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nationalhoranleague · 2 months ago
Harry Styles Smut Recommendations
Please be aware that these fan fictions include smut and other potentially triggering content. Please, read at your own discretion.
See the rest of my fanfic recommendations here (Includes Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and a smattering of NHL Players)!
Last Updated: 9/21/2021
The bolded titles are the titles that have been added most recently!
And the Winner Is... - @g0ldenkiwi
ASMR - @watchmegetobsessed
Baby, You’ve Got Me Tied Down - @crisptrepidation-vol6
Backstage Business - @jarofstyles
Behave - @cryiingrealtears
Branding - @harrywritingsbyme
Can’t Get Enough of You - @harryhoney-bee
Cause I’m High, Chewing on Your Taste - @meetmymouth
Desperate - @daaydreamy
Doctor’s Orders - @havin-a-wee
Edge - @teaspoon-full-of-sugar
Email Fuck-Ups - @marvelous-harry
Exhibition Club - @jarofstyles
Extra Credit - @havethetimeofyourstyles
Eye of the Tiger - @amethystnalaah
Feel It - @harrywritingsbyme
Feeling Better, Baby? - @g0ldenkiwi
Filthy - @adore-laur
Full - @harrywritingsbyme
Go On, Darling - @harryhoney-bee
Good Girl - @watchmegetobsessed
Gooey - @meetmymouth
Grammy Night - @tobesolonely
Gucci Coat - @g0ldenkiwi
Hangin’ on the Telephone - @songbirdstyles
Harry Fingers His Wife with a Vibrating Ring - @watermelonlovershigh
Harry is a Bossy Lawyer, and Y/N is His Intern - @chillmichelle
Harry is a Gynecologist, and Y/N is his Young Intern - @haaarry 
Harry is a Pilot, and Y/N is a Shy Flight Attendant on His Flight - @chillmichelle
HSLOT: St. Louis - @erodasfishtacos
I’m on Fire - @songbirdstyles
In Watermelon Sugar... - @amethystnalaah
Jealousy, Jealousy - @lexi5678900
Kindergarten Teachers - @tobesolonely
Kiss Them Better - @g0ldenkiwi
Longing - @haroldslovekitten
Look So Innocent After Such a Sinful Act - @daaydreamy
Mark My Territory - @ciggylungz
More About Waiting - @permanentcross
My Devotion - @amethystnalaah
Only For You - @erodasfishtacos
Open Door Policy - @atlafan
Out in the Heartland - @meetmymouth
Plus One - @meetmeinfleetwood
Pretty Baby - @missluckycharms
Pretty Boy - @harryhoney-bee
Requested Blurb - @muffindaddystyles
Rim Job in a Public Bathroom - @harrystylesslutt
Ruin - @thismaydestroyme
Save Me - @ill-be-your-honey-bri
Say It, Just Say It - @buckyownsmylife
Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy - @harryhoney-bee
Shower Head - @heartbreakweatherharry
Spit - @givemesomeboobies
Stitches and Pucks - @talesofstyles
Sunday Smut Concept #23 - @harrywritingsbyme
Sunday Smut Concept #30 - @harrywritingsbyme
Suspenders - @justice4canyonmoon
Sweet as Honey - @tobesolonely
Tastes Like Strawberries - @watchmegetobsessed
Teacher’s Pet - @jarofstyles
Teaching Assistant - @hewearsgucci
Temptress - @honeydulcewrites
Tongue Tied - @princehairsupremacy
The One about Y/N and Her Stuffie - @harrywritingsbyme
The Pleasure in Business - @vocalharry
The Preacher’s Daughter - @0nlythrowharrybeaux
The Words You Didn't Hear - @hewearsgucci
Unplanned Shenanigans - @tobesobratty
Virgin Skin - @heshoes
When I Kissed the Teacher - @songbirdstyles
White Wedding - @songbirdstyles
Wrong Script - @satanhalsey
Y/N’s First Heat (Part Two) - @jawllines
Y/N is on Harry’s Tour Crew and Harry Just Thinks She’s Lovely - @jawllines
You, Me, and Harry Makes Three - @missluckycharms
Please let me know if I need to make any title or link corrections! You can also use this link to send me your recommendations, I’m always looking for something new to read!
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