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#kakashi x iruka
Kakashi, head laid in Iruka's lap and looking up: Iruka, tell me I'm pretty.
Iruka, lovingly stroking his hair: You're pretty annoying, that's what you are.
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boringsickness · 2 days ago
Kakashi: sly jonin, dumb chunin.
Iruka: I'm not a dumb chunin.
Kakashi: right and you are not in love with me.
Iruka: dumb chunin.
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verdantmoontruther · 2 months ago
considering how little they actually interact in canon, kakashi and iruka are present together on a suspiciously high number of official art :/
Tumblr media
what are you doing there iruka
Tumblr media
are you guys flirting? right in front of my salad?
Tumblr media
fighting back to back???
Tumblr media
kakashi out of interest what the fuck are you looking at ;) ;) ;)
Tumblr media
once again - what the fuck are you doing there, iruka??????
Tumblr media
what is it with the official art and having kakashi, iruka, and the dogs? domesticity, that’s why
Tumblr media
what are we talking about :O what are we talking about ;D
and this is not even to mention this scene
Tumblr media
in conclusion,
Tumblr media
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kakairu-big-bang · a month ago
Tumblr media
Title: Bring Dog Treats
Team X: Writer - @kageillusionz, Artist: @rocketpunchhh
Rating: Teen
Tags: Alternate Universe - Pre-Canon, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Found Family, Slow Burn, Slice of Life, Mission Fic, Humor, Fluff, Kidnapping, Major Character Injury, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Implied/Referenced Homophobia, Adoption, Single Parents  
Summary: Iruka peruses the mission board when he overhears some kunoichi talking about a C-rank babysitting mission. Curious by the rumours he overhears about the babysitting mission, Iruka takes a look.   Mission Rank: C-Rank, Chuunin and above only. Mission Duration: ???? One week. An arrangement can be made for recurring services if you survive. Mission Description: Feral baby. Please feed and water. Bring dog treats. He likes those. Signed: Henohenomoheji. Iruka untacks the mission brief, walks over to the mission coordinators and asks, “This mission is a prank, right?” Or: The continual well-being of Naruto Uzumaki rides on a C-Ranked mission.
CW: implied/referenced homophobia
💞  Click to read this KakaIru Big Bang fanfic on AO3!
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ladykissingfish · 2 months ago
*Kakashi walking Sakura back to her house after a long day of training*
Kakashi: You’re improving so much, kid. You’re already better than either of your teammates at chakra control; I can’t wait to see what you do next.
Sakura: Thank you, Sensei. Are … are you doing anything special tonight?
Kakashi: After today, I should probably visit the bathhouse, huh?
Sakura: That’s not what I meant. Um … so um …
Kakashi: What’s wrong, kid?
Sakura: Well … today’s your birthday, right? I know Naruto and Sasuke told me that you didn’t like to be bothered on your birthday, that you never really celebrate it, but … *holds out a small square tin wrapped with a pink bow* This is for you!
Kakashi: What’s this?
Sakura: It’s, well, it’s molé cookies. Remember we had them in the Land of Waves and you loved them?
Kakashi: … did you go all the way there for these??
Sakura, blushing: No, um … Ino had relatives visit there recently and she asked them to ask a baker for the recipe. I tried my best to duplicate it, I hope they turned out okay …
Kakashi: *takes a bite of one* Oh … Sakura …
Sakura: They’re bad, aren’t they? I’m sorry; you don’t have to —
Kakashi: They’re delicious.
Sakura: R-really?!
Kakashi: They’re so good that I just … I can’t believe that you … *gives her a big hug and a kiss on top of the head* Thank you, child.
Sakura: *blushes and beams; they’ve made it to her house now and she runs inside, turning to wave once she gets to the door*
Kakashi: *slowly walks home, eating his cookies and daydreaming; almost runs into Iruka*
Iruka: Oh, there you are. I was just on my way to your place. I thought tonight we could — wait, are you crying??
Kakashi: N-no!
Iruka: What’s that in your hands?
Kakashi, in a husky voice: Sakura … Sakura made me cookies for my birthday … *sniffles*
Iruka: *grins* If I recall, you teased me for weeks when I cried when my class left flowers on my desk …
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soulstuffjunkie · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I’m at advanced stages of Naruto Brain Rot at this point.
I’m experimenting with art styles and pose studies by turning it all into fan art, mostly to sort of ... con myself into staying motivated. This was made using a reference by @kibbitzer and their references are my absolute faves!
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kadetttt · a month ago
Tumblr media
I haven't been here for a long time, well it's all because of my studies.
this time a simple sketch. And very soon I will switch to a new styling of kkir’s and will post them.~
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pakkun-z · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
love triangle (?) 🤫
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kakairugayness · a month ago
Kidnapper: I have your son
Kakashi: But we don’t have a child??
Kidnapper: Then who just asked for a big bowl of ramen and some fatherly love?
Iruka: Oh no, they have Naruto!
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irukasonline · a month ago
Kakashi: irukaaa
Iruka: yes?
Kakashi: my finger hurtss :(((
Iruka: come here *kisses finger*
Kakashi: *blushing*u-uuh well my cheek hurts too
Iruka: *kisses cheek*
Kakashi: Something else hurts too
Iruka: ?
Kakashi: my dic-
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laiikastears · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yeah so i started watching naruto again.,,,
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