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How do you come up with your quotes?
contrary to popular belief, i do not use incorrect quote generators to come up with my quotes. not because i have any malice towards them or anything (i honestly think they're pretty good if utilized well); i simply just do not vibe well with them enough to use them more often.
instead i go for the much harder method (hope i don't get cancelled for ""plagiarism"" or something like that for admitting this /hj) and scroll through several incorrect quote blogs i follow like a rabies-infested possum craving leftovers.
hope this answers your question, op, it's not much but it honestly sums up my whole quotes making process lmao <3
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incorrect-hololive a day ago
AAAAAAAAA i'm LOSING IT MY GOD. Especially crying over Holomyth and ID being able to participate too; likely not in 3D due to current global events though, but still! Super hyped, wishing I had money right now, if not for tickets then at least for the celebratory merch or something lmao
I wish them all the best!
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inaccurate-linguini 11 months ago
The Creeps As Things My Biology Professor (a 46 year old man) Has Said/Done:
Masky: "Smoking is very bad, kids" [was seen later that day, lighting a cigarette while already having a lit one on the ashtray]
Toby: "My GOD, what I wouldn't give for a pet racoon" [proceeds to stare longingly out the window]
Jane: [looking out the window to see his coworker, that he hates, get absolutely drenched in the rain] [in the most deadpan voice ever] "Oh no"
E.J.: [sings makeshift song about Punnett squares while doing a little dance]
Helen: "No", his response to 'Good morning'
Jeff: [giving a presentation about DNA] "You know, I think about blood a lot" [changes slide and doesn't mention it again]
L.J.: "I'm an amazing role model" [puts feet on table]
Slender: "The amount of times I get the urge to put pebbles in my mouth is alarming"
Hoodie: "You better apologize to each other or I'll shred your textbooks"
Kate: "Wait, fuck, no. I can't make that joke... How old are you guys again?"
Nina: "I'll have you know, I'm a menace to society" [proceeds to wipe his desk and chair with baby wipes]
Ben: [giggles when looking at the anatomy of a penis]
Liu: "Well this is an inconvenience" [referring to his broken chair]
Zalgo: "My genes are immaculate. My offsprings will surely conquer"
Kagekao: "I can't wait for the weekend!" [said at 9 in the morning, on a Monday]
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quotes-of-dreamland 23 days ago
Marx is so microwavable
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looopylupin 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
this is so sick but they really did my mans dabi like that 馃槶馃槶
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mydrincorrectquotes 8 months ago
Mike Wazowski nodding is the same thing as him twerking. Also, have a nice day ^^
You are correct but have you considered: therapy
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incorrectmyhero 3 months ago
yooo now i want a sandwich
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not-right-tally-hall-quotes 6 months ago
yo tumblr just got purple text now. mailroom ryan rights
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Me: *listening to Master of Masters on repeat in my car*
My passengers: my ears are bleeding can we please listen to any other kingdom hearts song?
Me: you have to kill me first
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Hello all! First off, the blog is under new management.
After a long time of waiting, we have our answer: Gloomverse is (probably) over.
So instead of waiting idly for the comic to come back from the dead, this blog shall run again and gently finish its course when the inspiration well dries up. Fortunately, a considerable amount of quotes has been hoarded during the hiatus, so we should be fine for a while.
I hope we will all have fun!
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classpectingshitposts 9 months ago
make no mistake, i dont take pride in knowing homestuck things. ive just been in this god damned fandom for 8 years and my brain refuses to let go of all the stupid random homestuck fandom trivia and im in hell
oh no no no no that鈥檚 why i鈥檓 still here. classpecting was one of my hyperfixations years ago and this blog was one of the questionable decisions i made as a result of it
~mod morning
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random but you give me very big Isabela vibes for some reason (btw your incorrect quotes are great!!)
it's the pfp isn't it. /pos
(also tysm i appreciate it a lot. ty op <3)
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incorrect-hololive 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hololive but it鈥檚 false Onion/Reductress articles
[Part 1/???]
maybe i鈥檒l make more of these who knows
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wedge-of-words a year ago
Hi Heather!! I'm studying English this year but I'm already struggling. Do you have any university study tips?
Hello:) Firstly, congratulations for getting onto your course, that鈥檚 fantastic!
Honestly, I was a mess during my first year - I think everyone is - and it鈥檚 more than okay to be struggling. I don鈥檛 know where you are in the world or what specific course you鈥檙e doing, and I can imagine that the global pandemic is making this year extra stressful for you, but I hope these help.
1. Use archive.org, Project Gutenberg, your uni library, Google Books and Google Scholar to your advantage. Archive.org is basically a virtual library and maaaaan I wish I鈥檇 known about it earlier because it has nearly everything on there. You can check out books for a certain amount of time and access them online. Similarly, gutenberg allows you to read books out of copyright online. Your uni library and Google scholar are fantastic places to go to for critical work. Google Books is also good - you can get sneaky previews if you don鈥檛 want to pay, though they will sometimes cut off page numbers so be aware of that for referencing.
2. Write down points of interest for seminars. When you read something, if anything strikes you as confusing, interesting, beautiful or even annoying, write it down. I鈥檓 not saying write down everything that goes through your head when you read, but three to ten points of interest go a long way. Your point doesn鈥檛 have to be聽鈥榠ntellectual鈥. Saying聽鈥榯he section at the start of chapter three confused me because...鈥 shows you鈥檙e an engaged reader. Saying聽鈥業 thought perhaps Woolf was using light imagery to suggest...鈥 shows you鈥檙e analytical. Etc. Any contribution in a seminar is right (unless it鈥檚聽鈥業 haven鈥檛 done the reading this week).
3. Don鈥檛 be afraid of plot summaries. Starting a book, play, poem, article etc can be daunting and it鈥檚 not cheating to look up what鈥檚 going on first. Obviously you should try to read as much as you can, but it鈥檚 okay if you can鈥檛 get through the whole thing. In some instances, your seminar leader will expect you to do this - we had to read Pamela in my first year (awful book, really really awful) and I tried so hard but only read 300 pages or so. One student in my class only managed one chapter. Nobody read the whole book.聽
4. Don鈥檛 worry about formatives (unassessed work). Try your best, of course, but look at them as your place to take risks and learn, rather a mark of failure or success. My entire first year didn鈥檛 count (thank goodness) but I learnt how to structure a uni level essay, what sources were聽鈥榗redible鈥 and how to reference properly. Listen to what the markers say and don鈥檛 be upset if you鈥檝e done badly but the girl next to you got a first. You鈥檒l catch up soon.
5. Keep your notes in a way you like. This can take some trial and error. I type up notes for two of my modules and write on paper for the rest. I normally do a little plot summary at the top, points of interest, secondary reading(s) (if they鈥檙e asked for) and then seminar notes. At the start of last year, I did little drawings next to my notes and used highlighters and it was honestly so nerdy and fun. But it鈥檚 also time-consuming. So I only did that for a week. They鈥檙e your notes, own them. Ironically, this blog started out as me struggling with uni notes. I have a weird thing against highlighting or writing in books, but kept losing the quotes I liked. So I posted my quotes with tags relating to themes and thoughts to order them. I actually didn鈥檛 know it was on public mode until I had like 200 followers, but this blog has definitely helped me stay focused and motivated.
6. Most important tip of all: look after yourself. I didn鈥檛 do this in my first year at all and I got by far my worst marks (they didn鈥檛 count that year luckily). I was also eating very little, only leaving my room for class and suffering from severe panic attacks because my anxiety was so so bad. Over the next two years, I worked on eating properly, going out, relaxing and keeping up with my hobbies. I also told my housemate what was going on with my mental health and she was unbelievably supportive. It took a long time but I got better. And so did my marks. I graduated with a first and was awarded a scholarship. If your mental health is suffering a lot, reach out to crisis help lines and support groups, talk to your doctor, go to counselling if your uni provides it. There are crisis text lines such as Shout out there (these aren鈥檛 just for emergencies - you could be having a bad day, anxiety attack or need somewhere to vent). Everyone says uni is the best time of your life but nobody ever talks about how overwhelming it is to begin with. You won鈥檛 be the only one struggling, believe me.
Good luck with uni <3 if anyone has anymore tips then please feel free to reblog and add to this.
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quotes-of-dreamland 4 months ago
I had a dream that Galactic Nova grew arms and used them to pet normal earth cats (that happened to be floating in space for some reason) and slap Marx until he died and reincarnated into a deli ham
This ask gave me so much physical damage in the form of laughter that I had to make an Artistic rendition
Tumblr media
- Mod Taranza
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looopylupin a year ago
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mydrincorrectquotes a year ago
In Danganronpa: Another Episode he is 62.5% leg, which is a 0.75% increase
What the fuck. One day he鈥檚 just gonna be legs and a head. He got leg disease. It鈥檚 terminal
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machigatta-inyo-no-jutsu 5 months ago
i'm sorry for no posts for the past, what? *checks watch* week and a half, two weeks? i started school again and haven't really had the time to put quotes fitting for a whole week into the queue, i'll be doing that starting soon though!
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insert-great-name 5 days ago
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Here鈥檚 Mushu, my lovely baby beardie boy.
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incorrect-mugenri 8 days ago
In queue: 12
Have a quote you want to submit? Awesome! There's just a few guidelines to follow:
Please use they/them pronouns for characters without canon genders (ie nearly all characters)
Please provide the source of the quote. If you don't know it, try to find it, but if you have no luck, list it as unknown.
I'm open to sources from just about any media, as long as the quote used from said source does not promote/reflect bigotry or nasty ideals.
If using Suzumi, specifying which soul isn't necessary unless more than one is speaking. Totally fine if you wanna specify anyways, just please format it Suzumi (souls name) for the first piece of dialogue, and then you can use just the souls name for the rest of it (you can look here to see what I mean)
Totally chill to edit dialogue to match a characters speech patterns (Clause, Sukune, Yago, etc.) (Ngl if you don鈥檛 do it, I might do it for you)
All gender and pronoun headcanons are accepted here, I myself headcanon many characters having xenogenders and using neopronouns. The use of they/them in quotes is for sake of inclusivity on the topic of headcanons, if that makes sense.
If you want to be assigned an anon name (like be known as Bottle Opener Anon when submitting quotes or asks), send me and ask and it'll be done!
Anons: None so far!
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