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Skye. She/Her. Pan. In real life I'm an struggling actress on a third world country. Here I enjoy Bumbleby and Korrasami. I write my thoughts and sometimes fanfiction.

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skyechaser·a month agoText


ok, who is going to write the angsty bumbleby fanfic about blake’s birthday and adam’s death?

It is perfect. That day Adam died and Blake was born anew. 

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skyechaser·a month agoText

… We will get a scene where they decide to split up for the first time in ages and wouldn’t a kiss be perfect in that moment?

Let me dream, amigos, I need this. 

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skyechaser·2 months agoText


Y’all: “Can’t wait for the next chapter!”

Me, writing the next chapter in my grandmothers house like a sinner:

Me: “….do it for them.”

That was me writing SIA in my cellphone in a family reuniones. 

The sin. 

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skyechaser·3 months agoText


you’ll find someone who will love you like you deserve to be loved. be patient

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skyechaser·3 months agoPhoto


In Memory of Naya Rivera

Favorite Santana Lopez Songs and Performances.

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skyechaser·4 months agoText

I got an anonymous ask about why I wrote SIA and why I wrote the things that happened there. First and foremost, what I wrote, though in a fantasy world, is something that really happens. People trafficking is, as we all know now, far more common than we ever thought to be possible. And for some reason, all the racism (or supposed racism because in the end they didn’t really go anywhere with it in Atas) made me think about those kind of situations. And, of course, I am someone who enjoys angst in what I read and a lot of people seem to have liked the fic. I know its controversial, but if it makes us talk about things we usually don’t then I think it worth it.

I know its dark, and I was in a dark place when I originally wrote it. That is why I had such a hard time writing the end of SIA. Most of the story is about love and healing and if you can get through the harsh parts then you’ll know that. I would have liked to answer this personally but the question was sent anonymously. I hope that the person that asked reads this. I am now in another set of mind and working on a Bumblebly Musical fic with not lot of success jajajaj but I really like the story so far. If you’d like to read me in something that is not as graphic and violent well you could check that up.

So yeah, I’ll always be thankful to all the readers of SIA and all the fanart that the fic inspired. I guess I should get used to people attacking me (not this question, it was done respectfully) or wondering why I wrote such a dark story (in the begging most of all).

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Well this took on a life of its own. Less a comic and more of an inconsistent sprite pack of the PHENOMENAL drabble posted by @spacebatisluvd last week which is now a finished fic!!!! (And when you’re done reading that, head straight to their Entrapdak Drabbles and read the coffee chapter for the BEST POST WAR POLITICS piece EVER. I love it, the tone is *chef’s kiss.* If you’re in this fandom you’ve likely read everything in their inventory multiple times through but here’s an excuse to do so again.)

I really really *really* love this fic because it really epitomises exactly what I think Hordak and Catra’s relationship would eventually evolve into. I love when retired cartoon villains become too well adjusted for the same levels of nefariousness as before so they embrace pettiness in their old age instead. I love how they’re such good parallels of each other. I love how in season 4 they had such a bizarre friendship??? where Catra gives the ‘we don’t need our exes’ speech and the two of them keep reassuring one another that yes, if they blow up enough things then they definitely won’t be sad about their girlfriends leaving them anymore. I loved how Hordak tried to give her validation even though at that point in Catra’s spiral it wasn’t enough to fill the void. I love how she recognised enough of herself in him to know full well he was lying to himself about Prime ever accepting him. I like to think that after some initial animosity their relationship will settle into something that looks exactly like this.

P.S. If you’re stressed these make fun colouring pages even if it is just Hordak’s abs over and over and over again. I’ve had people kindly ask permission before so here’s an explicit invitation. Go wild. :)

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skyechaser·5 months agoText

If I could draw, I’d draw this. A sneak peak to the next chapter of this musical adventure. The fic is available at:

I can feel at home with you (reprise)

(adaptation of “Can you feel the love tonight” from The Lion King)



I can see what’s happening

(Pyrrha: What?)

And they don’t have a clue

(Pyrrha: Who?)

They’ll be best friends and here’s the bottom line

Our trio’s down to two.

(Pyrrha: Oh)

Ze sweet caress of twilight

There’s magic everywhere

And with all this amazing atmosphere

Disaster’s in the air


I can feel at home with you

The peace the evening brings

The world, for once, in perfect harmony

With all its living things


So many things to tell her

But how to make her see

The truth about my past? Impossible!

She’d turn away from me


She’s holding back, She’s hiding

But what, I can’t decide.

It will not change the way I feel right now

 I’ll keep it deep inside.


I can feel at home with you

The peace the evening brings

The world, for once, in perfect harmony

With all its living things

I can feel at home with you

You needn’t look too far

Stealing through the night’s uncertainties

Love is where they are


And if they are the best of friends

It can be assumed


Her carefree days with us are history


In short, our pal is gone. 

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skyechaser·5 months agoText



I have seen many people ask who is autistic when I say we have autistic rep in She ra, so I’m glad to show all of you Noelle via Twitter confirming it!

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skyechaser·5 months agoText


When my friend recommended Russian Soul by Skott, I didn’t expect to get hit with the Catradora feels.

Exhibit A:

We are only hotter in a lot of coal
I am really telling you, we’re meant to be
You might shape the world in ways impossible
But do you think that you could find a way to stay with me?

Guys, I wasn’t ready.

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skyechaser·5 months agoText

A long time ago I made a post about how Catra never purred after Adora left her. I thought it would mean something if she ever did. AND SHE DID. Right on Adora’s lap as they are back to being in the same team. She purred once more. 


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