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This blog supports Sasuke's ideas and actions. He didn't need to be saved. He wasn't crazy. He was desperate for Itachi's loss, as he was the one he loved and admired the most, that no one will ever replace, with who is his strongest bond, without whom he'll never be happy again, whose actions and reasons he understood.He was clear-minded enough to understand that it was Konoha's fault and to defy its flawed system, until he was defeated and jailed, isolated from his real comrades , manipulated and guilt-tripped. He was brainwashed, tamed into submission and tied to invisible chains. He got the worst ending. This blog is not a space for discussion. I'm not gonna change my mind and I don't care about other opinions. This blog is a space for: Sasuke anything, Itachi&Sasuke, Team Taka, Uchiha clan, rare pairings, dark imagery, Art (with permission), my edits, my writing, my analyses, headcanons and translations. This blog is anti-canon pairings, anti new generation, anti-ending in a broader sense, starting with chapter 667 (except for Sasuke's revolution). ABOUT ME: Read it pls! Personal blog: a---fire---inside Mobile users: Tumblr app is lousy. Use a web browser to open links. undefined undefined

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Unpopular opinion but fanartists/edit &gifset makers who write like ‘do not tag as ___  romantic pairing/ship/whatever’ are so entitled.

I respect fanartist very much, I never repost anything without asking their permission first, I reblog those on tumblr to support those on tumblr but dude… AS AN AUTHOR AND AN EDIT/PHOTOMANIP MAKER, so, as a creator of content myself, even if it’s not the same thing it’s still creation of content, I might check comments to my writing but if someone tags my stuff in a different random way I just don’t care.

Even more so, as someone who reposts fanarts with permission and who feels the responsibility towards the fanartists who let me repost them, knowing that they look in my blog too, when I see someone tagging them in a way that is not related to the fanart (like papaS*ke for adult Sas or SS if it’s team7) I don’t do anything. Despite my hate for canon shit.

It’s their blog, it’s probably shitty but I’m not gonna look at it anyway and if I am really irritated I just block the person.

But telling everyone how to tag or not tag their art is so exaggerated. I am totally against those who repost and/or don’t give credit but this is beyond crazy. Like dude, you forget that you are giving the fandom something cool with your contribution but the fandom is giving you their attention in return. It’s a mutual exchange, so unless you’re so good that people can’t live without having your stuff on their blog, you are not so cool. You are expendable. So chill. Stop looking at how ppl tag your stuff and start being happy that they reblog it.

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Back on Naruto fanarts/redraws! Today was the turn of my pretty boi Sasuke. He was so precious at the beginning before he turned into a crazy dude who just wants to fuck up the world
[pencil + digital ink with clip studio paint]

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“Remember what I told you, boy. Don’t just “fight”. Enjoy the fight. Focus on the sensation of every punch and kick, on every blow and gash, both given and received…”

“How pointless”

“How wrong…You think so because you’re young and inexperienced. Those sensations are the proof that you’re alive. That’s you’re strong. That you’re so strong that you won every previous fight and that you’ll win this one as well”

“Hn. Understood. Then, I’m going first”

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