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#my mom

So Mama decided to give me anxiety about why Jacko was in the bathroom. It’s hard to explain to her that a) Jacko is 76lbs of muscle and very protective as well as very fucking strong, and b) My computer and tablet and the rest of my electronics are in the kitchen. You can walk from the front door into the kitchen within a few steps and can see them from the door.

The bathroom is all the way down the hall, about ten or more feet. Meaning that they would’ve had to drag Jacko, who literally can cause damage and most likely was in the living room if someone was stupid enough to break in, down the hallway and to the bathroom to lock him in there, all while avoiding the very nearby kitchen with my electronics ie cameras, tablet, phone, and computer, which you can see from the entrance.

You need to think logically about this type of shit.

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Talking to my mom about cosplay. We often cosplay together but can’t cosplay characters the same age because of our very obvious age gap of 18 years. She said something about the transition of actors going from getting calls for the main character to getting calls for the main characters mom or dad.

I told her “but Aizawa is a main character!” and she instinctively replied with “yeah, but Aizawa is daddy”

A note. She doesn’t fully understand what that means, just that a LOT of people on tiktok say that XD im dying

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My mom and I watched (rewatched) Julie and the Phantoms. Mom may have been drinking during our binge…

“Ray is gonna date Andi Parker. You can quote me.”

“Nick is a weenie. He’s not worth the time.”

“Caleb’s band is made up of all female musicians because jazz is an old boys club and those women never got to play shows. Caleb gave them that chance.”

“I liked Caleb better in his costume that wasn’t so purple.” (in which I was personally offended by this statement)

“The himbos and Bobby Trevor need to play a gig at the Orpheum in order to cross over.”

“Carrie can be redeemed. Just you wait.”

“Where is Julie’s conversation with Carlos about ghosts wink wink? Don’t leave us hanging!”

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Witchy / spiritual things I was raised with:

-every living thing in the universe is connected

-animal communication

-incense burning, specially to cleanse a space

-if you send negative energy, you get negative energy back

-“the universe doesn’t hear ‘no’” (So “I won’t fall down” doesn’t work, you’re just repeating that you will fall. “I will succeed” is much better)

-guardian angels (A few weeks back we were discussing a spiritual power that my sister identified as her guardian angel)

-celebrating the solcistes

My mom was always very open and encouraging about spirituality and religion and us finding our own paths

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I should have known my mom will get mad if I asked why my dad woke me up at 9h30 instead of my mom this morning to look over my dog and my cat while we got our things delivered, SHE’s the one working and can only sleep on her day off not me, okay change the fuck that I had slept 5 hours and her 10 and that I didn’t say anything except ask if my mom was awake or not and that’s why he woke me up 🙄

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More music things that my ma has said while I have the aux cord;

*searches Harry Styles’ Girl Crush*

*Sees Little Big Town pop up*

*Plays the song*

Ma; this is by someone else

*asks if the original is by Little Big Town*

Ma; yea

Also she keeps having to go into Hot Topic cause my cousins are coming for Christmas. And one of the 2 that aren’t coming is ✨emo✨but she’s getting gift for them as well.

And as the fellow emo in the house, the job of finding them a gift has fallen to me. But she asked my aunt, her sister what their favorite bands are; MCR, Set it Off, Ghost, P!ATD & Palaye Royale. So I played my ma Mr Doctor Man & Ma Cherie just to see if they got her approval.

Ma; I like them cause they sound like The Black Keys.


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I really hate that I can’t talk with my mother about LGTBQ+ ships… or about myself. Know why? Because “I talk too much about this” SURE! That’s true! I’ve only mentioned it with her like two times, but is her word, so…

For example, if I say that Leafpool x Mothwing (warrior cats) or Lumity (The Owl House) is cute, she would tell me to don’t think about that, but oh! If I say that Firestar x Sandstorm (warrior cats again) is cute, she would agree!! Why?!

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The biggest ADHD mood is my mother calling the billing department at city hall like an hour before they are going to shut off our water and going “Whoops sorry I’ve got the money I just forgot”

Every single month

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hi, anon :) i can’t give too many details on this because these stories have been confided in me on a strong basis of trust that i wouldn’t dare break. so i apologize if my answer seems incomplete or something. 

there are two people i know who have pretty sad backstories, one more than the other. these people are my mom and M. again, i can’t give too many details but: guilt trips, slight emotional abuse, drugs, domestic violence, divorce, jail, and struggles with mental health are some of the things they’ve survived. not all the things i listed apply to both of them and that list isn’t complete either but i hope it gets across the “sadness or insanity” of their backstories. 

thank you for the ask, anon, and i’m sorry if i made you feel bad about your question. i don’t want you to feel like that at all! i understand where your curiosity for it may have sprung and i just want to let you know that i am happy to answer all the “deep” questions you have <3. stay safe and have a killer day 💖

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My mom: *constantly complains and makes me feel guilty over yearly vet appointments, my own meds, the price on a fricken Sprite bottle, etc*

Also my mom: “I’m going to give your brother $1k for a wedding present.” (A wedding he’s having in Hawaii we can’t go to and he hasn’t saved a dime for because he pisses money away constantly on games and takeout)

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