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#the real life of me

I just started my new job as a librarian at an elementary school. As the Grade 3s are learning about rocks and minerals I brought in my amethyst chunks for them to see


and upon learning I’m from a mining state the Grade 3 teacher asked me to talk a little bit to the kids. 

They’re evidently suuuper into mines at the moment, so I found a video of a traditional underground goldmine from near where I lived to show them.

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Grade 3 Teacher: Are there any requests for what book you think the librarian should next for us? Librarians love requests.

Kid 1: Babysitter’s Club.

Kid 2: Anything Halloween.

Kid 3: Ronald Dahl.

Me (the librarian): Do you mean Roald Dahl?

Kid 3: Yeah, that one.


To appease as many requests as possible I’ll be reading to them The Witches by Roald Dahl. :)

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I started at my new job today at an elementary school library. Henry’s gonna listen to storytime with the kids, so he’s being responsible and wearing a mask while at school.

The first story I’ll be reading to the kids where he is present is When the Library Lights Go Out by Megan McDonald, about what library puppets get up to when the library is closed for the night.

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Mom: [to cashier] Why aren’t you wearing your mask? There’s a mandate.

Fellow customer, also wearing his mask on his chin like the cashier: Well, I’m not sick, right? *grins and deliberately huffs air* It’s all propaganda anyway to control people.

Mom: Yeah? Well, my sister in law just got that imaginary sickness and she’s not doing so great.

Customer: So you might have it?

Mom, lying*: Yeah, maybe.

Customer: *silently puts his mask back on*


* Long story short, my mom’s boyfriend’s sister is currently in quarantine due to having had a covid-positive patient. However, we haven’t seen her in months due to social distancing, so there’s no chance we got it from her.

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  1. The activities you do with them and how you interact is wildly different depending on their age group and it’s fun to switch back and forth
  2. Working with kids can be a lot of things, but “boring” is emphatically not one of them.
  3. Grownups won’t typically ask you the truly deep, important questions in life like “What’s your third favourite dinosaur?
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Hi y’all,

I’m looking to educate myself/get caught up on the best practice protocol for library covid safety and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share what’s being done at their library or any resources I might turn to that you know about.

I’m particularly interested in this topic from a school librarian perspective but anything at all would be more than welcomed. 

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Today I pulled an all-nighter. As I was getting into bed to try to sleep my phone rang. Turned out it was a prospective employer asking if I was available come in for an interview this morning. 

They apologized for being so sudden (apparently there was a mix-up of whether HR or the principal of the school was supposed to call me with antecedence and neither ended up doing it), and offered to make the meeting via zoom if in person wouldn’t work.

“It’s only 40 minutes away, I can come in,” I said as I rolled out of bed. 

What followed was one of those scenes out of a movie where someone is bouncing around the house half dressed as they haphazardly get ready (complete with a “Hey, do these pants go well with this shirt?” moment).

And you know what? Despite all odds, I think the interview went really well! :D

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