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dorothyporker·a day agoPhoto

Mussels in a half shell! MUSSEL POWER! Mussels are easy, delicious and sustainable. Though they might be a little hard to come by right now. 👀 

Get the recipe for my easy ass Portuguese inspired mussels here.

Mosselen zijn op het moment mss niet zo makkelijk te vinden, maar wel rete-makkelijk, superlekker, en van het mosselvocht 🐚💦 kun je vervolgens een fantastische vis risotto maken. 🍚🦐🐟

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dorothyporker·3 days agoPhoto

I was a bit hard and fast sharing pics but not sharing recipes the past few months. So here’s the thing to do with all that pasta and all those tinned tomatoes you totally didn’t hoard: make puttanesca. 🍝 🇮🇹 

Recipe now up on el blogomundo (I’m old and I hate my spamming ways, please leave me be).

Wat hierboven staat, maar dan in het Nederlands, en met deze link:

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dorothyporker·5 days agoPhoto

Een nieuwe dag een nieuwe marketing kans, met vandaag in de hoofdrol (geheel terecht): de bitterbal. 

Ik maak de mijne van rendang, want je moet wat met je postkoloniale trauma. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Je vindt het recep hier:

You haven’t lived unless you’ve had some good ol’ Dutch bitterballs, better yet, try my rendang bitterballs.

Get the recipe here:

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dorothyporker·7 days agoPhoto

We were supposed to go to Paris for our 3-year anniversary so I’m bringing a little bit of France home by baking canelés Bordelais today. 👩‍🍳🇫🇷❤️

Get the recipe on Dorothy Porker doot com.  

Verkeringsgebak! Canelés zijn makkelijker dan je denkt, je moet vooral veel wachten. ⏳😴⌛️

Je vindt het recept op Vette Sletten punt en el

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dorothyporker·8 days agoPhoto

Don’t stir virus, stir eggs! 🦠🚫

I first learned about ‘raw egg over rice’ (or tamago-kake gohan in Japanese) from Lucky Peach’s All about Eggs. 🥚🍳🐣 It is by far the easiest lunch you can make, though it helps to cook some extra rice a day or two beforehand so all you do is have to steam it the-day-off. 🧖🏻‍♀

You can make it with all sorts of toppings, but the most basic version is piping hot white rice (so stop squealing about that raw egg already) and good quality soy sauce. I make mine with spring onions, a mixture of sesame seeds and crispy chili oil. Swirl swirl swirl like a mo-fo for a nice custardy finish. 🌪

Rauw ei op rijst. Paniek! Peeuw! 😱🤓 Maar wel de makkelijkste lunch ooit, en de warme rijst maakt het ei precies af. Ik maak ’m zelf met bosuitjes, sesamzaadjes en crispy chili oil van Lao Gan Man. Bon apetiet. 🐒

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dorothyporker·13 days agoText


Things heating up in the pasta fandom Italian community.


And that is why it is an abomination.

Disgusting. Vile. I would die before eating that filth.


that picture up there then ACTUALLY is of a smooth tube and not just. a bad picture?

smooth penne exists?

that’s horrifying the ridges are the best part it’s like eating a tiny accordion


Penne lische is smooth and doesn’t hold sauce the way penne rigate does

The grooves make more sauce adhere to it


Someone explain please! I want to knowwww




Listen, if I’m gonna die, my last meal is NOT gonna be fucking penne lisce.


The moment italians start buying penne lisce will be the moment we know our society has truly collapsed


The most hilarious part of italians’ reaction to coronavirus/covid19 has been them stockpiling EVERY SINGLE type of pasta except the PENNE LISCE

which Italians couldn’t bring themselves to buy or eat even during a mass psychosis

No wonder I don’t like penne. Penne lisce is all we got here. 

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dorothyporker·15 days agoPhoto

It’s nice to have energy to take photos again. So having at it while I can! 💪🏼

This is bubur ketan hitam (Indonesian sticky black rice pudding with pandan flavored coconut milk) from @vanjavanderleeden’s Indorock except I got the wrong kind of rice. 💔🖤 Still tasty, tho I should try and not eat all the sweet potato chips before the rice is done.

Try your hand at it with this recipe in English.

Zwarte rijstepap met pandan-kokossaus en krokante zoete aardappel uit Vanja’s Indorock. Wel de zwarte KLEEF rijst kopen dus. 👩🏻‍🏫🇲🇨

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dorothyporker·16 days agoPhoto

It’s a Christmas miracle! ✨ I have a new recipe up on and it’s on the table in 15 minutes. ⏱️

Get the recipe here:…/caramelized-fennel-with-fe…/

Het moest niet veel langer duren, maar ik heb eindelijk een nieuw recept op gezet. Het is lekker, makkelijk, vegetarisch en snel. Omnom ze. ✌🏼💚

Je vindt het recept hier:…/gekarameliseerde-feta-met-feta-e…/

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dorothyporker·a month agoText


People keep posting ‘what’s REALLY in your food’ articles like I’m gonna stop eating whatever it’s about lmao
Listen, death is coming. Death is coming. Pass me a hot dog.

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