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Thanks to @tare8chan for the prompt! They selected “On the edge of consciousness” for Ice Bros with angst. (God you know what I like to write! ;)  )


“She won’t talk about it, you know.”

The suddenness of the footsteps and his voice startles Elsa and she whirls around from where she’s seated on a rock overlooking the fjord.

“You scared me.” Her eyes are wide and she places a hand over her heart for emphasis.

“And you scared us. Consider it payback.”

“I’m sorry. I know it was stupid, but I…I had to.”

“You didn’t, you know.”

“I did.” She’s sure of herself in a way she usually isn’t, and it makes Kristoff realize how strongly she holds that conviction. She may have just died, or so he thinks, but she sure doesn’t seem like she regrets it. “I had to find the truth.”

Kristoff nods, unsure of whether or not he agrees with Elsa’s sentiment, but there’s no arguing with her when she’s being this stubborn. She gets like that sometimes, especially when it comes to putting herself in danger.

Suddenly Kristoff’s words which had startled her make their way back into her thoughts now that she shock has worn off. “Wait, she won’t talk about what?” She would gladly jump down to the depths of Ahtohallan and freeze again if it would mean that Anna was alright.

“You dying.” He fixes her with a firm, knowing stare. “You did, right? That’s why Olaf, um, disintegrated?” He makes a fluttering motion with one hand.

“I suppose so.” She cups one hand in the other’s palm tenderly. “Anna….I tried to apologize, tried to talk to her about it, but she just changed the subject.” She winces, brows drawn. “I never mean to hurt her, but it seems I keep doing just that.”

Kristoff just hums. She’s right- while her intentions are good, Elsa has a knack for pulling the rug out from under Anna’s feet. Not that she herself has always had a rug to stand on, either.

There’s really nothing more to say. He doesn’t want to push it, doesn’t want to make her feel guilty for something she clearly felt she had to do. The girls will broach the topic eventually. Hopefully. But there’s still something on his mind…

“What was it like?”

“What?” Elsa once again glances at him with surprise written across her face. The light of the day and the blue waters of the fjord reflect dazzlingly against the colors of her skin and eyes. Kristoff wonders how none of them ever realized that Elsa was a spirit all along.

“Y’know, um. Dying. Was it…did it hurt? Did you know you were dead?” He wants to beat himself over the head with his boot. Could he be any more tactless?

“Everything hurt,” Elsa says after a measured pause, thinking. Her voice is low with the memories and grief.

“The cold hurt. I couldn’t feel my hands. I couldn’t walk, I was trembling and I…” her breath hitches, and she looks down at her hands. “I knew this was it. I went too far. I would…I would never see Anna again, wouldn’t get to be with her.”

Kristoff feels goosebumps rising on his arms at the thought of knowing he was living his last few moments on Earth. To know he would never hold Anna again, see her wide grin or hear her infectious laugh…

He’s startled back to reality as Elsa continues to answer his questions. “I always thought of death as something like, maybe nothingness?” She tries to explain, and chokes back a strained laugh. “That used to be something I would dream about.” Kristoff’s heart clenches at her blasé mention of her past life. “But it wasn’t really nothingness, not really. More like…like I was simply on the edge of consciousness. Waiting. For…something.”

She sighs. “I suppose in a way it was Anna saving me that I was waiting for.” She huffs a breath out through her nose. “It seems like I’m always just waiting for her to save me – trying to live my life but I can’t seem to do it without her help.”

“Well she can’t seem to live hers without you either,” Kristoff adds, and Elsa looks up at him in surprise once more. “Even after she succeeded in destroying the dam, restoring the sky to the Northuldra….Elsa, it all meant nothing to her without you there.” He takes her hand and she lets him. It’s small and cold and he wonders if her frozen hand had felt just like Anna’s must have three years ago.

Elsa swallows thickly. “I keep hurting her.”

“She’s just glad to have you back.”

“We need to talk.”

“You do,” Kristoff agrees. “You both went through a lot. And you’re both the only ones who can really help each other. You’ve been through similar circumstances and I think it would help you both to not bottle it up so much.”

Elsa doesn’t respond, just gazes out towards the shimmering waters of the fjord toward the land of Northuldra. She closes her eyes and breathes in, and Kristoff jumps when suddenly a horse of water materializes from the gentle waves.

“So, Friday?” Elsa asks eagerly, leaping onto the Nokk. “After game night?”

Before game night,” Kristoff answers. “And you better practice your charade skills with Honeymaren and Ryder or else Anna’s gonna be pissed at you for more than one reason!”

Elsa grins, shaking her head and rolling her eyes, and waves to him from behind as she rides out into the water.

Please let me know what you think! 

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Ice Bros ficlet that I’ve been mulling over for a while.  Completely un-beta’d, so forgive any typos.

Elsa asks a question that Kristoff has been dreading.  Will she understand his answer?


“No, thanks,” Kristoff said, not looking at her.

It was the question he knew Elsa would ask eventually.  The one he’d been dreading, the one that had been bouncing around in the back of his mind ever since that day.  The day the dam came down.  The day Elsa had somehow - miraculously, thankfully - returned from the dead to save Arendelle.

The day he asked Anna to marry him.  The day he found out that his soon-to-be sister had unlocked the gateway to the past.

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Summary: Even though Anna loved her sister-in-law, she couldn’t help but notice there was something peculiar about Elsa. Everything starts to make sense after an accident and a forced family reunion.

Modern AU. Kristanna - Frohana - Kristoff & Elsa BrOTP.

Chapters 1 to 10 - Here  

Chapter 11 - Repercussions    

Chapter 12 - Time apart

Chapter 13 - Guilt

Chapter 14 - The way I see it



After the radio incident, both girls remained on the floor talking and sharing stories, trying to get back the serene atmosphere they had shared in the early morning. It wasn’t until Anna mentioned Kai and Gerda, that Elsa noticed the time and thought it was better to get ready. She needed to pack a few things to stay some days at her parents’ house, and her crutches made the task a lot harder than it usually was.

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Please Share !!!!!!!
and Wake UP!!!


1 pic from The ARE OF Frozen II
people who must go through a difficult time but come out changed and triumphant


pic 2~4
it’s the fifth spirits sign flashes


pic 5
it’s Naruto Infinite tsukuyomi using the eye of the samsara

Hypnotize people in the world and put them to sleep

Start dreaming


pic 6
the fifth spirit sign like Samsara eyes and hypnotic symbols


We all know and have seen it

Pibbie used magic to change Anna’s memory

It means that changing memory in frozen is an iron proof of existence

The flash of the fifth spirit sign means

Ahtohallan hypnotizes people in the world

Ahtohallan is a mental cannibal, like a computer or a machine

Start hypnotizing people

Start sleeping into dreams and start dreaming

Let them see what they want to see


So ahtohallan is a source of control
Start hypnotizing people
Start sleeping into dreams and start dreaming
Let them see what they want to see
Directly speaking, it’s a mental cannibal, like a computer, a mobile phone, a machine
It changed Elsa’s thinking and behavior through dreams or sounds
Let her have nightmares, let her think there will be a crisis
Driving her to ahtohallan
Let her just want to achieve her goal
Make her think that achieving the goal is the ultimate goal
Sacrifice the family, the state is just a means


Let people see what they want to see
Let Kristoff see seven sing to him


Let people see what they want to see
show yourself
Ahtohallan makes Elsa think that seeing the image of Iduna


the fifth spirit hypnosis Anna thought Elsa was back


The next right thing
People who learn music don’t go bad

Music doesn’t lie

last word “thing”

It’s in reverse “backhanded”

We can’t do the same thing again, repeat the same cycle, continue the bad habit  
So we will never change,
we will never have a new road and a new future
We can get out of the cycle and open up new roads


Finish a movie or a course
The brain is open and the vision is clear
But we don’t use it in our lives
No change or internalization of the mind
Develop new good habits
It will change back to its original shape in a long time
Lead to moths and fire
It’s all in vain
That’s why Pibbie says if it was head,that would be easy
But in we heart, it’s hard to recover


Did you know that an enchanted forest is a place of transformation?

I have no idea what that means…
but I can’t wait to see what it’s gonna do to each one of us.

The dreadful mist forest ….
please to see Annihilation on Netflix


While I still don’t know what “transformation” means…
I feel like this Forest has really changed us all.

Do you find any changes?

Please wake up Elsa
Wake everyone up

Please share this
Wake up frozen fans in the loop
Let’s get out of this mist forest together

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Unboxing the Target Exclusive Limited Edition Frozen 2 4K Blu Ray Release


The front slip case cover is… A front cover, nothing special. The back cover is really nice, always really liked this poster for the movie. Also on a side note not a fan of the slip case and cardboard casing. Looks nice but I’d just rather a regular Blu Ray case or a steel case.


Front and inside art is also nice.


Like how the backing for this discs is the big wide shot of them passing Elsa’s castle during the afternoon. It works good here.


However I’m big not a fan of the back cover. It bugged the hell out of me how the only Anna poster we got was this one where she’s looking scared about to go down the waterfall with Olaf. Why this?? And why is it the back cover. It just bugs me.


Lastly here’s the gallery book and story book. The gallery book is basically some concept art of various Characters and locations with descriptions from the Filmmakers about them. Not much too new.


The story book is on the back, like it’s double sided. It’s an excerpt from the Frozen 2 graphic novel that goes from the start of the film to the travel scene. As a whole this is nice but quality wise it feels kinda cheap? Like that’s the best way to describe this set, it looks nice but feels kinda cheap. Not bad but nothing amazing either.

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