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#serious questions

The Pokémon franchise’s refusal to commit to whether non-Pokémon animals exist raises some interesting questions about other categories of life. Clearly some (but not all) plants are not Pokémon, but what about, say, microorganisms? Are there single-celled Pokémon? Are bacteria tiny Pokémon? Do you have Pokémon living in you right now?

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Just like yourself, I am enthralled by the creature they call Baby Yoda. He's too fucking cute, with his big eyes, and his large floppy ears, and his tiny hands and feet, dressed in the most adorable potato sack. I do have a question I'd like to hear your thoughts on: does he wear a diaper?

Hmm, an intriguing question. Considering that Baby Y is 50 years old, and seems mobile and all that, and self-sufficiently eats a frog, and has enough fine motor control to mess with the dials on Mando’s spaceship and drink his own cup of soup – not to mention uses the Force to some degree – I feel pretty confident he’s potty-trained. I know he doesn’t talk, and there’s been some linguistic debate about how that all works (god bless the internet), but I feel like that’s sort of an outlier in his development, and also, maybe he doesn’t talk because he’s choosing to observe. His people are known, I believe, for being somewhat taciturn yet very wise. 

Verdict: Potty-trained. Maybe pull-ups for especially long journeys in his floating baby carriage. 


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Serious hobbit question… Why are there so little gifs of the white warg? Or even wargs generally??

A very exasperated Tolkien fan who desperately needs more gifs of her gorgeous beastie.

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I’m looking for some trope-filled, pulpy, Indiana-Jones-type adventure novels (preferably with very british adventurers in the age of steamships), so I can write a stupid, pulpy, trope-filled adventure story.

Honestly? The cheesier the better, but more grounded stuff is okay too.

Any suggestions?

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Me: if you feed a buffalo a ton of chicken wings, will it eventually deficate buffalo wings or do I have to make buffalo wings the hard way?

Landlord: I’m sorry, what?

Me: Omg did I stutter? I said if 👏you 👏feed 👏a 👏buffalo 👏a 👏ton 👏of 👏chicken 👏wings, 👏will 👏it 👏eventually 👏deficate 👏buffalo 👏wings 👏or 👏do 👏I 👏have 👏to 👏make 👏buffalo 👏wings 👏the 👏hard 👏way?

Landlord: Ok. So just sign here to cancel your leasing contract and-

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Am I the asshole for refusing to pay rent on a place where I no longer live because I was essentially told my marriage was over and my ex doesnt want to try to work things out. I said yes to couples counseling and then she backed out of it.

Sorry that last week you let me sign a new lease and this week you want a divorce.

I’m living in a camper with no running water on my sisters property. No way am I paying rent on an apartment I’ve been kicked out of.

‘I’m poly and it’s not fair you dont let me have other people to date too’ like she ever even seriously mentioned it to me. Never said hey theres this person can I introduce you to them’ never even gave me a chance to be okay with it.

Hope she’s worth it.

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