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#percy jackson and the olympians

Im currently doing a lot of Ancient Greek and Roman history research for my studies, n it got me the urge to want to reread the pjo series again. Big mistake lol. I got myself so consumed into this series, it just reminded me how much i loved this series. So now im just drawing out my pent up feelings, so heres a quick doodle of this very very precious child~

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How does the main squad react to the Hunger Games ‘verse? Especially the Camp Jupiter side because Panem is based on Rome? (This is assuming they manage to translate it all into Ancient Greek and Latin first.)

P.S. I think Percy doesn’t like the dystopia basis, especially after the BotL fight against his half-brother (by Gaea, forgot his name) and the Colosseum Battle against the Twin Giants.

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Man, Nico really has been chugging his Respect Women Juice from day one.

His first spoken line EVER in the series was him defending Bianca when Dr Thorn yelled at her. He was the first to stop and talk to Hestia in YEARS. He listened to Annabeth when she asked him to come back to camp in botl. He told Juniper that he would keep an eye out for Grover in tlo, and he tells Will to not talk about him in front of her in tho because he knows it would upset her. He brought Hazel back to life because he felt that her death wasn’t fair and she deserved another chance. He straight up MURDERED Bryce because he threatened Reyna. Feminist icon. Maria raised him right

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