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I don’t know if this is meaningful or stress-relieving for anyone, but it feels like the kind of thing that fandom writing communities don’t talk about much. And I just want to put it out there:

It’s okay if I love your writing and you don’t love mine.

We all have different tastes and different writing styles. Mine might not work for you. That doesn’t mean my writing is bad or your taste is suspect. It means we’re different people with our own preferences and boundaries. You can be welcome here, regardless of how you feel about what I write. And if I gush about your writing, it’s because I want to. Don’t feel awkward about not returning the sentiment. I don’t take that personally. And I never will.

Somewhat related. A new thought I’m working on making space for in my heart:

It’s okay if you are a loyal reader of my fic in progress, and then you drift away.

The fact that you left doesn’t mean my work got worse or I did something “wrong” to lose you. It just means your priorities have changed. There are so many reasons why that may have happened. If I start imagining only the negative ones that relate to the quality of my writing, then I’m doing myself harm that I don’t deserve.

I can be sad you’ve left, but also glad my fic was just what you needed for a while. And I don’t have to blame either one of us for being bad or doing something wrong. We are not and we haven’t. We all have busy, challenging lives right now. And the things we have time and energy for often change.

(Honestly these are just my fanfic writer thoughts on the topic of working to be good to myself and good to other people.)

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How To End Your Story

The Circle Ending- A story that does a full circle and comes back to the beginning

The Moral Ending- An ending where you learn a lesson and see the character develop

The Surprise Ending- A big plot twist last minute

The Reflection Ending- The Character looks back on their past achievements and experiences

The Emotional Ending- Leave your readers feeling sad, bittersweet, or happy

The Cliff Hanger Ending- End on something that will leave your readers at the edge of their seat

The Humor Ending- Finish in a funny or humorous way

The Question Ending- Make the reader wonder what will happen next

The Image Ending- Show, don’t tell

The Dialogue Ending- Finish with a quote from one of your characters

The Get This Out of My Sight Ending- It’s not finished, it will never be finished, but you know what? All the stuff in the beginning was pretty good, so here you go

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My husband and I got pulled over by a cop and accused of running a stop sign, which we didnt fucking do. My husband got humiliated and harassed, but mercifully we’re both safe and on our way.

I was so fucking scared, y'all. The cop wouldn’t let me get out of the car and I was so fucking scared that I was about to watch my husband get shot.

We got slapped with a $109 ticket that we can’t afford.

2020 is the gift that keeps on FUCKING giving.

If you have a spare couple bucks to help an impoverished trans family deal with a bullshit ticket, please give this a boost?

PayPal: renniequeer@gmail.com

Venmo: @ renniequeer

CashApp: $renn13queer

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So much of managing your mental health is just…learning to parent yourself like you’re a toddler

Like, “Honey, it’s 10 pm and you’ve been up since four in the morning, no wonder you’re emotional. Plus all you’ve had to eat today was three chocolate truffles and a half a protein drink. Make yourself some scrambled eggs and peas, you can even put them in separate bowls so they don’t touch. Then go to bed. You can do more fun things tomorrow, but first you need to sleep. Okay?”


In the old days we didn’t call this managing mental health, we called this managing being an adult.


Interesting, that.

See, I’m five years into adulthood. I have a college degree (a few in fact), a car, insurance payments, a job, yada yada. I ostensibly joined the Grown Up Club a few years back.

But, having grown up with a number of undiagnosed disorders and mental illnesses, I never learned a healthy style of self-talk.

If I’m honest, between depression and anxiety, the way I grew up talking to myself was abusive. I’m not kidding; if the things I thought to and about myself were said aloud to someone else, it would be considered verbal and emotional abuse.

So this idea of treating myself like a small child? With the same loving firmness and compassion?

This is a radical idea for me.

This is me learning to stop those abusive thought patterns, and talk to myself in a kinder, healthier way.

And it doesn’t have much to do with adulthood. I know adults who have treated themselves unkindly this way for many years. A healthy relationship with yourself doesn’t just sprout once you’re an adult; you have to develop it.

Those are my thoughts anyway. I hope they make sense.

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Every writer on Tumblr: “I would combust out of love if someone ever drew fanart of my fic!!”

Dear artists.

We, the writers, will accept any of your fan arts.

We don’t care if it looks like shit to you, or you think your art skills are not good enough.

We will love any fan art, because it’s the most beautiful way to say “I love what you write”.

This times a million. 

This also applies to aesthetics, moodboards, spin-off fanfic drabbles, and the like. Doesn’t matter how insignificant or amateurish you think it is – all of it is beautiful. <3

Honestly? My heart swelled. I’ve gone back to the pieces a billion times since receiving them. I’ve proudly showed them off because, damn it, I love them! I was actually feeling pretty shit about my writing, thinking that I was wasting my time. I was actually going to delete all of my WIP’s - so those pieces came at the best possible time. 🖤🖤

Dearest artists, we writers wish we had your talent and if you draw us art we will protect it with our life even if it consists of stick figures, don’t ever hesitate to grace us with your art, you guys rock

Yes a thousand trillion percent

yes, yes, a thousand times yes

@angryinterrobang made a moodboard-type thing several years ago to correspond with some of the fics I wrote about Pakku and Katara, and it touched me so much that I still think about it

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if i got to ask a genie for a wish i wouldn’t just ask for money i would specifically ask for all of jeff bezos’ money and then use all his money to do all the things people keep saying jeff bezos could do with his money

pros of this plan:

  • the genie won’t be conjuring up large sums of money for me, thus inflating the economy by flooding it and lowering the value of the dollar
  • i could make it part of the deal that the money is transferred to me legally, so it doesn’t just look like i suspiciously came into a lot of money
  • i looked up the amount it’s $135 billion like yeah that would look suspicious if i just took that money from jeff bezos
  • contrary to popular opinion i would leave jeff bezos with enough money to support himself and his family, perhaps even thrive, such as $100 000 a year. that way capitalists won’t make him into a martyr and he has nothing to complain about
  • i distribute a lot of the wealth instinctively to charities that make a difference globally, because Fuck national borders
  • i leave $100 tips at every restaurant i go to
  • i will not spend the money on ridiculous things like extra houses or yachts or sports cars because i am a reasonable human being who understands that literally none of that matters
  • i’ll use my second genie wish to make sure amazon hires a new ceo that is charitable and generous and also believes in human rights
  • and then i’ll use my third wish to free the genie. i’ve seen aladdin duh

cons of this plan:

  • i do not know any genies
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listen im used to my cat having the zoomies at random but nothing has ever made me laugh more than when he got them mid-lick as he was grooming himself

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I’ve had to reread my emails up to a dozen times to take out unneeded words and apologies, because being to wordy and apologetic can make you look less professional or confident. Fake it till you make it!

Also, keep in mind that if you grew up around a single parent who did this and has this kind of history, you may have picked it up as a quirk.

Me needing to prepare an airtight case for minor bullshit like I’m my own defense attorney: what do you mean this is a trauma response?

Whoa you thought my over explaining was bad, now get ready for over-explaining followed by a TED talk about the deep rooted reasons why I over explain

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please never pause doing something you love to think ‘is this cringey?’ no!!! it’s not!!!! being happy and feeling personally fulfilled is not cringey or awkward or silly or childish!! if you love it keep doing it. when you do things that make you happy, other people feel so much more comfortable being themselves too and then you all get to vibe together! go out and exist to have fun <3

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