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thetwstwildcard · 7 days ago


More Book of Life kids book images sans text

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thetwstwildcard · 7 days ago

⚰️ for Anansi and Catherine, for the angst


“What…?” Catherine’s eyes widened at Ruggie’s words “You’re lying…” she stumbled back “Anansi wouldn’t die…!!!” She shouted as her voice cracked. Ruggie looked down, about to speak “He told me not to die… He wouldn’t leave me like this, would he?” she trembled before her knees went out beneath her. As she fell to the ground she wailed, clutching her hands to her chest. Tears poured non-stop from her eyes; her ears laid flat against her head. She hid her face in her hands, shaking with each sob. Ruggie put his hand on her shoulder, slowly Catherine looked up. The cat’s eyes were now blue as she stared blankly at her friend, and yet the tears continued.


“No…” Catrina sobbed, holding the body of her son. The flowers began to wilt in her crown, the golden dust falling onto Theodore’s lifeless face. Tears continued to stream down the woman’s face as she wailed. Was she now a true La Llorona? Slowly she brushed the hair out of his face, putting a golden marigold in his hair. The mother spoke to the world “La Muerte…” she called out to her ancestor “Is this what you wanted?! You stole my brother from me, and now you steal my son!” She wailed, tears turning to gold the same way they did when she lost Dante. “Mijito…”she spoke softly, holding his face in her hands, “Lo siento… I couldn’t even protect you…”

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thetwstwildcard · 16 days ago

⚰️ either Leroy Catherine, Elysia Seraphim or Nanoya Lovette


“Elysia…” Valdis spoke softly, trying to get her attention as he put a cup of tea next to her. She didn’t move, instead she continued to stare at the wilting bouquet of flowers. For days all she did was stare, watching them slowly wither with blank eyes “I…” she started, her voice slightly hoarse. She didn’t turn to Valdis, instead the male peered at her “I never understood why mortals loved flowers… While beautiful they are destined to die, leaving behind no trace. Their beauty does not change the fact that one day they will leave this world…” her lip trembled.

“Perhaps mortals are drawn to them because flowers remind them of themselves. It wasn’t until Seraphim that I questioned that…” tears started to prick at her eyes “I’ve seen so many mortals come and go, they wish for more time. Frantically they beg death to let their clocks tick just a bit longer… They are a fleeting existence…” Valdis reached out, putting his hand on hers as she continued “Powerless beings who always wish for more time, cursing their mortality… But I think immortality truly is a worse curse…”


“Lizard… T-this isn’t funny…!!!” Catherine trembled as she desperately looked for a pulse “Leroy please, t-this prank is going too far…!!!” The cat tried to deny the truth as tears streamed down “Please…” the damage of the overblot was still around them “You… I was the one who was supposed to die… Not you…” she bit her lip before she hugged him, wailing loudly as she sobbed into his chest.

“You can’t leave me like this…” She pulled away, softly brushing his cheek before pressing her forehead against his “Please luv…” Catherine whimpered as she hoped it was all a horrible nightmare.


Another lover gone, after losing Ambrose Lovette didn’t think she would let another person close to her thorned off heart, let alone lose that person as well. The fox locked herself in her room. Lovette stayed curled up on her bed, hugging a pillow to her as she softly sobbed. Her tail wrapped around her body, ears pressed against her head.

“How could I be so stupid…” she scolded herself, she broke her own promise to herself ‘Do not fall in love, it only hurts’. She swore to only keep things superficial, never let anyone come close enough to hurt her. But her own warning went out the window with him. He didn’t see her as just a pretty face, but now he was gone. Lovette hated crying, hated how it made her look. But she couldn’t stop her tears.

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thetwstwildcard · 17 days ago
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thetwstwildcard · 30 days ago



  • Send questions about yourself
  • Ask questions to/about your characters
  • Ask about your headcanons 
  • Send questions about your works (fanfics, art, music, RPs, etc) 
  • Ask about popular ships/headcanons
  • Ask about plot ideas you’ve had but haven’t acted upon yet (snippets of AUs, a scenario you wish to write/draw but haven’t gotten to yet)
  • Questions about other ships/headcanons that aren’t as popular or are rarepairs
  • Questions or comments about favorite tropes, headcanons, characters, foods, weather, or anything else you are okay in answering!


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thetwstwildcard · 45 days ago


Heartslabyul seelies! ❤️


I’ll be doing more sometime soon hehe!~ look forward to em!~~~ [likes and reblogs appreciated!]

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thetwstwildcard · 52 days ago


“Would you like some roses? I grew them myself in my garden”

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thetwstwildcard · 68 days ago


Send one of the following symbols and one of my OC’s names and I’ll doodle:

👀 OC in their typical underwear
💤 OC in their sleep attire
🔞 OC in something sexy
🏄 OC in what they would wear to the beach/pool
👔 OC in what they would wear to a formal event (such as a wedding)
☠ OC in what they would wear to a funeral
👖 OC in what they would wear to a casual event (such as a birthday party)
👑 OC dressed as royalty
🚪 OC in what they wear when lounging around at home
💕 OC in what they would wear on a first date
❌ OC in something they would absolutely never wear
🎃 OC in a costume they’d wear for Halloween
🎄 OC in an ugly Christmas sweater
🚓 OC in a prison uniform
🚲 OC in athletic gear 
🐰 OC in a kigurumi of their favourite animal
❄ OC in what they’d wear on a very cold day
🔥 OC in what they’d wear on a very hot day
👕 OC in a T-shirt with something stupid printed on it (think Zazzle)
🎭 OC in another OC’s typical attire
📦 OC wearing something that isn’t clothes (such as a fig leaf, a barrel, etc.)
👻 OC in a really bad disguise
📷 OC in a stereotypical tourist getup
🙎 OC in something embarrassing
👗 OC in something from the 50’s
💀 OC in goth/emo/scene attire
💃 OC in some radical 90’s clothes
🌁 OC in a hoodie
🌋 OC in camping or adventuring gear
♠️ OC in their armor (or in some sort of fantasy armor if not applicable to their story)
🎨 OC in a cartoon character’s outfit 
🏨 OC in a maid outfit
🏥 OC in a nurse uniform
🐑 OC in farmer wear
👍 OC in a crop top

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thetwstwildcard · 68 days ago


Who asked for these? Absolutely no one :)

But feel free to use them ahdjsgshs

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thetwstwildcard · 88 days ago


Trying out a different brush with my new oc—

Keep reading

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thetwstwildcard · 91 days ago

Catherine really is my oc with the most variety

I’m working on my boys, she’s just so easy to draw ahhh

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thetwstwildcard · 102 days ago

So I wanted to design an older Catherine (and show off all the tattoos I wanted for add onto her)

She’d be around 25? She’s in a band(goes by the stage name “Shire”). The scar on her neck is from frabjous day while the green eyes are a symbol that she accepted that she is Alice and so the eye colors mixed

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thetwstwildcard · 172 days ago

Quick sketch to get it out of my head.

Overblot! Catherine

Her lace detail is in the shape of a teardrop. I was going to reference Alice (her outfit will be more Alice-like) but I also wanted to reference the mask she wears (aka her always smiling)

She will be overblotting in the “chapter” of one of my fandorms~

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thetwstwildcard · 221 days ago


I found this template and immediately went yes :)))))

In order here are the OCs and their owners!

Thank you to everyone who let me draw their OCs for this! 💙💙💙

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thetwstwildcard · 221 days ago



everytime twisted wonderland is called an otome game, a part of my soul leaves my body

I saw this on twitter and I think I’m going to stop existing✌️

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thetwstwildcard · 237 days ago


Does your OC prefer… 

  1. Coffee or tea?
  2. Hot or cold?
  3. Sunrise or sunset?
  4. Neon or pastel?
  5. Books or movies?
  6. Rural living or urban living?
  7. Cats or dogs?
  8. Stability or adventure?
  9. Brutal truth or blissful lie?
  10. Warm colors or cool colors?
  11. Coziness or opulence?
  12. Work or rest?
  13. Baths or showers?
  14. Late nights or early mornings?
  15. Tradition or innovation?
  16. Sweet or savory?
  17. Spicy or mild?
  18. Beach or forest?
  19. Chaos or order?
  20. Leather or denim?
  21. Peace or passion?
  22. Open space or closed space?
  23. Company or solitude?
  24. Fire or water?
  25. Shame or pride?
  26. Fight or flight?
  27. Past or future?
  28. Give or take?
  29. Loud or soft?
  30. Risk or safety?
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thetwstwildcard · 266 days ago

9 10 and 18 for Catherine? 😳

Is this gonna be me loving and showing off my friends amazing ocs? Yes.

Any ocs that Catherine would be attracted to romantically?

  • Oo Catherine has a wide variety of people she’s shipped with (she has a thing for non-humans aka beastfolk and merpeople).
  • She likes small and cute people she can protect like Tony @zonamemoryverse and Aster @starrylobster
  • People that “annoy” her but bring out the best in her like Anansi @keyenuta , Leroy @fumikomiyasaki and Vincent @twstankin
  • She’s a sucker for pretty ladies who look beautiful but can mess you up like Mira @in-that-deep-blue-sea and Dinah @twistedghostie
  • Rose kingdom boys who make her flustered like Mally (Ava make a twst account plz) and Stef @just-patchy
  • Her type goes all over the place, as long as they can keep up with a tsundere energetic cat they’re good (Catherine finds unique eyes super attractive)

Any ocs that Catherine would be attracted to platonically?

  • Catherine gets along best with easy going people. Opposites can attract with her (while she’s pretty hyper that’s also a bit of a mask)
  • Starting off with Raven @ellovett , “seeing eye cat”, loves the blunt honesty
  • Aya @permanentlyexhaustedowl a total sweetheart, a calming presence
  • Jun @wiseoldmystic she definitely wanted to befriend him after realizing they share a birthday. Both like sweets
  • Kibu @peteza-mozzarella affectionate cats (also cute cause black and pink), can definitely see Catherine dropping the fake smile and relaxing with him
  • Gian (@/just-patchy) cat solidarity
  • Amity @twistedikon more opposites with this one but Catherine is super interested with her. Also wants to help her (she’s super curious)
  • Ophelia @naturalwinter a sweet girl (Catherine often skips classes so I can see her helping her out)
  • Louis @i-just-want-my-empanada-goddamit affectionate Heartslabyul babes
  • Kelly @rose-tarts-and-angel-hearts once again a total sweetheart

Catherine can have anyone to be their date platonically or not to a party, who would they take? Why?

  • Oo there are a couple
  • Stef, both were born and raised in the Rose Kingdom and both went to (fancier) parties
  • Lorina @/twistedghostie elegant lady, will definitely make things go smoothly
  • Anyone that she can have fun with
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thetwstwildcard · 269 days ago


#twst ocs is my biggest hobby… and my greatest fear.

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