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Manipulative Tony doing a bunch of nice things for Peter, making the spiderman suit, getting him nice clothes, a new phone, filling up his and May’s fridge with food. He doesn’t treat it as a big deal, he’s a billionaire after all its not even a drop in the bucket to him. But once peter finally gets comfortable with it all Tony confronts him telling Peter he isnt doing all this for free, oh no. He expects Peter to repay him somehow. And Peter freaks out he has nothing to offer Tony and Tony knows that. Tony convinces Peter to give him sexual favors for everything he gives him. Tony sends Peter and May a pizza because theyre low this week and cant afford to eat. Peter blows Tony. Tony upgrades peters suit. Peter lets Tony fuck him. No favor goes unrepayed anymore.

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Prompt idea. Tony and Peter have been together for a while, and their friends (Avengers, Ned, MJ, etc.) assume Tony is the dominant one, when in fact Peter is the Dom and calling all the shots in their relationship. Tony is the needy sub

i’m low-key obsessed with this prompt, ngl. @peachbabypie​ is also somewhat responsible for my obsession w/ bottom/sub!tony recently.

warnings: peter is 19. mentions of a d/s relationship, slightly nff, submissive!tony

The jokes were funny, at first. The teasing sent Peter’s way about how “domineering” Tony must be in bed. He had a reputation, after all. It followed him everywhere and with every partner. Even into the Avengers, into creating the compound, and into his relationship with Pepper, and then Peter.

There were few who knew the truth, and fewer still who knew just how deep it ran.

So he let Clint have his jokes about Peter having a “Daddy kink.” He let Thor compliment the expensive clothing and shoot Tony a smug, knowing gaze over the boy’s head when he wasn’t looking. He even let Steve give him a talking-to about “not being so rough” on Peter in the bedroom, or “doing anything inappropriate to him outside of it.”

That exchange had been the source of a good fourteen minutes of laughter between the two of them.

The jokes stayed out of the bedroom, though. Tony knew that much. It wasn’t his place to sneer and jeer, not unless Peter wanted it.

Tonight wasn’t one of those nights. Tony could tell by the way Peter carried himself into the room, rolling his shoulders, hair still wet from his shower. Tony had stayed exactly as Peter had demanded him, on his knees, hands curled into fists on his thighs, while waiting for said shower to finish. His eyes were cast down, so he couldn’t see the proud smirk on Peter’s face until fingers lifted his chin up. Peter granted him silent permission for their eyes to meet.

“Good boy, Tony,” he cooed, and Tony tried not to let himself sink into Peter’s praise. “I’m glad you followed my instructions, because I have something special planned for you tonight. Up on the bed, babe, and we’ll get started.”

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Part 1 | Part 2

Notes: Things get spicier! Maybe? That’s a lie. As a side-note, I normally write from Tony’s perspective so it’s weird not getting to see a lot of the “why or how” behind his actions or his comings-and-goings. Some of the things he has in his hotel room, for example, or why he went off in the middle of the night to…do things. I’m trying to limit explanations to what Peter knows because sometimes I tend to elaborate too much (like I’m probably doing right now in this blurb) so that’s that. Anyway, as always, thanks for the love and support and I hope you enjoy! I promise the next chapter will have less talking, more smutting. 

Also, because of tumblr’s stupid tag algorithm, I won’t be posting tw’s in the tags, they’ll be available up here!

Warning(s): Underage, Non-Consensual Touching & Bondage, Crying, Kidnapping, Dirty Talk, Anal Fingering, Bloodplay (Kind of?).

Taglist: @hoeforthegays

AO3 Link


The least the bastard could’ve done before he left Peter tied to the bed was turn on the heat. The teenager was freezing, nipples pebbled, goosebumps dotting his flesh. “This sucks.” Okay, it more than sucked. He’d been knocked out, taken to a dingy motel room, had some mass murderer finger him, and now he could feel the zip ties chafing his skin. Peter had tugged on them once too many times, it seemed. His wrists were aching, and his thighs were faring no better. He hated it, but Peter was grateful that Tony — Mr. Stark — had pulled his boxers up before he’d left. At least he didn’t have to feel the lube chilling, nor his hole exposed to the air. That would’ve been the last amount of degradation he figured he could’ve handled.

Maybe not, all things considered. It could’ve been worse. The man could’ve raped him while he was at it. Peter had spent the better part of what he assumed was all night (light was beginning to filter in through the thin curtains) thinking of ways to escape, but between the handcuffs and the zip ties, his best bet was to wait until he could convince Tony to get rid of them.

Why did he keep thinking about him as Tony?

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Title: Disorder

Pairing: Peter Parker/Tony Stark

Summary: Peter is 240 pounds and miserable at only 17. He decides enough is enough and signs up for a gym membership and personal training lessons. With Tony as his trainer, Peter learns that there’s more to the journey than just losing weight.

Rating: Explicit (eventually, it’s a slow burn)

Word Count: When completed it will be approx. 75 thousand words

Status: WIP with 4 published chapters so far (approx. 25 to go)

Update Schedule: every other Saturday (next chapter will be posted Feb.29)

(Trigger warning for ED, negative thinking, food/self-esteem issues, etc.)

You can find it on my AO3

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i have had the most stressful and ridiculous weekend at work and want to be kinda selfish with my time over the next week. i needed two seconds to write something for myself before getting back to requests. sorry for making some of y’all wait. i just needed to write for myself, which means y’all get another little practice piece from me. let me have my soft starker for five seconds.

warnings: peter is 18+. that’s it.

Tony hurt. His joints ached, his head was pounding, and he was convinced it was blood he was currently tasting in his mouth. Sure, fighting criminals was easy when they didn’t have super powers or upgraded tech, but he still felt it when that one man’s getaway driver decided to hit him with their van.

If he turned his head the wrong way, would his neck crack? It felt stiff enough.

The door to the landing pad of his Malibu home slid open as he lowered himself down into his lab. Friday read of diagnostics as he slowly landed and made his way to the machinery that would undo his armor and set it back into its holding case. Tony couldn’t bring himself to listen, not while pain radiated up his left arm, all the way to his shoulder, and brought a tremor to his hand.

Tony gripped it, rubbed along the nerve, and told Friday goodnight. He just wanted to sleep.

He took the stairs slowly, wincing at the pain in his hip. Nothing felt broken, but it wouldn’t hurt to call someone in the morning. Maybe Dr. Cho could make a house visit.

Tony stopped at the top, momentarily confused as to why there were lights still on, until his eyes spotted a bright shock of red against the white couch. Peter was curled up, asleep, leaning against one of the arms with his legs tucked against his chest and curled fist pressing into his cheek. Tony felt his heart skip at the sight, and the tension in his body melted. 

Peter’s enhanced hearing managed to pick up his footsteps when he was just inches away; dark brown eyelashes fluttered open at Tony’s approach, and he smiled sleepily when Tony pushed his hair away from his forehead and placed a soft kiss there.

“Hey,” Peter greeted. His voice gave away tired he was, words crawling their way out around his tongue. His eyes closed again when Tony pressed their foreheads together. “Welcome home.”

“Sorry I’m so late, Pete,” Tony said. He kissed Peter’s forehead again, then took Peter’s hand gently in his own. He twisted his wrist to keep Peter from seeing the bruise forming along the back of his hand. “Let’s get you to bed.”

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Hi. Von here. On my birthday, the 15th, I was an idiot and accidentally deleted my main, which made all my sides disappear. Including starkerstories.

There were almost 1500 of you following me. I hope you’ll join me at my new blog @starker-stories 

Also, if you were following my RDJ blog, that changed too. RDJ-thirst became @rdjthirst

Basically the hyphen packed its bags and moved from RDJ to Starker. :) 

I miss everyone. Hope you come back.

If you could reblog this, that would be amazing. So the word can get out amongst the most of us.

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for @ardett , thank you for being so kind and patient with me 💕

nff, daddy kink

“Oh, oh that’s so good.”

Tony chuckles and dips his fingers back in the amber liquid of his glass. He takes them out, pressing his slick digits against Peter’s strawberry pink lips. Like the good boy he is, he slips them into his mouth, sucking off the remnants of peach schnapps.

 “I didn’t think you were a liquor person, baby,” Tony hums, pulling his fingers out of Peter’s mouth with a pop. Peter just giggles, tipsy from the alcohol.

“M’not,” He slurs, resting his head on Tony’s shoulder. The older man rubs his back comfortingly. His body heats when he feels Peter’s very prominent bulge resting against his own crotch. 

The room is hot anyways from the guests that pack the penthouse. Their chatter muddles with the thumping music playing over the speakers. The partygoers are everyone from important businessmen to ditzy groupies who just want to get laid by the Tony Stark.

Little do they know, his heart only beats for Peter. 

“Daddy,” The brunette whines in Tony’s ear, grinding his silk-covered hips downwards. “Can I have more?”

Tony throws his head back and laughs. Peter pops off of his shoulder, his thin lips turned downwards.

 “No, buttercup. Look how tiny you are. You can’t take anymore.” Tony hums, resting his fingers under the boy’s chin. Peter makes a disgruntled noise as Tony caresses his soft skin with his thumb.

The brunette’s eyes glint with adoration, though. Ice blue is sprinkled throughout Peter’s honey brown eyes, the doses of Extremis that Tony has given him nearly turning them completely blue. The older man had changed the formula just for his lover, wanting to keep the gorgeous pools of caramel visible. Peter leans forwards and presses his soft lips to Tony’s. The man smiles happily and kisses back, his left hand cupping Peter’s ass.

“You taste yummy,” Peter giggles when they separate, shrieking happily when Tony teasingly nips his bottom lip. The younger boy nuzzles Tony’s sharp jaw with his nose. “Mine.”

He feels a couple pairs of eyes on them, but it’s not unwelcome.They just want what they can’t have.

“I love you,” Tony rumbles, pressing a kiss to Peter’s smooth forehead. He kisses his cheeks next, and then his nose, and then his lips. Peter looks as if he’s in a haze the entire time.

“Handsome,” He slurs, tucking his face in the crook of Tony’s neck. The older man just hums happily and strokes Peter’s back comfortingly.

“I’m going to bring you to bed in a little bit, sweetheart,” He says quietly, in a voice only Peter can hear. “Get you all riled up for me. I’ll play with your pretty pink nipples, I know how sensitive they are.”

Peter moans softly and his hips jerk forward.

 “I’ll play with your cute little cock, too. I’m sure it’s already leaking. And I can’t wait to ruin that tight little hole of yours.”

“Daddy!” Peter cries out suddenly, catching the attention of nearby guests. “I-I’m close. I need you.”

Tony laughs darkly.

“Yeah, baby boy? I’ll give you anything you need.”

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Hi first and foremost, I love you and your writing!! Are you still writing 3 Times I Told You I Love You & 1 Time You Said It Back?? It’s soo good

Originally posted by joeybateydaily

Ahh, thank you!!

I am indeed! I can only apologise for all the lingering prompts and the works still waiting on updates - I’ve been given 4 huge assignments for my last months in college and I’m drowning 😂

I’m chipping away at everything slowly, though! Please accept my sincere apologies for the waits ❤

Upcoming works:

  • In The Hands of Gods - Cult/God AU
  • 3 Times/1 Time - Last chapter
  • Brothers In This World - 3rd Chapter
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Hi! Are you open to writing asexual!Peter who has a major crush on Tony and while others, who dont know his sexuality, encourage him " to go get it!!", he struggles bc that is tony stark and sex has pretty much been the focus in any of his past relationships so why would he want a kid who is not like other teenager? // ps. I love all the fics i see but as an ace person sometimes i skim through the smut cause i kinda find it difficult to relate? But i love starker stories and characters dvlpm etc

sorry i kept you waiting, my love! i signed on for so many commitments and accidentally abandoned y’all. please forgive me, and take this fic as a token of my deepest apologies <3<3

warnings: peter is 18+. asexual!peter, can be read as either sex-averse or uninterested, i tried to be as vague as possible.

“God, what I wouldn’t give to be in your shoes,” Peter had heard for, maybe, the fortieth time that night. Every moment he was alone, some random guest of Tony’s charity gala took it upon themselves to talk about how much they wanted to fuck Tony Stark.

Peter supposed he couldn’t blame them. It only took eyes to see just how attractive his boyfriend was; aged and graying, but still on the younger side, with dark eyes shining under glossy pink lights and a frame some men would kill for. Peter knew his body was strong and sturdy underneath the three-piece he was wearing, had wrapped his arms around it in the elevator while begging, practically on his knees, to not be dragged out with him.

But appearances needed to be made. They were important figures in society, and, “what kind of philanthropist would Tony Stark be to not show up to his own charity gala?”

Sometimes, Pepper had a point. But he’d be damned if he admitted that out loud.

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Chasing After Time

Tony has been working late nights, and Peter has been busy with finals season. They just can’t seem to run into each other lately.

Established Starker, fluff


Tony smiled when he felt arms wrap around him from behind. He turned and embraced his boyfriend, who took the opportunity to press a small kiss to his lips.

“I’ve gotta go now.” Peter murmured against his mouth.

Tony tightened his hug. “Or I could just bribe the college board.”

“No thanks. I want to earn my degree, not cheat my way through it.” Peter refused, and reluctantly dropped his arms to step away.

Tony sighed heavily, “Alright. I’m going to be home late tonight, I’m working overtime at SI.”

“Again?” Peter frowned.

He gave him an apologetic look. “Yes. Apparently, the R&D department just can’t function without me. I might have to fire them all and get a whole new team.”

“If you have to fire them, at least give them two weeks’ notice.” Peter pleaded.

“I’m not a heathen, baby. Nor am I Hammer.” Tony replied.

“Oh, I forgot about that guy.” Peter’s lips quirked up.

Tony burst out laughing. “I knew there was a reason I liked you.”

Peter glanced at the watch on Tony’s wrist. “Okay, I really gotta go now or I’ll be late. Bye!”

He took off for the elevator, throwing a “Love you!” over his shoulder. He was gone before Tony could answer, so he sank into the couch with a heavy frown.

They’d both been busy lately. At this rate, they only got to spend nights together, but even then the time was cut short. Tony knew it was temporary, just until their schedules lightened up, but he didn’t like it. Still, he got up and went to fix his company’s fuck ups.


That night, Tony came home at around ten o’clock. Peter was sitting up in bed with the lights on, textbook in his lap. He set it aside and got out from the blankets, opening his arms invitingly. Tony tiredly fell into them, tucking his head against his shoulder.

“Update: the entire R&D section was fired. But I did give them the two weeks, and replacements are already sending their applications.” Tony mumbled.

Peter cooed in sympathy. “Bad day, then?”

“Yup. You?”

“Mine was okay,” Peter shrugged, “Just a lot of long lectures and being forced to watch the couple sitting in front of me make out the entire time.”

“Was it hot?” A small grin formed on Tony’s face.

Peter shuddered. “No. Way too much tongue; it was so wet.”

Tony chuckled, the tension of the day draining from his body the longer they stood there.

“I’m not kidding. They were slobbering all over each other. Like, the spit was dribbling down their chins.”

Tony cringed. “Okay, okay, I get the picture.”

Peter laughed and pulled away, hands moving up to undo Tony’s tie. He tossed it in the hamper and continued, unbuttoning the dress shirt and undoing the cuff links. When he got to the belt, Tony grabbed his hands gently, pausing his actions.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, gorgeous, but I’m too tired for anything tonight.” Tony kissed his forehead apologetically.

“I’m not trying to start anything.” Peter sniggered, removing the belt efficiently and pulling down his pants.

Tony stepped out of the pants. “Then what are you trying to do?”

Peter got him to lay on the bed and picked up the clothes. He threw them all into the hamper, then entered the bathroom, coming out with some massage oil.

“Oh, hell yes,” Tony groaned in delight, rolling onto his stomach. “I love your massages.”

“I’m honored.” Peter sat on his lower back and got to work, drizzling the oil.

He kneaded the skin, rolling it and pushing it in all the right places. He tapped into his super strength in some places, forcing the kinks away efficiently.

“Fuck.” Tony whimpered into the sheets.

Peter lifted his hands. “Too much?”

“No. It’s perfect. Keep going, Pete.” Tony shut his eyes.

Gradually, he got more relaxed, and his breaths got deeper. When they evened out, Peter stood up and went to grab a rag. He cleaned up his boyfriend, then himself, and finally settled in next to Tony.

In his sleep, Tony reached out for Peter, hand wandering until it found the warmth it was accustomed to feeling. Peter crawled closer and placed his head in the crook of Tony’s neck.

Maybe they didn’t get to spend much time together lately, but the time they did have he wouldn’t give up for the world.

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Firstly, I want to start by wishing @softstarkerstuff a wonderful Happy Valentine’s, and also every other wonderful noodle that may see this! This is my second time participating in a challenge and I am beyond excited!
Softstarker requested a High School AU where childhood best friends drift apart after Tony rejects Peter’s feelings for him. Naturally, Peter has the mother of all glow-ups over summer and Tony is quickly forced to reconsider.
This is sort of similar to my fanfiction 3 Times I Said I Loved You, 1 Time You Said It Back, so if you find yourself enjoying either fic, please don’t hesitate to check out the other!

I didn’t wanna go absolutely crazy on the word count for this, so I haven’t actually written out the majority of the backplot. This fic takes place after said rejection and focuses on the requested act of Tony developing his character in order to deserve Peter’s affections.

(I said that and this ended up being over 4,000 words!)


TW: Light Angst | (Not) Unrequited Love

“Tony. Get up” Natasha hissed above him, and ordinarily the glint in her eye would have been enough for Tony to hop to, but the situation outweighed whatever horrible consequence she could bestow him, and he shook his head.

“We live here now” Clint shrugged happily, popping another nacho into his mouth from the bowl he’d swiped before joining Tony in an act of solidarity on the floor, hiding behind a countertop in the kitchen. Natasha arched a dangerous eyebrow at the other boy, and even Tony twisted to look at Clint.

“Why are you down here?” Tony asked, risking leaning over Clint;s thighs to peek around the corner. Fuck. He couldn’t see him anymore, but that didn’t mean it was safe to move. He blew out a harsh breath and curled back up against the counter, scowling.

“Barnes has that leather jacket on again” Clint announced simply, as though that explained anything at all. Above them, Natasha heaved a put-upon sigh, settling for kicking Tony in the shin with an unimpressed frown.

Him I can understand” she begun, motioning to Clint, who paused like he didn’t actually know if he ought to be offended or not. “But you. I had higher expectations of” she sniffed, eyes scanning the room behind them before she reached down, grasping a fist of their shirts and hauling them to their feet despite their yowls of protest and clamours to hide behind her.

Heart in his throat, Tony cast a quick glance around, but couldn’t find the object of his fears. Or…The person. He relaxed a fraction, mindlessly pawing at Natasha’s iron grip with the dull awareness that his shirt would likely be crumpled.

“Idiots. The both of you. If I were less of a friend I’d complain about you ruining my night” Natasha sniffed as she begun to drag them out of the kitchen, Clint still desperately clinging to his snacks and having no qualms about stealing a bowl. Tony kept himself alert as they walked, fugitively scanning the rooms as they made their way towards the door.

He couldn’t exactly say he lamented leaving - Contrary to every single clichè American film, high school house parties were often measly affairs, more pizza than booze and always with that one weirdo pretending they were absolutely wasted off alco-pops and mixers. This party was largely no different, thumping music that made it hard to talk, pizza that had long gone cold and Tony would rather starve than touch, shitty drinks with a 4% content.

Mm, but no. What made this party truly, utterly horrific, was the fact that Peter Parker had shown up. And really, that sounded meaner than it was intended. Tony didn’t hate Peter - Not even close. Wasn’t disgusted by his presence but terrified of it.

Peter was - Or rather, had been, his best friend. This is where Tony’s sort kind of did realise the typical ‘teen film’ plot.

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Dedicated to @maybeitsspidey for the challenge of  @starker-valentines

To some people, their eighteenth birthday was the happiest day on Earth. But not to Tony Stark. Not only had he been living without his parents for a year now, but the most significant thing in his life also did not occur as planned. In fact, it did happen at all. You see deep down beneath all his teenage angst bullshit Tony was a true romantic. Well, who wouldn’t be in a world where you knew that your soulmate, the one that is the one would be revealed to you on the day you turn eighteen. He remembered that every night before she tucked him in his mother would tell him the story of how she fell in love with his father. And it all started that damned soul mark, the soul mark that seemed to stubbornly not show on Tony’s skin no matter how much time passed. At first, he panicked. He went to doctors, the authorities, to everyone he knew in order to find an answer, but no one had a concrete solution to his problem. Then he did his own research- pulling all-nighters and devouring both books and articles online, for something, anything. He found a lot of myths, legends, conspiracy theories and such. And as for the more realistic evidence, he refused to believe it. Because you see throughout history the only reported cases of people without a soul mark were the ones where the soulmate had already passed away. At a certain point people stopped conducting research on the topic though, he noticed, so when it came to soul mates there was more to explore. Tony was not ready to lose someone he had never met, especially if that person was the love of his life. He had to find a way to have a soulmate.

But Tony didn’t exactly know what to do. He was certain of one thing - if there was a way to change fate he would be the man for the job. So he did what he could do best - invent a piece of new technology. Ever since he took over Stark industries he was looking for his big break and he knew that even if the purpose behind this was incredibly selfish, that this was only a passion project if everything went according to plan it would be the thing that would guarantee him a spot in history books. Though there were countless apps claiming that they would find your soulmate with one hundred percent accuracy and well he had tried them all with little to no success, he was set to design one. The closest he came to having a real relationship and not just a random one night stand thanks to ‘’’’ or some other crap like this was Pepper Potts. She was the most stunning woman ever. She always took his breath away, and he loved everything about her - the way her blonde hair framed her face like a halo, the calmness in her sky blue eyes, the countless praise and love that came from her lips, her intelligence - she was like the encyclopedia Brown, always providing you with relevant information, most often in a cocky tone. She was the love of his life and he had even come close to settling down with her - he had a ring bought, and a list of baby names. Until one day she got her soul mark. Some kid that had just turned eighteen managed to take her away, to sweep her off her feet like Tony never could. Stark had been so blinded by his own rage and sadness that he failed to notice that this was a scientific breakthrough until months later. This meant that his soulmate could be out there, but they were just not of age yet. And that both terrified him and excited him.

Tony had seen it before - all the gag gifts or words that cougars often said - my soulmate isn’t born yet. Could that be the case for him as well? While he did not mind an age gap relationship - he had been on both ends, multiple times, as time went on he was growing worried.  He would not have a problem dating someone younger than him in his late twenties, and in his late thirties but now as he was fast approaching his early forties and already struggling with all the media attention surrounding his upcoming app, he could not see how his future soulmate would take all of it. That would probably be their first relationship, and it would not only be with a celebrity but also with a celebrity who was twice their age and likely over. Would that make the soulmate resent Tony, or would they bask in the attention, enjoying their new status as arm candy? These questions seemed to pollute his mind constantly, distracting him from the massive amount of work he had to do in order to even be featured in the media. So, for the time being, he focused on nothing but the app, working tirelessly, in order to make the launch date. And soon enough the thoughts of his soulmate disappeared. 

It was the day before the launch. T minus 24 hours before the most important day of Tony’s life, the epitome of his career, all his research leading to the first successful app for finding soulmates. He had named it Ironman, he wasn’t entirely sure why maybe it came to him in a dream or maybe it had something to do with a Tony from a parallel universe. Despite all the stress and excitement surrounding the jam-packed schedule he had tomorrow - he would be in interviews and press conferences all day, Tony decided to try to sleep. Normally he’d consider a drink or some other activity, just as sinful in order to fall asleep but tonight he was not in the mood for anything like that. He decided to make himself some camomile tea instead. As he was putting the kettle on he rolled up his sleeves, an old habit. What he saw caused him to forget about the tea and sleep entirely. The words ‘’Mr. Stark, smile for the camera’’ were imprinted on his wrist in bold letters like a tattoo and that meant only one thing - he would meet his soul mate tomorrow. They were most likely a journalist or a photographer, oh god please not someone who’s paparazzi. To add to the pressure of possibly the most important day of his life, Tony also had to scan through the numerous people at the event in order to find his soul mate. At least he had a clue that they were young and that was about it. Maybe he would use a few drops of scotch in his almost burned tea.

Tony was nervous. Scratch that Tony was scared shitless, and just maybe on the verge of a panic attack. He could not possibly screw this up. He would just go on with his day as if it was a normal press conference filled 24 hours. Tony sort of managed that, but every time someone told him to smile for the camera, he would freeze for a moment, looking at them, evaluating them and making sure that they were not his soul mate. He even had a tactic - he replied to them in different ways, never using the same phrase twice, so he could gauge their reactions. So far no one seemed to fit the description and the junket was almost over. He was starting to lose hope until he heard the words ‘’Mr.Stark smile for the camera.’’. Most reporters called him Tony, but this one did not, and as soon as Stark saw him he knew why. This guy looked like he wasn’t even old enough to be part of a company, more like the intern who’s been tasked with a big event as some form of a test. Tony tried not to get choked up when looking at this handsome man with his chocolate curls and big doe brown eyes and replied:’’ Sure thing, kid.’’. He saw the reporter’s eyes widening as he almost dropped the very expensive camera. So that’s his soulmate, huh. Tony gave him the most genuine smile he could while looking at his press pass - the kid worked for the daily bugle. Stark discreetly sent a message to his bodyguard Happy to get a car to escort the boy to a more private location, that is if the young man consented. Tony’s nerves were sky-high, his anxiety through the roof, but he managed to answer every question at the junket, quickly noticing that his soul mate was just a photographer and the daily bugle had a reporter too. Somehow the press conference passed smoothly and he was on his way to the limousine faster than you can say ‘’thank you for your attention’’. But to Stark’s surprise the limousine sent was not empty - there sat his soul mate, fidgeting with his hands. 

‘’Hey, I’m Peter Parker.’’ the younger man mumbled with uncertainty, too nervous to say anything more. 

“Look, Peter, you don’t have to be nervous. I know you must feel overwhelmed by all this and I’d get it if you want to leave. ” It hurt him to say these words, but he needed his soulmate to know that they could be platonic if needed to.

‘’No, Tony, I mean Mr. Stark. I do want this, to know you. It might just take us some time.’’

As fate would have it it didn’t. By the time they were at Stark tower they had talked about everything and anything, and somehow they had gone up to Tony’s penthouse. 

There one thing led to another and they were already making out on the couch. 

Peter’s kisses grew desperate. All teeth and tongue and futile attempts to bite Tony’s bottom lip. But the younger man quickly got reminded of who’s in charge when Stark began leaving a trail of kisses down his neck, soon biting harshly and proudly leaving hickeys. Pete heard his lover quickly mumble something about marking him more next time before Tony nipped him lightly on the ear and moved on to gently kissing his chest. Peter had always known that when you were doing something with a partner you were much more sensitive than when you were by yourself but he did not expect that he would be on the brink of orgasm just by his soul mate’s lips on his chest. God, Tony was so good with his mouth, that his boyfriend could not even imagine what would happen when those lips would reach, well more intimate places, but the telltale blush indicated that he’d enjoy it. And as for Stark himself, his lips were slowly but steadily moving from  Peter’s chest down to his crotch when the younger man panted out.

‘’We can’t really do this. I mean I know we’re soul mates, but we just met today and all of this is happening so fast and I don’t think I’m ready to lose my virginity just yet. Oh God I probably ruined everything for you and now you think I’m just a horny little twink who’s only into receiving, I’ve screwed this up and you’re the most important guy ever, quite literally. I’m such a rambling nerd, I’m sorry.’’

‘’Hey, Peter, it’s okay. I think we both got a little too overexcited tonight, which is understandable given the situation. And we can take things at a slower pace, that’s fine with me. I waited for you for so long, what’s a bit more.’’

‘’Well you know I originally planned to lose it after six months of dating someone, but at the rate that this is going, I’m not sure that I can even last one month.’’

‘’Way to both ruin the moment and make me proud that I still got it, kid. Let’s just go to sleep and you can tell me more about how irresistible my body is tomorrow. Goodnight.’’

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