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Ahhh ok I just love how Shikadai is such an attentive friend for Boruto!

Just look at when they were watching the Kagemasa movie together in Episode 8:


Look at that look!😫😫 checking on Boruto, and simply is just glad and satisfied that he’s enjoying himself😭

It’s so extra because we know that Shikadai is Boruto’s bestie, but for the directors and the writers and the animators to add this on just shows that level of concern that he has for him *chef’s kiss*



Such cuties! Loooovvve their friendship

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At the dinner table

*6yo Sarada pouts*

Sakura:what’s wrong dear.

Sarada:*crosses arms* hmfp I got in a fight with my boyfriend.

Sasuke:*spits food across table*


Sakura:aw it’s ok things like this happen, me an daddy have fights all the time.

Sasuke: Sakura she’s 6!

Sarada:dad this has nothing to do with you.

Sasuke:uhhhh this has EVERYTHING to do

with me.

And what the hells with this attitude. YOUR 6.

Sakura:calm down Sasuke just leave her be.

Sasuke:*looks at her*


Originally posted by antmfunny


Sasuke: *looks back at sarada* who is he ?!

Sarada: hmpf

Sasuke: I’m beattin all y’all asses


Originally posted by haidaspicciare

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im not even talking about the haircut. im talking about someone making a shadow fucking CLONE of naruto during his hokage ceremonial.


all because his stupid fuck daughter woke her byakuugan and “knocked” him out.

in his most. 




no. he did not deserve this. 

*edit: not a shadow clone but a transformation justsu lmfao

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So I was listening to this song in the shower that I hadn’t heard for a while. And even though I was just as involved in the Naruto fandom when I first heard it as I am now, this thought only croessed my mind now.

The song ‘I’ll be good’ by Jaymes Young

Suddenly, all I could picture was Sasuke.

I could copy and paste the lyrics, but basically every word feels like it was writtn just for Sasuke and how he tries to make peace with his past.

WOW. I wish I knew how to edit because I have such specific scenes in mind with every line. urgHghGHgh

Maybe I’ll just write a fic (Inskpill7 on ao3) with all these FEELS

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I feel like Naruto would’ve been cooler if there were cultural differences in how they used chakra. Like maybe one land used it mostly militarily and it was more developed there and another land used it for medical purposes and it was more advanced there and I just feel like there was unexplored potential.

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