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#m: kpop

Ruined Son Dam Bi, After School, Hello Venus and now Pristin.

I had your back when the fandom was going to shits asking for a new After School comeback in 2014, I remember because I was one of those bisses that signed that petition, and told myself that we should just wait. But now everything is just going down hill.

-Son Dam Bi, my favourite solo artist back in 2011, her last comeback performance (not including Red Candle) was Dripping Tears, that was in 2012.

-After School, my ultimate girl group since their debut in 2009. I still love them to this day. Their last Korean comeback was 2013 with First Love. Their last Japanese song was ‘Shine’, for Jooyeon’s graduation in 2014.
Let alone, Orange Caramel which was the hype in 2014, no come back since.

-Hello Venus, the first generation with Yoo Ara and Yoonjo, their comeback before selling them off to Fantagio was in 2013. Good that they’re under Fantagio but now they’re disbanded.

And now PRISTIN, most members were in Produce 101, even debuting to I.O.I, won awards and was a potential successful Girl Group. 

You see, I staned Pledis. Hard.

I was there when the members of After School graduated and enrolled, when they were nicknamed Korea’s PussyCat Dolls.

I was there when Seventeen was called Temp’est, when they had SeventeenTV, and I’ve been watching them since.

When Nu’est debut was hot af in 2012, I watched their downfall through the years, and now I see them rising.

Jfc. There’s more to say, but I have an exam tomorrow.

So fuck Pledis. Srsly. lololol

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#Repost Regrann from @florist__yang
핸드폰 용량 자랑중🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
29일-6/2 현대백화점(무역센터)
10층으로 오세욤🖐🏻
#소담화 #올리브마켓 #행사준비 #나256이야ㅋㅋ


#오승아 #승아 #SeungA #OhSeungA #スンア #丞芽 #吳丞芽 #레인보우 #Rainbow #レインボー #RAINNOUS #레인너스 #kpop #kdrama (在 Hong Kong)

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