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its true that crying wont solve things but we dont cry to solve. we cry to release

Taking the lid off a pot that’s boiling too much wont solve the problem of the heat being too high, but it will release the pressure so you’ll have time to get the heat under control before everything inside the pot explodes 

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wild to think about the fact that, right now, as you read this, there’s a fandom server on discord having drama the likes of which we could not even fathom

hundreds of micro-tumblr communities are born and destroyed every day. studying them is the only way for us to comprehend our own demise

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millennial culture is being unable to eat dinner unless you are watching something at the same time. movie? tv show? twitch stream? doesn’t matter. just have to be able to click play

i mean if im by myself what else am i gonna do?? be alone with my thoughts?? out of the question

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wife: I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry. I’ve been cheating on you with my ex


priest: do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?

bride: i do


man lying on the hospital floor gasping: need .. IV …

me, roman: four WHAT???

me, a roman, tearing up: one do what????

me, a roman: [with tears in my eyes] your ten WHAT???

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hiding out

Pirmin used to do that! I’d give the boys a paper bag and they’d puzzle about it (and start eating it), and then Pirmin would crawl inside and maybe even spend a night or two in there. After that, the others would sit in it too. But now that Pirmin’s dead, Wolke and Yaz don’t know what to do with a paper bag anymore (except eat it, of course).

Oh no! I’m sorry to hear about Pirmin! D:

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Someone needs to write a spoof version of the YMCA song but make it about the Young Readers’ Choice Awards instead.

“It’s fun to vote for the Y-R-C-As!” 

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paddysnuffles·3 hours agoChat
someone: hey how are you
me: moderate to severe
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cactus/octopus hybrid requested by Kaitlyn on my patreon

Ps. I’m moving toward my goals on patreon! When I reach 300$ a month, I’ll start posting longer comics on Saturdays. If I reach 700$ a month, I can keep posting daily for the foreseeable future *and* expand the project. I could add tie-in projects like positive astrology, positive photography, and longer series that focus on specific topics like studying, writing, healing, etc. If these are things that interest you, you can pledge for just 1$ here.

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My little sister is 11 and she likes to come into my room a lot and hang out with me, but sometimes when she comes in I’m in an introverted or depressed mood and don’t want to talk to anyone. Tonight she came in and said that my room was too quiet, so I told her to go listen to music or something because I didn’t really feel like talking. She sat there quietly for a couple of seconds and then she said, “I’m gonna tell you what happened in gym class today because it was really annoying, but you don’t have to talk back.” And she just started talking about her day to me and I don’t think enough people understand how helpful that is to someone who’s depressed. To be there with them and talk to them without expecting them to engage in conversation. It’s a way to be alone without feeling completely lonely and I think everyone who deals with depression or any other mental illness needs someone like my sister to understand that, and to interact with the people they care about based on their state of mind.

I call that “being alone together”.

@eye-o-newt and I would do that a lot as teens. We’d each be reading our own book with the occasional “Hey, listen to this, *reads line from book*” or one would be watching a show while the other listened to music and drew, that sort of thing. 

Each doing our own thing but still together.

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white historians will learn about the ancient greeks practicing human sacrifice and agamemnon sacrificing his own daughter iphigenia to please the gods in the iliad and go ‘oh how tragic!’ but still think the culture and people have value, and then hear about the aztecs engaging in the exact same thing and go ‘those are savage cruel subhumans whose culture us foreign and mysterious and scary’ and erase mesoamerican societies from human history/ entirely ignore them as though they have no value, like at least keep your supposed ethical stances consistent

Um sweetie, that’s a example from a MYTH! An effing MYTH. There is NO archeological evidence of human sacrifice from Ancient Greece. The most you could sacrifice was a bull or a cow or maybe a glass of wine, but the again, if you read the Illiad further, you would see mentions of gods guiding the outcome of battles, but no humans were ritually sacrificed for the gods in actual real life in Ancient Greece unlike the Aztecs where they literally tore out the still beating hearts of their prisoners for the sun god Inti. You’re not being objective or valid in your comparison. Try again later.

Uh, @dominicksthings​, sweetie, maybe you should google “human sacrifice in ancient greece”. 

The very first result is an article from the Gusrdian from 2016 about evidence being found of human sacrifice in Ancient Greece.,not%20common%20among%20the%20Greeks.

I’m sick of this double-standard demonization of Indigenous cultures bullshit.

In Ancient Rome human sacrifice was infrequent but documented (e.g. by Cicero). But do people paint them as savages?

Noooo, they’re supposedly the exemplary cultured people of the ancient world!

Christianity is based on a supposed human sacrifice to a god that was done via a form of torture. According to Catholics Christians also commit cannibalism every time they take communion. But are Christians depicted as savages?  

Noooo! That’s just their religious beliefs!

Christians burned people alive at the stake because of their god’s would-be commands, but are they depicted as monstrous savages?

Noooo! They judt thought they were protecting their community is all!

The Inquisition tortured and killed thousands in the name of the Christian god, but are Christians depicted as monstrous savages? 

Noooo, they were just overzealous pious people!

Have you seen the kinds of horrific torturous ways the English would kill people? 

They drove a flaming hot poker up people’s anus, roasted people alive, boiled people alive, literally pulled them apart, the list goes on. 

But are the English painted as savage brutes? 

Noooo! That was just what the Middle Ages were like!

White folks in the Americas would literally hunt down Indigenous people and wear their ears and scalp as jewelry, but are they ever depicted as barbarians? 

Noooo, they’re brave, industrious pioneers! 

If you’re not calling Christians and Europeans savages, barbarians, and brutes for the various horrific ways they killed people – for religious reasons and otherwise – then stfu about saying such things about Indigenous folk, you massive, massive turnip.

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Wtf is that? A storm elemental?

Ball lightning fuck me all the way up

Excuse me what the fuck is this

you literally captured whats called “ball lightning” which is the rarest form of lighting

its so rare that we dont even know how it forms other than by heat, static electricity, and humidity

storm elemental it is

look guys this is how nature-based deities and spirits come about this is ridiculous

Are you aware that the first-ever video footage of ball lightning outside a laboratory was taken in 2014 and there are only like 3 or 4 videos like this in existence and this might be the most close-up one

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