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[SasuHina Month —Día 3: Baile con el Diablo & «Te escogería una y otra vez»]

«Abrió los ojos y miró aturdida a su alrededor. Giró su cuerpo rápidamente y casi se cae de la cama al notar a la persona durmiendo a su lado. Cuando se dio cuenta que solo se trataba de su esposo, suspiró y se secó el sudor que caía de su frente.

—¿Qué sucede?

Hinata negó con la cabeza y sonrió levemente.

—Solo una pesadilla.

Sasuke se enderezó en su lugar.

—¿Otra vez? —Al verla asentir, hizo una mueca.

—Está bien, solo es un mal sueño —Ella rió, aunque seguía un poco nerviosa—. Es extraño verte siempre en ellas, pero… me alegra saber que seas tú el que siempre me besa antes de despertar.

—No te pongas cursi —Sasuke exclamó, llevando una mano a la cabeza de ella y desordenando sus cortos cabellos—. Me sentiría ofendido si fuera otro hombre el que lo hiciera.

—Debo admitir que te veías muy guapo como un príncipe —Rió acordándose de la imagen que le daba el Uchiha en cada uno de sus sueños. Tan raros como interesantes—, aunque mi favorito siempre fue aquel en el que parecías un ninja.

—Definitivamente tienes que dejar de comer esas asquerosas frituras antes de dormir.

Pasaron un par de minutos conversando de temas sin sentidos, pero que para Hinata fueron una distracción efectiva; y cuando cayó de nuevo en un sueño profundo, Sasuke se acostó también a su lado, quedándose largo rato mirando al techo con el ceño fruncido.

—¿Por qué? —Susurró regresando su atención al cuerpo de su mujer, acariciando con mucho énfasis una casi imperceptible cicatriz que ella tenía cerca de su clavícula—. ¿Por qué se sigue acordando? ¡Joder!

Casi pudo escuchar a alguien reírse de su desesperación, de su mal cálculo de planes; de sus errores. Sin embargo, al dirigir su mirada hacia el lugar donde creyó que provenía la burla, no vio absolutamente nada.

—Todavía no es suficiente…».

Ya digo yo que escribir en la madrugada no es wena idea, sobre todo cuando mi objetivo es hacer puros Drabbles xd En resumen: el Saske anduvo haciendo pactos con el chamuco para reencontrarse con la Hinata por los siglos de los siglos, fin 👌

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Our boy Sasuke…. Oh how I’ve got a new found love of writing Sasuke lately. 🥴❤️


Originally posted by osakaxkobe

  • Sasuke is going to be the type that doesn’t like PDA unless he’s the one giving it out. This man would much rather be the one in control of that. He’s aware of how much the village isn’t his biggest fan, not only for the stupid things he’s done, but because he’s an Uchiha so he doesn’t want to give them any more ammunition.
  • When you guys are alone you best believe that Sasuke is going to layer your entire body with kisses. Any exposed skin is getting them. He might see like a “tough” guy on the outside, but this man is a sweetheart. Kissing your body is his weakness and a way of showing you that you belong to him. 
  • Sasuke is TOTALLY the jealous type so when another person is around you he’s going to make sure this his lips touch yours. He doesn’t care how he has to do it, but no other man is going to make googly eyes at you and get away with it. 
  • Sasuke is a softy. When it comes to kissing you he’s going to make sure that he cherishes every moment of the kiss and make sure that you enjoy it as well. He’s going to take his time and his hands will wander your body as he lines your skin with them. He hasn’t really known love since his family was killed so he’s going to be so extra when it comes to it
  • With that being said, Sasuke is going to want to constantly have his lips touching you when the two of you are doing the dirty. He’s going to want to either have his lips to yours to show you that he’s right there and in the moment, or he’ll be using them to leave some hickeys on you. Another sign for anyone that might be looking at you that you’re already taken. 
  • Sasuke finds comfort in your kiss. It makes him feel grounded and reminds him that he’s at home. It keeps him from constantly being away. He doesn’t want to be away from you for too long because you are his sense of security. Your lips will draw him back every time. 
  • Sasuke is going to want a S/O who understands that he’s going to be a “newbie” to the whole love thing and will take it slow with him. He’s going to love every aspect of it, but he’s going to be very hesitant with kisses you in the beginning. It’ll be his fear that he gives his all to you and you’ll leave him, so make sure that you reassure him often that you’re not going anywhere. 
  • He’s never really kissed anyone before when your first kiss with him comes around, unless you count Naruto… and he wants everything to be perfect. He’s terrified that he’s going to do something wrong so if he’ll let you take the lead you definitely should. It’ll make him feel a little better about the whole situation. 

Naruto Content Taglist 💕 @chidori-mint @praisingkuroosbedhead @korianrdr @excitedlysuffering @ari-hatake15

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So I was listening to this song in the shower that I hadn’t heard for a while. And even though I was just as involved in the Naruto fandom when I first heard it as I am now, this thought only croessed my mind now.

The song ‘I’ll be good’ by Jaymes Young

Suddenly, all I could picture was Sasuke.

I could copy and paste the lyrics, but basically every word feels like it was writtn just for Sasuke and how he tries to make peace with his past.

WOW. I wish I knew how to edit because I have such specific scenes in mind with every line. urgHghGHgh

Maybe I’ll just write a fic (Inskpill7 on ao3) with all these FEELS

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For #SasuSakuTwitFest2020 Day 3: 

“She was his Everything" 

Hope you guys check out and enjoy all the entries under this hashtag! Let’s support each other! :) 



It was almost dusk. Like usual, Shinkuju was filled with people wherever he glanced. Sasuke maintained a slow pace on a straight path, wishing he had brought his car today instead of having to stroll around with nothing to keep his mind alert and his eyesight focused somehow.

“Hey! Would you look at where you’re going?!”

“Hn. Sorry.”

There. It wasn’t the first time. He hadn’t worn his eyeglasses for two years now. He knew he needed it, but wearing it, even buying a new pair, awakened a pang in his chest that he just couldn’t seem to set aside.

Yet, nearsighted or not, he seemed to be surrounded with a blur for the longest time. It doesn’t even matter if it’s inside his head or in front of him. Clarity was nowhere to be found. Even colors seemed to have dimmed compared to how he saw them years ago, back when a certain shade of pink and green was familiar to him even with his eyes closed.

He still had no idea where it went downhill, and how it all ended with a huge question mark that he couldn’t delete even as the time passed by. Part of him blamed himself. But a huge part of him wanted to put all the blame on her, because three years of being in a relationship went down the drain in a blink of an eye with a wordless goodbye. 

She was his everything, he knows. That’s why up to now, everything around him looked like a clouded monotone. He knew he deserved an explanation, but he also thought that maybe he deserved to be left alone. It was nothing new to him anyway.

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[SasuHina Month —Día 1: Tienda de antigüedades]

«—¿Cree que vuelva a funcionar?

Sasuke no respondió. Se acercó al mueble y sujetó con su mano izquierda el rostro de la figura femenina, notando con inusual asombro lo agradable que era al tacto. Tan delicada, tan suave.

Tan real…»

(So, estuve viendo Chobits cuando hice esto, así que me inspiré xd)

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