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Getting used to the Kamvas with some doodles for that story I’ve been neglecting. Spoilers for stuff I haven’t written yet for Book 2: Luciferous below the break if you’re actually reading it.

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How small we are in this universe 😐
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Entry 017



Elysian Shore|Outott FB-X B1-4

I’ve recently been seeing this red dot in the sky, and it’s been getting bigger the closer I get to the Bubble Nebula. I know it’s not the Bubble Nebula itself because it’s a light blue colour. And I know this red thing not a star because as I get closer it’s starting to show it’s slightly ovular shape. I wonder if it’s a planetary nebula that I’m not picking up on my map?

Okay no, I just checked. The weird red blob in the sky seems to be in the exact same direction and place in the sky as the Bubble Nebula…perhaps the amount of distance away from the nebula I am affects its colour? I’m unsure, but I hope to figure out this weird mystery soon.

Log update on 29-11-3305 at 20:08:14 at Pro Thua ER-Y C3

I was correct. The closer I get to this weird red blob in the sky, the bigger it gets, and the more its colour shifts. I’m certain it’s the Bubble Nebula now.

It’s weird, because it continues to shift from pink to blue, back to red again each time I make a hyperspace jump. I really want to stop second guessing myself. I’m going to stop making updates until I’m 100% sure that I know what it is.

Log update on 29-11-3305 at 1:15:53 at Bubble Sector FB-X C 1-26

I was indeed correct about the weird red blob being the Bubble Nebula from a distance. I have arrived at the nebula and it is quite remarkable! I took almost 20 images, although many of them are kind of similar, so I won’t share all of them. I will stay here for a little while, and enjoy the very beautiful view.

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WARNING: Endgame spoilers! Also some kissing and death.

Y/N: Your name

E/C: Eye color

H/L: Hair length

H/C: Hair color

F/N: Father’s name

     "Alright. Bring it down low… Right on that line. That’s it… down…down…“ Rhodey got off the Benatar as it was landing. Clint called over to him, "Hey, can we hurry it up?”

     "Guys, chop-chop. Come on. We’re on a clock,“ Y/N walked over to the pair, Nebula close behind. Clint watched as she fiddled with the ships’ controls, directing it to the next destination, "All that, is really helpful.”

     Nebula looked up at him for a moment before turning back to what she was doing. Rhodey leaned over to Y/N and hugged her, “Take care, okay?”

    Y/N smiled and hugged him back, “Yeah.”

     "Take that stone and come back. No messing around.“

     Clint looked at Rhodey, "Hey. You got this.”

     "Yes sir,“ Rhodey gave Clint a slight smile. Y/N walked back to the ship with Clint, "See you back.”

     "You guys watch each other’s six.“ Y/N and Clint look back and smile. Y/N gave a little wave as Clint replied, "Yeah.”

     They walked back into the ship as the hatch closed. It took off and sped towards Vormir. Nebula watches the ship as it disappeared from the atmosphere, “The coordinates for Vormir are laid in. All they have to do is not fall out.”


     Back in the Benatar, Y/N and Clint stared out of the front of the ship. It took a jump through space and sped up. Clint looked at Y/N, “We’re an awful long way from London.”

     Y/N jumped and looked at him startled as she comprehended his words. Her eyes widened as she realized what he meant and she laughed.

     Clint looked directly in her E/C eyes as she laughed. He studied the flecks of color in her pupils, her H/L H/C hair that shifted with each gasp for breath. He leaned in towards her as her laughter died out. Y/N smiled at him as he gently took hold of her hand and rubbed patterns along her palm with his thumb.

     "Hey, what’s wrong Clint?“ He had stopped smiling. His gaze shifted from her eyes to her full, soft lips. His mouth opened slightly as his eyes fluttered back up to Y/N’s. He suddenly spun her around, pushing her against the wall. She gasped as his hand moved up her arm to her neck. He reached behind her head, pulling her closer to him by the back of her head.

     "C-Clint, what are you doing?” He ignored her and slammed his lips against hers. Her eyes widened in surprise. Y/N had loved him for the longest time, and then the thing in London happened, but she wasn’t sure if he had truly loved her back. Until now.

     Clint wasn’t too rough, but he wasn’t gentle about his intentions. When Y/N decline him access to her mouth, he pinched her butt, causing her to gasp. He took the opportunity to ravage her mouth.

     She felt a wave of need fly across her body as he traveled from her mouth to her neck. He sucked and bit at the dip between her neck and collarbone before creating a trail of hickeys down her chest. Clint looked up at her as she moaned, “God I love you so much.”

     Y/N was about to reply when she felt the ship lurch underneath her. Clint glanced towards the front window to see Vormir. They looked at each other as they stepped outside. Y/N internally groaned at what she could’ve just missed out on. Clint stared at the huge mountain in front of them, “Wow… Under different circumstances, this would be totally awesome.”

     Y/N only sighed and began walking.


     "I bet the raccoon didn’t have to climb a mountain,“ Y/N muttered as she slipped on yet another loose rock. Clint reached down and helped her up, "Technically, he’s not a raccoon, you know.”

     "Whatever. He eats garbage,“ Y/N brushed herself off and kept walking. Clint chuckled and followed her. As they turned a corner, they heard a voice in front of them.

     "Welcome.” Clint and Y/N whipped out their guns, aiming them at an approaching figure. “Y/N, daughter of F/N. Clint, son of Edith.”

     "Who are you?“ Y/N watched as the figure stepped into view, revealing Red Skull.

     "Consider me a guide. To you, and to all who seek the Soul Stone.”

     "Oh good. You tell us where it is. Then we’ll be on our way.“

     "If only it were that easy.” Y/N glanced at Clint as Red Skull led them to a cliff.

     "What you seek lies in front of you… as does what you fear.“

     "The stone is down there,” Y/N stared at the bottom of the cliff, examining the stone floor. It had a round, intricate pattern around the cliff. It also seemed to have darker spots nearer to the cliff.

     "For one of you. For the other… In order to take the stone, you must lose that which you love. An everlasting exchange. A soul, for a soul.“


     Y/N sat on a nearby log, analyzing what he had said. Clint studied Red Skull for a moment before looking back at her, "How’s it going? Jesus… Maybe he’s making this shit up.”

     "No, I don’t think so.“

     Clint chuckled humorlessly, "Why, ‘cause he lives here? ‘Cause he knows that we’re desperate?”

     Y/N glared at him before sighing, "Thanos left here with the stone without his daughter. It’s not a coincidence.”

     "Yeah,“ Clint muttered.

     "Whatever it takes,” Y/N registered what had to be done. Clint watched the expression on her face and recognized what Red Skull had meant.

     "Whatever it takes,“ Clint whispered as Y/N stood.

     Y/N turned to face him, "If we don’t get that stone, billions of people stay dead.”

     Clint smiled sadly, “Then I guess we both know who it’s gotta be.”

     "I guess we do.“ Clint reached out for Y/N’s hand. She looked down at his outstretched hand and looked back up to see the hopeful look on his face. Y/N took his hand.

     "I’m starting to think, we’ve been different people here, Y/N”

     "For the last five years I’ve been trying to do one thing: Get to right here. That’s all it’s been about… Bringing everybody back.“

     Clint laughed, "Oh, don’t you get all decent on me now.”

     Y/N glanced at the cliff before glared at him, “What, you think I wanna do it? I’m trying to save your life, you idiot!”

     "Yeah well, I don’t want you to, because I… I love you so much Y/N. I couldn’t bear to lose you. You know what I’ve done. You know what I’ve become.“

     "I don’t judge people on their worst mistakes.”

     "Maybe you should.“

     "You didn’t. You even fell in love with me.”

     "You’re a pain in my ass, you know that?“

     Y/N laughed and leaned her forehead against his. He reached up and gripped her chin with one hand, brushing back a loose piece of hair with the other. He leaned in and kissed her. It wasn’t a rough or needy kiss. It was soft and gentle, unlike the situation.

     Clint pulled back, watching Y/N’s eyes flutter open, "Okay. You win.”

     She looked up at him confused as he gave her a gentle smile. It quickly morphed into a sad smile as he kicked the back of her knee, knocking her to the ground, “I love you.”

     Y/N grabbed his arm and pulled him down beside her before swiftly getting to her feet, “I love you more.”

     With that, she electrocuted him and began running toward the cliff. Clint struggled on the ground for a moment before leaping to his feet and shooting an explosive arrow next to her, knocking her down. She groaned and looked up at him and he threw his bow off to the side. He glanced at her as he sprinted to the side of the cliff, leaping off.

     Y/N threw herself off after him, grabbing him and hooking him up to a grappling hook, shooting it into the side of the cliff. She grunted as the line snapped tight, swinging the pair into the stone wall. Y/N was shaken out of Clint’s arms when they collided. He quickly grabbed her arm with one hand.

     He saw the line holding the pair up and looked back down at Y/N, “Damn you!”

     Her eyes were wide as he attempted to reach her with his other hand. He was so close to grabbing her hand, but couldn’t stretch any farther. He groaned in pain and had to grab onto the rope to keep them both from falling.

     Y/N felt her hand slipping. She glanced down at the stone floor. She could see from there that the darker spots were not just dark stone. They were pools of dried blood. She looked back up at Clint. Her voice shook slightly, “Let me go.”

     His face was contorted with pain and despair as he groaned, “No. Please, no.”

     Y/N’s face was filled with peace and love, “It’s okay.”

     Clint’s eyes welled up with tears, “Please Y/N! I… love you.”

     Y/N simply nodded before kicking off the wall, ripping her hand free from Clint’s grasp. His face filled with shock as she plummeted to the ground, “NO!”

     He tried to pull himself free, but could only stare at her body as multiple emotions flickered across his face. Despair, regret, sorrow, heartache, hopelessness. Blood pooled around Y/N’s body as the sky began to create a funnel of light around the mountain.

     The sky rippled and teleported Clint into a large pool of water. He felt something in his hand and uncurled his fingers to reveal a small, glowing orange stone. Tears dripped from his face as he hit the ground in anger. His Quantum Suit activated and he shrunk back into 2023.


     "Did we get them all?“ Bruce asked as soon as Clint appeared.

     Rhodey looked at him, "You telling me this’ll actually work?”

     Bruce glanced around at the other Avengers before looking at Clint, “Clint… where’s Y/N?”


Please feel free to comment what you think, what I should do next, what I could do better, etc.

Thank you for reading!!! <3

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The frosty Leo Nebula

Nasıl bir şiir, nasıl bir şarkısın sen?

Nasıl nefes olabilir, nasıl ferahlatabilirsin bir kalbi?..

Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA

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