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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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i took some pictures a while ago and they have a lot of 1917 in it and i know those are not cherry trees but it’s still white blossoms and the sky was grey and the stone wall was wrecked and it was so silent i thought i’d see schofield and blake coming from behind the hill

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THE movie that makes me so sure about lots of things

  • first of all, it’s the first movie that if you ask me “if you could watch one movie for the rest of your life, which one would it be?” i would answer 1917 without thinking twice about it
  • then, same if someone asks me “if you could rewatch one movie for the first time which one would it be?” i would answer 1917 right away
  • (know that i am an indecisive bitch about those kind of things) 
  • i think i’ve always loved war movies but i feel like 1917 has so much more, i learnt so much more in just one movie (about the trenches mostly, have you seen the antagonistic depiction of british vs german trenches??)
  • i’m still learning so much about wwi because i just need to know
  •  i’ve always had this interest in wars (how? when? why? the causes? the consequences? the lives?) but wwi is different
  • i often write reviews movies i watch but i have no words for 1917, i made three different reviews for the three times i watched it and every time i am at a loss of words and
  • i always organise everything in my mind (especially when i review things or express my feelings on paper) but there are just so many things to say about 1917 you know? 
  • my thoughts are always all over the place whenever i think about it
  • like 1917 is the first movie that got me interested into how a movie is produced, directed and shot
  • thanks to 1917 i realised movie scripts were available online (and that has definitely made my life better)
  • i want to watch interviews and know some secrets behind the production of 1917 but at the same time i don’t want to because i don’t want the secrets to be reavealed to me and stop me from enjoying the beauty of it next time i watch it (see indecisive)
  • i can’t watch movies anymore because they’ll never be as good as 1917
  • i haven’t watch movies with george mckay since (even though i’m dying too) because i know i will only see scho no matter what
  • my walks in the wilderness have never been the same since; i see a tree i see schofield leaning; i see white blossoms on a tree, i think of blake; i see a forest, i here wayfaring stranger in the distance, i see an abandoned farm, i see blake and schofield; i see wild green fields and i see battlefields (kinda always have for the last one though)
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Hello RWBY fans!! 

I give you the last of chills spooky fanart for Monochrome Monday’s. With the theme suggested by @pabustenyuku (after we all of the themes tied for first) Trick Or Treat!

Again thanks to the lovey Chill for making this weeks monochrome Monday! I should be able to resume next week with doing the art. And the themes should be out tomorrow or Wednesday. And hopefully I’m going to finally going to make a official post with all the rules and such for Monochrome Mondays (in case you to want to join) 

Stay safe, WEAR A MASK, and have a great day/night


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Hey I made a new track and music video! I don’t know how to quite categorize it, so if you have any ideas, I’m all ears. My best guess would be #spacewave…Sort of if #vaporwave became a thing on Mars it would sound something like this? 🙃🛸🚀👽🎶🪐🌪✨
My biggest inspiration? #IdontWannaLiveonThisPlanetAnymore + a UK sci fi series I watched as a kid growing up in a small town in Bosnia. Before Star Trek…Before Star Wars…There was #Blake’s 7! I was always into the idea of exploring outer space. I sort of got the chance to do it in this song/video.
It will come out some time in Nov… #blakes7 (at Space)

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Relearning about PTSD and CPTSD symptoms has been interesting. On a superficial level, that is. On another level, knowing that a core reason I do what I do currently is Avoidence, is uncomfortable and I feel mildly called out by a book.

-A. Blake

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blake’s inspiration being the beauty in the beauty and the beast fairytale gets 100 better when her last name (belladonna) is not only taken after a poisonous plant with pitch black berries (atropa belladonna), aligning with her black color theme, but it also literally means “beautiful woman” in italian and i don’t know if it was done on purpose or not but it’s worthy of notice

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C - Certain (when did they realize they wanted to be with you)

tom knows he wants to be with you after he has a nightmare and you comfort him. you and will were staying the night with him since his mother had to go out of town for a little. you two were close already so you had no second thoughts of helping him. he was screaming and kicking in his bed, which happened to be right next to yours. you are quick to run in and wake him, bringing him into your arms and holding him as right as you can. you just sit there and rock him as he sobs into your neck. once he’s calm, he pulls away and thanks you. he admits that his mother can never wake him from nightmares or comfort him enough without breaking down herself. but you, you were able to do both without shedding a single tear. he likes how strong you are, so in that moment, he knew you were the one he wanted to be with.

H - Hickey (how they/others react to love bites on you/him)

he LOVES leaving hickeys on you, and receiving them. it’s kind of an equal love. when he gets up in the morning and sees dark purple bruises on his neck and chest, he wears them with pride. it shows that he belongs to someone and he’s yours. his mother is never happy seeing them on either of you, but you’re kids, or young adults, in love; she can’t exactly stop you from doing things. tom’s friends, including will, love to tease him about them. they’ll make remarks and dirty jokes, and tom just smiled and nods, loving the idea of everyone knowing he pleases you and you please him enough to leave marks.

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P - Past (how does their/your past affect your relationship)

your tom’s first love, so his past doesn’t affect anything. but you had a boyfriend before you met tom, and that sometimes comes up at random times. you were definitely in love with the guy, but you left him for tom after will, your friend, introduced you two. you didn’t cheat on the other guy, you simply told him that you were falling for someone else and you couldn’t really help it, and that you wanted to be with him instead. he was very understanding, upset, yes, but he didn’t want to keep you from happiness. the topic often comes up with tom. in times when he’s insecure and down, he wonders if you’ll do the same with him, leave him for another man and fall out of love with him. you are quick to assure him that even though you loved him, you weren’t very happy in that relationship. but, you’re beyond happy with tom and have been for the longest time. he always ends the conversation with a smile on his face and love in his heart.

U - Upset (what you do that upsets them/vice versa and how they react to it)

when tom’s upset, which is quite a lot of the time, you do anything you can to cheer him up, or at least get a small smile on his face. to get him out of the house, you offer to take a walk with myrtle and her puppies and take them to the local park. tom can’t say no to spending time with you and his dogs, the two things that make him the happiest in the world. at the park, you try to engage him in things and cheer him up. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. if it doesn’t work, you head back home and just lay in bed or on the couch together. you’ll play with his hair as he either cries, sleeps, or talks about what’s on his mind. you never want to pressure him into faking happiness or being in a mood or place he doesn’t feel like he wants to be mentally. so you just sit and do nothing. and tom loves that just as much as going to a park.

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L - Lingerie (their reactions to seeing you in fancy lingerie)

tom seeing you in lingerie is the most innocent thing in the world. he feels guilty seeing you in such a way for the first time, but you assure him that it’s okay to look and admire you. when he finally gets a good look, he can’t stop. his hands wander your body and he kisses all over the spaces of skin he can reach. it’s such a sweet and loving moment and he takes all the time in the world to admire you and make you feel loved as much as he can. he’ll make little comments as he does, or if you’re kissing slowly, he’ll whisper in between how beautiful you look in it and how he never wants to see you in anything else ever again.

Z - Zzz (what it’s like to sleep with them, just sleep)

sometimes, it’s pretty tough sleeping next to tom. he wakes up in the night all of the time after he returns home. it can be eleven at night, or three in the morning. he’ll start out by shaking, then tossing and turning, and at times, he screams out in fear as his dream worsens. so usually, you don’t get the best night’s sleep, but you don’t care. you’d rather be tired the next day then leave tom alone with his thoughts and reminders of whatever dream. you make him tea and sit outside on the back porch, enjoying the quiet atmosphere and warm drinks. it always does the trick and as soon as you lay back down in bed together, tom curls up in your arms and falls right asleep, and stays asleep.

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i know that blake has a dog back home and that schofield, as the loner that we all know he is, is more of a cat person because most cat have this independent side you know but,, i can’t help but picture blake as a cat person (ok probably because he hates those rats so much) and schofield as a dog person because even though he is a loner he needs company and affection and we all know that dogs are so good at this like he would feel lonely and his dog would just come to him and feel his loneliness

and then another thought came to me,, what if before the war blake is a dog person and schofield is a cat person but then it switches after the war because of what they went through??

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G - Grief (comforting one another in rough times)

obviously when tom comes back home, he’s severely depressed. so your life was basically comforting him 24/7. you didn’t mind, though. if he had a bad nightmare and woke up screaming in the middle of the night, you were right by his side, helping him calm down and just letting him cry in your arms. he’s emotional about something every day, and every day, you find something to do to help distract him from his thoughts, even for a little amount of time. whether that’s baking, picking cherries, reading together in the orchard, playing with myrtle and her puppies, or just taking a stroll down the road. you do whatever you can to help him heal from the horrible things he witnessed.

V - Violence (what you do when they turn to violence)

going along with above, when he comes home from war, he tends to lash out more, it frightens you when it first happens. he has a stage of his grief where he gets mad or angry and throws things of his mother’s. that can be vases, picture frames, kitchen utensils, any breakable or hard thing he can get his hands on. you want nothing more than to step in and help, but his mother tells you not to and just let him get it out because he needs it. it breaks you every time you see it happen, watching him destroy things, knowing you can’t help him at all. once he’s finished, though, you run over to him and guide him to lay down while you address any wounds he sustained from shattering glass or things like that.

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oh yay!! my first one! :)


N - Nervous (were they nervous for any first times in your relationship: first meeting, first kiss, first time)

tom was nervous every single second in your presence. meeting you? very nervous. out on the town for a date? nervous. attempting to kiss you for the first time? shaking in his boots. he’s just not experienced in relationships so he wasn’t sure if what he was doing was right. he wants you to be happy and he wants the best for you, so he definitely isn’t confident with things. but you find his nerves cute. he’s always letting out anxious laughs and his cheeks are always covered in a blush when things first heat up in your relationship. you always assure him that he has nothing to be nervous about and that you care for him so much.

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So I looked it up and the Battle of Somme happened between July 1st and November 19th 1916 so, let’s just say that Blake’s birthday happens at the end of March 1916 (and believe me this boy was born on Spring day because he loves nature so much and that’s exactly the time of the year where nature wakes up) so he is 18 and he can join the army. He has to train for at least three months (June 1916) but he is a little clumsy so he needs more training (his superiors have faith in him because he shows he really wants to go; he just wants to be like his big brother you know). After all the training he can finally go to France at the end of November 1916 (so After the Battle of Somme). 

All of this means that in April 1917 he is 19 and has only been in the war for a few months hence the innocence he obviously has in the movie because, of course, he didn’t kill anyone (and never will actually) and he still has this naive side, he still has the hope and the jokes which seem to come so naturally to him. All of the things that Schofield definitely lost because of the Somme and made him so quiet.

On top of that, it’s almost obvious that Blake never had a leave because when Schofield tells him he hated going home, he doesn’t say anything back which means Blake never had the chance to go back home, return to the war and see how hard it is.

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