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#80s movies

“It’s wonderful when the appetite comes. What the actor has to do is always have an appetite. And that’s part of the technique and part of what you learn is how to have that appetite. You have a need or desire to say something or do something because every night, you’ve got to go out there and look for the appetite.” - Al Pacino on his return to film, taken from the Sea of Love press kit, 1989.

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Paul was a hippie from Height Ashberry San Francisco in the Summer of Love in 1967 before he was turned. 

He’s the son of a preacher. 

Him and his dad hated each other. 

Paul loves Rock ‘N’ Roll! 

He plays the drums and can sing. 

He can never sit still unless he is high or sleeping. 

He is the heart of the Lost Boys <3 

He actually liked playing with Laddie. Paul was a pretty fun big brother to Laddie.

Paul is super nice to those he cares about. 

He is always the first to try and cheer up any of his brothers when they are feeling down. 

He’ll never cut his hair short no matter what! 

He’s all about customizing his clothes! 

He adores 80’s Hair Metal! He thinks it’s the best fashion and hairstyles EVER! 

Paul loves when things are over the top and excessive so 80’s Hair Metal is PERFECTION to him! 

Paul loves Motley Crew, Skid Row, Warrant and more! 

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