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magicinthestory·a month agoText

Now, what would you do if you had to run for your life and the thing chasing you was going at the speed of light? You don’t do anything.
Faster the sound? That was possible but no one had figured out how to go as fast as light let alone faster than it.
But even knowing all that when it comes down to it you will press yourself to try to run, hoping that maybe you will be the one to finally do it… or just praying that the thing chasing you would get bored and quit.
So here you were running for your life and while you were faster than your companions their screams cut short told you that it was getting close.
You could feel it breathing down your neck so pushed yourself to go faster knowing that one misstep and it would be all over.
Your heartbeat in your ear and your chest hurting from not getting enough air, you still pushed yourself that one last time and gave it all you had….

Then It was all over…

….Or so you thought or was it more like hoped…

You jerked awake, sitting up and fighting to catch your breath. A hand carefully moved to grip yours as a way of grounding you. That along with the soothing and kind words soon calmed your pounding heart and got you to lay back down.
She ran her fingers through your hair, humming softly.
It was like that for a long time and you were on the verge of falling asleep again when her voice broke the moment.

“You can’t outrun your demons….Eventually, you are going to have to turn and fight them…” The words normally would have been annoying because they felt so exposing and they held both wisdom and childish tones to them but it was the tiredness that stuck out to you the most.

Had she stayed up just to be there to comfort you when you woke up?

Your eyes opened and moved to meet the gaze of the source, in the low light her icy blue gaze seemed to almost glow, and sure enough exhaustion was written all over her face.
“Esmeralda….” You sighed but trailed off when she shook her head.

“Sorry…that was crossing a line…”

You shook your head this time and gently took her hand again. “It’s fine…Maybe you are right…” You gave her hand a squeeze. “I was just going to say that you look tired, dear.”

“I’ll be fine… but you, you can use some more rest and I’ll be here if you need me.”

You looked at her for a long moment, while her words and soft smile she offered were both comforting you felt bad that she was doing this to herself so you came up with another idea. You pulled on her arm suddenly enough that she fell forward into your waiting arms. Your arms closed around her as you nuzzled her face in the mess of brown hair and when she tried to pull away your arms tightened.
“No, you are my prisoner now.”
Your tone was light and teasing but held enough stubbornness that she would know you had no intention of letting go.


You felt her sigh from on top of you as she accepted her fate and moved only to get comfortable. You hummed triumphantly and fixed your grip on her.
“I’ll sleep if you do.”
There was another sigh but she nodded before laying her head on your chest over your heart.
“Just stay out of my dreams this time.” You teased softly, earning her laughter.

“You know I have little control over that….”

You looked down in time to see her yawn, her blue eyes slipping shut.
“Fine then, it doesn’t matter anyway as any dream with you in it is a good one…”
You trailed off, honestly expecting her to react but when you looked down again she was already asleep. You smiled softly and kissed the top of her head. You laid back humming softly and listening to her steady breathing, letting it lull you to sleep. Just as you drifted off to some of the best sleep you had gotten in a while you heard her mumble.

“Sleep well, my love…”

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magicinthestory·a month agoText

March 2nd, 1613, Luna(16 at the time) and Zackary(20 at the time) went through a day of complete hell… 

They had buried their parents and Zack’s ex-fiancee (a story for another time) about a month and a half earlier so it was just the two of them.

The day started out the same as any other both working that morning, taking over making medicine from herbs from their mother as it was the only good she ever did. In the afternoon they took a trip to the lake near their village that had always been their escape over the years of abuse from their mother and Luna’s sickness.

It was on the way back that they ran into serious trouble.
At the time there was a group of men that called themselves ‘witch hunters’ going from village to the village having their way with women then declaring them witches and having them burned at the stake. 

See where this is going yet?

The Redbrook siblings had a run-in with this group and although they both did their absolute best to escape it wasn’t enough. The group held Zackary back as they took turns with his little sister and all he could do was listen to her screams. The one time he managed to break from their grasp they were quick to grab him again and bury their knives into his flesh. They left him for dead, bleeding out on the forest floor.

A vampire was passing through the area when they caught the scent of so much bloodshed so of course came to investigate and for whatever reason decided to save Zack rather than finish him off but it didn’t stick around to see what would happen. Once he had healed enough he headed into the village, still human.

Back in the village Luna was shocked to see how quickly they turned on her, the very people that had watched her grow up were now taking the word of strangers and ignoring her cries of protest completely. She was tied up and they were set fire to the wood around her when she heard Zackary’s voice calling as he came running out of the forest. He was covered in blood but otherwise, he seemed okay.

The ‘witch hunters’of course freaked out, since he should have been dead, and so was the village but they soon did well to fix that by opening fire on him, making for sure this time it worked.

The last thing Luna saw was her brother fall to the ground before her magic, which had been bound for 16 years, erupted causing the fire around her to shoot up as her powers teleported her away to safety.
The last thing Zack saw as his vision faded as the fire consuming his sister.

Zackary died with vampire blood in his system so he turned that day. When he came to, thinking his sister was dead, his humanity was already off so he slaughtered the whole village that night and hunted down those that hurt Luna. He went completely ripper soon after.

Luna thought her sibling was gone and her newfound magic did not react well to those raw emotional triggers.
She found out she was pregnant a few weeks after. Once she gave birth as found a suitable family to take her newborn son, giving him up for his safety because of how unstable her magic was. 

Her biggest regret if you ever ask her.

It was approaching the fourth year since the whole incident before the siblings finally found each other again, Zack was almost to far gone and nearly killed her. Luna managed to pull him out of his ripper state long enough for them to catch up and for her to try a modified spell to make his daylight ring, which succeeded but also bound her life to his immortality.

When the guilt of the deaths that he caused came crashing down on him Zackary reverted back to the humanity less ripper he was before and didn’t get pulled out of it completely for the rest of the century.
Since then Zack always struggled with his bloodlust.

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magicinthestory·2 months agoText

Solstice was out on a walk around town as the girls were out shopping and Tomi had requested to be left alone, to which who was the dragon to argue with so long as he stayed at the base or at least didn’t do anything reckless. He was just coming down one of the empty streets when he heard a commotion in one of the alleyways so moved there to check it out. He frowned at the scene he found, a small child backed into a corner by an adult who was closing in on him. “Is everything okay over here?”

The man froze and put on a fake smile to look at the dragon. “Yes, everything is fine, just kids being kids.”

Solstice narrowed his eyes. “I wasn’t asking you.” He growled. He then walked past him to slowly approach the child, holding his hands up to show they were empty. He bent down in front of him. From here the smell of blood was unmistakable. “You can just nod or shake your head if you want…Okay?…” He kept his voice low and soft. He got a nod so he moved to the next question.
“Are you okay?”
“Do you need help?”
“Are you related to that man?”
“Did he hurt you?”
“Are your parents around?”
The boy started to nod but then tears filled his eyes and he shook his head.
It broke Solstice’s heart but he was starting to get a picture of what was going on.“I’m Solstice, or just Sol if you would like. What is your name?”

The boy swallowed, red eyes meeting lavender ones, he was still scared but something told him he could trust the green-haired man. “Ari…..”

It was then that the other male’s patience seemed to wear out and he moved to attack the child but what he hadn’t expected was the dragon to move to get up at the same time so instead hit him in the face with his scorpion tail.

Solstice growled softly as he got hit, more so that the other tried to attack an innocent child then the now stinging and burning pain over his eye. He got to his feet to face the man. “Ari, let’s play a game. Close your eyes and count to ten and when you open then the bad man will be gone.” The boy didn’t need to see any more bloodshed. “Do you have them closed?”


“Good, I’ll start you off,” He drew his weapon. “1…………2………” The other tried to run but the dragon was faster and cut him off, slicing through the tail.

“3………….4…………..” The boy continued, ignoring the iron scent and the soon silenced screams.
“5………….6……..” He took a shaky breath.
Ari heard more movement but kept his eyes shut tight. “7………8…….”

Solstice had killed and dumped the body in the dumpster in the next alley along with his jacket, not his finest work but he was limited on time. He put his weapon away and moved back to the boy. “9…….10…..Okay, you are good now.”

Ari opened his eyes and looked around only to find that it really was just the two of them. He didn’t know what came over him but he suddenly hugged the 6-foot dragon. “Thank you….Thank you so much….”

He smiled softly. “You are welcome…” He passed a hand over the boy’s head. He was starting to feel the hit from earlier but his concern was still the boy. “We should get you checked out at the hospital…Can I pick you up?…”

Ari nodded slowly and let him do so.

At the hospital, Ari regained a lot of his shyness and didn’t want to let go although after some convincing he let Dimitri check him over and treat him, with the medication soon easing him to sleep.

Dimitri hummed softly as he moved to finally clean up Solstice’s eye. “You should have let us treat you first…”

“I’m fine…”

“Only because you have scales which at this point are pretty much disintegrated in the area but they probably saved your eye if not your life.” He sighed softly. “It’s going to scar. We will give you some antivenom and antibiotics then we are going to hold you overnight for observation.”

“Do whatever you need to do. Just two things….”

Dimitri tipped his head as he moved to get what he would need to finish up. “What is it, Sol?”

“Don’t call Tomiichii or Scarlett, they are under enough stress already…”

He narrowed his eyes at that. “We will see about that one. What is the second thing?”

“What is going to happen to Ari?” The older dragon asked looking to the boy next to him.

Dimitri took a deep breath and let it out slowly as he finished up. “I don’t know, they will probably look to see if he has anymore family and if not I don’t know…..That system isn’t very kind so I hope he doesn’t end up there.” He stepped back after finishing the bandaging. “Try not to scratch and get some rest.”

Solstice nodded slowly. “Yeah okay.” He laid down carefully but sleep never came although he couldn’t help but smile when Ari curled up closer to him.

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magicinthestory·2 months agoText

One would think that he would be used to restless nights of nightmares and you would think that after last time he would just stay put but he couldn’t help it when he felt the walls closing in on him, however this time he made sure he had his phone, weapon, and Tomi’s jacket although that was for his comfort and he made sure to leave a note explaining that he was just going for a walk and to call if they needed him. He was then out of the door and walking down the street.

He just let his feet carry him in a random direction while deep in his thoughts, trying to sort through them but he just got more and more restless to the point that the only thing that pulled him from them was when someone ran into him and apologized before running off. He sighed and looked around to figure out where he was, eyes stopping on the house he was in front of him and before he realized it he had walked to the door and knocked on it. Just as he was about to leave it opened up revealing the taller dragon with lighter green hair but very similar lavender eyes.

“Solstice? What do you want?” Zander asked yawning, still only half awake so he barely managed any of the normal growls when talking to the dragon villain.

Solstice looked down for a moment. “I don’t know…. Sorry…”

He frowned, that was odd even for him. “Sol, what’s wrong?”

“Just a lot… Don’t worry about it…” The younger dragon turned on his heel to walk away.

“Do you need to talk it through?”

“Not with you…” He sighed softly but then it hit him that it was real concern in his brother’s voice and turned to look at him. “Spar with me…Like when we were kids and training.”

Zander blinked in surprise at the request. “What? Why?”

“I think….I think I need a physical distraction and you are the only person I can think of that I can go full out with, without fear of killing. Please Alexandros….”

He sighed and studied the male in front of him for a long moment, for the first time in years he was looking at his little brother, Solstice, and not the villain of questionable sanity, Eclipse. He finally nodded to him. “Okay…Let me get my things and tell Snow. I’ll be right back.”

Solstice nodded slowly and watched the door shut, leaving him alone with his thoughts again. As the minutes started to tick by he was worried that he wasn’t going to come back and he was wasting his time so he turned to leave again when the door finally opened up again. He smiled slightly to himself. “Slow as ever…”

He rolled his eyes but didn’t reply to the remark. “Come on I know a good place to do this. I hope you don’t mind flying.”

“What?” Solstice spoke in surprise but that was all he got out before he felt his arm being grabbed then his body being lifted off the ground. “Fuck…… This is so unstable you ass.”

Zander laughed. “I’m not going to drop you but fine.” He moved higher into the sky then he let go of Sol.

Solstice’s eyes widened even though he was only falling for a moment before he landed on the back of a full-grown dragon. “Πάω να κλωτσήσεις τον γαμημένο σου κώλο, τον Αλέξανδρο…” There was a soft rumble that could be laughter from the dragon below him. He sighed and sat up before looking to the city below them then to the sky above him. Sol hadn’t realized how much he missed flying until now, it was so peaceful and calming.

Zander’s ears flicked noticing his brother’s calming heartbeat then adjusted his wings to take them above the clouds, from up here the stars shown brightly and clearly.

He looked up to the sky, mind falling to childhood memories of stargazing with their parents then on to doing so at the lab with the kids as a way to ground them. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Are we almost there?…”

He nodded slightly and headed back down soon landing in an empty field. He waited for Solstice to get off before shifting back and stretching. “Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve done that.” He looked to the other. “How are you doing?”

“I’m still going to kick your fucking ass, Alexandros. You said you wouldn’t drop me and then you did.” Solstice growled.

“We will see about that won’t we?” Zander sighed softly, they were back to the flux of emotion. “Lose the jacket, I would hate to ruin it, and draw your weapon. I’m assuming that is where you have the most improvement. You wanted to spar so let’s do it.”

Solstice glared at him but pulled Tomi’s jacket off and drew his scythe. He didn’t give the other more time than that before he came at him, slicing at him only to have the blade stopped with one-half Zander’s while the other came down on the shaft of the scythe, cutting into it but not through.

Zander then kicked his little brother away, watching him fall back. “That was sloppy, even for you Sol.”

He snarled and came at him again and again, each time the same results.

“Come one it’s like you are trying to lose. Are you? If you just wanted to take some hits then you should have just said so.” Zander baited. He knew there was more to all this but he had to break through the other’s anger. “You expect to be able to protect your team, your new life, like this?”

“ΣΚΑΣΕ!!” Solstice snapped and charged again, lightning infusing with the scythe but what he didn’t notice was that with the cuts in the shaft that the electricity put too much stress on it so when Zander stopped it again the shaft cracked and broke leaving him open and soon Zander and him on the ground with his blades at his throat.

“If this were a real fight you would be dead several times over.” He put the double-bladed staff together then away. Zander offered him a hand up.  “You better than this.”

“So once again I’m not good enough….” It was a comment more to himself as he was falling back to his thoughts. He ignored his brother’s hand and got up. “Sorry…”

“Sol we can stop if-”

“No!” He cut the other off

Zander sighed. “Fine, hands up.” He gave him a moment to get in his stance then they moved to simple hand to hand combat.

Solstice was still distracted but without his anger, he was doing better to block and defend and even got a couple of hits in himself although it was just muscle memory at this point so when Zander changed it up he got hit and was sent reeling. “Damn it to hell… This is pointless. I wanted a distraction but fighting you is just clouding my head with more memories! I Just Want To Forget It All!” His legs gave out on him and he fell to his knees. “Please I’m just want to forget it all…Or at least not sent reeling at a simple touch….”

Zander frowned and bent down across from him. “Ηλιοστάσιο…..Talk to me, please.”

Solstice looked at him, unshed tears filling his eyes. “You wouldn’t understand, Ζανντερ.”

“Then make me understand…I’m so tired of fighting you, Sol, so talk to me and make me understand…”

“I don’t even know where to start…”

“The beginning, Tell me what happened from your point of view.”

Solstice stared at him for a long moment before finally nodding and starting from the kidnapping on he told his brother everything that happened at that lab, his escape attempt, the kids, the torture and pain….everything. He even went into details that he never shared with anyone and talked about the last time he was taken before they left for the month.

Zander was silent listening to all of it and taking it in, he knew a lot of the technical details but to hear the emotions and pain in his little brother’s voice along with the tears that had finally broken through, It broke his heart. “I’m so sorry you had to go through all that….Sol, I really wish it was me over you or that I at least managed to get to you faster….”

Solstice shook his head. “It’s not your fault…”

“It’s not yours either.” He assured. He wanted to be able to comfort him but he knew better than to touch him especially right now.

“It feels like it is….It was even brought to my attention that is I hadn’t stopped my escape attempt that I could have gotten help and saved the kids months of torture and experimentation….That by stopping and letting then catch me that I made it worse for them…” His voice cracked and fresh tears fell.

Zander took a chance at that and moved to sit next to him and extended his wing to curve around Solstice without touching him. “Solstice, listen to me now, You did the right thing by staying. If you left you know that by the time you got the help they would have moved and those kids could still be in trouble or worse. And by staying I’m sure you gave them all something they dearly needed to survive.”

“And what is that?…..”

“Hope, protection, someone to look up to. Solstice you have always had one of the biggest hearts.”

Solstice suddenly snorted. “Sorry, to break up a tender moment but you sound like a motivational poster, but please go on and tell me what you admire about me.”

He rolled his eyes but cracked a smile. “Nah, don’t want to inflate your ego too much, Pride is often a dragon’s biggest downfall.”

Solstice laughed under his breath and bumped his shoulder. “And here I thought it was greed… Or wrath…”

Zander shrugged. “Two significant others and we saw the wrath earlier so you have them covered.”

“Gee thanks.” He smiled but it faded and he laid his head on his brother’s shoulder. “Really though, thank you… I’ve put you through hell over the years but you were still here to listen when I needed you…”

Zander brought his wing to actually wrap around his little brother. “I’m sorry too, I haven’t helped the situation any.” He sighed softly. “This doesn’t fix everything, you know that right?”

“Yeah, I know….but it is a start.” He pulled away. And got up to pull on Tomi’s jacket again. “Maybe we should spar more often though, It’s something…”

Zander nodded. “Yeah, sure thing. Now let’s head back before people get worried.”

Solstice scrolled through his phone. “Too late for that…and the new bruises won’t help with that…Crap.”

Zander laughed softly “Sorry.” He then shifted to full dragon form waiting for the other to climb on then took off heading home.

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magicinthestory·2 months agoText

This was all her fault… if she had just kept her mother shut for once… if she had just not taken it so personal… maybe none of this would have happened.

Her parents had knocked her down to the bottom of the league, telling her that she needed to learn it from the ground up then maybe she would learn to respect and talk to her team.
At one point the question of when her goal was to come up and honestly that lead to more of a fight with her already overly stressed mother then it should have, well more so her screaming at her.
“Why should I have a clear goal as a villain if you didn’t have to?! You just followed dad around like a lovesick puppy! Just Like Avon Is Doing Now!”
The words came flowing out even going so far as to accuse her of not believing in or even loving her. That was when her mother walked away as she kept screaming.

There was more to it but she wanted to shut down the memory. Right now she just wanted her parents, she wanted to take back everything… she wanted to apologize but it was too late….

Soon after that her father sat her down and laid into her about the way she was treating her mother and when she tried to tell him her point of her mother’s useless request he shut her down. He explained to her that Layla came looking for the league before she knew he was the leader which lead him having to reveal why and tell her about Layla, Keigo, and Tia’s past with the hero commission.
When she went quiet he thought she had finally got it but he was wrong, his daughter just got pissed about how they didn’t trust her and kept secrets.
She just wanted to prove herself capable so she ran, falling with people that just wanted to use her for who she was and could do. Just for pure chaos and by the time she figured that out and tried to leave she couldn’t. She cried for help until she was horse just wanting to go home but no one ever came.
It was then that her aunt’s words and warnings about losing everything ran through her thoughts on repeat. She had been right after all.

Then they did show up… her parents, the league, even her brothers who she thought abandoned her first but now they were here. While her brothers worked to free her the adults fought, making short work of the petty little gang, or so they thought.
They missed one who was smart enough to play dead but that one and his gun were all was needed.
Originally his aim was Nova but somehow Layla noticed and moved to stop him only to take the bullets herself.

It was the loudest sound in the world followed by silence and the world slowing down around her. The blast of light from her and Avon’s combined quirks barely registered nor did the darkness that swallowed them as they were brought home through the portal.
It was only then that her brain started to process what was going on and sound came rushing back. Crying, sobs, even the sound of things breaking but the one sound that broke her was the begging….Her father, whom she never thought of as capable of such things, was begging and pleading for her not to be gone and to come back to him all while cradling her mother’s small frame in his arms, knowing deep in his heart it was too late.

This was all her fault…

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magicinthestory·4 months agoText

As the top Villain group in Japan, it wasn’t uncommon for a rival group to try to rise and take the title. As usual, that was stopped fairly quickly with only one hiccup, Shigaraki had gone missing in the fray after going after the supposed leader.

Layla sighed as she moved to look for him, freezing when she heard crying and moved towards the sound. The scene she found struck a deep chord within her very core, a pile of dust in front of a very scared young child leading her to believe that the other had used his quirk as a last-ditch effort to stop Tomura’s.

His scarlet eyes widened when he saw her standing there. “It was an accident….He came at me… I-I didn’t mean too…”

Layla shook out of her shock and moved to kneel down in front of him, frowning when he tried to back up, “It’s okay…accidents happen…I’m not going to hurt you, I promise.”

“Oh… okay….” He relaxed but only slightly and allowed her to come closer.

“What name do you go by, dear?” She asked softly, she didn’t want to just assume and freak him out more.

“Tenko…No Wait master changed it to Tomura Shigaraki….”

Her heart dropped hearing him mention All For One as it meant he remembered him in part. “Well, which one would you prefer to be called?”

He looked down at his hands, remembering what he did to his family, “Tomura I guess…”

“Okay if you are sure…” She gave him a reassuring smile. “Well how about I take you home and get you fed while I make some calls about finding-”

“About finding master?” He interrupted.

“Yeah, something like that…” She sighed but nodded. She stood up and offered him her hand but he shied away from it. “You won’t hurt me Tomura, I promise.”

He looked up at her, He was sure she was just being hopeful but she sounded so sure of herself so he moved to take her hand. He expected to watch her decay before his eyes but nothing happened and that brought forth a smile on his face.

“I told you that you wouldn’t hurt me.”

“Wow, You are just like my best friend. She was immune to my quirk too” He got very excited at this discovery. “You actually remind me of her.”

Layla’s heart jumped to her throat at his words. “Do I really?” She asked as she decided that flying would be better so she picked the boy up and took off into the sky.

“Yeah, her wings are a lot fluffier though and she has this really cool quirk that lets her control light and heal people.” He answered her. He frowned when she picked him up but Tomura’s eyes widened as they took off. “Woah… this is so cool!”

She laughed softly at his complements and his excitement. She took him higher to let him enjoy it and to avoid any onlookers. She was taking him back to the hideout, knowing that most of the league would be scattered now including Dabi and Kai who would have Anako and Rikku at their home away from the base. “I’m glad you seem to enjoy it so much, Tomura. And your friend sounds really nice.”

“She is the best! I miss her but mater said that if work really hard I will be able to see her again.” He was still so excited that he missed the falter in the ex hero’s smile.

‘I guess he was right about that…’ She thought as they neared the base. They landed near the entrance and she put him down. “Now when we get inside I need you to be on your best behavior, okay? There as two other kids that can be a little shy.”

“Okay, Miss….” He trailed off now realizing he never got her name.

“Takami.” She smiled softly and lead him inside.

He blinked hearing her name but he got distracted when he followed her inside, looking around the base. “You live here?”

She nodded to him. “Yeah, we have a whole little family that lives here although most of them will be out until tomorrow I think.” She looked from the boy when two other kids came running over.

“Mom you’re home!” The boy exclaimed “Oh who is this?” He asked tipping his head to look at the back-haired child with his mother.

“Yes, I hope you weren’t too much trouble for Steve.” She spoke looking to the twins. She sighed softly She was a little hesitant to introduce him but soon chose to given that they rarely heard their father referred to by first name. “This is Tomura, He is going to be staying with us for a little while.” She then looked down at him. “Tomura, this is my son Avon and my daughter Nova.”

The girl waved slowly “Hello….”

Layla smiled faintly but she noticed the demon in question out of the corner of her eye. “How about you two go show him around I need to speak with Steve for a moment.”

Avon grinned “Okay! Do you like games? We have a lot of them! Come on I’ll show you.” He didn’t even think about it when he grabbed Tomura’s hand and drug him away excitedly.

“Was that Shigaraki?” It was the first question out of the demon’s mouth as he moved over to Layla.

“Yes, yes it was.” Layla sighed. “If you don’t need to rush off to Kai I’ll fill you in while I’m working on dinner.”

“If you need help I’m more then happy to help, Layla.” He offered. He would never come out and say it but he knew there was a reason why she stayed out of the kitchen most of the time.

“That would be great, thank you.” She then led him into the kitchen where she filled him in on what was going on.


Back with the kids, Tomura was surprised to find that Avon was right about them having a lot of games. They picked one and started playing and after a few rounds, he started to get the hang of it. They played for a while and even shy Nova came out of her shell, finding Tomura’s presence oddly comforting.

They only stopped long enough to eat dinner and it brought a real smile to Layla’s face to hear them all talking and having fun together. They all sounded like they were having so much fun so when they asked to go play again after eating course she let them. When she went to check on them though she barely got to the door before she caught on that they had gotten on the subject of family.

“Yeah, Mom is great and so are all our aunts and uncles!” Avon answered happily.

“Okay, what about your dad?” The black-haired boy asked. His scarlet eyes moved from the boy to the girl, who met his gaze with eyes he would have sworn matched his own.

Nova sighed and looked down. “I don’t think dad likes us very much…He doesn’t really talk or spend time with us unless he has too…Mom says it is because he doesn’t want to hurt us like his father did him but I think she is just trying to cover for him….”

Layla had to walk away after that so she could fight the ache in her heart so she told herself that her and Tomura would have to have a serious conversation once he was back to normal, this was something that would have to change.

It was an hour later when she went to check on them again, this time the scene was very different. They had made a blanket fort and all three of them had fallen asleep inside. She smiled and took a picture of the three sleeping soundly before letting them be.


When morning came Tomura was back to his normal self with yesterday’s event playing in his head like a foggy dream. The more woke up he got the more he started to take notice of the two weights sleeping soundly at his sides, using his shoulder and chest as pillows. He looked down at the twins in his arms, panic striking first that he would cause harm to them but then fading when the memories of last night came back where it seemed they inherited their mother’s immunity to his quirk. He started to relax after that, their rhythmic breathing almost lulling him back to sleep except the sound of a phone camera going off woke him again. “What are you doing, Player 2?”

“I need something to prove that this moment happened next time the kids ask if you love them.” Layla answered, her words coming off a little sharper then she meant them to.

“Why would they question…..Oh…” Nova’s comments from the previous night came back to him. “I do though, I would go to the ends of the earth for them I just didn’t want to hurt them.”

“I know,” She sighed. “But by holding back you are hurting them emotionally. You get that right?”

Tomura nodded slowly. “I am starting to.”

“Good…” Layla smiled faintly. “I’ll leave you three be then…”

“There is room next to Nova, you should stay for a little bit.” He suggested. “Please, player 2.”

Her smile grew but she nodded. “If that is what you want, player 1” She then moved, very carefully as to not wake the kids, to the open spot and laid down there.

Tomura actually smiled once she had settled in her spot before looking back to the kids again. Memories were growing clearer and a few things stuck out, he had a lot of work to do to repair his relationship with his son and daughter but the other thing was something he should have done years ago now. He spoke softly but enough for her to hear. “Layla Takami….Player 2, Valkyrie, Fallen Angel, My best friend, Mother of my children, One of my most trusted, Soul mate, The better part of me……Yeah, Layla Takami just doesn’t fit that list…”

Layla had been enjoying the silence and was half asleep when he started the list. “Oh? and what do you suggest?”

“Upgrading your name.” He spoke like it was a clear answer. “I think Layla Shimura would fit a lot better. I would say Shigaraki but I know how much you destain All For One so that would be a no beside With your name with it Shimura actually sounds right again.”

Layla’s gemstone green eyes widened and her wings fluffed as she heard his answer. “Upgrading my name to Layla Shimura…..”

“Do you not like that idea?…” He frowned not able to gauge her reaction and actually worried he did something wrong.

“No, I love that idea. It was just such a you way to ask and that makes it all the better.” She smiled at him. “Now I really want to kiss you but your daughter is between us so-”

“I’ll move!” Nova sprung up, she had woken up when her mother had joined them but she had done well to hide it until now. She barely gave her parents time to react before she had moved actually pushed her father over to her mother and surprisingly not waking her brother in the process.

“I guess we have our daughter’s approval.” Layla laughed softly.

“It seems that we do.” He smiled before leaning in and kissing her gently

She kissed him back just as gently, moving her hand to his cheek as she leaned into him. But soon enough she broke the kiss but her smile stayed. “I love you, player 1”

“I love you too, player 2.”

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They had gone out to get away from the school while everyone was excitedly talking about scores on finals and the upcoming summer camp. While he thought they were having a decent time he could tell something was bothering her. He did what he could think of to cheer her up but all he got was small smiles and half laughs that faded quickly finally, he decided to just ask her but he never expected the answer he got.

“I don’t think we should stay together….”

The words had been so soft that he thought he had misheard her at first but in his heart, he knew he hadn’t so when he had her repeat them, along with her finally pulling off the promise ring he had given her when they started dating, they nearly shattered him.

Shinso stared at the girl standing before him, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Did I do something wrong?”

Luna shook her head, her hair falling in her face as she looks away from him. “No, not at all. I-”

“Did you finally realize I wasn’t good enough for you?” His next question cut her off. His mind already jumping to the worst case.

“What? No.” His assumption threw her off a little.

“Then why are you doing this, Luna?” He took a chance and took a step closer to her, brushing the hair out of her face and seeing the tears in her eyes. “Kitten…please talk to me…we said we would be honest we each other…”

She stepped back from him, slipping the ring into his hand as she did, the tears finally falling. She didn’t deserve his kindness or his love. She didn’t deserve him. “I’m not good enough for you, Hitoshi…. I’m a constant mess of emotions that will only drag you down with me….because I can’t get a grip on them or my quirk someday…..I’m so afraid that I will hurt you…..”

“What do you think you are doing now?”

“Saving you before it is too late….You have such a bright future ahead of you, you are going to be a great hero if not one of the best one day. I can’t be the one to distract you or drag you down…” She swallowed hard and backed away. “I’m so sorry…..” She didn’t give him another chance before she turned away and ran off.


He got home later that night, having stayed out for a while to try and collect himself so he wouldn’t get questioned although that backfired. He barely made it in the door before two of his sisters stopped him in the entranceway and they could tell immediately that something was up and started questioning him about it. They eventually got him to spill that he and Luna had broken up, shocking them both as the two had seemed perfect for one another.

Hariko immediately took to a caring role, making sure he was okay and had taken care of himself.

Kaori, on the other hand, was clearly angry as he explained with happened to them but she kept it to herself, for the most part.


When it came to time to go to the camp Shinso being part of general studies didn’t get to go and Hariko for personal reasons was excused so that left Kaori to go on her own. While the dragon child still wasn’t happy about what happened she knew it wasn’t her place to say anything. That plus the camp keeping them busy from dawn to dusk made it so she didn’t talk with Luna.

The night of the attack they all got split up while having to fight for their lives, leaving many injured and Bakugo kidnapped which lead to Kaori being distracted.

Luna was one of those that ended up in the hospital from injuries sustained and overuse of her quirk.

Shinso although he did go see Luna once in the hospital after the fact his focus was used on helping his sister get through her distress.


After that was a lot of training for the next semester and moving into the dorms, both keeping him busy and distracted up until the joint training exercises.

When it was announced and confirmed that all his hard work had paid off and that he would be joining the hero course starting his second year he was so relieved and happy, especially hearing everyone’s congratulations, he couldn’t help but feel a slight twinge in his heart when he saw the smile on his ex’s face. That was when he realized that while he was proud of all he had accomplished she was the one he wanted to celebrate it with.

Once they were released for the day he made his way over to the raven-haired girl. “Luna, I think that we need to talk.”

She turned her ocean blue eyes up to meet his purple ones before nodding once. “Yeah, I think that we do…Do you want to take a walk?”

He nodded to her and the two set off.

It wasn’t until they made it off campus before one of them finally spoke up.

Luna took a deep breath. “Hitoshi, I’m sorry for the way I ended things with you. I have been informed, multiple times, that it was curl and unfair to you which was never my intention….I just…thought I was doing the right thing and I mean you did just make it into the hero course so maybe it was the right thing to do. It may be selfish of me but I have missed you so much and I’m really sorry. I would understand if you hate me but I would like for us to at least be able to talk again…”

Shinso sighed but a small smile graced his lips. This scene had played out before, her falling into a nervous rant that didn’t seem like it was going to end. He took a step closer to her, moving to take her face in his hands and in the middle of her sentence pressed his lips to her.

Luna froze at the kiss but she soon melted into it, moving her arms to wrap around his neck.

He pulled back after a long moment and looked into her eyes. “My turn okay?” He waited until she nodded before continuing. “I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, kitten,” being this close he could feel her heart race at the nickname and it brought a smile to his face. “But I don’t think that I could ever hate you. What happened hurt, badly.” He noticed her open her mouth to speak and shook his head. “It is still my turn.”

She sighed but nodded, closing her mouth.

“Thank you. As I said what happened hurt and it will take time to heal but I don’t want to just be on talking terms with you, Luna, I missed you as well. I just really need you to be honest with me when you are feeling that down, can you do that for me?”

“Yes, I can do that. I really am sorry about all of it…”

“I know you are, kitten. It just takes time.” As he spoke he finally pulled away from her and she let him go. “Let’s just go back to the dorms, it is getting late.”

Luna dipped her head once and started to walk back with him but stopped halfway. “Actually, Can we go somewhere first?….”

Shinso stopped to look at her. “Sure, where do you want to go?”

“Well you did just took a huge step forward in your dreams so I thought we could maybe get some dinner to celebrate.” She offered and watched until he finally agreed.

They had a good, although tense at first, time at it gave them time to fully reconnect and talk thing through.

In the end, they were walking back to the school although Shinso did stop her just outside of the class 1-A dorms. He took her hand and slipping the promise ring back on her finger. “I wasn’t going to give this back yet but I do still mean the promises I made that day. Please don’t take it off again…not for a while at least, not until…”

Luna bit her bottom lip looking up to him. “I won’t, Sweetheart.”

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It was late, a while after the rest of the league had gone to bed, but she knew he was still up. She had been playing around with how to tell him all day long but none of it ended well as she had a feeling that he would take the news poorly so she decided to wait and tell him when everyone else was asleep. The winged villain sighed as she finally made her way into the room. “Player 1….Are you at a stopping point?…” She spoke softly but loud enough for him to hear.

It wasn’t very often that the normally calm collected woman he had come to know and love had such a nervous tone to her voice so it caught his attention immediately. “Yeah, I’m done here.” He spoke saving his game. “What is it player 2?”

Layla bit her bottom lip, taking a deep breath to settle her nerves. “I’mpregnantwithtwins” She spoke very quickly just trying to get it all out at once.

Shigaraki blinked, he had heard some of what she had said but he was hoping he was wrong. “What was that?”

Layla swallowed and this time spoke slower. “Tomura… I am pregnant.” She brought her gemstone green eyes up to meet his scarlet red ones. She saw both shock and anger in them, more so the latter.

“That was what I thought you had said.” He nearly growled scratching ah his neck. “You think that now or ever is a good time to have a baby….” He tailed off when he saw he raise up two fingers. “Two babies…..Gods Layla!”

“You make it sound like I planned for this to happen. I promise that I did not.” The feathers on her wings started to fluff up.

“Is that so? Then you would have no problem if I said to…..”

“Tenko Shimura! Don’t you dare finish that statement.” She snapped cutting him off. Her hands clenched into fists and her wings were fully flaring up now. “I understand that this isn’t something we have even disgusted but that is not an option.”

His eyes narrowed at her when she used his actual name but it got him to shut up. “How far along are you?” His voice held a sharp deadly calm to them.

“Three months, same as Kai….” Her heart cracked at the way he was looking at her, like she was no better than the heroes they stood against, and the tone of his formed more cracks but it was his next statement that shattered her completely.

“Leave, tonight, I don’t have time to deal with this nonsense. I thought you of all people understood what we were trying to do but it seems I was wrong.”

“Just listen to me….” She tried to reason with him.

“Get out!” He cut her off.

“Fine… if that is what you want….” Layla bit back tears as long as she could as her feet carried her to the exit of the hideout. She got just outside of the door before her tears finally broke free. She knew she had to get somewhere safe to lay low until she could figure something else out and her brother’s place wasn’t a good choice so she started to the only other place she could think of, Madam Crow her cousin that was basically her eldest sister.

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Sora humming to herself as she skipped her way back to her room after a long talk with her therapist. She had been told that she had some visitors so she was expecting to find her brother or her parents or even her cousin Melanie, as she often came to hang out with her and keep her up to date with classes and family drama. However she actually ended up meeting Melanie in the hall. “Aww you waited for me before going in?” She smiled widely.

The girl gave her a questioning look, She was used to her cousin’s craziness but that sounded odd even for her. “Sora, I just got here, I haven’t had a chance to go in yet.”

Sora tipped her head slightly. “Oh really? They said I have visitors…Oh It must be mom and dad or Hikaru!” She was extra excited now and moved into the room as so although to her disappointment that was not who was standing there.

Melanie followed her in and while Sora’s smile barely faltered hers faded down to a small one. She recognized the two from around the school and the recent news of being leaks found in U.A. “I have to ask, What are you doing here?” She made a move to stand slightly in front of her cousin.

“Well this is definitely unexpected, We hadn’t figured out how to best approach you yet.” Nova sighed rolling her red eyes before focusing on the girls again.

“We came to offer you two a chance to join the League of Villains. The side that will win in the end.” Avon smiled faintly.

“My uncle wouldn’t be happy if I joined the league.” Melanie crossed her arms over her chest.

Avon’s smile turned into a smirk. “Who do you think asked us to get you to join?”

Sora tipped her head as she listened to them. “That doesn’t sound like uncle Touya …I’m pretty sure that if he wanted us to join he would come here for himself and before you point out that he is a wanted villain and would have been obvious I know that he can disguise himself to get around without causing a panic.” She spoke cheerily, her smile never once fading. “But let’s entertain the possibility you had really been sent for Melanie. What makes you think I would join you?”

“Well to get out of here for starters. Do you have a better option? Your parents dumped you here and haven’t seemed to look back all because they couldn’t deal with who you are as a person. We would let you be however you want with no judgements.” Avon shrugged thinking he had won until the purple haired girl started laughing. “What is so funny?”

“You think my parents dumped me here? That’s funny.” Sora answered laughing but then her laughter died away. “I’m here of my own free will.”

“What?!” Avon blinked and looked to his sister, that wasn’t what her Intel had said.

Nova sighed shrugged. This was not going to plan at all.

Melanie tipped her head, her smile growing. “Does she need to spell it out for you?” She looks to Sora. “I really think you do.”

“Oh okay.” Sora giggled. “I asked to be here, my parents hate that I am here but they understood my reasons. Besides my family visits almost everyday.” She stuck her tongue out. “Besides I want to follow my family and become a hero that maybe more kids like me can look up to. Now If you don’t want me to press this panic button and have a lot of people in her in 10 seconds or less I would suggest you leave.”

Nova frowned but grabbed her twin’s arm and drug him out of the room.

Melanie rolled her eyes as she watched them leave. “That was something…”

Sora nodded with a small laugh. “Yeah but it was interesting. It’s just too bad our quirks don’t work here, I would have loved to play with them some more.

Melanie laughed at that. “I’m sure you would have.”

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Hikaru came running down the stairs of the dorm building, having woken up late so was trying not to run late, pulling on his blazer and quickly working the tie. When he got downstairs though the whole class was just standing their staring at the TV playing the news. “What’s going on?”

Several of his classmates turned hearing his voice, most with sad or sympathetic looks on their faces, While a couple moved to flip the TV off which added to his confusion.

“Guys….This isn’t funny, what happened?” He asked with a pit growing in his stomach.

Before anyone could answer him though the main doors opened and in came one of their teachers. “Hikaru Shinso…We need to talk.”

His blood ran cold at those words but he nodded and followed them out. His mind went to his uncle who had disappeared a month ago but no the truth turned out so much worse.

The night prier both of his parents had been out on patrol and ran into serious trouble with high ranking members of Paranormal Liberation Front. There were a number of casualties with Luna and Hitoshi Shinso being at the top.

They tried to tell him that his parents died heroes and prevented a lot more deaths that could have been but he was already retreating back into himself, eyes stinging from the tears threatening to fall.

He didn’t know how long he sat in that room trying to not let his grief over take him before he felt a pair of arms wrap around him and the familiar scent of his aunt Shadow. It took a moment before he wrapped his arms around her, burying his face in her shoulder, only then did he finally let the tears escape.

Shadow held her nephew close, letting him cry. She knew all to well the pain of losing both of your parents at the same time so she was showing him that she was here for him. “I know it hurt, and it won’t ever go away but you will get through this….We are all here for you, Hikaru…We will help you through this…”

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It had been years in the making, they just had to make a name for themselves as heroes and for two of them learn to tolerate one another again, but now it was happening, Amaya, Pluto, and Zack when opening a small agency for themselves.The three had been a pretty good team back in school and every now and then they still crossed paths to end up working together so they decided to officially do so again.

Hosting a small formal party had been Amaya’s idea. She only got the boys on board when she had said that she could handle all the details and they just had to show up, although there was some argument on that one too. True to her word though Amaya handled just about everything, only admitting to needing help when it came to addresses for invitations.

“So Zack I have Luna, Shoto, Fuyumi, and Natsuo Todoroki for your family. Are we inviting Endeavor? It would be a show of good faith to have the current # 1 hero there, so long as everyone remains civil.” Amaya sighed. “Which is a long shot…We will just drop his invitation off at his agency and morning of. If he makes it then okay and if not then also okay.”

Zack nodded to her. “Works for me.”

“Great.” She marked that on her list then read over it. “I feel like I’m missing someone…Don’t you have another brother?” She racked her brain trying to remember. “Oh Toya Todoroki. That would be a nice surprise if we invited him and he came.”

“Surprise? Yes. Nice? Maybe not especially if Endeavor shows up. Besides I don’t know where he lives right now and he is …” How could he put this delicately? “He is kind of an activist for major change in the hero society.”

Amaya turned her purple eyes to look at him questioningly but decided not to push it any farther than that. She moved back to her list and going over it again. “Okay then I have yours, Pluto’s and my guest list done so thank you for that. You may go now.”

Zack rolled his eyes but took the chance to leave the woman’s home before she came up with more that she needed for the party, heading back to where he and Pluto were ironing out the details for the actual agency.

Between all of that and keeping up with their duties as pro heroes the few weeks went by in a blink of an eye.

The party was going well although Pluto was running a little behind because Amaya had sent him out for some last minute snacks so that left Zackary and Amaya to greet and talk with their guests.

Zack sighed softly, he still felt this party was unnecessary but Amaya seemed to be enjoying it so he couldn’t really complain out loud. He was glancing around the room again when he heard a voice come up behind him.

“Fancy party, I guess my invitation got lost in the mail because I couldn’t imagine you left me out on purpose.”

Zack turned on his heel to face the taller male. He recognized the voice but almost couldn’t the man standing there, his scars had been completely covered and his black hair covered by a red wig that would match his natural hair color and style. If he didn’t know better he would have thought he was looking at the old Toya. “You will just have to expand your imagination then but surely you know why i had you left off the list. Not that I’m disappointed to see you but how are you here?”

“Luna, Diamond, and surprisingly Toga.” He shrugged. “I heard about this and made some passing comment then next thing i know somehow Toga had contacted the other two and we were off somewhere else putting this together.” he gestured to himself. “I get the feeling she wanted me out for some reason.”

Zack dipped his head slightly as he listened to his explanation but a glint on his wrist caught his eye. “Let me guess quirk canceling tech because blue flames would be a dead give away.”

Toya nodded. “Luna’s idea …She says it has a time release and one time use.”

“She is right.” Zack confirmed. “Well it was good to see you but I think you have been spotted.” He pointed to behind him where Fuyumi and Natsuo where coming over. “Don’t out yourself otherwise we will have to arrest you.” He laughed just before their siblings got in ear shot. He exchanged pleasantries and talk with them but they soon moved off with Toya. He waved as they left then moved to go back to talking with the other guest.

When Pluto finally returned he was surprised by the number of people already there so he was trying to be quick to put up what he was sent out for and get back to everyone but he bumped into someone and fell back. “Sorry….” He spoke looking up, relieved to find ocean blue eyes looking at him.

“It’s fine Pluto, are you okay?” Luna asked offering him a hand up.

“Yeah, I’m okay just a little embarrassed.” He answered as he took the offered hand and let the other help him up. “I shouldn’t be in such a hurry.” He bent down to pick up the fallen snacks, offering a smile when she moved to help. “Thanks.”

“Want me to help you get these to the tables?”

The white haired pro shook his head. “No but thank you, Luna.”

“Oh okay.” She handed him the rest then watched him continue on his way, although much more careful this time.

Pluto set everything down and was working to set it all out when he heard footsteps walk over to him but didn’t look up to see who it was. “I’m almost done here.”

“Take your time Pluto, There is no rush.” Zackary mused happily to his friend.

“Oh Zack it’s you.” He smiled then finally looked up at the other, freezing slightly. “Holy shit…. you look hot.” He had meant the words to remain a thought but they slipped out as his green eyes studied the man in front of him.

Zackary looked down to hide the blush coloring his pale cheeks. It wasn’t the first time the dragon hero had made a comment like that, although never quite that direct, but he was normally so good at playing them off that Zack had gotten used to them and thinking they didn’t mean anything but still they made his poor bisexual heart race. “Thanks, You do too.”

“Um…Thank you.” Pluto responded, hand moving to rub the back of his neck. The blush on the vampire hero’s face hadn’t gone unnoticed and it gave him a sudden burst of confidence to take a step closer to the raven haired male, lifting his hand to take a gentle hold of his chin to force him to look up at him. Pluto was only an inch or so taller than Zack but like this that inch seemed to be everything. “The color suits you, you shouldn’t hide it….” He spoke softly, a faint smirk appearing on his face when the blush darkened on the other’s face. “See, so much better.”

Zackary had nearly forgotten to breathe just from having Pluto this close, feeling his breath against his face which felt like it was on fire at this point. He looked up his ice blue eyes locking with the green eyes of the other just as Pluto finally closed the gap between them, pressing his lips to Zack’s. His eyes widened at first but as the kiss continued Zack melted into it, moving to take hold of his vest to keep him close. If this was a dream He didn’t want to wake up.

What the two of them had not noticed, as they were a little preoccupied, was that the whole party had slowly fallen silent until one black haired red eyed girl broke it.

“About Time, It took you two long enough.” Shadow spoke out

“I’ll say.” Toya spoke next. “I really thought I wouldn’t live to see it.” That earned the eldest Todoroki sibling an elbow to the ribs from Fuyumi.

Zackary pulled back, breaking the kiss, his face going red from their comments.

Pluto’s face was flushed as well but he opened his wings and wrapped them around to shield the raven haired hero. He wanted to flip his sister off but his attention was pulled to Toya. “Cinderella, it’s almost midnight shouldn’t you get home now?”

He rolled his eyes but did check the time. “Fuck you’re right, not about it being almost midnight but I do need to go..”  Toya said his goodbyes and was quick to leave.

That served as enough of a distraction to allow Pluto to fold his wings again and look down to Zack. “Are you okay? I’m sorry if I overstepped.”

Zack shook his head. “You didn’t overstep at all and yeah I’m great actually…” He was trying to recompose himself.

“Good. by the way your glasses are crooked…” Pluto moved his hand to straighten them for him. “There you go.”

“Thanks…” He offered him a slight smile. It was then that he realized that he was still holding onto him so he let go. “Sorry..”

“You’re welcome, Zack.” Pluto returned the faint smile with one of his own. He moved to take the hand that let go of his vest. “It’s okay, there is no need to apologize,” He then pulled the other closer again. “Not for this.” He spoke softly dipping his head to meet his lips again. This kiss was less conscious and nervous from both of them and held more confidence to relay shared feelings.

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Zack and Night were heading home one afternoon after spending the morning running from store to store for different things, like paint where Esmeralda got into Zack’s and the repair shop because Night’s guitar had been broken by a playful hellhound chasing stray cat that had somehow wondered into their home, and on their way back they past the pet store where there was a litter of puppies in the window.

Night stopped and looked at the puppies before looking over at his fiancé a sly smile growing on his face. “Zacky….”

“No, Nightmare” Zack knew that look on his face even without looking at him so he tried shutting it down quickly, however it didn’t surprise him when the dreamwalker stepped into the store anyways so he sighed and followed him inside.

Night was already picking one of the puppies up when he saw Zackary follow him. He turned to the vampire trying to look cute. “But Zacky just look at her, she is just adorable and she’ll get along so well with our other two …Please”

Zack sighed looking from Night to the puppy then back before shaking his head. “We have two dogs already, I’m sorry but no Night.” He turned to walk out of the store before Nightmare could try something else that got him to cave in.

Nightmare quickly teleported in front of Zack, blocking the door therefore the exit. “I know we have two dogs but think of it this way, now is the perfect time to get Esmeralda a puppy to start teaching her about responsibility and give her a long time best friend. I know you can say no to me but can you really say no to our daughter?”

Zackary stared at him for a moment before sighing “that’s not fair”

“You of all people should know that I don’t play fair darling.”

“Fine Nightmare, you win, we’ll get her a puppy” Zackary finally gave in

“This one?” the dreamwalker asked smiling holding the puppy out.

“I don’t see why not, she is cute” Zack said taking the pup from his fiancé. “But Esmeralda gets to name her.”

“Of course.”

“Okay then let’s go get a collar and leash then you go adopt her while I call Luna and tell her to meet us at the park with Esmeralda then we will go.” Zack said before handing the puppy back to Night and followed him over to the collars where they settled for a green one and a leash.

Night then headed up to the counter to pay and do the paperwork for adoption.

Zackary took the time to dial his little sister’s number and press call then waited for her answer.

Luna had been reading to Esmeralda, the girl in her lap, when she got the call. “Look there sweetie it’s your dad” the mage said before answering “Hello Zack what’s going on”

“Tell him he is interrupting story time…” the young girl looked up at her aunt

“Did you hear her, Zack?”

He laughed softly “I heard her, it must be a good story, how close to you to a stopping point?”

“We are almost at the chapter, why?”

“Night and me need you two to meet us at the park when you’re done.”

“Okay, where are you now?”

“The pet store”

“I’m going to need my camera then” Luna smiled

“I believe that to be a good idea.”

“Okay, see you then.”

“Bye Lu.”

“Bye Zack.” The mage hung up “your dads want to meet us at the park once we are done here.” She looked at the girl

“Kay, Auntie Lu…can we keep reading?”

Luna nodded and started the story again.

Zackary looked over to Night when he hung up just as he finished and walked over “I think our daughter is going to lecture me about interrupting story time.”

Night laughed “I think she will forgive you. Are you ready to go?”

“Yes, before you try to talk me into another dog”

“Would I do that?” he smiled

“Yes.” Zackary rolled his eyes and opened the door then followed Nightmare out the door and to the park.

The two where there for about 15 minutes walking around before Luna and Esmeralda found them but when they did the girl came running to hug both of her dads, startling the puppy to hide behind Night. Both men hugged her back.

Only when Esmeralda pulled away did she finally notice the puppy, “Who’s puppy is that?”

“Yours my dear” Night smiled and stepped closer to Zack and out of the way.

Esmeralda bent down and reached her hand out to the pup which after a moment walked over and sniffed then licked her hand then moved closer to lick her face. The girl giggled the looked up at Zack “what is its name?”

Zack smiled back “you get to name her baby girl. So you tell us.”

She looked back at the pup thinking then got a huge smile on her face “Her name is Annabeth” she then hugged her puppy.

Luna snapped some pictures.

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Things were slow in the league as of late as they were planning and putting together their next big move but that didn’t stop the boredom from growing among their ranks so Layla came up with a plan.

“You want to have a gaming tournament? Why?” Shigaraki asked looking to the winged woman in front of the group.

“Yes, It will alleviate some of the boredom and-” Layla started to answer

“What do we get if we win?” Dabi asked cutting her off, earning him a glare.

“If you win this game you get to pick the next, at the end of the week whoever has the most wins gets to play field commander for the next mission. You will have to follow the plan and listen to instructions from us,” She pointed to herself and Shigaraki. “But quick on the spot decisions will be yours to make.”

Yuna crossed her arms over her chest. “And if either of you two one?”

“I go on the mission.” Shigaraki answered then looked to Layla. “But if you win this then you will get to hand pick the field commander.”

“As i will not be leaving the hideout, I know.” Layla sighed but nodded to him. She then turned her gemstone green eyes to the rest of the group. “Is that acceptable to everyone?” She watched as each of them nodded or mumbled out a yes. “Okay god. Then we will start Smash since you can actually set up a tournament there and we will start in twenty minutes.” She smiled. She then walked back to her seat while everyone started talking.

“This will be interesting I think.” Shigaraki spoke glancing to her. “But you already know one of us will win all of this, player two.”

Layla shrugged. “Don’t be too confident, player one. Our team here may surprise you and be a real challenge, especially with a shot at proving themselves as leaders on the line.”

“Perhaps but we will just have to see.”

When it got closer to time Layla moved to set up the system and game. And when it was time she announced it and let them pick their characters then they started. Layla was right when she said their teammates would be a real challenge but it still came down to her and Shigaraki in the final match and neither one was willing to let the other win.

Layla smirked slightly when she finally gained the upper hand and ended it quickly after that. While that annoyed the hell out of Shigaraki everyone else agreed it was fun so they moved to the next game and so on, all bringing their A games now.

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When Luna and Hitoshi brought their son home both took some time off and that was great but after two weeks Hitoshi did have to go back. The first few nights of that where rough as Hikaru seemed to have inherited his father’s insomnia but Luna learned soon that if she held him close, rocked him, and sang softly that it would calm him down and get him to fall asleep. Her own exhaustion would then take over so more times than not Hitoshi would come home to find his wife and son asleep on the couch, bringing a faint smiled to the tired hero’s face. He would then gently take Hikaru from her, normally waking her up in the process, and put him to bed. Hitoshi would then return for Luna and take her to bed as well.

As the years went by and Hikaru got older those times grew to only happening when he had a nightmare and needed comforting than those times grew fewer and farther between until they all but stopped. Luna knew it was a sign that her baby was growing up but that didn’t mean she didn’t miss those moments.

Hikaru shared the same dream every child did, to grow up to be the best hero of his generation and to follow in his parents footsteps. Of course when he told them they said that they would support him in whatever he wanted but he noticed there was some hesitance in his mother and when he confronted her on it she just wanted him to be happy and that he didn’t have to follow their path but should make himself a new one. He took that as she didn’t believe he could do it and so put a bit of distance between them. Luna and Hitoshi both tried to fix it a few times but he wasn’t ready to hear it then.

Now it was the night before the entrance exams and to say Hikaru’s nerves were getting the best of him was an understatement. Both Hitoshi and Luna tried to talk him down to get him to relax but to no avail. It wasn’t until later that night after Hitoshi had been called in to subdue a villain that Hikaru finally decided to approach his mother.

“Mom can we talk?…”

Luna looked up to her son from where she was putting the dishes up. “Of course we can…Can you help me real quick?”

Hikaru nodded and moved to help put the dishes on the higher selves up. Once they were down he followed her into the living room to sit down on the couch. “I’m nervous about tomorrow… What if I don’t make the cut?…”

“You are incredibly smart and talented, they would be stupid not to reconize that.” She reassured.

“Hell of a time to start believe in me and my dream…” He spoke under his breath although he knew she heard.

She turned her dark ocean blue eyes to him, but he looked away. “Hikaru. Your father and I have always believed in you and your dreams.”

“I know he did but you….” He trailed off. “You made it seem like you didn’t believe i could do it.”

“Because I told you that should carve your own path?” She watched as he nodded then sighed. “I just didn’t want you to feel obligated to become a hero because we are. If that it what you want to do for yourself then I will support you 100%.” Luna moved to push some of his black tufts of hair out of his face, which caused him to look at her.

“You promise?” His purple eyes meeting her blue gaze.

She smiled and nodded. “I promise that you have my full support.” Seeing him relax made her smile grow. “You just can’t blame me for being a worrying mother as well.” She spoke as she opened her arms to offer him a hug.

Hikaru was slightly surprised by his mother’s sudden offer hug, especially since he had just accused her of not believing in him, but he soon moved to hug her, a smile gracing his lips as he did.

Luna wrapped her arms around him. Was she annoyed? Slightly but she couldn’t be mad at her son for something that was her fault for not explaining properly. “Are you feeling a little better at least?” She asked as she let him go so she could look at him.

He nodded slowly, hair falling in front of his eyes again. “Yeah, a little bit actually, Still a bit nervous though…”

“I would be worried if you weren’t.” She smiled softly. “If you go in there overly confident then you could miss something or mess up.”  She reached over and pushed his hair back, smile growing as he subconsciously leaned into her hand. “However I can suggest a decent night’s sleep so you aren’t overly tired tomorrow.”

At the mention of sleep along with her fingers gently combing through his hair made Hikaru yawn, although he tried to hide it. “Yeah, but i’m not sure that I would be able to sleep right now..”

“Is that so?” She asked, the yawn didn’t go unnoticed. She continued with her fingers as she started humming the soft slow song she sang to him as a baby and young child.

“Mom…I’m not a little kid anymore….” He spoke with another yawn, one he couldn’t hide. “That is so unfair….”

Luna smiled softly. “All is fair in love and war and i love you too much to let your bod war over what it needs.” She mused softly then returned to her humming then finally started singing softly.

Even though he tried to fight it Hikaru soon started to lose to fight to sleep.

Luna carefully pulled him over she he was laying across the couch with his head in his lap. She continued to run her fingers through his hair as she sang to him, smiling when his breathing evened out. She reached over and pulled the blanket off the back of the couch to cover her son up.

Maybe an hour later Hitoshi finally returned home, a faint smile crossing the purple haired hero’s face upon seeing his family there. “If I didn’t know better I would think that that was your quirk, kitten.”

Luna laughed faintly and looked up at him as he walked over to her. “No, it’s just a talent I guess. One you have taken advantage of in the past as well, sweetheart. How was work?”

“I am well aware of that. And you mean the 30 minute capture then 2 hours of paperwork. It was long and tedious.” Hitoshi answered flatly before leaning down and kissed her gently. “How were things here?”

“They were good actually. We had a good talk..” She looked down at their son for a moment then back at her husband.

“I’m glad you two had a good evening at least.” He studied them for a moment. “You aren’t going to make it to bed are you?”

Luna shrugged then looked to the sleeping teen in her lap. “Probably not, sorry sweetheart.”

“It’s okay, Kitten, I think I can manage without your talents to bring sleep.”

She laughed softly. “If you say so, sleep well then.”

Hitoshi nodded and with a quick kiss on her forehead he headed back to the bedroom.

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Avon Takami and Nova Takami

Parents: Tomura Shigaraki & Layla Takami

Quirk: Sending out a burst of light that would sometimes decay anything it touched or heal those around them and it was a 50/50 shot of either one. Later on they do learn to better control this.

Avon: “Are you feeling lucky, Bitch?”
Nova: “Are you prepared to Gamble with your life?”

Avon Takami
Date of Birth: December 31st
Age: Depends of verse
Sexuality: Pansexual
Gender: Male
Eyes: Gemstone Green
Hair: Naturally brown but dyed Light Blue
Height: 5’9
Personality: He comes off as happy and almost carefree but don’t let that fool you. He knows how to read a room and act accordingly. Sometimes his emotions do lead him to act before he thinks and in those moments he is at his most dangerous.

Nova Takami
Date of Birth: December 31st
Age: Depends of verse
Sexuality: Bisexual
Gender: Female
Eyes: Crimson Red
Hair: Naturally brown but dyed Purple
Height: 5’4
Personality: She is relatively serious compared to her brother. She is calm and collected, preferring to think about her actions before doing them. She may come off as cold or rude but she cares very much for her family and friends.


Hikaru Shinso

Parents: Hitoshi Shinso & Luna Redbrook

Quirk: He can control air currents around him. He is faster and stronger than the average person thanks to inheriting it from his uncle’s quirk. He can brainwash people like his father only he just has to look at them as he speaks and it is harder for them to be snapped out of.

Quote: “My parents may both be pros but that doesn’t mean I haven’t worked twice as hard to be sure I have earned my place here.”

Date of Birth: February 19th
Age: Depends of verse
Sexuality: Bisexual
Gender: Male
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Black
Hair style: Very similar to his father’s when he doesn’t push it back. Very fluffy
Height: 5’9 at the start of high school (6’0 as an adult)
Personality: He has a pretty chill personality most of the time but he can get excitable sometimes and has a smart-ass streak just as long as his mother’s.

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Samuel picked Zoey up, on his motorcycle from the college campus where she had met Yori for lunch before his class. When she walked over to him he smiled at her and pulled her on with him. “You ready Zo?” He smiled when she nodded and held onto him then started the bike and drove off.

About an hour later the two where speeding down the road heading into town and started down a steep hill that lead into it.

Zoey clung tighter to Samuel. “Sammy, slow down”

Sammy’s body shook with slight laughter “Are you scared?”

She gave a small nod “Yes….Please Sammy”

“Okay, but first give me a hug and let me know you love me.”

Zoey nodded and hugged him tightly “I love you Samuel Eric Redbrook…now slow down.”

“One last thing, this helmet is bugging me, will you take it off and put it on yourself?”

She did as he asked, her fear had grown so much that she missed the slight tremor of his voice and the oddity of his request.


The next day there was an article in the newspaper about two teenagers in a motorcycle that crashed into a building due to the brakes being broken, one dead on impact the other saved only by the helmet she wore.

What had happened was Samuel tried slowing down the first time she asked to find the brakes weren’t working so instead of telling her and scarring her farther he had her hug him and tell him that she loved him before having her put the helmet to save her life.

Yori had rushed to the hospital as soon as he got the call, he actually ran out of class to get there sooner. He had gotten there in time to watch as they called it on his best friend but he didn’t have time to let his grief catch him before the doctor came to ask questions about Zoey’s medical history and then give him an update before leading him to the waiting room. As he waited he made the calls he needed to, to the Redbrooks and Jacobsons both. By the time he was done with that the doctor was walking back out.

“Mr. Akira, Ms. Jacobson is okay she will be fine. She ended up with only a broken arm, bruising, and some deep gashes but we stitched her up but we would like to keep her here of observation”

Yori nodded “okay …where is her room?”

The doctor showed him to the room then turned to leave but stopped “Sir did you know she is pregnant?” she saw the look on his face and sighed “I’ll take that as a no. I’m sorry for your lost, it seems your friend gave his life to save hers and the child she carries.” She then left.

Yori sat down in the chair beside the bed taking this all in and finally letting his grief show it the tears he cried.


Days later when Zoey woke up her family were there.  She saw the relief on her father’s face and her mother hugged her. She was confused and once they explained what happened she broke down in tears but the only one that she would allow to comfort her was Yori and so he did. Zoey asked her parents to leave for now and they did. Leaving the couple to talk.


Weeks later was the funnel where everyone made a small speech, even Samuel’s little 10 year old sister Sofia and Yori’s 12 year old brother Denzel.


About 9 months later Zoey gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Jace Samuel Akira, that shared not only Samuel’s name as a tribute to their lost friend but amazingly his birthday too.


Yori was woken up to a noise downstairs so her got up, careful to not wake Zoey. He was expecting to find Jace in the getting a drink of water so when a full grown adult was on the couch a growl escaped him. He only saw a flash before him and the man was teleported outside and Yori pinned to the wall with a hiss and fangs out. He stared at the man that had him pinned shocked. “Sammy? Samuel Erik Redbrook?”

“You aren’t very sharp anymore…..” Samuel let his friend off of the wall and leaned against the opposite one closing his eyes.

“With all do respect Sammy, you have been dead for 5 & 1⁄2 years…..How are you here?”

“There is a portal out of purgatory to this realm, very hard to find and is rarely open and when it is its only open for a few short moments. Me, Gwen, Mason, my grandfather, and Solstice’s older brother found it. Only Gwen, Mason, and Me made it out as far as we know…”

“What about your aunt and Zoey’s father? what happened to them?”

“Aunt Luna was with us for a while but somehow got separated and we never found Elijah…..”

Yori nodded after a moment “kay.”

“So fill me in on what’s been going on here……” Samuel opened his eyes to look at his friend.

“Well what you probably already know is Solstice and Gwen had a son. Oh Gabriel and Hecate are together and have a daughter, Gwen wasn’t all that happy about it. Sadly Claire and the twins were hunted down by a prince of hell and were killed, however they now are at Hades’s side ruling the underworld. Kol and Comet and their kids are doing well, last I heard they were running the Los Angeles Institute. Your parents are traveling the world these days. Jay is now Alpha of his father’s pack with Sofia and their son at his side.”

“I’m an uncle?”

“Yeah, so am i because Hope and Denzel have a 2 year old daughter.”

Samuel smiled but it faded with his next question. “Your mother and father?”

Yori looked down “my dad was killed on a hunt……Mom took it really hard and cut ties with everyone, we’re lucky to hear from her even once a year.”

“I’m sorry to hear that….”

“It is not your fault …anyways. Me and Zoey are doing great, we have a 5 year old son named Jace Samuel Akira”

“After me?”

“Yes, and he shares your birthday.”

Samuel smiled again “that’s awesome.”

Yori nodded “we have a 1 year old daughter too by the name of Autumn Coal Akira.”

“Your big happy family….i’m almost scared to ask but what about Angela?”

“I’m sorry Sammy …i don’t really talk to her so you’ll have to ask Zoey.”

The nephilim - dhampir nodded “okay …may i crash here? I’m tired and hungry, but that can be dealt with later.”

“Of course you may. come on in” Yori then lead his friend inside and got him settled. once Sammy was asleep Yori locked the doors and then headed upstairs and crawled into bed pulled Zoey close to him. He knew the morning would be hectic so for now he got what sleep he could.

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Luna was tending to her garden when she heard the sound of horse’s hooves racing towards her and the roar of a dragon above her. She turned to seeing the horse was Shoto’s then looked up to see the crimson dragon circling above. She turned her ocean blue eyes to meet the two different color ones of her adopted brother’s. “To what do I owe this pleasure, Shoto? And why bring a dragon?”

“The dragon, or it’s rider, wasn’t supposed to come.” He answered flatly as he climbed down off of the horse. “How are you Luna?”

“I’m well. Still curious as to why you are here.” She offered a faint smile. “You aren’t one to just visit. Did you get into a fight with your father again?”

“Always, but that isn’t why I came. I’m sure you have heard about the threat that is growing but there is someone putting together a team to face and put a stop to it. I was hoping you would come with me to join, We could really use someone with your talents.”

The mage was quiet as she listened to his request before a faint smile crossed her lips. ”Really? I thought my magic was wild, uncontrollable and too dangerous to have around anyone.”

“I am sorry Luna, I should not have agreed with father about that.” He understood why she left and why she never sent word she was okay. “Can you forgive me?”

Luna searched his face to be sure he was being honest and it wasn’t some kind of trick. She sighed but nodded. “Of course I can.”

“Thank you.” he dipped his head a faint smile crossing his face. “Now are you willing to help us?”

Luna thought for a long moment before finally nodding. “Yes, I am more then willing to help you, but first.” She snapped her fingers, changing the air currents so that the dragon circling above would be pushed down as he circled.

About half way down the dragon decided to go ahead and land, startling Shoto’s horse making him go get it.

Luna laughed softly as she moved over to the dragon, who was folding his wings. “Hey long time no see.” she put her hand out and he put his muzzle against it so she could bet his scales there.

“Long time no see yourself, Kitten.” Spoke a voice that would always make her heart skip a beat. He slipped off the dragon and walked over to her. “You can shift back if you want.” He spoke to the dragon shifter.

“Well you aren’t the rider I was expecting, but you are better.” She smiled up at the purple haired necromancer. “Who’s fault is it that I haven’t seen you? I asked you to come with me but you just had to follow the dragon queen of the realm of darkness.” she teases softly. “How have you been?”

“Yeah I’m not looking forward to that rider’s reaction when we get back.” He offered her a faint smile in return. “Excuse me, but she demands to be called a goddess, besides i had to perfect my craft just as you did but i did write.” he teased back before his smile grew. “I’ve been good, thank you for asking. What about you?”

“I have also been well.” Luna answered. “It is good to see you, Sweetheart.” She then stepped back from the dragon as he laid down in the sun. “You too, Kirishima.” Her smile then faltered. “I just wish the reunion was on better terms then the possible end of the world as we know it.”

“Yeah, you and me both.” Shinso rubbed the back of his neck.

“If you give me a few moments I can get my things ready then we can get back to everyone else.” Luna spoke looking up when Shoto returned.

Shoto nodded once. “Okay Luna.”

She dipped her head then headed inside where she packed her bag and grabbed her staff. She also left a note for Zack for when the vampire got back from hunting. Luna then headed back outside to the two boys that were making small talk. “Okay ready to go?”

Shoto shook his head. “You two go ahead, I think inviting Zackary would be a benefit to us as well.”

Luna dipped her head. “You are right but he is hunting so it may be a bit.”

“I know but i’ll wait and catch up later.”

She smiled softly and hugged her adopted brother then pulled back to hand him the key. “You can go in if you want to wait inside.”

“Thank you Luna.” He smiled softly. “You two be safe.”

“Of course.” she grinned then walked back over to Shinso and Kirishima, shill in dragon form, “are you okay to carry two of us?”

The dragon turned his head to look at him, and she could have sworn she saw a smirk, before moving so the two could climb on. Once they were on he stood up then took off into the sky.

Luna and Shinso both held tight to the horn of the saddle, her sitting in front of her so his arms were around her on both sides, until they leveled off in the sky.

Luna smiled, letting the air hit her face. “Gods this is absolutely amazing. I forgot how beautiful it was up here.”

“You’ve flown on a dragon before?” Shinso asked, keeping his face near her ear so she could hear him.

Luna nodded. “Before the world started to fall apart into chaos, Diamond took me up a couple of times, but then things started getting crazy so she had to return to her duties as dragon queen of realms between.” She turned her head to look at him then kissed his cheek. “Thank you for being the one to go with Shoto to come get me, I means a lot to me.”

“You’re welcome, Kitten,”

Kirishima then took them up higher to fly above the darkening clouds to avoid getting rained on.

Luna cast a spell as her did to allow them the breath easier in the higher altitude. “I have learned a few new tricks since we last saw each other.”

“I see that.” He smiled softly before sitting up to look ahead of them

Luna followed his gaze, up ahead there was lightning jumping in the clouds. From up here is was beautiful but it was also the perfect symbol of what was to come. They were flying to meet with allies for the fight of their lives but at this moment she couldn’t be happier.

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Luna closed her eyes, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, only opening them again when she felt a pair of arms wrap about her from behind. She leaned back against his chest.

“You okay, kitten?” Shinso asked resting his chin on top of her head. “We don’t have to go if you aren’t feeling up to it. I don’t want you pushing yourself.”

“I know and I’m okay. I’m actually just nervous and excited about all of us being in one place again.” She looked to meet his gaze in the mirror. “Sweetheart, I promise that I’m okay, we both are.” Her hand fell to her stomach. She understood his worry, she was right there with him.

After she moved in it wasn’t long before they were engaged and for two people that didn’t want anything all that fancy for a wedding, thanks her their families although mostly hers, it took nearly a year to plan. They were married for around six months when Luna first found out she was pregnant. It completely by accident but after their initial freak outs about whether they were even ready for kids or not, they kind of got used to and excited about the idea, so when she miscarried there was a lot of disappointment. When they did actually try and it happened a second and third time, It nearly broke both of them. She almost didn’t tell him when she found out this time, that way only one of them had to go through that heartbreak again, but he was perceptive and she couldn’t lie to him when he flat out asked her. They were careful to not let their hopes get to high but as time went on the excitement and nerves grew as she was just over a month from her due date. That didn’t mean that they weren’t worried that something would happen, hints his comment about not pushing herself.

Tonight was an event planned out by Mina Ashido to get everyone back together to catch up. Luna had agreed to be there the first time the girl asked, as she thought it would be fun to see everyone again, but Shinso, ever the one to avoid large events, only agreed to go because she couldn’t be talked out of it.

“You know if anything happens-”

“I will tell you right away.”

“Luna, I’m serious.”

“So am I, Hitoshi.” She pulled out of his arms so she could turn to look at him. She moved to place her hand on his cheek. “Sweetheart,I know you are concerned, I am too but I promise that if anything happens you will be the first to know. Just try to have some fun tonight, okay?”

He looked down at her, purple gaze meeting her blue one, before sighing and nodding. “Yeah okay.”

She smiled at that. “Good, now it’s almost time to go.”  She pulled her hand back so she could go to finish getting ready.

When they arrived at the party the two walked in to be immediately greeted by the host of the event.

“Luna! Shinso! I’m so glad you were able to make it!” The pink haired girl exclaimed as she came over and pulled Luna into a loose hug. “It’s so good to see you again.”

Luna smiled, laughing under her breath. “It’s good to see you again too, Mina.I heard a rumor that you were transferring to an agency closer to the city.”

“I am.” She grinned. “Which means I’ll get to see this little one and be a Fun Aunt!”

“We will see about that one.” Luna looked to the girl

“Yeah I know.” Mina shrugged slightly. “Well go mingle, talk, and have fun.” She smiled then moved to greet the next guests.

“Well she was same as ever.” Shinso commented as they finally made their was into the crowded area.

Luna nodded. “Yeah but it’s nice to see, that good mood was always so infectious. She was one of those that I missed the most.” She commented then smiled when she noticed a blonde making his way over to them. “Speaking of old friends, Hello Denki.”

“Hey Luna.” He replied returning the smile with one of his own. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m good, thank you for asking.”

“That’s good, do you mind if I steal your husband for a few moments?” Denki asked. “I promise to bring him back in one piece.”

Luna looked to Shinso, who was giving her a look. “Yeah, go ahead and have fun but not too much fun.”

She waved as Denki drug him away. “Love you, Sweetheart.” She laughed softly. Once they were out of sight she sighed softly and made her way over one of the tables to sit down getting stopped a couple of times along the way to get pulled into small conversations here and there. Somewhere along the way they baby started kicking, or so she thought, and while it was getting extremely painful she tried to smile through it.

Kirishima who had been making his rounds and talking with his old friends first saw Luna from a distance so was walking over to catch up with her back the closer her got the more he noticed from her false smile that something wasn’t right. “Hey Sero, I think Mina was looking for you.”

“Oh really? Thanks.” Sero answered then excused himself.

Kirishima nodded then moved directly to his friend’s side, only slightly shocked when she grabbed his arm. “Luna, what’s wrong?”

Luna knew that he had seen through the facade she had put up so she was quick to drop it. “I don’t know but something feels wrong….” She got the words out before another wave of pain hit her, making her nearly cry out. “Maybe I just need to sit down….”

“No, I think you need to go to the hospital.” He looked down at her to notice the drops of crimson on her dress and floor. “You’re bleeding…. Where is Shinso?”

Finally more people around them was starting to take notice but one green haired male was the one to over hear the comment “I’ll go find him, You should start helping her out of here.” With that Midoriya went to do so.

Kirishima on the other hand started helping the elemental heroine back to the front door which didn’t take long and thankfully Midoriya was successful in finding and telling Shinso so he met them outside with the car and to say he drove like a bat out of hell would be calling him slow.

Someone called ahead to warn the hospital so they were ready when they got there and took her back immediately. It was hours before Shinso heard anything but there was an apology for basically kidnapping Kirishima, who said it was something anyone would have done if they noticed.


Luna blinked awake a day or so later, groggy but aware she was in a hospital much to her displeasure. What jerked her awake and into a panic was when her hand fell instinctively to her stomach to find it no longer as rounded. ‘Something happened to the baby….she had somehow screwed this up.’ those along with other thoughts raced through her mind until a familiar hand touched her shoulder.

“It’s okay, kitten. Everything is okay.”

Her blue eyes moved to meet the purple ones of her husband. “But what about….”

“He is okay. The doctors say that he was premature but otherwise he is healthy and strong.” Shinso spoke, soothing over her worries. “They also say that you will be okay as well….” He trailed off seeing the tears in her eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing at all… I’m happy, We have a son…” She smiled softly.

Shinso smiled faintly and nodded. “Yeah, we do.”

“I want to meet him, where is he?” She was getting excited now.

His smile faltered for a second. “Not yet ,Kitten, but soon. You both have to be cleared first okay?”

She sighed. “Oh okay…”

Shinso took her hand, intertwining her fingers. “Before you know it that we will be going home and we will be a family.”

“Promise?” She looked up at him.

He smiled and leaned down kissing her lips gently. “I Promise.”

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Laylah - angel who oversees and protects childbirth.

Layla is old enough the remember Heaven before humanity was created when they were a happy family and could be themselves. She was rather close to both Lucifer and Gabriel they taught her well so she has always been one of the rebellious angels but she has always been smart about it so there was no reason she would be cast out, like if her orders where to smite a whole town to kill one person in particular she would time her time to find the one person so that there weren’t as many deaths. When Lucifer rebelled and was looking for an army to fight he did come to her, as did Michael, but she couldn’t do it, she couldn’t fight her siblings. So she stood on the sidelines with the others that couldn’t, protecting the younger fledglings, and watched her home be torn apart, Lucifer was cast out with his army, Gabriel and their father left heaven, and as Michael and Raphael soldierized everyone, to scared to fight back to stop it. For a long time she did as she was told until she finally put her foot down and found better ways to do it.

About almost 412 years ago she found a sibling pair that she decided to keep an eye on off and on. revealing herself one terrible day first to the younger of the two, who she helped get back on her feet and through the year that followed. one day the day the girl asked Layla to go look after her older brother so she did and they became fast friends and still are to this day.

One day centuries she was sent down to earth to check on one of the prophets. After that she took My vessel home, as was their agreement, and she went back to Heaven. When she got back she was seized and taken to the council where she was told that the prophet she had went to check on was killed with my angel blade, then she was cast out.

months later Layla catches word of Lucifer’s plans on a family where one member was one of his chosen vessels so she goes to stop him, well try to, but gets there too late. the parents were dead and the boy was outside talking with the Winchesters but the girl, her name was Naomi, was fighting to live so Layla offered a chance to in exchange for her life she had to become a vessel for a bit until her body and soul healed. Naomi demanded that the angel watch over and help her brother too and Layla agreed.

Jasper comes from a rich and very well known family, more or less. His mother was a reaper and his father was a skinwalker, but because his parents were never supposed to even knows each other let alone have a kid they had to give him up. They looked high and low before finding somewhere that they liked and wanted to adopt a child. So Jasper grew up in a mansion getting whatever he wanted and was home schooled. His adopted mom was a nephilim and his adopted dad was human but knew all about the supernatural world, so they didn’t really freak out the first time Jasper shifted into a dog or when he would be woken up at night with nightmares about people dying. His biological mother came to find him around his 7th birthday, by his adopted parents’ request, to help him lean to control his reaper half, he was hesitant at first but soon came around and before long even got to go help her with some of the local reapings. His adopted dad died when he was 14 and his adopted mom was having trouble with hunters so he ran off and has been on his own ever sense

Samuel - fruling angel of the first hour of the day.

Samuel Auditore  and his sister, Sofia, were not always the hybrids that they are now. In the beginning they were actually full fledged angels, well angel fledglings, that somehow were captured and had had the vampirism spell cast on them by pickamuse-anymuse ’s Elijah in his attempt of creating the most powerful hybrid, so the spell only half worked and both their abilities were completely unstable for a while. Eventually the two escaped, however they suspect it was more they were let go, and now live in a city in the mortal realm. Although they choose to live separately, so as not to draw too much attention, they are close enough to help each other when need be.


Elijah has a hard past, which is mainly his own fault. He ran away from home when he was 3, and Mason was 1, his main reasons being he couldn’t stand the loss of his mother and his father’s drinking, which he unfairly blamed his little brother for both. He was caught and put in foster care several times, each time he escaped, and this went on until he was 15 almost 16 that was when a group of fallen angels found him and tried to make him swear an oath to basically be a vessel for 2 weeks every year. When he refused they basically beat the shit out of him until he passed out. When he came too he was in a room with a girl sitting beside the bed checking his bandages. Her name turned out to be Elizibeth and she was a fallen angel herself but she had saved him from the others, she the truth of what he was and what had happened. As time went on the became closer and she trained him to fight. When Elijah turned 17 he and Elizibeth moved back to the city Mason was in to protect him, Elijah didn’t want his little brother to go through what he had to as well. Elijah and Elizibeth got married at 18 and At 19 when their father shot himself Elijah showed himself to his little brother, who for all intensive purposes hated and wanted nothing to do with him so he ran off. Elijah then took up devilcraft to protect his brother, getting him hooked on it. age 22, That was when the war broke out and Elijah took to the side of the fallen for his wife. During the final battle Elizibeth and Mason ended up fighting each other and in one moment all the Fallen angels dropped dead.

Elijah has his wedding band and Elizibeth’s wedding band and engagement ring on a leather cord around his neck.

Elijah is Mason’s older brother, and I do mean full brother same fallen angel mother and all. During the Nephilim and Fallen angel wars he was on the side of the fallen. Him and Mason do not get along at all. Elijah is a total flirt and both can sometimes be a bit power hungry and will make anyone that gets in their way regret it. Once you get to know them, they turns into some of the sweetest most protective guys you will ever want to meet.
Mason’s fallen angel mother really screwed with his father’s head so he when Mason was born and his mother died his father started drinking and never really stopped. When Mason was a kid and learning to control his angel half the drinking got worse and his father started doing drugs. Although his father never tried to hurt him there is time when you would hurt Mason for trying to stop him. This kept on until Mason was 17 that’s were when his father shot himself in front of him.  So to this day Mason shys away from the subject of alcohol, drugs, self-harm, and suicide

Mason resents his older brother for staying out of his life for so long and for forcing him to drink devilcraft, although he knows he was just trying to help. Now a days, although Elijah made his life a living hell in the past, he is trying to get along with him since they only have each other.

Nicklaus Mason Jacobson, prefers to be called Mason, is the younger of the two brothers. During the Nephilim and Fallen angel wars he was on the side of the Nephilim. Him and Elijah do not get along all the well. Mason is kind, caring, and protective of those he cares about, however he does not take rejection well. Unlike his brother, who shows his darker side first to keep people away, Mason’s darker side only comes out once you know him and you piss him off.
Kyrian Theodore Foster, or just Ren for short, had a very interesting upbringing.

His mother comes from a long line of assassins and his father from a long line of templars, with both of them so deep undercover that neither of them knew until they were assigned to kill the other, but neither of them carried out the assignment so they were killed for their treason.

Ren was only 17 at the time of this happening but already extremely well trained by both of his parents, without the other knowing, so he went into hiding before either side got to him.

It was around this time when he started to get weird dreams of other places, times, and people. Upon further research he found out that the people he was dreaming of were both templars and assassins in the course of history. If that wasn’t weird enough when some people from the templars caught up with him, he found it was almost too easy to knock them out and escape and it almost felt like someone was there with him. Then the same when the assassins caught up.

Eventually he was caught and brought into the assassins’ fold. They had him tell them his story then they took him in, completing his training.

Now he was a full fledged assassin going on missions and such but he can’t help but wonder if it was the right choice to stay.

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William Aika was sitting in his office going through mountains of paperwork both to keep up with the day to day work and as an investigation to find out just had much his wife had screwed their reputation by selling to Villains and other black market deals before she left. He had just finished the backlog of work and was starting on today’s when his door opened and in ran a girl maybe 8 years old who ducked behind his chair. His assistant wasn’t to far behind.

“Sir I am so sorry, I tried to tell her that you were busy but she inserted.”  He spoke quickly. “I will get her out of here.”

The girl grabbed the back of the chair. “No, he promised at 4 o’clock everyday we could spend time together.” She was being stubborn but she wasn’t clueless to the fact her mother had caused a lot of problems, just what exactly they were.

“Again sir I am so sorry for this interruption.”

William laughed softly. “No, a promise is a promise. You can go, I think I can handle my daughter, besides a break my be nice.” Given everything going on he needed his daughter to know she could count on him.

“But you have a meeting with-”

“It will be fine.” He answered.

The assistant nodded then left the room.

William finally turned is attention to the girl as she came out from behind his chair. “Amaya, what have I said about annoying him?”

She looked down her cat ears tilted down. “Not to because he works just as hard if not harder then you do so deserves our respect. But I didn’t mean to annoy him, I just wanted to see you…”

He sighed softly then pulled her up to his lap. “I know but you need to be more careful to take into account what your actions do to other people. You still want to grow up to be a hero right?” He looked to her as she nodded. “Then that is a lesson you really need to keep in mind, Okay?”

“Yes, sir.” she nodded slowly.

A smile graced his lips now that the seriousness was over. He hugged her close. “So how was your day at school?”

The young girl cheered up and smiled as she hugged her father back. “It was great! We did some reading and writing and I made you something.” She slipped off her father’s lap and dug through her bag to pull out a picture she had made to show him. She then crawled back in his lap to show him. “What do you think?”

William looked at her drawing and not for the first time was very impressed by her skill and imagination. “Is this a redesign of All Might and Endeavor’s hero costumes?”

“And some of the up and coming heroes.” She spoke excitedly with a purr of happiness in her voice.

That excitement and happiness was something he wanted to protect at all costs but it didn’t turn out that way as his meeting later that day with the lead investigator didn’t go well at all and lead to him being arrested and while it only took a little more than a couple of weeks to clear things up it was enough for his happy hyper little girl to close herself off.

“Dad?….Are you okay?” Amaya asked

Her voice jarred him out of the 13 year old memory and had him look at his now 21 year old daughter before nodding. “Yeah, I’m fine.” He offered her a faint smile. “Just lost in a memory.. Do you remember drawing this?” He handed her the picture.

Amaya took it and looked at it. “You kept this?”

“I kept all of your work that you showed me, Amaya. All your sketches, the first time you tried to make your own hero costume, and all of your notes on how almost anyone’s costume could be improved.”  His smile grew as he spoke.

“Why? I was so awful to you for years …” The young hero sighed softly. It really was only in the last couple of years that she started feeling like her old self again and realized the mistakes she had been making.

“You were talented even back then and I was so proud of you, I still couldn’t be more proud of the person you have become.” He took the drawing and put it in the filing cabinet where he found it in when she handed it back. He took another moment and pulled out another file. “That talent was a small reason that I asked you to meet me here.”

Amaya nodded and took it from him. “Thank you….” She opened it to read through the request. “This is for Endeavor… I  guess that makes sense as after the rankings came out he is officially now the #1 hero so he needs to update his look and functionality. But why here and why you?”

William laughed faintly. “I wondered that too but I was reminded that after your mother left I had to rebuild this company and its reputation to be trusted in the hero society. At first it was just a meeting to see if we could come up with something then he saw your drawing from all those years ago and liked the concept … He wants an actual concept drawing and you are the only one I would ask to do it.”

Amaya sighed softly. “A concept drawing won’t be enough …I’ll do it but a prototype would be better.”

His smile widened. “You really are my daughter because I was thinking the exact same thing.”

That brought a smile to her face as well. “I’ll need help and supplies and then we can get started.”

“I can handle that part.” He  agreed. “Just tell me what you need.”

Amaya then listed off what she would need and William moved to go get it for her, just happy to see her excited about what she loved once again. Together they worked the next few days to get it ready for the flame hero.

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