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ok, hear me out. I fucking despise the director (as one does) but imagine the premise of “The Ghost Writer” (2010) and apply it to wenzhou. LOOSELY based on the movie I mean.
ghostwriter!WKX is hired to write about ex-politician!HLY [aka/or Jin Wang] on his private island or smth and there he finds once-politically-involved-now-trophy-“wife”!ZZS [with the pearls!] and they get involved.
I don’t care for the technicalities of the plot, but please consider:
ZZS both acting like a spoiled wife and a nasty bitch;
ZZS plastering himself all over his “husband” while WKX is in the room;
ZZS was once HLY/JW’s PA, but became his lover while he was still in politics;
WKX is secretly there to dig dirt on HLY/JW + even if there are allegations he still needs evidence;
the presence of trophy-“wife”!ZZS should be enough for a scandal, but WKX falls in love;
WKX doesn’t want to put ZZS in danger in any way + there’s the non-disclosure-agreement to consider;
I would keep the color palette of the movie, but WKX wears red in some capacity;
ZZS still drinks and has anger issues;
WKX believes HLY/JW involved in the death of his parents (reporters), but he only know who did it;
Duan PengJu works there and he is pissed by ZZS existing in his proximity;
hot cheating sex bc I said so;
lots of rain and storms;
HY is hopelessly in love with ZZS and wants him to be free of HLY/JW;
GX is either WKX’s editor or his PA back on shore;
ZCL is a kid ZZS misses terribly, but HLY/JW sent him off on boarding school (keeps him hostage);
maybe ZCL is a child ZZS saved or smth, or a nephew he was entrusted with idk;
N O I R ;
creepy stuff;
kinky tender sex;
there are some neo-ghotic undertones in there;
[i won’t add more bc I refuse to be the one to write it. I have too many fics to work on already 😰]
[check the notes for future additions?? maybe??]
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*blows a kith in the air*: @lianfang-zun this is for you darling :*
The Addams Family renting out rooms in their huge mansion cheaply to broke college students.
The students digging it because the craziness and the bugs are pretty much the same as any other dorm house. Also, Morticia and Gomez treat them all like visiting cousins, not like tenants to abuse and exploit. 
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please explain the plot of ladyhawke lmfao, my eyes have be shite recently and i can't find an audio described version online
So basic premise of the film (spoilers ahead)
A young thief on death row escapes the dungeons of a tyrannical bishop. While on the run he’s saved by Navarre, the traitorous ex-captain of the royal guard who’s on a revenge quest to kill the bishop. Navarre ropes the thief into helping him, taking him along with his trained hawk (much to the thiefs chagrin) during nights on the road the thief encounters a black wolf that saves his life and a mysterious beautiful woman who never lingers until morning. The woman is Isabeau, Navarre’s beloved, and the thief soon discovers that they are both under a tragic curse. The bishop was in love with Isabeau, and when he discovered that she was with Navarre he laid a curse that transformed Isabeau into a hawk during the daylight, and Navarre into a wolf during the night, never to be human at the same time. With the help of a old hermit priest they journey to the bishops keep. The priest believes that if they wait until a solar eclipse, when it is neither day or night, Navarre and Isabeau will both be human and confronting the bishop together may break their curse. But Navarre is hungry for vengeance and intent on killing the bishop.
In the Wenzhou AU I switched it up in a few places. Zhou Zishu is crown prince Helian Yi’s cousin and former spymaster, like he is in canon, while Wen Kexing was a travelling physician who was a guest in the royal court. After they fall in love ZZS tries to quit so that he can leave the capital and roam the country with WKX, and in a fit of jealous “if I can’t have you no one can” type rage Helian Yi lays the curse. Also Zhang Chengling doesn’t have the character to play a wily thief, so his backstory is similar to what it is in canon; he’s a young lord on the run after his family was murdered by the crown princes assassins in search of the glazed armor. His and ZZS’ paths cross by chance and ZZS makes a similar vow to keep the boy safe.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Me: I’ll never write the fic, I just don’t have the time. Also me: spends all of my time drawing the AU. 
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is officially part of my Ladyhawke AU, but feel free to use it for any of your healer valley survives AU needs. 
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Tumblr media
We'll lay here for years or for hours
Your hand in my hand, so still and discreet
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@danhoemei , @lianfang-zun , @sssrha , @goaheadandflysomeplane , @unpeumacabre , @kiaroscuro : have piggy of love :*
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
@danhoemei : thank you for tagging me! this was fun. I’m tagging anyone who wants to do it! :D
Tag Game
Tagged by @shigacajun to do this beautiful picrew right here. Thanks so much for tagging me 💖💖💖!! This one had SO many options! It was fun 😊
Tumblr media
Tagging (of course only if you would like to! feel free to ignore if you’d rather not or have already been tagged :) @revyourharleyquinn @bioerin @kasumi-miwaa @carriewangxian @maikhiwi00 + anyone who sees this and would like to add on 💖
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Tumblr media
more from the hades + divine comedy crossover, feat. the adamant rail bonus:
Tumblr media
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INDEX: replies to asks
Replies to asks:
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Upsizing armholes
What thread to use for darning
Free patterns for feminine suits and trousers
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Mending, perfectionism, and subculture
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Denim dog toys
Buying a sewing machine
Sewing machines versus hand-sewing
Fluctuating sizes
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Armpit alteration
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Letting out a garment by changing the zipper
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Dealing with discoloured armpits
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Hand-sewing troubleshooting
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DIY sensory toys
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Mending and upcycling jeans
Upcycling socks
Repairing boots
Minimising fabric waste
DIY sock garters
Repairing a Kånken backpack
Lengthening tights
Mending leather
Preventing knee holes
Itchy seams
Mending jeans
Mending leggings
Mending with different fibre crafts
Fixing stretched-out t-shirt collars
Mending worn-out shoes
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