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so i like suits so much so im like ‘what about love square in suits??’ because suits just make people more attractive (to me at least qwq)

probably the reason i like formal events is because I get to see people in suits (i don’t work yet so my only chance to see these are during prom or birthday parties) and then when the event is coming to a close, people would remove their coat and would fold their sleeves and it’s another level of attractive. 

my friend even gave me a heads up that she will be wearing a suit to our prom because she knows how much i like it and she’s like ‘ get ready, we’re taking lots of pictures’ and i’m just ‘YES!!’


Commissions are still OPEN owo

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F/O February Day 22: Formal Wear

hey look, I’m drawing again! XD” anyway this is a pretty specific nb fantasy of mine, but I was too lazy to draw all three of us in formal attire oof XD I personally hate wearing dresses, and the reactions when I do because my mom forced me to (”omg you look so much better!! pretty girl!! why don’t you wear dresses more often??” like… that exact thing right there is one of the reasons LMAO), and while I’m not fond of formality in general, I’d still LOVE to try wearing a suit. I feel like I’d look much better in a suit than a dumb dress, and I think the guys agree~

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