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The common Gay Problem

She is straight why…..

She is so pretty and her laugh is so cute and when shes gets angry dont even get me started. She is stubborn and cute and so pretty and omfggggg. And i just want to hold her and hug her and protect her from the world. Kiss her forehead and hold her hand. And and and and her hair its so golden and blonde and curly and i want to run my fingers through it.

She always comes to me for her problems and she has a boyfriend who is destroying her and i have told her and she agrees and she wont break up with him. She isnt as happy when she is with him and he tries to push people away from her and UGH I WANNA KICK HIM IN THE NUTS. LIKE UGH WHY

and i have a bf i dont even want so 😔

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Never back down on your personal boundaries, for ANYONE. Friends, boyfriends, QPPs (or any variation thereof), family, ANYONE. If it makes you uncomfortable, no one has the right to make you do it or be a party to it.

If sex makes you uncomfortable? Set the boundry however high you need to, there’s no shame in saying “hey this makes me feel uncomfortable”. Your comfort in a relationship is more important than whatever minute satisfaction someone gets from pushing your boundaries. Healthy relationships can and do exist without sex or similar activities. You don’t need to emotionally exhaust yourself for the sake of someone who refuses to understand you.

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Lesbians are getting too powerful.

First the swords, then opened button up shirts tucked in pants, then tiktok came along and the smirking, sexy staring & winking videos happened, and now I’m anxiously waiting for them to excel all of humanity.

The day is gonna come where I’m just gonna be minding my own business and a girl with combat boots and a sword is gonna wink at me and I’ll just automatically be in love, and there will be nothing I can do about it but let her carry me into the sunset.

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Demi-: an a-spectrum orientation where one does not experience attraction to a person until they have developed an emotional connection to them. There is no guarantee that this attraction will develop after an emotional connection is formed, but it is required in order for attraction to be possible.

Gyne-/Woma-: attraction to women and women-aligned nonbinary individuals.

Andro-/Ma-: attraction to men and men-aligned nonbinary individuals.

Demimasculine/Demimasc: identifying partially as masculine and partially as something else.

Androgyneflux: a state where you have fluctuating feelings of masculinity and femininity, but your gender identity stays the same. Someone who is androgyneflux can be of any gender identity (binary trans, nonbinary, cis, etc.).

Voidpunk: rejecting being human altogether, usually in response to people implying you aren’t in the first place. Embracing the thing they’re trying to hurt you with and turn it into something fantastic.


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