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#anne tag

hello hooman. i love you hooman. you amazing, adorable hooman.

wilbur - three things i associate with you

newspaper cutting letters. mirrorball. taylor.

bill - pickup line

are you a good book? b/c i wanna read you from back to front!

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hey babe!!

♡ blog compliment: i looove your icon, i made one of the same model in my icon pack so i love it! your mobile theme is super simple and aesthetically pleasing which i adore, the pale grey colouring is gorgeous. your desktop theme is equally as gorgeous, and i love the colour scheme there as well! the pop of that dusty rose colour is super pretty, it’s my second fave colour so i love it! i love your blog tbh, you post very similar things to me and i often find myself scrolling through your blog hehe, it’s super aesthetic and gorgeous! i love interacting with you and overall you’re 10/10 in my books! x

join my celebration!

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red: it’s kinda a loose fitting crop shirt that’s an off white colour, there’s a small red/blue wave embroidery logo on the front and a bigger logo on the back :0 ngl i don’t think i have an absolute favourite but that shirt is new and one of the better ones

emerald: i think i would, but i’m not gonna give a well researched answer rn haha- maybe somewhere in austria, norway or italy?

erin: my best school subject was languages since i was studying japanese (i’m half lmaoo) but i was equally shit at most subjects oops

colour ask meme!

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hi anne! tysm! :)

1. Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora?

-> spotify!

19. shoe size?

-> it really depends on the shoe and the make, but typically in between 6 - 7!

46. whats your go to hair style?

->  i have it parted on right side and usually it’s just down + wavy or in a messy bun lmao

unusual asks!

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monogatari scene we talked about earlier !!!

save me and watch me bleed out, clinging to my own parts falling out of me,

tell me it’s gonna be okay, that you’re sorry, you never meant for me to get hurt,

I won’t blame you, but I won’t be me anymore, huh?

(((Thank you again, Anne!!! I love u!!!)))

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I have to, I have to say it, feel it, I have to make you feel it,

so I rip my hair out, I bleed into your food and watch you eat,

I make myself put on a mask, but never for you, it’s all for you,

and you tell me dinner tasted beautiful and the look in your eyes speaks volumes to your understanding of why I had to do it, so you ate every bite and repaid the favor with knuckles and teeth and L words that have no place on your tongue.

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give it to me and take it away as many times as you need,

massage my wrists and ankles, then lock them back up,

tell me soon, but soon never comes, only ice water and tender care that makes me shake.

(((( Thank you, Anne!!

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