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omnomnomdomcaps · 3 months ago
Gold Star
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Reducing a grown woman to a diaper-bound baby means taking away a lot of things. It means taking away all the privileges that come with being a big girl - staying up late, wearing panties, and all that - and of course it means taking away all the responsibilities and all the worries that come with being a big girl as well. But it should never, ever mean taking away a girl’s pride. 
Take Bella here, for example. When she went through her recent potty training, her daddy didn’t shame her when she used her diapers. Quite the contrary - he would comfort her with gentle head-pats, soft kisses, and big daddy-bear hugs. But when she did manage to use the potty, she would earn a big gold star on her chart, to remind her of her amazing accomplishments! 
Of course, as one might expect, that potty training was eventually no match for daddy’s special music and those other “rewards” that encouraged Bella to keep regressing. Soon, she would be done with pullups, thickly padded around the clock. But that didn’t mean the gold stars had to stop. 
Instead, Daddy would simply lower the bar ever so slightly, to give the girl new accomplishments to feel proud of. Instead of having to run to the potty in the middle of coloring to earn her stars, she would just change her own diapers every so often. And when she did, Daddy would marvel at what a good girl she was, at how carefully she poured on and rubbed in powder, at how neatly she lined up the tapes. And he would place the same glittering sticker on her chart, only occasionally teasing the girl about what that chart used to be there for. 
But while those stars were nice, Bella found it to be a lot of work trying to change her own diapers. Plus, she knew Daddy was always there to take care of things, so why bother? Besides, it was getting harder and harder to keep track of what she needed to do to change herself, or when it was that she needed to be changed. 
And still, that didn’t mean the gold stars had to stop. 
Tumblr media
Now, all Daddy asks of little Bella is that she lift up her skirt and bend down - like a proper little girl, holding firmly with both hands - when he asks to check on her. And she does so, and she gets her gold star. It doesn’t matter what Daddy finds - whether she’s dry or wet or messy (or perhaps wet and messy), that’s not for her to know or worry about. No, no matter what, Daddy will praise her and kiss her and hug her and give her stickers, and remind her that she’s his good little girl. 
And that’s something she’s very, very proud of. 
Image Credit: @mybabybea
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stinkydiaperedbaby · 3 months ago
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dk-diaperboy · 3 months ago
Video of part 2
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omnomnomdomcaps · 4 months ago
Risk and Reward
Tumblr media
“What are you looking at!?” she glares, as you watch the stream run down to her ankles, “What do you mean, do I feel any different? Feel different how?
“Oh, god, is this about that stupid file you made me listen to? Look, I told you already, hypnosis isn’t real. Get over it. Sorry to burst your bubble. 
“Do I remember what it said? Uhhh… no, I kind of fell asleep listening to it. Wasn’t all that exciting, I guess.
“Okay, seriously -” she’s starting to sound annoyed, now - “I’m not talking about this anymore. I have to get to work, and right now I’m trying to figure out - ugh - why my jeans are so uncomfortable all of a sudden. 
“But, hey,” she chuckles, “thanks for the fifty bucks, I guess.”
Tumblr media
“Ummmm, excuse me? Can I get some privacy in here, please? 
“What do you think I’m doing here? What I always do here. You know…
“Okay, fine! I wanted to show you I could still use the potty. I mean, it’s not like I have to go or anything,” she insists, though you can hear her tummy churning, “but then you had to be so mean about it and say I prolly forgot how… 
“Yeah, I know why I’m in diapies!” she’s clearly flustered, “I mean diapers. Rrgh. I had a couple accidents, okay? I don’t know, they just happened. I can still go potty like a big kid - I mean a big girl - I mean a growed-up - grrrr - I’m not a baby, okay?
“What do you mean, I clearly need my diapies? I mean diapies - ugggh!” she yells, her face glowing red, “No, of course they’re dry! I'd know if I wet. I mean, yeah, I guess it does feel kinda squishy...
“The new file? Yeah, I listened like you told me to. I don’t know why you like those so much, it’s not like they do anything,” she rolls her eyes, as her body shifts automatically into a squat, “plus, you said I’d get candy…
“Now could you not distract me? I’m trying to remember what to - hnnnnph - sorry, trying to remember what I'm supposed to do now...”
For a moment, she’s silent, looking around the bathroom and scratching her head, before she turns it back towards you and sniffs.
“Ew. What’s that smell?” 
Tumblr media
For a moment, you wonder if that’s her mouth watering as she looks at the donuts. But no, she’s just drooling. Again. 
She probably doesn’t even remember how she got this reward, what new instructions she had to listen to to be holding them in her hands. Of course, there’s a lot she doesn’t remember lately - how to talk properly, how to walk properly, how to use the potty…
Well, that’s just what she gets for being so stubborn. Maybe, after she realized she’d wandered off to work in soaking wet jeans, she should have learned to stop taking your wagers. But no, she just kept on insisting that hypnosis wasn’t real, and kept signing up for everything you offered - and at a lower price, to boot. 
And now, that leaves her here. You know she’s just going to make a terrible mess of things if she eats on her bed, but you let her have her treat anyway. After all, she’s earned it.  
Image Credit: @babykittenvuittqn
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maggiecaps · a year ago
Tumblr media
“Mmm…” Ellie hummed happily to herself. She relished in the deep sense of self she felt in this pull-up. She didn’t just want it on because she enjoyed them. Her body physically ached to be in them. Ellie never liked the feel of panties from the beginning. They always felt itchy to the touch. Diapers felt cuddly and soft, but more importantly, they added the perfect layer of security. She was the girl that took way longer than normal to graduate from diapers to pull-ups, and even longer to finally get herself into big girl underwear altogether. She simply never felt like herself in them.
Her parents wrote it off that she was a late bloomer; and for a time, Ellie believed that too. She realized quickly though that her desire to get back into diapers wasn’t subsiding with age. As she entered the senior year of high school, her mind and body’s desire to slip back into diapers was at an all-time high. It was a significant reason Ellie took this summer babysitting job in the first place.
She ran her fingers across the pull-up’s purple padding.
“This is how I should be.” Ellie whispered, she felt guilty stealing pull-ups from her charge at first. Part of that guilt stemmed from the social pressures of staying in panties, but more importantly, she knew it was technically stealing. While it was morally wrong, this was her only chance of expressing herself. Each pull-up she wore home made her feel complete and added to her precious stash.
“Ellie, can you help me with-“Mrs. Olivia Cooper said suddenly opening the nursery door. Ellie had no time to react. She spun her head around to lock eyes with the charge’s mom. There was no covering herself. Olivia could see Ellie’s skirt pulled down far enough to reveal the pull-up she had on underneath. On reflex, Ellie’s hands shot to her crotch to cover it. Olivia didn’t speak, she closed the door instantly and walked away.
“OH, FUCK ME!” Ellie thought, her face burst bright red with embarrassment. She placed her face into her hands. No one had ever seen her like this before. Ellie was normally methodically cautious with her diaper use. If she had paid better attention to the footsteps outside, she would have had plenty of time to pull up her skirt and most likely hide the childish garment underneath. Worst of all, it was the only person in this world she couldn’t weird out right now. This job was her only source of income and diapers.
Ellie paced around the room weighing her options. “Should I just go down there and pretend like nothing’s happened?” She thought, “… Erm, no. She just saw me in a PULL-UP. She’s going to have questions about it. Acting like it’s all cool will just make it worse.” Ellie reasoned. This was a nightmare scenario for her. Would Olivia tell anyone? Her mom? The whole world was about to know her fetish.
“I’m just going to talk to her.” Ellie said, it was her only chance at controlling this situation. If she could get to Olivia before she told her mom, then maybe she could explain her way out of it. Ellie didn’t waste any time. She pulled her skirt up far enough to cover the pull-up. After a deep sigh, she walked out of the room and cautiously made her way downstairs.
“Mrs. Cooper…” Ellie said nearly in a whisper. All she could do was poke her nose out from around the kitchen corner. She didn’t dare face Olivia. How do you look someone in the eye who just caught you stealing diapers?
“Come sit down, Ellie.” Olivia said calmly, Ellie didn’t expect that soft tone. Feeling better at the moment, Ellie came around the corner to face the music.
Ellie’s hands instinctively cupped her mouth to suppress the gasp. Olivia’s smile beamed delightfully, but that’s not where Ellie’s eyes were.
Tumblr media
Olivia’s fingers drummed across the package of adult diapers on the table. They weren’t the kind of diapers one finds at their local CVS. They were a neat pack of thick adult baby diapers. The kind of diapers that had pretty patterns of cartoon animals printed on them. They were coincidentally the same pair Ellie had eyed numerous times online.
“I know, Ellie.” Olivia said tenderly, Ellie felt her fight or flight kick in. Her brain acted fast to cover up the situation.
“It’s not like that, Mrs. Cooper! I didn’t know what I was doing, I-I was bored and thought it was funny, it wasn’t anything more than that.” Ellie spilled, her voice sounded strained and flustered. Olivia didn’t seem phased by Ellie’s plea.
“Honey, do you think I have this pack of adult diapers here to punish you?” Olivia said, she stood up from her seat, and plunged a nail into the plastic case. She ripped a small hole into the edge of the case. “If I put you in these diapers, we both know that wouldn’t be a punishment for you.” Olivia said, she stopped working on the case for a moment. The look on Ellie’s face meant she didn’t understand what was going on. Her firetruck red cheeks showed how uncomfortable she was too.
Olivia took her free hand and grabbed the hem of her skirt. She slowly pulled the fabric up toward her waist. She stopped just at the white padding. Underneath her skirt, was one of the same diapers in the new pack.
“I’m just like you, Ellie.” Olivia said, Ellie couldn’t form words. She let her skirt fall back into place. “Like you, I’ve had this part of me that never truly grew up. This, inner child, that has been a part of my life ever since I was born. I knew by the first day you felt the same way. I could tell by your long stares at diapers. The squint you’d give when I brought up the word ‘diapers’ in a conversation. I was finding fewer pull-ups in a pack than I remember using. I could sense it, Ellie. I had the same looks and demeanor when I babysat too.” Olivia said, her hand fished into the pack of diapers.
“I… I don’t know what to say…” Ellie said she used all her mental might to force those words out of her mouth. Her chest was a chaotic storm of emotion. She felt the suffocating fear of someone else knowing her fetish. The itching feel of jealousy at Olivia’s life. But ultimately, what rang the loudest, was the pupil dilating excitement rushing through her mind.
“You don’t have to say anything, Ellie.” Olivia said, tugging one of the adult diapers out from the package. She extended it toward Ellie. “You’re welcome to come here every day from now on. You no longer have to babysit; I’ll find someone else for the both of you. You can live the way you want to here. I won’t tell your parents. As far as they know, you’re a senior in high school trying to earn some money. But when you’re here, you can be the baby you want to be.” Olivia said. Ellie didn’t know what the words were for this moment. How do you put into the words something you can’t always express to yourself? That wasn’t to say Ellie didn’t know her answer though. She let the muscles in her neck relax, as her head slowly bobbed into a nod.
One diaper change later, and Ellie was sitting in front of a TV, with a pink pacifier and baby bottle. She felt good about herself earlier this morning in the pull-up. But in this diaper, she felt complete.
Tumblr media
“Oh, Mmm…” Ellie whispered in surprise to herself. The pressure in her bowels bared a quick passing signal. Her body went through her normal potty routine. She stopped playing with her toy, lifted her bum into the air, and relaxed. There was no hesitation. The mess spilled out of her instantaneously. Within a matter of seconds, the entire process of feeling the gentle urge to go and turning back to her toys in a messy diaper was complete.
Ellie didn’t see herself as a grown-up life in ‘real’ life anymore. She spent more time as a baby at the Coopers than she did at her parent's house. The Cooper’s was her home now. Olivia gave that to Ellie the same day she offered to diaper her. She told Ellie’s parents that she was going to need a full-time babysitter Monday through Saturday. In her parent’s eyes, Ellie was a responsible adult getting a head start in life. In reality, she was taking meaningful steps back into infancy.
Ellie jumped in headfirst to her new life. Her morning routine consisted of an immediate diaper change, whether she was full or not, and popped right into a high chair for breakfast. After Olivia washes Ellie’s face of any food, she’s allowed to free crawl around the house. Normally she gravitates to her nursery. Olivia set it up for her shortly after she started coming over full-time. Those nursery walls act as a safe space from the outside world. It allowed her to drop to the very mental bottom of infancy.
Ellie didn’t want to be potty trained in the first place. She started dismantling her physical control the instant she was put back in diapers. She stopped any attempt at her bladder and bowel muscles. It didn’t matter where she was or the state of her diaper. Even Olivia commented on it after Ellie leaked through most of her first diapers. “Watch your control if you care…” She said, pointing to her own diaper. “… It’s not coming back if you throw it away.” That was everything Ellie wanted to hear though. She had the past 18 years to consider it, and the answer was a resounding “I do not want to be potty trained.”
Ellie had to start wearing diapers to her parent’s place after months of diaper use at Olivia’s. She had too many accidents or close calls. She also needed a solution to her bedwetting situation. She hated waking up early to wash her sheets in secrecy before her parents woke up. Diapers were already her underwear, so why stop wearing them when she left the house?
Ellie got onto her knees. Her body subconsciously moved that way to pee easier. She always released after messing herself. Ellie wasn’t aware of this process though. She couldn’t even tell her diaper was filling up. It just did that on its own automatically. Besides, she was too busy looking out the window, soaking in the summer sun. The state of her diaper genuinely wasn’t her responsibility anymore anyways.
“I think it’s a good idea to put-off college if you’re working this much at the Coopers to support yourself…” Ellie whispered to herself. She smirked and shook her head. Her mother and father had no clue. They never will. In their eyes, their daughter was a successful self-starter. Not everyone can move out and support themselves at 19, but Ellie was doing just that. Her Mommy supported her. That's the only way babies live in the first place.
Olivia made it clear that if this was how Ellie wanted to live her life, then she could stay here as long as she wants. She always wanted a little girl who never grew up.
Ellie was content, staring out the window. She knew in her heart that this was the rest of her life. Full diapers, a Mommy that never asks you to grow up, and all the cartoons and bottles she could ask for. This wasn’t a phase or merely a small part of her sex life. This was Ellie’s entire life.
And it was exactly how she always wanted to live it.
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stinkydiaperedbaby · 3 months ago
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dk-diaperboy · 3 months ago
Walking around with my diaper exposed outside!!! 🍼👶👶😅 pt 3
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wambos-storytime-corner · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Genies rule! Pt. 6 (Finale.)
Isabelle gasped, “Ally, you want me to record him making his first accident? That’s so sadistic… I love it!” She scrambled for her phone and pressed the button. “We’re live!” I turned to my pathetic little boy and smirked before putting on a fake, innocent, performative smile for the camera.
“Hi Facebook, YouTube, and essentially the whole world! This is Matthew! About an hour ago, Matthew was a big boy who knew his ABC’s, how to count to 10, how to use the potty and, most importantly, how to juggle four respectable womens emotions and destroy their trust! We’ve all seen a man like Matthew! Rude, manipulative, and intolerable! A man needs to know his place. Thanks to a little help from a friend of mine, every single boy on the planet who has humiliated women like cute little Matt here will be dealt a permanent karma. If you see a grown man in public toddling around in a diaper being towed by a domineering, independent woman, I can assure you he’s definitely earned that position! And you can thank baby Matt as well as me for that. Let this visit from The tickle monster be the first of many we torture these cheaters with for the rest of their double diapered days! Now, to the three unlucky ladies who were used by baby Matt, he wants to say he’s ‘weally weally sowwy.’ But since all he can do is lie with that little mouth of his, instead he’s gonna apologize by doing the one thing he’s good at: filling his very first diaper to the brim in front of a doting audience~! This one’s for you ladies and here’s to many more! Here comes the tickle monster~ Coochie coochie cooooo!!!!”
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