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#uchiha sasuke
bobayeetroot · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
forever the og it moment. if my boyfriend doesn’t feed me like this, i don’t want it.
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sasukesun · a day ago
sasuke saying seeing naruto getting in trouble on purpose started to get to him is kinda funny like imagine you see a rabid gremlin ramen lover that bit people and your thought is “yeah that’s the one”
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incorrectkonoha · a day ago
Kakashi: Right, who do we know has handcuffs?
Naruto: Well Sasuke and I-
*Sasuke glares at Naruto*
Naruto: Wouldn’t know.
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toethfairy · 17 hours ago
day 15: crack (humor) / jealousy — we were robbed of their interactions
Tumblr media
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Still so mad we didn’t get more full team seven content, sai and sasuke’s interactions would have been So Good like
sai: oh hi sasuke! you know, everyone always used to talk about how attractive you are but seeing you now i guess you’re really just average
sasuke clenching his fists: this does not bother me this does not bother me this does NOT bother me—
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anime-allover · 2 days ago
If you don't mind..
But could you write about how sasuke would comfort his s/o when they feel like sasuke should be with sakura more than them (if that makes sense )
And I hope your feeling okai :)
Feeling insecure
Tumblr media
You and Sasuke are walking around the village. You was talking about the time you almost burned up your whole house just by cooking ramen.
It doesn't look like Sasuke isn't listening but he really is, he's listening to every detail, not questioning you at all.
You soon got interrupted by his teammate, Sakura Haruno. Both Sasuke and you stopped walking and turned to her.
You think that Sasuke and Sakura could be a good looking couple. She's strong, she can heal people, she don't show no fear to her opponents, and she knows how to do house work more better and faster then you.
'The two of them can be a powerful couple...'you thought.
"Hey Sasuke, can you help me train?" She smiled. Sasuke expression hasn't changed.
"No, ask Naruto." Sasuke turned back around to walk away from her but she grabbed his hand. You can feel a negative feeling in your stomach as you watch her holding your boyfriend's hand.
"Well, can I at least walk with you and y/n?" Sakura asked hopefully. "I just want to spend time with you two,"
Sasuke's eyes narrowed, he yanked his hand away from her grip. "No, you'll just get in their way" He knows she just want his attention. Sasuke grabbed your hand and walked away from Sakura.
Minutes passed, you noticed there's not that much people in the area the two of you are now in.
"Why aren't you continuing your little disaster?" Sasuke finally broke the silence.
"Why don't you spend time with Sakura?" Sasuke stopped walking, so you stopped too.
"What do you mean by that?" He expression changed to an annoyed look.
"I-I mean, she's waay better then me and-" You can feel Sasuke's grip tighten around your hand.
"You're wrong, you're more better then her." He gave you a serious look. You looked at him confused.
Sasuke walk up to you and place his forehead onto yours. "Don't let those stupid thoughts get into your head, once you let me go, you'll soon regret it." He moved away from you and looked away.
"Beside, you're more pretty" He can feel his face turning a little pink after that sentence. You start to blush too but you smiled.
You hugged Sasuke's waist and leaned to the side, trying to see his face. You let out a laugh.
"You called me pretty,"
Sasuke stayed silent. You raised up a little on your toes and kissed his cheek. His face turned into a different shade of red.
This time you let out a full laugh. Sasuke glared at you.
"You know you don't supposed to do that in public," He tried his best to cover his face with the collar of his shirt.
"But you called me pretty,"
Tumblr media
Thank you for requesting!! Asks are open!
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cinnamonrollusagi · a day ago
Headcanons of mine for Naruto and Sasuke:
-Sasuke is barely taller yet Naruto has bigger hands and wider shoulders while Sasuke has a smaller waist.
-Naruto’s eyes are bright and sunny yet he can get lost in the depths of Sasuke’s
-Naruto cries more openly but Sasuke cries more often and only Naruto gets to witness it
-Naruto runs warm while Sasuke runs cold (ironic bc of his uchiha blood) so when they sleep Naruto is always spooning clinging to him to keep him warm bc hey he’s gotta protect his boo from the cold
-Naruto rarely wakes up earlier but when he does manage to he’s mesmorized by how pretty Sasuke looks asleep and how his long eyelashes cast tiny shadows on his cheeks
-Sasuke reminds Naruto that he is somebody outside of Konoha while Naruto doesn’t let Sasuke keep all of his self doubt and loathing bottled up
-some days Naruto sees how hard being in the village is for Sasuke so they’ll take a day trip to escape
-Sasuke once coming back to the village begins experiencing panic attacks and night terrors more frequently. Naruto is always there to work him through them and Sasuke returns the favor if Naruto experiences the same
-Naruto encourages Sasuke to grow his hair out when he admits he’d always loved Itachi and his mother’s long hair
-Naruto begins to see how Konoha preys on Sasuke’s guilt and how the council has been gaslighting him into remaining guilty for things that are really just his trauma and it’s the final push Naruto needs to see that something has to change
-Even though Naruto is more physically reckless, Sasuke has a habit of not being kind to himself and therefore he and Naruto set up a daily routine to make sure he’s eating and sleeping enough
That’s all for now but I’m sure I’ll have more later :3c
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silverutahraptor · 17 hours ago
don't trust them, brother (oh, but look at me now)
Chapter 6 (and now, a murder) is up!
Izuna meets: several dogs; birds; even old friends. There’s a murder or two.
Fandom: Naruto Rating: Mature Relationships: Hatake Kakashi/Uchiha Izuna, Uchiha Izuna & Uchiha Sasuke, Uchiha Izuna & Uchiha Madara Summary: Izuna opens his eyes to find himself in an abandoned street littered with bodies bearing the uchiwa on their back.
He shouldn’t have eyes at all. He should be dying.
[Uchiha Izuna time-travels to the canon era… to land right at the tail end of the Uchiha Massacre.]
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uchitachi · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i see no difference
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sasukesun · 19 hours ago
forehead poke by no means symbolises “i love you but i can’t be with you right now” it only symbolises distance, itachi literally says it (“i used these hands to keep you apart”) and sasuke complained about it as a kid and when he met itachi again. when itachi actually says i love you, he isn’t poking sasuke’s forehead, he’s just touching his forehead with sasuke’s, that’s the gesture that means i love you, it’s basic text and y’all can’t fucking read it
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incorrectkonoha · 22 hours ago
Sasuke: Naruto has no survival skills, his need to win has replaced them.
Sakura: That can't be true.
Sasuke: Watch this.
Sasuke: Yo usuratonkachi, race you to the bottom of the stairs!
Naruto: *throws himself out a window*
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sharingancontacts · a month ago
Tumblr media
Megan thee Stallion and Sasuke Uchiha arrive at the 2021 Met Gala
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