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caterpie · 14 hours ago
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Naruto (1999)
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sweet-bolillito · 2 days ago
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Narutober 2021, day #13: rivals
They rivals *winkwink*
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incorrectkonoha · 2 days ago
Naruto: Yeah I give up. I'm tired
Kakashi: Quick, get the emergency supply!
Sakura: *brings Sasuke into the room*
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Do you think Sasuke really loved Sakura?
It's really hard for me to believe that to be honest.
So... I really don't understand why people go on and on with asks like -
"Do you think Sasuke really loves Sakura?"
"When do you think Sasuke fell in love with Sakura(if he ever did that is - which I don't think he really did)?"
"Do you think Sasuke had feelings for Sakura during the 700+10 chapters of Manga? "
"Why did Sasuke marry Sakura when he never really loved her?"
- When the man who had OFFICIALLY played as Sasuke's Voice Actor for 15 FUCKING YEARS (and still continuing to do so), in the OFFICIAL ANIME, had already answered this question, like YEARS AGO?
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Davinci Magazine Interview
You don't have to believe us fans.
But tell me, do you find it "hard to believe", Sasuke's official Voice Actor, and Masashi Kishimoto too?
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hallous · 16 hours ago
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pinkhairedlily · 2 days ago
“That’s creepy.” A group of kids has formed behind Sasuke who is ironically hiding behind a post. The leader, with made-up cat whiskers and spiky gelled hair, crosses his arms and sticks out a tongue in jest.
“Aren’t you the newly released criminal too?” The others join in, “Stop hounding the beautiful Dr. Haruno!”
He likes kids – just not the loud-mouthed ones, particularly when these demon spawn incarnates are close to exposing him to Sakura who’s busy doing home visits to the elderly.
“I’m not hounding her. I’m keeping a distance,” Sasuke tries to reason out and it falls flat and stalker-y now that he says it out loud. He just isn’t sure how to approach her without being awkward and without their other teammates acting as buffer.
“Oh, so you like her?” the leader sneers. “She likes daffodils.” He holds out his palm and grins wider at Sasuke.
Five minutes later with pockets full of candies, the group greets Sakura as she comes out of a house. The leader gives her the bouquet of daffodils, and she bursts into laughter, fully making them enamored with her – even Sasuke – who is still hiding behind the post.
The leader, the trying-hard-Naruto-kid, gives him a wink and Sasuke smirks back. Unbeknownst to them, Sakura catches the quick interaction which makes her laugh harder.
“Thank you, Sasuke,” she calls out.
“I’m not here,” he grumbles.
“That post only hides three-fourths of you, you know.” Who would have known the great Uchiha Sasuke would need kids to wing him?
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the-beginners-journal · 2 days ago
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Team 7 at its best.
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xenea-aesthetic · 2 days ago
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kuriousaboutuzumakis · 2 days ago
Fic rec alert!!!
By @misfitmccoward
Synopsis: “WHAT DID YOU DO?” Sakura screeched. The ground cracked ominously under her feet.
“Sakura-san, please,” Orochimaru chided. “Not every forbidden jutsu is my fault.”
[For the anonymous tumblr prompt: “postcanon orochimaru time travels to team seven's genin days. maybe postcanon sakura is there too, because they were in the middle of supervising a playdate or something. it's a very confusing experience for everyone else”]
This was glorious!! I love petty housewife Orochimaru and this was a rivalry/forced one-side friendship I did not realise I NEEDED. PLEASE READ! This is fluff, it is cute and Orochimaru's finding tiny Sakura adorable is too much for me to handle. This was so good and I loved it ♥️. I highly recommend! Trust me.
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skykashi · a month ago
Naruto fans: Kakashi always favored Sasuke over Naruto.
Meanwhile Kakashi and Naruto:
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I love how Kakashi was always trying to make sure that Naruto is eating his veggies
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I can't get over how Sasuke is looking at them here, lmao 😂
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spidertams · 4 months ago
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Happy birthday to my one and only huuusband, Kakashi ✨
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djappleblush · 8 months ago
Fanfic authors be like "stay tuned for more" or "to be continued" and then don't update for twenty years, lmao.
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unrealisticfables · a month ago
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Its canon bc im kishimoto
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cherriko-art · a month ago
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Cosmos: Peace, Order, Harmony, Joy
Plumeria: Grace, Birth, Creation, Protection
Canna Lily: Glory, Power, Beauty, Perfection
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never-mess-with-the-uchihas · 2 months ago
Team 7, watching Sakura punch the f*cking ground open for the first time -
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Hatake Kakashi:
Tumblr media
Naruto Uzumaki:
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Sasuke Uchiha:
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*cough* Turned On *cough*
. .
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pinkhairedlily · a day ago
Chiyo greets her as she comes to in the middle of a medical ward filled to the brim with shelves of patient charts. Sakura is sure she injected herself with a rare poison for an immediate death.
“I’m in limbo,” she tells Chiyo who died five years ago.
“Ever so intelligent Sakura. Even in death you are sensible.” She looks like Chiyo but not Chiyo at the same time. Maybe she’s just a manifestation of an otherworldly sentient figure. “These patient charts are your multiple lives, endless possibilities, alternatives to the root life you’ve been living. You can tell me one scenario, a one what-if, and I will pull out your next reality.”
Sakura couldn’t absorb the simple string of words which somehow created a complexity. “I want not to exist.”
“That you could do and this would all crumble. But what’s stopping you in becoming someone else? A hokage, a rouge ninja, a civilian doctor, to live in another village, to have another specialty, to fall in love with someone – “
The thought comes to her as it should have minutes earlier. “A life without Uchiha Sasuke.”
Chiyo is silent for a few seconds. “My lovely girl, Sakura, I’m afraid there is no reality where Sasuke is not in your life.”
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uchitachi · 4 months ago
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naruto + ao3 tags (1/?)
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risujoves · 9 months ago
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leviackereman · 7 months ago
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What is behind that mask?
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tokkukuku · 28 days ago
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