting, you and Ayaka hung out a lot. Ayaka was much different than Thoma, she for one loved you for you. She also always appreciated you, complimenting you from time to time, bringing sentimental gifts. She was absolutely smitten with you, but she didn't make the friendship awkward nor did she pressured you into anything. She knew you and Thoma were in a relationship but she also knew that he didn't treat you as he should, but she didnt want to come in the way of anything. She was even fine just staying friends with you, even if it hurted her in the end...
But you already made your choice.
~slight timeskip~
Thoma already got slightly suspicious of you and Ayaka's regular tea times, but he didnt say anything about it until this day. He walked in on you and Ayaka having another picnic underneath an Sakura blossom tree.
It looked way too much like a date, it couldnt be just two friends having a picnic. He was very suspicious, but he just continued to watch not wanting to interrupt. He watched you bring a strawberry up to Ayaka's mouth, he watched as her face blew up in red, he watched you giggle at her face, and then he watched you lean over to peck Ayaka on the lips.
He stood there dead silent, everything around him died down. He felt his heart beat loudly in his chest, as saw the love in the eyes of both of you. When his eyes met yours....
He knew that you made your choice....
"every time you hurt me, the less that I cry. And every time you leave me, the quicker these tears dry. And every time you walk out, the less I love you"
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olliebaptist · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you’re trippin if you believe lena luthor would see her fragile human friends who walk around and fight aliens day to day with no proper protection whatsoever and wouldn’t redesign all their suits so they dont die in a fight
(j’onn and m’gann are the only suits i don’t have a beef with so i didn’t redesign sorry, but if you want i can redesign m’gann to the comic colors)
-sentinel alex with the comics sentinel colors, with proprer protection and an actual disguise instead of that weird makeup thing 
- guardian kelly with the comics colors and protection to her eyes bc it bugs me that theres just a hole in her helmet to someone poke her eyes in a fight
- soft-comfy-casual-superfriends-clothes lena, bc i refuse to make my baby fight more, and she needs to fucking calm down and stop wearing skirts and high heels at the tower (she actually has a supersuit for emergencies if yall want ill draw that too)
- anti-kryptonite supergirl suits that doesnt look like the power rangers, with no cape bc actually “no Kara it doesnt help with aerodynamics why would you think that ?!!” (backed up by science i actually researched this shit)
- dreamer with nura nal’s comic colors/insp design, bc i simply do not ~vibe~ with the shows suit (also this woman needed eye protection same as kelly)
- theres nothing really wrong with brainys suit in the show, but it remids me too much of thor for some reason, so i remade it lmao
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grey-the-goose-art · 6 months ago
I never posted this doodle cos I didn't really like how it turned out but with all of these #lukanette feels flying around I thought "why not??"
Tumblr media
This is from an au idea I had ages ago. I haven't done anything with it but here are the notes I had saved on my phone:
AU where Luka got the ladybug miraculous (he already has the pierced ears) and Marinette got the black cat miraculous. (Then later Adrien gets the turtle miraculous cos hes all about protecting his gal. )
In this au Luka returned home sooner from his study abroad. He was running late to school when he saw Fu fall and helped him get up. Adrien didnt make it far enough out of the mansion before being caught, so he never had the chance to run into him. Fu slipped Luka the miraculous and its later at home that Luka discovers the ladybug earrings and Tikki. Tikki and Luka get along really well and Luka is fairly mature for his age. The biggest problem they face in their relationship is that Luka and his family can't bake for beans. Once Luka learns what Tikki eats he panics a bit. He asks Juleka for help and she points him towards Marinettes family's bakery. It's practically love at first sight for both Luka and Tikki. Tikki adores Marinette right away and can't help but feel that Fu made a mistake when handing out the Miraculous. Luka and Tikki become regular customers and come by the bakery at least once a day. Luka is always hinting to Juleka that her friends (especially Marinette) should come hang out at their boat more often. Luka becomes Scarlet Beatle (he thinks the spelling is a nice nod towards his musical roots but really hes the only one who spells it that way)
Marinettes origin story is pretty similar to canon except now she has a sassy cat to boost her confidence and teach her to stand up for her convictions and screw the consequences. This is both a good and bad thing as Marinette now tends to get into more complicated and slightly ridiculous situations. Marinette still considers giving away the miraculous but Plagg tells her off and asks her whether or not she can really just sit by as everything around her is destroyed by hawkmoth. Marinette uses her destructive powers well but is much better at the planning and using the lucky charms than Scarlet Beatle. This drives Tikki a bit insane, Tikki loves Luka but shes super jealous that Plagg got Marinette.
Adrien is allowed to go to school after his almost escape and the gum incident still happens. Adrien feels awful and tries to apologize but Marinette has trouble believing him. After Adrien and Nino become friends, Adrien confides in him a bit about his current situation and how the gum incident really went down. Plagg happened to have been snooping in Adriens bag at the time and overheard. Plagg feels for the kid and non chalantly tells Marinette what's up. Marinette apologizes to Adrien and they become awkward almost friends. Adrien is constantly trying to prove himself and Marinette feels bad that she blew things out of proportion and tends to screw up around him.
This all changes when Marinette saves some of her classmates as Félin Noir. Before Marinette could escape to transform, alot of the students were cornered. Adrien jumped in to protect them and give them time to escape and ended up falling victim to the akuma. After the day was saved the classmates swarmed Scarlet Beatle to thank him and Adrien stayed off to the side looking glum. Félin came up and asked him what was wrong and Adrien said that he was basically useless and he couldnt even protect his friends. Félin gives him a peptalk and calls him a hero. She then runs off to detransform. Cue Adrien falling head over heels for the heroine. (He probably would have had a crush on Marinette had he not been convinced she hated him. At this point hes working so hard to be friends with her that the thought of having a romance with her hasn't crossed his mind.) Marinette detransforms in an alley and her and Plagg both agree that Adrien is a really good guy. Plagg then ruins the moment by suggesting that Marinette steal his phone. Marinette wants to get closer to Adrien but still has trouble talking to him in her civilian form. When shes out as Félin though Marinette doesnt have as much trouble talking to him and after saving him a couple times and having him protect her a time or two creates a pretty good relationship with him. She calls him kitten and they joke and pun back and forth. Marinette starts to develop a crush on him and Plagg becomes the biggest Adrienette shipper on the planet.
That however is where the love drama starts. Luka is in love with Marinette and Tikki is all for that Marinette train. Marinette is caught between liking her kind and supportive partner Scarlet Beatle and the protective sun child Adrien. Plagg is again all for that sweet Adrienette and will often sabotage Lukas (and consequently Tikkis) attempts at wooing Marinette. Meanwhile Adrien is head over heels for Felin.
Things get even more complicated later on. Hawkmoth has gotten more aggressive in his attacks and Fu determines that another miraculous holder is necessary. Fu was present for Felins hero speech and his hero senses went crazy for Adrien. Adrien is the first hero that Fu approaches directly. Fu becomes Adriens Chinese teacher so that they can meet in private and he starts teaching Adrien about the miraculous. Because of Adriens protective nature Fu entrusts Adrien with the turtle miraculous. Adrien joins the group and becomes the shield for team miraculous. Adrien and Scarlet Beatle get into it a bit though. Adrien feels that Scarlet isnt showing enough thought and care to Felin as Felin seems to take alot of the blows for him (similar to how chat noir does in canon) Adrien sticks pretty close to Felin and protects her. Being by his crush that much though causes Adrien to kind of clam up. He gets along well with the team but doesnt say a ton, especially at first.
Anyway that's all I've got (besides a couple of cruddy phone doodles) just figured I might as well post it somewhere 🤷‍♀️
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realm-of-rosie · 2 months ago
Heloo hope ur have a great day 🥰
I was wondering if I could get fem reader who as feelings for Draken but he doesn't know [no one know besides Takamichiy he found out by accident and reader is Emma's best friend] my request takes place during the festival[ep8 I think] . As reader tags along with Hina and Takamichiy,Hina begins to talk about how she's rooting for Emma and Draken. Which of course reader is upset and she decided to leave early without telling anyone. So reader is walking home with tears as it begins to rain.
I'm sorry if this is complicated 😔. But you could end or add a few things to it if you like to
Have a nice day 💘
✎ Talks Under the Rain | Tokyo Revengers
↠ ❗Spoilers for Episode 8, Chapter 19 of Tokyo Revengers❗
↠ Draken / Ken Ryuguji × Female Reader
↠Hurt-Comfort + Fluff | Scenario
↠ Before You Read:
(occurs during crushing and pining stage only.)
hi bae 💘 this request wasn't complicated at all! thank you and sorry for having to wait a long time for it though ಥ‿ಥ i hope you like it 👉👈
quiet sniffling in the corner because this is DEVASTATING IM SORRY IF ANYONE HAS GONE THROUGH THIS HAVE A HUG (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ
a n y w a y s, have a wonderful day as well!
↠ Rules for Requesting | Masterlist
Tumblr media
hina meant well, you knew that. after all she didnt know, and considering you weren't as vocal as your best friend in regards to your adoration for draken, you couldnt exactly blame her now could you?
still, it made you squirm where you stood the more she talked about emma and draken.
then there was takemitchi who was caught between signaling for his girlfriend to stop and checking for any sort of discomfort in your face.
"i'm rooting for her!" hina huffs under her breath with slight determination, "but draken doesn't notice her at all even though she's so cute!" she turns to you, "don't you think so?"
just as you were about to reply, takemitchi catches hina's attention, "when did you and emma become friends anyway?"
"oh, when i was helping her out,"
the two begin to banter playfully and your eyes drift over to the other pair before you, zeroing in on the smiles being shared between them and for a second, your stomach clenches painfully, making you avert your eyes just when draken notices you staring.
"so, what do you think about emma and draken?" hina peers curiously into your eyes when you look back at her, "did emma tell you anything that she didnt tell me? you're her best friend after all!"
"oh," you smile stiffly, "i dont think there's anything she's told me that she hasnt told you hina, don't worry,"
"they're so good together," she sighs wistfully, watching emma and draken standing by a food booth, "right?"
"hina-" takemitchi reaches for her to distract her again.
"i - i dont feel so good," you stammer abruptly and surprising both hina and takemitchi.
"we just got here though!"
"yeah, my stomach doesnt feel too good, i'll be going ahead, see you guys tomorrow!" you hurriedly dash in the other direction, missing how hina's face fell when takemitchi whispered in her ear.
great. you sigh internally at the first drop of rain that hit your skin alongside the tears that bubbled over.
were you to just give up now?
was your friendship with emma worth losing over a boy?
draken, you remind yourself, was it worth losing emma over draken?
yet at the same time, you wondered if it was worth losing yourself in internal strife and sadness you allow yourself to feel when you're all alone and behind locked doors. was it worth torturing yourself like this?
then there was an unexpected voice that stopped you in your tracks.
"dra-ken?" you turn in your heels, not believing your ears, or eyes when you saw him standing behind you with an umbrella in his hand.
"you going home already?" he approaches you so you stood under the umbrella with him, "without an umbrella?"
"uhm, yes?" you blink in confusion.
"i'll walk you,"
"because it's dark, and raining, and you're alone without an umbrella," draken says matter-of-factly, moving his face so it was inches away from yours, "but i can definitely let you walk alone in the rain if you want,"
suddenly you were very aware of how close he was to you so you take a step back, wishing that he mistakes your tears for raindrops, "what about emma?"
"what about emma?"
"aren't you two supposed to be on a date?"
the laugh he lets out was both infectious and had you wondering if you overstepped a boundary or misspoke.
"no, emma and i aren't on a date," he says, shoulders still shaking from amusement, "what, did you all think we were?"
your face warms up and the crack in the pavement that you could see under the streetlight was more interesting than he was.
"come on," he casually throws his arm around your shoulders, "thankfully you aren't soaked yet, so your guardian won't be too mad,"
"but what about emma?" you insist again, slowly walking in step with him, "did you just leave her alone in the rain?"
"of course not," draken pinches your cheek, "she's with hina and takemitchy, what kind of man do you take me for?"
"you left her to help me?"
"you sound surprised,"
"it's just," you huff, "you didn't have to,"
"you're right," his head tilts to the side to look at you and there was nothing but sincerity in his eyes, "i wanted to though,"
oh, your heart leaps a little and you stifle the smile threatening to show on your face.
and feeling a little bolder, you hesitantly lean your head against him, crossing your arms over your chest, "then thank you for coming after me,"
"anytime," draken reassures you, his body relaxed, "when you need me, i'll come after you,"
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moodymelanist · 2 months ago
omg hc idea with gwynriel, where gwyn is really drunk cuz she got back from rita’s with the girls but everyone left already and this is before gwyn and az are like a couple and she’s talking complete nonsense but azriel finds her and is very concerned and tries to help take her to her dorms so she doesnt like fall but while they’re walking gwyn accidentally reveals her feelings towards az
also ps: i really love these thanks for blessing this fandom with your work, appreciate it alot 🥰🥰
omg thank you so much for the kind words, I’m having so much fun writing these and even more fun seeing everyone’s reactions 🥰🥰🥰
okay so modern college au. azriel’s POV. I refuse to believe they’d leave Gwyn behind so I took some liberties with this prompt but I hope you enjoy besties!
Azriel wasn’t expecting Gwyn to be so drunk when he arrived at Rita’s to take her home. He waited outside for a few minutes so he wouldn’t have to pay the cover, and eventually Cassian emerged with Nesta, Gwyn, Emerie, and Mor in tow.
“Azriel!” Gwyn squealed. She almost tripped over herself in her haste to give him a hug, but he managed to catch her in time. “You’re here!”
“Yup,” he said. He awkwardly patted her back as she squeezed her arms around him.
Azriel had been getting a late night snack after working on a paper when Cassian had texted asking if he could take Gwyn home. Cassian would have his hands full trying to wrangle Nesta, Emerie, and Mor back safely to his and Mor’s shared apartment, so Azriel hadn’t minded stepping in. He and Gwyn lived in the same apartment building, so it wasn’t like she was out of the way.
Cassian waved in Azriel’s direction before he started walking away towards wherever he’d parked. Nesta was on Cassian’s back piggy-back style and was sloppily pressing kisses onto his neck, which he didn’t seem to mind one bit. Emerie and Mor were giggling as they supported each other, stopping frequently to feel each other up.
“You’re so pretty,” Gwyn said, giggling. Azriel looked down at where she still had her arms wrapped around him in surprise.
“Uh… thank you?” he said hesitantly. She giggled again before stepping back from him, but he made sure to keep an arm firmly around her shoulders so she wouldn’t run off on him. Nesta and Cassian had both complained on several occasions that Gwyn liked to run off when she got drunk, and Azriel valued his life too much to risk losing Gwyn and having to explain it to Nesta.
“I know I’m not supposed to say guys are pretty or whatever,” she said, rolling her eyes to let him know what she thought of that sentiment, “But you’re definitely the prettiest out of you and your brothers.”
Azriel didn’t know what to do under all this scrutiny from Gwyn, especially when she was complimenting his looks. She was way too out of his league to be saying these kinds of things, so he decided to try and deflect. “Don’t let Rhys hear you say that.”
“Rhys, Smhys,” she said as they slowly started walking to where he’d parked about a block away. He made sure not to go too fast since she was wearing heels and was definitely still drunk. “You’ve always been my favorite.”
“Really?” he asked, surprised. He was used to being in the background considering how loud Cassian was and how much Rhys loved being the center of attention. To hear her dismiss his brother so easily wasn’t something he was used to; everyone swooned over Rhys.
“Really really,” she said, giggling again. “I’m not just saying that. I mean it.”
They managed to reach his car and he helped her get into the passenger seat, making sure to strap her in before jogging around to the drivers side. It was a short drive back to their building, but Gwyn seemed to have other plans.
“Can we stop at McDonald’s?” she asked, her voice just on the edge of a whine. “I’m hungry.”
“Do you have McDonald’s money?” he asked, half-joking.
He knew he’d fucked up when he looked over at her and saw her eyes were filled with unshed tears, and then she was full on crying next to him.
“I — just — wanted — fries,” Gwyn sobbed, hiccuping between her words.
Not wanting to make it worse, Azriel relented quickly. He really needed to work on talking to women if he wanted a chance with her. “Okay, okay, we can get fries.”
He awkwardly patted her on the shoulder before changing course to the 24/7 McDonald’s a few minutes away. She only really stopped crying once she was munching on a large fry, and he held in his sigh of relief as they eventually made their way to the parking garage of their building.
“Can you walk?” he asked as he parked.
“My feet hurt,” she whined. “Can you carry me?”
This time he didn’t hold in his sigh. He liked Gwyn a lot, but dealing with drunk people wasn’t his favorite thing in the world. “What apartment are you in?”
“I’m on the fourth floor,” she told him.
“So am I,” he said, relieved that he wouldn’t have to walk so far to his own apartment once she was home safely. “I don’t mind carrying you if we’re going to the same place.”
Gwyn smiled brightly and damn if it didn’t transform her entire face into something lovely, even with fresh tear tracks ruining what was left of her makeup. Azriel got out first and made sure to take her keys so she didn’t lose them before bending down to let her climb onto his back.
“You’re my hero,” she said as he walked, nuzzling her face into his neck. She had her heels in one hand and her bag of fries in the other, and he decided to just keep walking until they made it back to her apartment.
“Happy to help,” he said. Inside he his stomach was doing backflips from how close she was to him, especially since he was holding her legs to keep her from slipping off his back.
“I’m serious.” Her breath was warm on his face as she moved to press a kiss to his cheek. “You’re being really nice.”
“Am I normally not nice to you?”
“Not as nice as I’d wish you’d be.”
“Ouch, Berdara.”
Gwyn giggled as they got into the elevator. “You’d be nicer if you took me out on a date.”
Azriel froze as the elevator rose to the fourth floor, not quite sure how to respond. She was drunk off her ass and he didn’t want to take advantage of her in the slightest, but what if she was being honest? What if she really did like him back?
“Ask me again when you’re sober,” he said after a minute. He walked off the elevator and found her apartment relatively quickly, used her key to open the door, and gently set her down just inside her living room.
She pouted as she looked at him before munching thoughtfully on a fry. “But I’m asking you now.”
“I’d love to go on a date with you, but you’re drunk,” he replied. His heart was beating hard in his chest as he looked at her and dared to hope she was actually being serious.
“You said yes,” she said, grinning widely. “No takebacksies!”
Azriel sighed again, but it was much more good-natured. He supposed Gwyn just couldn’t help being so adorable when she was drunk, and who was he to ignore a golden opportunity to spend time with his crush? “Alright, Berdara, no takebacksies. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
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lethargicobeyme · 8 months ago
i feel like im annoying lol but here i am again 🥴🥴 how do da boys react to a super bimbo mc like shes busty, sweet, innocent, helpful as much as she can be and doesnt really realize when people are hitting on her, she just thinks theyre being extra friendly
I could never be annoyed at someone who likes my bullshit so much, it's an honour to have a regular. This one is going to be fun I love and respect bimbos, himbos, bimboys and... whatever a female himbo (soft Chad energy) is.
Lucifer is hellbent on protecting you. He sees your innocence and naivety and is just immediately in protective older sibling mode. He may not view you as a sister but he certainly takes responsibility for you, being sure to shoot deadly glares at anyone who dares flirt with you or stare at your figure. His possessive nature comes into it quite a lot, but in a more endearing way than a controlling way. He just wants you to be safe, sweet thing. You're his special exception after all.
Mammon is J E A L O U S boyyo, ALL the time. Anyone looks at you and he pretty much barks at them to get them to back off. Always at your side in protective simp mode, tries his best to stop you from being so damn nice but nobody can get in your way when you want to help. He falls in love with that instantly, especially when you help him and keep the peace between him and his brothers. "CAN'T YOU SEE HE'S HITTING ON YOU!?!" Is a common thing yelled, but of course you don't they were just being nice! Mammon is just in jealous protective overdrive but you show him special loving and that makes him shut up for a while, eventually he's secure in the relationship and is... less angry guard dog like.
Levi views you as a waifu immediately. Your demeanor, your figure, your treatment of others. You're so nice and pretty and wonderful and super naive to the advances of others it's just too perfect of an anime situation for him. Though he does find himself envious of the other people who talk to you, eventually taking to sticking by you whenever he can to assert some sort of dominance over others. And of course you don't notice when he's trying to flirt, you just think it's so cute when he blushes! Classic anime situations where his face ends up in your boobs?? Hell yes.
Satan is very formal and polite but when it comes to you he is constantly trying to catch you up to speed with people's intentions. "They were being rude to you, MC" "They were flirting with you, MC" "can't you see he was being a pervert??" You hear him but it goes out the other ear, everyone is just so nice here. He stands up for you and is a terrifying protector of the innocent bimbo baby that walks the halls of hell. Despite your figure he barely ever notices your boobs but oh boy does he know they are there and he wants to g r a b t h e m s o B A D but he's better than that and happy to wait~
Asmo is a bimboy so y'all get along so well. Like you guys share clothes, exchange skincare tips, give eachother compliments. He's the girl friend you never had, like even the classic platonic boob grabbing (which is definitely not platonic). He always fends off the other boys and follows you around, drawn to your radiant aura. He loves you so much right off the bat: the look, the attitude, the innocence. (Major corruption kink comes in there) but he's super nice to you and is the "bitch friend" who protects you from the numbskulls.
Belphie straight up calls you stupid and you cry, he never does it again and instead tries super hard to make you see what people are doing wrong. You're the sunshine to his raincloud and he loves that, your chest is the best pillow he could ask for and you are so nice and you pat his head... this boy is head over heels very quickly. Pinches your cheeks a lot and calls you "dummy" really lovingly. When you come and wake him up before school he calls you sunshine.
You and beel are peas in a pod. He's got the stoic gentle himbo energy and you have the sweet busty baby bimbo energy. He protects the shit out of you. You bring him such nice snacks and you're always so sweet, he is a huge dude so flirting becomes a rarity when he starts following you around like a puppy. He's not entirely sure how to make advances so you are clueless together until you both eventually confess in your own ways, most likely food or just big kisses that convey a thousand words. Your boobs are his new favourite food.
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wolfloupen · 24 days ago
To be fair, I wanted to write something short and sweet but I got carried away. Because of course i did.
consider it a welcome-gift for all the new followers!! I’ll be posting this on my twitter side account too (hopefully the thread doesnt ruin it) anyways!!! enjoy this drabble!!
This, Macaque thinks as he watches the movie play out, some action-packed romance genre with a comical amount of explosions and mishaps, is an awful movie.
His plans had gone awry the moment he opened the door to his theatre and leaned back as a stack pile of old DVD movies were thrusted into his face. He stared at the stack like it had personally offended him then tilted his head in sync with its owner — Mei grinned from ear to ear as she bounced up and down on the heels of her feet, overly excited to have been greeted by a demon’s confused frown.
Before he could get a word out, he noticed a red headband and internally swore to hell and back as MK poked his head out from behind Mei, grinning just as brightly as his friend. The two then started talking at once, causing Macaque’s ears to feel attacked by the loudness of their voices. They kept going and going and—
“What do you want?” Macaque hissed, keeping his arm as a barricade from preventing either of them from setting a single foot inside his sanctum.
Mei spoke up first, her grin unphased. “We want to watch a marathon with you,” she said simply. “We have some old movies from the 90s and 80s — you’d probably like those since, y’know, oldie — and we also have some recent Monkey King remakes—”
“No,” Macaque gritted out, his smile venomous.
Mei quieted and MK’s smile faltered. The two shared a glance and Mei suddenly shoved the stack of DVD towards Macaque, forcing him to grab the pile before it fell to the floor. She wrapped an arm around MK and the two whispered sharply to each other, sparing glances at Macaque (MK squinted once in his direction) before nodding curtly and turning back to face him.
MK gave a final glance towards Mei (who nodded) and then cleared his throat. “Monkey King said it’s our turn to pick the movies and the dad to watch said movies with this week.” He dug his hand into the pocket of his hoodie and pulled out a piece of paper, the word IOU scribbled hastily onto it followed by a familiar signature.
Macaque felt his eye twitch as he read the letter, his claws gripping the bottom of the DVD pile hard enough to tear through the plastic cover. Of course. Of course. He ignored the use of “dad” and “our turn”, as though this was a recurring thing that everyone decided to leave him out of. Leave it to Sun Wukong to ruin the start of his long weekend. Granted, the demon had been blowing off seeing the Sage and his newly recruited duo of troublemakers — something he was sure to get earful for once he set foot on the mountain again — but that was no excuse to drop this onto him without warning.
So what if he would have immediately declined upon being asked because he still felt unsure of his place with the two humans? It would have been better than this entire situation.
He flicked his eyes back up to the King’s Successor and the dragon vessel, watched as the two of them stared at him intensely, their faces filled with a mix of determination and nervousness that he wished they demonstrated more when fighting — and Macaque straightened, smiled and gave a prompt, “No”, before shoving the DVD stack back into Mei’s hands then slamming the door closed.
Macaque stood behind the closed door and sighed, rubbing his temples before turning at the heel, suddenly craving a long, relaxing bath when the door was suddenly blasted open. He paused. And slowly, carefully, turned his head around and he felt the smallest, most nervous smile pull at his lips at the sight of a glowing, serpentine jade dragon glaring down at him from the ceiling of his theatre. From his peripheral, he could make out the golden glow of MK’s own power, burning through him as he stepped down the stairs one by one, almost menacingly.
Macaque opened his mouth, closed it, then sighed, running a hand through his fur and beckoned the two forward with his claw. “Living room’s this way,” he mumbled. His head started to hurt at the combined cheers of the two humans, followed by a sudden crash as MK missed the last couple of steps and left a giant hole at the bottom of the stairs.
And, despite all the weird flicks they’d managed to get through together, Macaque still raises a brow at the sudden forced romance scene between the protagonist and one of the background characters. It’s raining on screen and the two shared a somewhat personal moment, by of which Macaque thinks is meant to be taken seriously, but he instead focuses on how the man seems to have suddenly forgotten that his powers are running out and that hundreds of lives are in danger just to waste his time with a woman who’s never noticed him before.
“Uh, yeah,” Mei’s voice startles him out of his thoughts. He turns his head towards her and she reaches out to steal popcorn from the bowl resting on MK’s lap, leaning back against Macaque’s side as though he were a pillow. “That’s kind of how these movies play out, Mac.”
He doesn’t want to acknowledge the fact he’s just rambled out loud and instead huffs, shrugging as he leans back against the couch and gestures to the screen. “Yeah, well, romance isn’t that easy. Just feels like I’m watching a fifteen year-old’s concept of what love is.”
“Right.” MK slurps his soda, the noise itself earning him a soft jab on the side by his friend. He snorts and points the cup towards Macaque accusingly. “‘Cause you know everything ‘bout romance, huh?”
Macaque feels his face flush. His hand instinctively goes to grab one of the throw pillows but Mei gets to it first, snatching it away from him and giggling as she hugs it close to her chest with no intent of letting go. Macaque glares at her. “Listen—”
“What? You're gonna tell us how you and Monkey King fell in love?” Mei cooes, her grin widening at Macaque’s choked cough, laughing when he pounces at her and yanks the pillow from her arms. She giggles then breaks into uncontrollable laughter as the demon monkey smacks the pillow onto her head, sending her barrelling into MK. The two laugh hysterically when they look back up at him and Macaque feels himself smile despite the burning sensation on his face.
“Either watch the movie or get out,” he hisses, though it lacks bite.
MK sputters out another laugh, nearly dropping his snacks and food as he semi-rolls away from Macaque’s second pillow smack; he hits Mei’s side and she wheezes out a small laugh, tears peeking out from her eyes as she coughs and grins up at him, absolutely delighted with the situation.
He manages to get them settled down before the climax of the movie (they didn’t miss anything important anyways) and he ends up in the middle. Mei mumbles out something under her breath and Macaque pretends to not hear it.
He doesn’t know how to react to being called “dad” much less a favorite one.
“Well! Isn’t this a sight?”
The sound of Wukong’s voice echoes as muffled noise from the TV, the lines delivered in a serious tone and the Great Sage can’t quite remember the purpose of the movie’s plot by now, watching a uniformed version of himself dive into an action scene from behind Macaque’s couch. He’s leaned against it, his arms resting right next to Macaque’s body, the demon monkey sparing a singular glare at him before grabbing the remote to pause the movie mid-scene. The blurred shot of a poorly designed bad guy remains on the TV screen.
“Not one of my best,” Wukong hums, leaning forward to look down at the two bodies pressed up against his partner. His successor’s leaning against Macaque, his cheek squished against his shoulder and his red headband is crooked, covering one of his eyes as he snores softly. Mei, on the other hand, has her head resting on Macaque’s lap, a pillow tucked gently under her head to cushion it, and there’s a dull-green blanket placed up to her shoulders over her.
Wukong’s smile turns smug as his eyes glance between the two humans, realization dawning on him. He tilts his head towards Macaque and finds him looking away from him, as though the frozen screen was suddenly more interesting than him.
“Daddy’s favorite girl, huh?” Wukong coos, propping his elbow against the couch, his chin resting on top of his palm. Macaque instantly whips around to glare at him, his expression flustered.
“This,” the demon hisses quietly, gesturing to the two humans harshly, “is your fault!”
Wukong’s eyes turn lidded, his smirk widening. “You’re very welcome, love,” he says, taking in the way Macaque bristles at the petname and takes several seconds to recover. His ego feels slightly bigger than he remembers.
Macaque makes an attempt to move, his frown deepening — when Mei stirs a bit, as though bothered by the monkey’s movement. Wukong watches in awe (and admiration) as Macaque glances down at her and sighs softly, settling back down and brushing the hair out of her face. Wukong’s heart skips a beat at it and he feels himself soften at the sight.
A comfortable silence falls over them. The movie remains paused as Macaque reaches out and picks up an abandoned blanket to place over MK, fixing his headband and shifting him so he rests more comfortably against Macaque’s shoulder. Shortly after, the demon monkey sighs and leans back, tilting his head so it rests against the roof of the couch, exposing his neck.
Wukong stares at him, looks for any sign of discomfort or disgust in his body and shakes his head softly as he chuckles, gently pushing himself off of the couch and standing right behind Macaque. His arms come to rest on either side of his head and he leans down a bit, his fur tufts brushing against Macaque’s cheeks. The demon doesn’t open his eyes but his body relaxes and Wukong brushes stray strands of fur away from his partner’s face.
“Was it that bad?” Wukong asks after a heartbeat, his voice soft.
Macaque scoffs quietly, leaning into Wukong’s touch when his hand rests on his cheek. “Awful, they started singing along to the theme song of Monkey Cop 2.”
“How terrible.”
“I know.” Macaque lets out an airy laugh, tired but soft. He sighs and slowly opens one eye, peeking up at Wukong through it, his lips twitching into a small smile. “You owe me.”
Wukong hums, running his thumb against Macaque’s check before cupping it gently. He watches as the demon turns his head and kisses his palm delicately before glancing back up at him. The Sage purrs softly, whispers, “I know,” before leaning down and placing his lips against Macaque’s, humming as his partner returns it with a content sigh.
He helps Macaque move Mei and MK into proper beds later if only to have the demon monkey as his own personal pillow for the night.
It’s worth it, at least.
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nonbinarykai · a month ago
Okay you know what, I’ve held this back far enough
Why I hate canon Kailor sm
Tw:// misogyny ment, incest ment
Im not gonna tag Kailor on this for obvious reasons plus this is kinda a long post, I don’t mind fanon Kailor mostly because tbh I don’t think it’s really a big thing and most I have seen of it is fine. Don’t read this if you like Kailor and don’t want to hear it bashed
Okay listen, s4 is my favorite season out of all ninjago, but if theres one thing I hate about it the most is Kailor. This ship has always been really annoying to me throughout the show, and I’ve hinted towards that in my blog. But why?
1. It’s basically jaya redone
Kailor brings nothing new or interesting to the table because honestly? It’s literally just the same dynamic as jaya. Socially awkward guy simps for usually unimpressed girl until she eventually caves in and they start dating.
Not only has this already been done before with jaya, but is also completely out of character for Kai to do.
While I admit seeing Kai as a flustered dork is kinda funny, once you realize the context of the situation that they’re in it’s pretty clear that Kai would never actually do this.
Reminder: Kai JUST found out his dead friend is alive and is forced to recognsizle with friends in order to get him back
Usually when Kai is presented in a situation like this, what he normally does is set himself dead first on the task at hand and usually ignores any distractions. He’s mostly distance and seemingly uncaring
((note this is after Zane died and Kai ran away from the ninja because of cole and jays bickering, knowing him he wouldn’t be the most excited to be back. His arc should have revolved around coming to terms with lost friendships due to death or distance but that never happens)).
What Kai DOESNT do is immediately fall head over heels for a girl he JUST meet to the point where even when he sees his DEAD FRIEND ALIVE AND WELL he completely ignores that for a girl he meet less then a week ago
This is something JAY would do, not KAI, Kai is a loyal friend who do anything to save his friends, he cherishes them and would fight god to help them with anything they need, he doesn’t forget them for someone new
It also does skylor unjustice as well, but we’ll get there when we get there
2. It adds nothing to the characters and is otherwise never mention again
You know how bad you fuck up a relationship if the best aspect of it is how it’s rarely on screen
Even considering the fact Kailor is just jayas dynamic, the connection between skylor and Kai feels completely non existent or one sided
Most of Kailor revolves around Kai simping for skylor
They have no common interests, common goals, they rarely actually talk outside of lloyds plan to overthrow chen
The whole relationship feels forced every time it’s brought up because of how disconnected they both are to eachother, Kai only likes skylor because she’s hot and that’s it, nothing else about her is actually interesting to Kai in anyway ((again sort out of character for him in this situation))
Skylor and Kai don’t form any genuine bond with eachother, it feels hallow and empty
Let’s compare this to lava, wait no that would be to easy, let’s compare this to pixane
Pixal and Zane both genuinely like and respect eachother, they both share bonds outside of being robots, they both care about eachother enough to know when they’re uncomfortable or need help
Kailor is barely mentioned past s4 and most of it in s4 is Kai being a creep
Oh yeah let’s get to that
3. It’s really really creepy
Im sorry I don’t find incest jokes funny ninjago, it’s just really uncomfortable and creepy
Hopefully this goes without saying but Kai thinking skylor is hot, figuring out they might be related and no longer finding her hot, and then finding out they aren’t and thinking she’s hot is really weird and creepy
Not to mention scenes like, Kai looking into her room without her knowledge or consent
Or Kai fighting people for her when it’s not necessary
Or him trying to impress her everytime he sees her
This isn’t cute or funny, it’s gross, privacy invading, and overall just very creepy and uncomfortable and most definitely not healthy
Again, this is REALLY out of character for Kai, Kai knows when to back off and respect people’s privacy
Literally the season before this he didn’t get involved in the love triangle probably because he knew that would make Nya’s situation worse
So for him to suddenly become this privacy evading perv is so grossly out of character for him and makes the whole relationship feel off and unhealthy
And finally
4. The whole thing is misogynistic
During this entire thing skylor doesn’t get a choice in the show once, she follows the commands of her dad before Kai tells her not to like her dad and follows his lead.
She doesn’t come to disliking her dad by her own thought, she was told to by Kai
She doesn’t get to do anything that SHE actually wants to do until LITERALLY the VERY END
She’s told by guys around her what she should do constantly, even without her being a love interest that’s just screams misogynistic to me ((Afab speaking anyways))
Everything about her character, down to the way she talks, who she’s allied with, and even sometimes how she looks is determined by male characters
If canon ships were shrek movies then kailor is easily shrek the third, a constant tired unfunny mess that caused everyone to think that these ships were shit ((to be fair Jaya is kinda bad to but at least it tired to get better))
There’s nothing redeeming about it to me, every time it’s viewed in a romantic setting it makes me groan or upset
What’s even more frustrating is how people constantly say lava can’t be canon because of it
Im going to go on a side tangent so you can just skip this part as it doesn’t add any actual substance to my argument
But it’s so frustrating to see people say that
Cole and Kai have had a much healthier relationship and would be a lot better for there characters
But no, this stupid misogynistic creepy ship where one side isn’t even consententing to it half the time is the one that has to stay canon because “it’s what the creators intended”
Lava isn’t the superior possibly canon relationship because it’s gay, it’s superior because it’s closer to a healthy working relationship in show then kailor has been ((fanon lava and kailor doesn’t count here because they’re isn’t any better fanon ship, Im just talking about in show))
But no it can’t be canon and it’s unfair for people to want it to be canon because tommy created this rlly shitty straight relationship for Kai instead
TLDR; fuck kailor
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bts-trash-blog · 9 months ago
Best Of Us
Chapter 2: Min Yoongi
Summary: Being an Omega is hard, it could be so lonely. The hardships that you would sometimes feel seemed to much, always expected of things you could never fully reach. Always seen as a piece of meat to some, seen as weak and stupid. So you worked your ass off to finally work your dream job. And the world all changed when you met one of the bosses. And couldn't help but end up falling.
Paring: Rap Line X Fem!Chubby OmegaReader
Warning: A/O/B!VERS, mentions of sexual harassment, heats, ruts, knotting, breeding, angst, possessive behavior, more warnings will be added as needed.
Chapter Edited
Tumblr media
Your eyes felt tired, the bright screen engraving in your brain as you blink slowly, making sure the schedules that Hoseok and Yoongi have match up with the schedule that the company needs them for. Jin was next to you, you look over and watched as he types away, probably busy applying with emails. You were on the computer, ipad in your lap as you let out a sigh, hand moving to rub against the back of your neck. Jin had already put your upcoming heat into the books, three months from now, both blushing once they realized you had actually just gotten out of your heat cycle not too long ago when you said the date, you get them every three months. You saw it had fallen around the time the two had taken off, making you blush as you realize that the two Alphas third is an Omega, who had a similar heat schedule as you. But you shook it off. It happens, millions of Omegas probably have the same schedule as you.
Your eyes snap to your email, there a new notification had you opening it,from with Coffee as its subject matter. Opening it your eyes scan the message making you fight a small laugh with how right Hoseok was.
I’m in need of a fresh cup of coffee, ask Jin for his company credit card, and pick me up and An americano with three shots of espresso at the shop across the street. Get yourself something as well, we’ll be having a long night tonight. I’ll explain more later.
-Min Yoongi
Moving to log out of your computer as you let out a breath, your hand running down your shirt as you let out a yawn. Opening the ipad again as you look at Jin who was already handing you a black card making you smile, the cold slick card felt heavy making your eyes widen.
“Black card, fucking rich mutts.”Jin chuckles making your eyes widen even more as Jin let out a laugh as he cleares his throat and gives you a smile. “They know his nasty order, just say you're there to pick up for Mr. Min, and they’ll make it right away. Also if you get yourself something can you get me and pumpkin spice? No whip.” You nod as you move to leave only for Jin to call your name.
“They're elevators in this hall you can use, that way you don’t have to deal with any Alphas, here take my I.D.” He hands you the clip that was attached to his shirt pocket, you smile and nod once again grabbing the I.D card.  Turning on your heel and walking towards Hoseok office you see the two metal doors five feet from Hoseok office, sliding the card it dings open. As you step in you see Hoseok's head poke out excitement on his face but it falls turning into confusion but with a shake of a head he’s nodding once he sees it was you. Stepping in, you press the bottom floor button, back leaning against the metal box as you take a deep breath. Your phone in hand lights up, your mothers message about making sure you ate, reminds you how hungry you were becoming. Though you brush it off as you felt the elevator stop moving, the doors sliding open as you step out, the marble floor meeting glass walls had you sighing as the sun reached you. Your body moving to the door in front of you, stepping outside you were met with the cold wind that nips at your skin. The smells of the bustling city ahead, has you closing your eyes for a second as you open them and look across the street, a small little cafe was there. It had a comforting feeling even from all the way across the street, it looks like a whole different world.
Walking down the steps you wait, watching traffic as you join a small group of people walking across the street you quickly move onto the other side. Walking into the shop you are greeted kindly, moving to step in line you look at the menu. Eyes glazing over every word, deciding what you want. As you move forward, you felt a presence behind you, it made a shiver go up your spine. Taking a deep breath in you move the counter, the Omega behind it smiling brightly at you, though his eyes move behind you and tilts his head. Asking if you were okay in an Omega way. Nodding slowly you clear your throat.
“So I have an order for Mr.Min, and on top of that can I get a medium pumpkin spice no whip, and a medium caramel macchiato.” He nods slowly, eyes jumping from you to the Alpha behind you, typing in the order as he smiles brightly at you.
“That will be $21.34, ma’m.” Nodding you hand him the slick black card you had pressed against the screen of your phone. You watch as he swipes, handing it back as he looks at you with a smile as you felt the Alpha behind you shift, his hand brushing against your back making you flinch.
“Uh can you not touch me.” You said, eyes glazing back as you saw the Alpha smirk at you, humming as his hand reached up and twirls your hair that was in a ponytail slightly tugging making you wince.
“I don’t know you, now leave me be.” Your words were met with a growl making your heart race as quickly as you could move to the side leaving him where he stood as you reached the waiting area, a smirk on his face. The Alpha's eyes lingering as you watch the Omega behind the register be replaced with a Beta when the Alpha let out a growl at them when the Omega let his eyes roll.
“Your workers should learn respect.” The unknown Alpha said as you watch the drinks being made, your eyes widening as you smelt pheromones that had you wanting to curl in on yourself, hide away.
“No. You should learn not to touch my customers. I saw what you did to that Omega over there.” At the mention of you that Alphas eyes moves to you, scanning over you as he lets out a snort.
“Shes just a fat little omega, what’s it too you bet you’d like to fuck her to.”
“Leave.” The man growls, making the other one roll his eyes as he shrugs and starts to walk off.
“Just because you protect them in here doesnt me they're safe out there.” His words had a shiver rush down your spine, as a cup holder with your three cups of coffee presented to you. Your eyes watching as the tall, bulky, scary Alpha stops off. Making sure he went out of your sight before you grab the cup holder.
“I’m sorry, we usually don’t have people like that in here..please dont feel scared of picking up more coffee here.” The Omega said, his large lips slightly parted, blonde hair falling in his eyes as he blinks at you, you took a nervous breath as you smiled brightly at him. “I’m Jimin by the way.” Taking a breath in his sweet smell calms you, it wraps around you and has the end of your lips curling into a half smile.
“Y/n, and I doubt my boss would let me stop coming here, I hear this is his favorite place,”
“He’s my boss too.” His words had you blinking rapidly as he let out a giggle, his head shaking as smiles a toothy smile at you. “He owns this coffee shop. Min Yoongi owns this whole strip of shops actually.” You nod slowly as you bow slightly.
“We’ll I must get back to it, it was nice talking to you. See you later.” He bows back, moving to get back to work as you push your way out of the shop and start your way back to the building. Hyper aware of everything around you, eyes looking back and forth, again and again as you cross the street. Trying to see if you would catch the scent of the Alpha, and when you walk through the front, greeted by the same Receptionist relief filled your chest. Her eyebrows quirke up as she watches your shoulders drop.
“You good?”
“Great..wher..uh where is that elevator that goes right up to their offices?” You wonder already feeling turned around, mind frizzled and it was only half the day. She gives you a soft smile, standing her body leading you down the same hall, the building's big glass wall shining, reflecting a rainbow on the floors.
“So I remember, one two and three are for the business floor and number four, also has golden doors, though only in the light.” You nod as you see the slight golden tint of the doors as you smile, hand moving trying to flick Jins tag against the screen as she smiles, grabbing it for you and sliding it, clipping it onto your jacket collar.
“Thank you.”
“Of course, good luck.” Nodding as you step in, the elevator doors closing  you finally let your body and mind completely relax. Eyes closing for a second as you feel the world move around you. Your Omega calming as well, falling back as the doors open, moving forward your toes hit something making you yelp coffee almost falling, only one tipping over as you see scuffed leather shoes, now covered in what you'd assumed was yours or Jin's coffee. Your gaspe mixes with a whimper when the smell of musk, mixing with fire wood and pine enters your space with the smell of coffee.
“I am so sorry,” You squeak, head staying down as you stay in place, waiting for the voice, the tone.
“Fucking hell.” He mumbles, you watch him step back, shaking his shoe as he lets out a sigh, your eyes peeking up. Dark brown almost black eyes were looking at you then down to the ground, dark brown hair falling into them as his pale skin almost glowed under the light. You let out another whimper as Jin moves and took the now slightly soaked paper cup holder as you shook your hand. Just then in the moment realizing the coffee on your blouse as you felt it stick to your skin making you let out a whine as you move to lift it off of you. It had to be white. You thought as you fully stepped out of the elevator, the door shutting behind you as you looked and saw an Alpha, who you were assuming was Yoongi. Glaring at the shoes, the old looking shoes. Your eyes widen as you cover your mouth.
“I am so sorry Alp-sir-mr.min I-” You cut yourself off, a whimper passing your lips as you felt your eyes build with tears.
“I..just watch where you’re going pup, fucking hell.” You watch him grunt moving to Hoseok's office, hands moving to take the shoes off as you sniffle fighting the tears. Jin quickly moves to lift your chin as you take a deep breath. As you feel his skin against your, you flinch making his eyes widen as you press a hand to your chest. Taking deep breath after deep breath you tried to control your scent, that was most likely going sour as your panic with the way it went meeting your boss.
“Calm down Y/n.” Jin mumbles, making you take a deep breath as you whip under your eyes, tapping trying to keep your makeup neat as Jin leads you to your shared desk, sitting in his chair.
“I jus-Iwasn-I’m gonna lose this internship, I can’t..” You mumble as Jin bends down in front of you, hands awkwardly resting, hovering, above your thighs as you let out shaky breath.
“You aren’t gonna lose this, you were chosen because of your talents. You are human, he..he got a call from the coffee shop manager and Yoongi didn’t like it so he wanted to make sure you felt safe.” You nod slowly as your breathing slowly clamind, suddenly you let out a whine as you feel the wet fabric press back against your skin.
“I just..I can handle a sleazy Alpha, I omega doesn’t handle stuff well. So I was relaxing in the elevator trying to calm down and..and I just..wasn’t looking.” He nods as if he understood, though you and your Omega knew he didn’t it calmed you more. As he moved his hands from hovering over your thighs to his own. His eyes blink as he looks you up and down, yet no chill went down your spine. Nothing in your froze. You felt comfortable. Something you rarely felt with Alphas that weren’t family.
“I could tell, hey I think they might have a spare button up.” His words had you blinking, head shaking slowly as you took a deep breath in.
“Wearing the bosses clothes, that's odd.” Your words had him chucking as you let out a sigh, hands moving to rest over your face as you heard him move around.
“What do you want to wear a wet, coffee stained top the rest of the day?” You peak through your fingers, his hand leant out as you sigh, reaching for it as he helped you up.
“My mothers gonna kill me when I come home in an Alphas shirt.” You said, painfully giggling at your own words, though fear was evident in your voice.
“You still live with your parents?” His question had your heart hurting, as you nod slowly, hand dropping from his as you follow him to Hoseok's office.
“Wait, the man I spilt coffee on is in there.” You whisper hand reaching for his sleeve, making Jin shake his head as he knocks, a come in was heard and he opens the door. Your eyes linger at the glass wall curved around the room. The floors were the same as in the hall but the wall, the two there were on either side of the door, were off white. There was a suede couch and a coffee table, leather chair in front of at least a six foot long desk that went into a curve at the end with two large monitors. Hoseok was sitting at his desk Yoongi leaning against it, both whipping shoes as you hid behind Jin.
“Jin, Y/n what is it?’ Hoseok ased, smiling softly as you peek your head over Jin's arms, though your body was able to be slightly curved out from Jins waist, you were still fairly well hidden. But your scent couldn’t be masked, not even with the slick suppressor you took. It just helped stop the overall extra silk build up omegas had, to normal like an Alpha female or Beta. But your sticky sweet Omega scent still swirls around you.
“Y/ns top is all ruined, she needs to borrow one for the rest of the day.”
“They might not even fit, Jin.” You mumble, making him shush you as you watch Yoongi place a shoe on the ground and move around the desk, his attire as black, just black.You watch as he moves to a wardrobe that is against the wall to your right. You make eyes contact as he scans you up and down, grabbing a white button up and tossing it your way.
“Should fit.” he mumbles, making you nod awkwardly as Jin steps away from standing in front of you now closer to Hoseok's desk as they extanched hsh whispers.
“I’m sorry again about th-”
“It’s no problem I shouldn’t have been that close to the doors anyway..just keep your eyes up when you walk through doors, pup.” he mumbles, his eyes lingering on your face as you felt heat rush down your head to your neck. Hand slightly kneading at the top in hand as he gives you a small tight lip smile. “Seriously Y/n, it’s not an issue, I just didn’t like what I heard from the shop manager. I was worried, when you’re working for us, here, you are under our protection and we want to make sure you are safe. So I wanted to see where you were and maybe walk you back up here but I underestimate how fast you walk.” You nod as you hear a throat get cleared, eyes snapping to Hoseok who gives you a head tilt.
“What happened at the coffee shop?”
“Some Alpha is where can I change?” You wonder making Yoongi point to a door that you had missed when scanning the room, you nod. Moving to walk past the two of them as you hear hush whispers between the two. Pushing it away as you open the door, light flickering on as you shut it behind you. Eyes looking around, making sure nothing was too weird, hand placing the top over the sink as you begin to unbutton, wondering just how bad your body suit was stained. As you exposed the white under shirt you let out a soft groan, slipping it off as well meaning you had to remove your pants. Tripping over your feet having you grunt slightly as you felt blush forming hoping the nose wasn't too loud. Once the body suit was removed and your pants were back up, your hand moving to grab the much softer button down.
Brining it slowly to your nose, you smell. The deep breath was audible, having your eyes widen hoping it didn’t reach the Alphas ears. The scent of the Alpha though faint, would coat your skin till your next shower. It was Hoseoks. His shoulders broader than Yoongi must've ment he wore bigger tops. Crossing your fingers you move to put it over your arms. Thank the universe it slipped over them without a fight, buttoning, seeing that it only hung slightly lucky that it wasn’t as tight as you thought it was going to be. Though it was more form fitting then your liking as you buttoned it. It showed the hour glasses curves, and the slight back roll you had at your bra, your stomach though blended softly with how big your breast ate is still fairly large. You cruse as you try to button at your breast, cursing again and again under your breath as you let out whine. Spaces. Between every button once they were over your bra was a space.
“Knew it.” You whispered when you heard a knock, your hand resting on either side of the sinka s you took a breath in, rain.
“Everything okay?”
“I told you it wasnt gonna fit. I look like a whore.” You whispered, knowing that Jin had heard you, you heard him sigh as you let out a frustrated breath.
“I’ll grab your blazzer.” You nod, knowing that he can’t see you, hoping it would cover you enough for you to feel comfortable. Waiting for a moment a knock had you cracking the door, Jin stood there a kind smile on his face as you grabbed the Blazer shutting the door in his face. You quickly slipped it over, buttoning it, thankful the top button was right above where your cleavage was. Though it looks slightly off it would have to do. Stepping out, soiled clothes in hand you give him an appreciative smile.
“Thank you sir.” You said towards Hoseok who smiled brightly at you, Yoongi leaning over his side hand on his arm as they looked down at the paperwork in front of them.
“Fits okay?”
“Uh it will work.”
“You know you can always bring a sweatshirt or hoodie for work, especially if we tell you ahead of time it’s gonna be long hours. We know how uncomfortable work clothes can be for omegas.” Hoseok said eyes still on the paper works as you nod, almost bobbing your head as you move to leave when you realize Jin had left the room. “Where are you going? You’re our intern aren’t you?”
“Uh yeah, I am.”
“Well come over here,” Hoseok said as Yoongi moves so you could stand on the side he was at, you were handed a sheet, a paper full of numbers. “So we need to see what stock we need to drop, what’s your opinion.” You nod moving to sit in the leather chair across from his desk, sitting crossing your  ankles, eyes scanning over the numbers.
“Do you have the last months..maybe even the last six? I want to know which ones have been bouncing and which ones are staying pretty much the same.” Your words had Hoseoks and Yoongi smiling as Yoongi handed you a file, you placed the newest numbers onto the desk, opening the vanilla file. Eyes scanning, biting your lips every so often, the only sound was the clicking of Hoseok on a laptop, the sound of you flipping through the papers, and the soft breath of Yoongi. “So uh just from seeing the number from the last three, I see a pattern with the JYP for uh the housing developments? They never stay the same, always bouncing, and I noticed the notes of complaints from the employees over lack of pay and improper production plans and complaints of roading that never gets fixed. I think they should be dropped, you’re losing money every other month, and the last two were both low. Really low.” You look up to see the two smiling at you and then at one another.
“Wow we chose good.” Hoseok said, making Yoongi roll his eyes, scoffing as he straightened himself up. “Oh hush.” Hoseok shook his head as you handed the folder back as Yoongi looked at you.
“Now do that with the twenty other stacks in my office.”
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corpsehusband-simp · 9 months ago
Request: Can I request sean x corpses sister reader? Like where Corpse wanted to introduce her to. The group and sean is automatically head over heels for her?
A/N: Im so sorry I’ve been MIA, life has been crazy but im back now and motivated! This is a little rough but I hope you enoyed it.
pairing: Corpse x Sister!Reader, Jacksepticeye x reader.
“Okay, are you sure you’re ready ?” Your twin brother corpse asks you for the millionth time. Today you were going to stream with him and meet all his friends which you were both nervous about, Corpse really wanted his friends to like you and you wanted to be liked. You look over at Corpse on your skype cam and playfully roll your eyes.
“ I was born ready. Plus it’s not like I’ve never played video games before, It’s just never been in front of millions of people before.” You worked a ‘normal’ 9 to 5 job but always made time to watch your brothers streams and videos, you truly were his number one fan. Supporting him when no one thought he would make it. You always had each other’s back.
“Okay, everyone else is in the discord server already so im gonna add you and introduce you.” You let out a shaky breath and nod.
“And no one else can see us right?”
“Right, we can only see each other.” You nod again and there was a moment of silence before a loud chorus of voices filled your ears. Most sounded American except for one particular Irish voice that stood out to you. “Hey everyone!” You jump a little hearing your brother’s voice. You’ve known him your entire lives and he still startled you sometimes.
“Hey, Corpse!”
“Hey, Corpsie!”
“Hey! I want to introduce you guys to someone, this is kind of a big deal since but this is my sister Y/N/N.” You cant help but let out a loud laugh which startles everyone.
“I’m sorry I’m sorry I just didn’t know he was gonna call me that.”
“I told you I was gonna call you that!”
“I forgot!” You laugh which causes everyone else to laugh.
“I see the contagious laugh and forget full memory runs in the family” You hear a girl speak up. “I’m Valyrae by the way but you can call me Rae”
“And I’m Sykkuno!”
“I’m Charlie”
“Hey I’m peter or PP”
“Hi I’m Toast”
“I’m Poki!”
“I’m Ludwig”
“And I’m Jack or Sean either work” That was the voice you were most interested in.
“It’s so nice to meet you guys, I’m y-” You accidentally start to say your real name but quickly recover “Y/n/n, I’m Corpses twin sister.”
“C-can I ask you a question?” A soft voice asks you remember as Sykkuno.
“Of course,” You and Corpse say in unison.
“Oooo weird!!’ Jack laughs
“Do you two look identical? You sound so different hehe” You chuckle. That was something you got a lot because his voice was so deep and obviously yours was nowhere as deep as his. You look between Corpse and the little picture of you on the skype call.
“We look pretty similar, obviously I waay cuter” You tease which makes everyone laugh, it felt good to make people laugh.
“She’s lying in the cuter sibling.” Corpse playfully scoffs. This was a new side of Corpse that no one had seen yet. The twin brother.
“Unfortunally none of us can be the judge of that since weve never seen you” Rae says.
“Sean has seen me so he knows im the cuter sibling.”
“Yes but ive never seen Y/n/n, so i cant be a proper judge.”
“Y/n/n can I send him a picture?”
“Uh sure, only because I want to prove a point.” you chuckle. While the picture is being sent and looked at you look everyone up so you could see what they looked like. Everyone was very attractive but Jack stood out to you the most, his eyes made your heart flutter a little bit.
Jack on the other hand was losing his mind over you.
“Holy fuck” He mumbles to himself after muting his mic. You were absolutely gorgeous.
“So what’s your call Jack” The way you said his name made his heart skip a beat. He quickly clears his throat.
“I dont know guys you both are very attractive humans I dont think I can call this.”
“SIIIMP” Rae yells making you jump a little. “He’s totally simping for Y/n/n and doesnt want to hurt Corpse’s feelings” You call laugh and jack tries to hide his blush.
“What they are both attractive! You guys are just jealous that I get to see them and you cant!” He teasingly sticks out his tongue and blows a raspberry at everyone which only made everyone laugh more.
The introductions finally end and everyone gets comfortable with you in the chat before you finally start playing Proximity chat among us. It takes you a few rounds but you get the hang of being a crewmate and of course just as you get used to it you get Imposter.
“Oh god.” You groan as you walk down the hallway.
“Whats the ‘oh god’ for?” The Irish man’s voice fills your ears.
“I-uh um got a task I dont know how to um do.” Jack laughs
“You are a terrible liar, I can help you. We need a code word.”
“A code word?”
“Yeah for when its time to do the thing.” You laugh and nod.
“Oh okay...what about pineapple juice.”
“Pineapple juice?! All the words in the world and you choose that?” he laughs.
“What its the first thing that came to my mind!” Once you both compose yourselves you start walking around and you fake tasks and protect jack while he actually does his tasks.
“Pineapple juice!” You were confused at first but quickly kill the person next to you only to realize it was your brother.
“Oh no”
“Oh no”
“Im killed my own twin. There has to be some kind of rule against that.” You laugh.
“Right now we need to run!” You both run off and you get another kill before Corpse is found.
“Okay where was everyone?”
“WHO DID IT WHO KILLED TOAST AND CORPSE?! Sykkuno yells cutting off Chalie. You mute yourself as you laugh but not soon enough.
“Y/n/n why are you laughing?” you cover your mouth as you try to quiet the laughter.
“I just uh-just think sykkuno is funny is all.”
“Are you sure you arent laughing because you murdered youre own twin!” You bust out laughing again, you couldnt handle the pressure which only made everyone else start laughing.
“You are a terrible liar!” Jack laughs. In the end you get voted off but your teammate Charlie wins the game.
“I cant believe you killed me your own brother! Your twin!!” You only laugh harder.
“Im sorry I didnt know it was you!”
“Yeah because you teamed up with Jack!”
“What he nice and cute!” The cute part slipped out causing you to blush but no one acknowledges it until the next game when you find yourself alone with Jack again.
“So you think Im cute, how do you know what I look like?” his voice was laced with a teasing tone.
“I-might have looked you up.”
‘Only fair since I saw your face. We should play again sometime, it doesnt have to be among us.”
“Just me and you?”
“If youre okay with that.” you smile.
“Id like that.”
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machinegunbun · 5 months ago
Hi, can you finish that blurb? Just curious
Tumblr media
ok ok hold your death threats everyone :)
tw:smut, obviously. throwing up and Painal too ig, but also if you saw the first part of this blurb Colson mentions “making sure it hurts.” so we’re going by implied consent in this one. Some shit may be a little morally eh (as pimping your girlfriend out to your best friend goes) but its all in the name of smut so if youre not into it then just pretend it didnt happen? If that makes sense?  okay have fun drink water
Tumblr media
shutting the door behind him, you hear a faint click as he twists the lock. Your eyes go wide as you look up at him from your place on the bed, mouth propped slightly open by the shiny red ball. 
Rooks hand is already massaging his hard cock through his jeans as he admires the sight infront of him, his free hand coming up to brush a piece of hair from your face. 
You just can’t help but look, your eyes trailing down to where his hand is stroking himself through the rough confines of his jeans
Flipping you on all fours. He doesnt bother to take off your skirt, opting to flip it up and out the way. You feel the tip of his dick against your entrance, a small pain as he tries to push himself in your tight hole and the shaft of his cock as it slips. 
After a few attempts he gives in with a sigh, his thumb slipping into your ass, bending it when he reaches the hilt. A moan comes from your throat at the new and slightly intrusive feeling.
It took him putting two fingers in your tight hole, switching from his thumb to pointer and middle finger and pumping in and out for a few minutes each before he managed to fit himself inside you. 
It hurt, but in a good way. You could feel him stretching you as he pumped in and out, but you liked knowing you were making him feel good at your own expense. Plus, the noises coming from him only worked to make you wetter. Laying down a bit so your back was arched, you reach under your body and play with your clit, moaning at the release of tension that had built in the bundle of nerves.
“Fuck, has Colson ever had your ass before?” He asks, a blush coming over your face. You go to respond verbally, quickly reminded of your current handicap. You shake your head, made slightly difficult by the grip Rook had on your hair. Groaning at your response, his thrusts increase in pace, along with your whimpers, your pleas quickly silenced by the shiny red ball in your mouth.
“Tell me how much it hurts.” He demands, removing the gag from your mouth and sliding it down to your neck, using it like a leash to pull you back towards him.
“Fuck,” you gag, getting used to the feeling of your newly empty mouth “It hurts. I can feel you stretching me.” Whimpering as you make eye contact with him, his eyes full of lost as they trail down your body, grip on the gag wrapped around your neck tight as his gaze lands on your fingers playing with your clit.
“Oh, but you like it? Colson’s right, you are a dirty little slut, and you’re getting exactly what you deserve.” He hums, whispering in your ear “You know, I actually felt bad for a minute, punishing your tight little asshole, but the whole time you were getting off on it. You slut” his tone so accusatory as he releases his hold on your gag, letting you fall to the bed.
“Do you think Colson would be mad if he knew I played in your tight little hole before he got the chance? That I fucked you in your tight little asshole and you liked it. That you’re such a horny little slut you’d let me go against his wishes.” Rook moans, placing a harsh smack to your ass while he relentlessly pounds away, his middle and pointer finger hooking into your mouth and pulling back.
“He’d kill us.” He groans, his pace quickening as he chases his orgasm “M’not gonna cum in you.” he hums, choking on his words “M’not gonna cum in your ass, okay? Colson will never know. And you’re not gonna tell him, yeah? Just gonna be our little secret.” He whispers, hot breath fanning over your neck as he moves a piece of hair from your face
“Ride me.” He says, breathless and laying back in bed, his hard member standing straight. You’re ontop of him, facing the door when you feel his hand come across your ass once more.
Reaching back, you wrap your hand around his hard cock, watching as he admires your body, his hand coming up to squeeze your breast. Lining him up with your hole, you sink down slowly, a small whimper falling from your lips. Rook groans at both the feeling and your reaction to taking him in your ass, your hips lightly bouncing against him. His gaze locked on your tight asshole taking him, the way it squeezes around his cock, the way you whine everytime you take all of him.
Rooks hands come up to grip your hips, pushing and pulling you to maintain the pace, forcing you to take him again and again and again. Soon his heels are digging into the bed and he’s thrusting inside you, eager to reach his high.
“Fuck, m’gonna cum. Get off me.” He says, not strong enough to pull out himself. You gladly do as he says, slowly turning around to face him, your asshole empty and burning, completely used. You relished in the feeling, knowing that you’d have to deal with it long after he’d came. 
The thought that he had just used your asshole and didn’t even bother to cum, causing you so much pain only to pull out at the last second. Fuck, was it hot. You were completely his and there was nothing you could do about it. He could do whatever he wanted to you and you weren’t allowed to object. His toy, his fuck thing, whatever he needed to reach his high. You could cry and beg for Colson, but it didn’t matter, he wouldn’t stop until he was done with you.
Rook took a moment to catch his breath, his abs lifting up and down as he attempts to slow his heart rate.
“Get on the floor.” He says simply, breaking the silence. Doing as your told, you feel your knees hit the carpeted floor, glancing up at him for further direction.
“By the wall.” He says. You crawl over slowly, your knees dragging against the floor as you make your way. Standing on your knees, you let your back rest against the wall, staring intently as he makes his way over to you.
He pulls your arms up over your head, ripping the shirt from your body and tangling his fingers in your hair, pulling back so you’re looking up at him, watching as he strokes his cock. Pushing down on at the base, he rubs his tip across your tongue before pushing all the way in. He falls into pace quickly, throat fucking you, gagging as you feel him hit the back of your throat with nowhere to go, trapped between the wall and his hips. 
Your head bumps lightly against the wall as he thrusts into your throat. You try your best not to gag, but his thrusts are relentless. You try to warn him by tapping on his leg, but he’s too lost in his own pleasure to notice. It’s not until you have an especially loud gag that he realizes what’s happening, a smirk coming across his face as he continues his actions.
“Is that too much? Are you having trouble breathing. Huh? can’t hear you through all that gagging. Lemme see, are you touching yourself again, slut?”
It’s not long before you feel something start to come up your throat. You can’t tell if Rooks actions are purposeful or not, so once again you try to warn him
“Are you gonna throw up on my dick? Good.” he hums in response, pulling a trashcan over quickly. You bend over it, throwing up in to the plastic bag within.
“Keep fucking going.” He says, pulling you back into place, sliding back down your throat. You continue to suck his dick, shakily. The burning in your asshole from being stretched and the burning from your throat starting to take a toll on you. 
Just when you think maybe you can’t do it anymore you feel him spurting down your throat, swallowing his load hastily. Rook remains full submerged in your mouth for a moment before pulling out, his head hung back in pleasure.
“Oh shit, are you okay?” He asks, laughing a bit, his hand coming down to support your chin. The action was soft and sweet in complete contrast to the last thirty minutes.
“Yeah, im good.” You squeak
“Awh, let me go get you some water. Poor thing.” He says, throwing on a pair of pants and making his way to the kitchen. Colson must’ve seen him leave, because he made his way into the room, his eyes falling on the bed first, eyebrows furrowing when he saw you weren’t there. His eyes begin to scan the room, eventually landing on you.
“Oh, hey.” He greets softly, making his way over to you “what are you doing over here? Did you throw up?”
“Rooks a fucking freak.” You reply, wiping your mouth. Colson snorts softly at this, picking you up and carrying you to the bathroom. The bath was already all set up for you, bubbles and all. 
“Clean up real quick and then we can cuddle.” He says, placing a kiss on your cheek as he allows you to stand on your own “Need any help?”
“No, thank you.” You reply, climbing into the bath.
Eventually, you were out and dry, wrapped up in blankets next to Colson while he rubbed your back, Rook sitting at the end of the bed.
“Wait, so what all did ya’ll do.” He asks, straining his neck a bit to look over at you.
“I dunno,” you blush, burying your face in his shoulder “we fucked.” Both of the boys laugh softly
“Yeah we just like- Fucked,” Rook laughs again as he explains “she blew me for a little bit.”
“That’s it? She just, like, blew you?”
“Nah, I mean, we did anal at first.” Rook admits, Colson’s jaw dropping in shock as he looks over at you.
“You didn’t tell me you were into that.” He says softly, pouting. You glance down at Rook, who’s rubbing his eye “I’m not mad, I just didn’t know it was something you’d be into.”
“That’s okay, now that he knows he’ll be sure to use that information to his advantage.” Rook adds, smirking.
“Yeah, exactly.” Colson laughs, booping you on the nose and taking a moment to look at you before placing a kiss there aswell. 
“Alright I’ll leave you guys to that, i’m tired.” Rook says, yawning and stretching as he stands up.
“Really? It’s only 12Am, you never go to bed this early.” You say, glancing over at the digital clock next to you and colson’s shared bed.
“What can I say, you tired me out.” He winks, getting hit in the back of the head with a pillow as he goes to leave.
“Hey, watch it.” Colson jokes, “and give us our pillow back, please.” He continues, mumbling the last part.
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sugardaddykenma · a year ago
hq headcanons [tinder]
hq! on tinder 
note: some nsfw, all aged up. back at it again WITH DUMB SHite at 2am by yours truly. was thinking about all the dumb shit ive seen on dating apps over the years, and truly some people should be in J A I L for the bios they use. love u all, stay sick. dm me more tinder hcs i NEED a laff.
Tumblr media
daichi sawamura ➝ has a stupid fucking bio that reads “you keep saying ‘fuck the cops’ and yet heres your chance” hddhfajkhda and has photos of him at the gym or in uniform. mediocre at conversations and only got tinder after a bad breakup, so hes very sensitive. 
koushi sugawara ➝ hes not on tinder hes on bumble - HOWEVER, the most drastic bio like “ill carve out initials onto a tree on our first date because thats the most romantic way to let you know i have a knife”.  god why is this man so perfect. but honestly a great person to message, actually funny and paces his convo. will never send you unsolicited dick pics. 
asahi azumane ➝ his bio is “if you cant handle me at my worst then i respect you for setting health boundaries for yourself”. he has a link to his fashion portfolio and cute photos of him with his cutest friends so that he will look less scary. the hair wins him major points. too scared to message anyone first
yuu nishinoya ➝ has been banned from tinder twice - once for saying he was a woman looking for another woman, and once for pretending to be an escort. his bio is “i love tall women in heels, please step on me” and you know what? it fucking works because hes hot and all his photos are him travelling and doing stupid shit. 
ryuunosuke tanaka ➝ bio is “constantly washing my face so you have a clean place to sit”. his photos are him smiling too big and doing stupid shit as well. he has one photo of him with his granny and theyre both chugging a beer - and THATS what reels in the matches. a little too excited in messaging but the spirit is nice compared to how dry men usually are
tobio kageyama ➝ his bio is “two reasons you should date me. 1. ill share my food. 2. please” he has one photo and its his pro volleyball head shot. he never messages ANYONE back and unmatches if they say anything sexual because it spikes his anxiety. hes honestly horrified to be using it and is embarrassed
shoyo hinata ➝ definitely has a photo of him in the hospital after a volleyball injury so his bio can read “i like it rough”. all his photos are more feral than the next, he has one where hes just hopping 10 ft in the air holding a mannequin head. just so easy to message. downside: has his location set as three cities away so that he doesnt accidentally bump into people he matches with in public. what ? he cant be perfect!
kei tsukishima ➝ his bio is “you can sleep in my dumb t shirts as long as i can hold your stupid hand you piece of shit” OR “taller than your ex, so thats already an upgrade” absolutely degrades you, and if you bully him back he will fall in love with you. he isnt smiling in a single photo minus one where he has a smirk and its dumb sexy and im gonna beat this bitch uP.
tadashi yamaguchi ➝ his bio is “the only thing lower than my standards is my self esteem” and this man FUCKS! this man gets the most matches, wanna know why? because yamaguchi has the perfect profile, with his spotify linked and makes the sweetest personal one liners. his photos? immaculate, cute, casual, but also fun. however? too scared to ask anyone to meet.
ennoshita chikara  ➝ his bio is “dont know what i want or what im doing in life, so hmu if you have any pressing need to emotionally control me” with cute photos of him teaching kids volleyball, and a stupid meme. sorry, generic tinder mans.
kiyoko shimizu ➝ her bio is “my vibrator broke so here we are”. HOWEVER, its not her on the account. someone is using her photos to catfish. this angel would never be caught dead on a dating app.
hitoka yachi ➝ “so there i was, just standing there wondering why the volleyball was getting bigger as it got closer. then it hit me”  with a photo of her holding her broken nose and kags holding a bloody volleyball. also has just cute photos because shes a selfie queen.
keishin ukai ➝ deleted tinder after noticing all his old students were on there, and they kept trying to match with him to say “why are you set to meet people this young” and “yOU LIKE MEN” and “come here often” the last one was from noya when he was pretending to be a woman on tinder and he strung ukai on for two months. it was almost an episode of catfish.
saeko tanaka ➝ “outdoorsy in the sense that i like to get drunk on patios. also i have a criminal record but its for the cool shit.” all her photos are fucking wild, one of her getting a tattoo of the word ‘yikes!’ and a few on her motorcycle. we stan a bisexual ICON. god im in LOVE with this woman
Tumblr media
tetsuro kuroo ➝ this fuckers bio is “prepared to lie about how we met to our future kids”. and hes shirtless in every pic, INCLUDING the one where hes wearing a lab coat. if you make a joke about that not being proper lab attire he will attempt to commit marriage to you. will unmatch randomly if you dont pass the vibe check. the kind of guy you screenshot to send friends to check if hes a bot
morisuke yaku ➝  his bio is “short king. on tinder to make friends just like im on p0rnhub to see the plumber repair the sink” which if you ask me is SUPER aggressive. only swipes on women who are obviously gay and still in the closet. super sweet in messaging because surprise hes an angel. average photos minuts the one where hes wiping his sweat in practice to show his abs. smart man.
kenma kozume ➝ his bio is “my friend told me to download this app because i wont meet anyone my age on club penguin” and he’ll immediately ask what games you play, and will unmatch if you say none. his photos are him with cats or with kuroo, to make people slightly confused by who has the acct. surprisingly very very good at banter.
lev haiba ➝ his bio is “6′3, half russian, once got called a ‘fixer upper’” and he has one photo where his head is cut from the photo and he didnt even do it on purpose. the kind of dude to IMMEDIATELY ask for your number or snap because he doesnt like to msg on the app, fucking weirdo.
Tumblr media
yuuji terushima  ➝ stupid fucking hot piece of shit, definitely had a stupid bio like “you couldnt choose your father, but you can choose me to be your daddy” and photos with his tongue out. then hes a lil shy piss baby talking to you because hes scared to scare people off. goes off on super specific rants. will unmatch if you make fun of his hair. hate it. give it to me.
Tumblr media
tooru oikawa ➝  bio is “small dick big dreams”  jksdhakdhak IM KIDDING CALM DOWN STOP YELLING AT ME,,,, he doesnt have a bio just a string of emojis like “🏐🇯🇵💪”. he has model shot photos basically but one photo of him yelling into a mic for clearly a karaoke night of sorts. barely responds and uses tinder mostly as an ego boost.
hajime iwaizumi ➝ his bio? “looking for my future ex-wife” his photo? a photo of him holding his hand around air with an edit of text saying “this could be you” in his arms. and some photos showing off those arms. way 2 horny over message that its weird. but also discloses his mental health proBLEMS WAY TOO QUICK.
issei matsukawa ➝ bio is “6′9 - sorry i put both my measurements together, but yeah i am 6′2″ this man is only there to get some, and if youre looking for a date then dont swipe on him lmaoooo however probably the only good one night stand of your life so i say do it, its worth listening to his horrid drake playlist i promise.
akira kunimi ➝ his bio is “i love a person who can cook... some crystal meth with me.” would have the most chaotic photo series and ONE good photo of him, like the man has a photo of an oversaturated frog and photos of him zooted out of his mind. if you say you dont smoke he’ll unmatch. it would work on me 
Tumblr media
koutarou bokuto ➝ OH MY GOD, his tinder bio is “just looking for someone to drive me around while i stick my head out the window and demolish mailboxes with my fucking head” with a photo of him patiently sitting in an empty car with him in the passenger seat. hes honestly so easy to talk to, but hes so busy that he never messages back. his location constantly changes to “keep em guessing”
keiji akaashi ➝ his bio is “sapiosexual. fact checked essay in the streets, unmoderated comment section in the sheets” and my GOD he does give off academic gaslighter vibes yk, BUT its worth it because he has one photo in grey sweats where you realize he is truly packing. its worth having to pretend to care about philosophy and quentin tarantino, baby u can do it.
akinori konoha  ➝ his bio is “looking for a feminist to buy me dinner” and you know what hes so cute that iLL LET IT PASS. he has fun photos but what REALLY works for him is a photo he took where he photoshopped harry styles into, as konoha once said “them bitches love harry styles”
Tumblr media
wakatoshi ushijima ➝ has a photo of him holding a fish. his bio just says “i play professional volleyball. ” thats it. however, of course he gets bitches, are you kidding me, hes fucking huge. difficult to message because hes so dry, but hes just so sweet, that if you manage to get him on a topic he cares about (volleyball. family, TLC shows) he finally shows himself. worth the emotional work of having to carry the conversation because of his monster cock
satori tendou ➝ his bio is “imagine this. we go on a date, you pick the restaurant but i pick the bar. we go back to my car - but the cars on fire, youre freaking out and about to call the fire dept. you look back. im holding mashmallows on a stick, ready 4 roasting. we cuddle laugh and have fun, and when were just about to kiss - i chloroform you, rob you, and steal your identity. wasnt even my car on fire” and just a photo from 5 years ago with ushiwaka for clout.
tsutomu goshiki  ➝ his tinder bio is “im just a boy, standing in front all of the people of this app, asking for them to love me.🏐 leo.” cute photos with friends where you can tell hes just a simple cutie, but he also has a photo of him with a nose bleed and everyone tells him to take if off and he refuses because he thinks it makes him look tough. really he just looks like a serial killer. uses way too many emojis in messaging.
shirabu kenjirou ➝ stupid fucking medical stupid bio like “ASU 2021. Cute enough to take your breath away, smart enough to bring it back” and has too many photos of him in lab coats. like fuck off bro. he’ll message you back like ‘oh sorry i was studying see i have a PASSION for healthcare which you would understand IF YOU HAD A PASSION’. if he messages you past 1am hes having a panic attack and baby you didnt sign up for this app to be a therapist.
Tumblr media
atsumu miya ➝ some dumb shit like “over 6′0 ft because apparently that matters” and never matches with anyone because hes way too picky, he once swiped left on someone because they put their horoscope and he cant “deal with that witchy shit bro”. also will message people like “you free tn im tryna fuck” hes insane
osamu miya  ➝ “i keep having this issue where i make dinner for two but i only have one stomach - so looking for someone to eat out, wait fuck i got that wrong i meant to eAT WITH.” all photos of him with food. kind of a dry texter but worth it for that meal.
rintarou suna  ➝ bio is “if what youre looking for a man is a good personality, then youre in luck because i have multiple” and every single photo is the exact same but slightly zoomed in more, making the last photo just a really close zoom in of his face. its terrifying.
shinsuke kita ➝ his bio is “my name is kita shinsuke and im 22 years old. i work in rice manufacturing. i have three brother but i dont think thats relevant. i really like to read and spend time with friends. looking for someone to hold me.” thinks its supposed to be his ACTUAL BIO and he has the sweetest photos where hes smiling with friends and one of him cooking. clearly there for love even though no one else is. 
Tumblr media
takanobu aone ➝ “6′3 and will put your on my shoulders at concerts and in pools. just looking for someone to hold me truly.” he looks horribly awkward or scary in every photo, but he has one smiling with hinata which is adorable. definitely still reels in the dates though because it WORKS. easy to message but he is a little dry - but will send you photos of animals he sees.
kenji futakuchi ➝  his bio is "just looking for someone to talk with for weeks, get to know them so intimately that it feels like love, then have them leave me hopelessly wondering what i did wrong" and his photos are all almost professionally shot. honestly, horrifying but worth the emotional yoyo you’ll play with this insane man.
kanji koganegawa  ➝ his bio is like “you like bad boys? good because im bad at everything.” one of his photos is a failed exam that just says “3/84 REALLY KANJI? THIS IS THE BEST YOU CAN DO” but also just cute candids. 10/10 youll probably actually date him it would work on me
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