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Olya | 25 y.o.| Russia | 14 years of simming | Only TS2 prev. far-east-sims

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In an interview with inc.com, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

fakebloood·a day agoText

Я вас категорически приветствую, ребята. Данный пост пишу на русском, ибо английский язык не мой конёк и тема поста не стоит моего времени больше, чем пару минут. Линда, солнышко, ты обосралась и погрязла в собственном дерьме по уши, но напрочь отказываешься это признать. Тебе проще заблочить всех своих противников вместо того, чтобы принять правду как она есть. Мой тебе совет - сворачивай свою воровскую лавочку и делись “своими оригинальными мешами” со своими почетными лизунами. И да, те 250 рублей, потраченные мной (по незнанию и минутной глупости) на подписку на твой буст, настойчиво рекомендую тебе потратить на курсы минета. Тебе очень пригодится. Люблю тебя @lindasims2 ❤️

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fakebloood·2 days agoText


Disgrace… You people have fallen so low…I had a better opinion of you … like the rats came running for free bread. They screeched and screeched like mad, hungry rats … Oh, grab it, Linda’s been leaked! Have you thought about other people??? Who signed up, who did everything right? Very sad…

Are you in trouble with your head? Only you and Linda are shameful here. Lol

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fakebloood·3 days agoText


First Patreon content creator I will be sharing will be LindaSims aka biggest thief in the community. Pictures are included in each folder. You will need winrar/7zip to open these file.

I suggest going through the folders in bodyshop/in game [for furniture] by themselves not with your current downloads folder. Lots of swatches that will clog up your game.


Level one access
Level two access [Chanella]

Enjoy. :)

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fakebloood·18 days agoAnswer

hi) love your stuff. you're such a talented artist! WCIF blouse (with a cutout) from 4t2 Nightcrawler Trouble post?? thank you for your works<3

Hi! Thank you so much for the feedback, I am very pleased to read it ❤️ this top-only dress conversion @kurimas, it can be downloaded here

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fakebloood·21 days agoPhoto


4t2 LeahLillith Kiana (alpha edit)

21k polygons, CF-EF, gray linked to black
Original mesh @leahlillith
4t2 conversion @ara-fusilli
Alpha edit @vulrien-sims
Textures @serabiet

4t2 Nightcrawler Trouble

23k polygons, CF-EF, gray linked to black
Original mesh @darkosims3
4t2 conversion @ara-fusilli
Textures @serabiet

Color spectrum HERE

DOWNLOAD Kiana (SFS / Mediafire)
DOWNLOAD Trouble (SFS / Mediafire)

Please redownload LeahLillith Kiana and replace the old package with new package. Corrected the absence of elders. Links have been fixed.

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fakebloood·22 days agoText


It doesn’t matter if you follow me long enough or for a five minutes, if you ever downloaded something from me you must know my TOU. I don’t ask much, you may do whatever you want with my stuff, exept put it under paywall. I don’t really have much time for simming lately, I have a one year old, and only time I can create is when my son is asleep, so basically I sleep less to provide cc for our game. I don’t blame you, it is my choice, as I love this game too and I want this comunity to stay alive and keep going so bad I’m willingly take every spare second I can to do anything I can to make it happen. I never had a cent for it. I’d never ask you a cent for it even if I literally have nothing to eat. I had those times too, I had no job, my husband only started a new job, so he had to wait for his first salary, and we had no more then two kilos of potatoes and a pack of macaroni at home. I was active creator by that time. I never even came to a thought to ask for money here, for me it’s inappropriate. And what I see now is disgusting. My girl is on a cover of a video that has almost 28k views and almost a 1k likes, here it is and all the download links have tons of ad.fly&similar kind of paywall crap. Check yourself if you don’t believe me. I spend my free time to create cc and ask for one little thing, really - not to make money on my stuff, and here we are. I’m not only offended for me, but for all creators whose work is there. This is disgusting and unfair to free cc creators. And this video dates back to 2018, so don’t tell me author of this hasn’t earned much since. If he earned even a cent he is a thief. Think before downloading stuff like that. Respect is a thing you can’t sell or buy, and least you can do is respect people who provide content you use. 

there are some of my old archives. i’m mad

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fakebloood·22 days agoText

Don’t reupload
Don’t include my CC in custom stuffpacks
Don’t upload to paid sites (adfly / patreon / boosty / ect.)
Don’t use my CC as a preview for your paid CC, I don’t want to have anything to do with it.
Don’t claim my CC of your work.

You can include my СС in sims and lots created by you, I will be very glad if you tag me (this is at your discretion)
You can recolor and include my meshes in your archive

I love you!

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fakebloood·a month agoText

I was tagged by @charlotkas-simblr. Thank you for the tag, my dear :*

Favorite color? I love white, black, wine colors and shades of brown.

Last song I listened to? There are several of them on repeat. OST The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.My kids fall asleep quickly when they listen to these songs, lol

Last film I watched? Yesterday I reviewed Aquaman. And I’m still in awe, even after two years

Last TV show I watched? Now I’m watching the new season of The Boys. Russian swearing translation is wonderful, lol

Sweet, savory or spicy? I’m ready to eat exclusively chocolate, but it’s too bad for my teeth and stomach, unfortunately. I love sea salt chocolate. In general, I really like unusual food.

Bubbly water, tea or coffee? Tea. Black tea is the best drink in the world

Pets? Due to the pregnancy, I developed an allergy to animal hair and had to give the cat to my parents. Now I feel much better and plan to take the cat for myself. He misses me. I think my children will be glad to have a furry friend.

Tagging @summer-choi-simblr, @entropy-sims, @kristyail and everyone
I love you!

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fakebloood·2 months agoText


Long time no see 👋 I’m working on several projects and am happy to share a couple of them now. There are two conversions of Wings’ hairs which available for both genders. AllTheHairs still down, and I don’t know how to check if these hairstyles have been converted earlier, so just hope they not.

You can get more information and download conversions of Wings’ ON1120 hair here

… and Wings’ TZ0912 here.

Fantastic curls😍😍 Thank you!!

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fakebloood·2 months agoAnswer

thank you for answer:) can you please tell how did you learn how to convert objects to ts2? and would you like to consider maybe convert some objects from ung999 ''cedar bedroom'' set? but its just a question:) greetings!

Hi! Thank you for the idea, this set is great! maybe I’ll do it soon!

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