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I don’t see hate personally but I wanna push to spread love.

Do you ever see fanart and wanna tell them it’s great? TELL THEM.

Do you read a fic and think it’s adorable? TELL THEM.

See a funny pic edit and wanna compliment? TELL THEM.

You see someone brainrot and are like MOOD? TELL THEM.

Honestly, spread the love guys. Spread compliments. Why would you waste your life not complimenting people and brightening their day.

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Yeah we celebrating, cause not only did we reach 500 orders a few weeks ago, but we also reached 1k followers! 


Which means it is time for a celebration! Like before I am going to hold a Poll which will last 2 weeks. So vote for your fav boi. When the winner is announced I will wait 2 more weeks for orders for said boi to come in and be posted. Like with Azul all other orders will be put on hold. 

As for the celebration for the 1k followers I will do an.

Art raffle!!

3 winners, will be pulled randomly from the people who like or reblog this post. As for the prizes.

First Prize
Couple drawing, fully colored and shaded, with a background of choice!

Second Prize
Single Half body full color and shaded, of a character of your choice with a simple background!

Third Prize
Chibi drawing also full color and shaded of a character of your choice! Simple background can be added if you wish.

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Vil? Do you know who that boy was? Black hair, brown eyes, bird pins... he just kissed my cheek out of no where and ran off... I- are you okay?


“Disgusting,” Vil snarled, grabbing your wrist. “That Neige…! What nerve of that boy! Potato, we’re leaving. I can’t bear being here for a minute longer. Where’s my bag?”

He hastily gathered up his belongings, taking you out of the courtyard and into his bedroom. His heels went click-clack angrily against the well-maintained Pomefiore floors, jealousy coursing through his veins.

“Show me where he kissed you,” Vil demanded, slamming his bedroom door shut behind him. “I’m going to get rid of any ugly touches he left on your pretty skin with kisses of my own. Mine are much better than his, yes?”

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Scenarios for how Malleus & Lilia would react when f!reader tends to cover her face/herself during sexy times?

Your wish is my command! Though it’s more about the moment than actual follow though, sorry about that. 

Scenarios under the cut because of implied spice

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model senpai idia

or, i just wanted to draw him in the uniform 😂 inspired by that 1 line in his summoning robes sr

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Character: Silver

He was both everything I could ever want-”

It was finally here the day that you wished had never come. Casting your gaze downwards you clutch the velvet cushion tightly staring at the two platinum tears beginning to build up in your eyes as you blinked furiously determined to not ruin this day for him. Taking a sneaky glance you smile seeing him dressed up nicely in a white suit and tie before remembering the reason for his attire. Frowning you try to ignore the pain in your heart as the organ springs to life causing a familiar tune to resonate as the big oak doors swing open to reveal her. 

Supressing a glare you watch as she glides down the aisle her gown fluttering around her slightly as she moved closer to the alter, turning you glance at Silver seeing him smiling at his future bride as she smiles close to tears as she takes her place across from him and Malleus begins the ceremony. Zoning out you watch as they exchange vows loving looks on both of their faces as they slip on the rings as you feel your heart break more than you ever thought possible. As the two seal their new marriage with a kiss you can only watch distraught in comparison the cheers of the others for the new happy couple. Even as he sweeps her away into a carriage and they ride off with the guests departing to the reception venue you remain frozen in place the pain of your unrequited love having dulled your senses as you sit down staring at the ground as you mourn all the lost opportunities you had. 

“Hey you look like you could use some company.” Turning your gaze upwards you move over allowing the father of the groom to make himself comfortable next to you as he hummed lightly to himself. “What’s go you so down then (Y/n) your best friend got married today to the love of his life.” Lilia chirps with each work being another dagger to you heart as a familiar ache begins to stir causing you to sigh. “Nothing really Lilia I need to stop bringing the mood down.” You laugh sadly as he shoots you a suspicious look his crimson eyes inspecting your expression. “I know this hurts (Y/n).” Lilia says abruptly his gaze softening catching you off guard as you turn to the ancient fae who merely chuckles seeing you expression. “Come on (Y/n) I’ve been around long enough to know what unrequited love looks like.” He hums. “I know you like Silver and maybe if you had told him sooner it would have been you up there with him today.” He contemplates before turning uncharacteristically serious all signs of glee had vanished from his feature. “But you wasted you chance and he moved on.” Lilia says taking your hand in his rubbing the back of it soothingly. “You’re his best friend (Y/n) and you being here today means the world to him as it shows he has your support.” Lilia says before hugging you to his side as you feel your emotional dam breaking and tears begin to cascade down you cheeks. “I’m not going to say these feelings of yours will disappear but they will become easier to live with in time (Y/n).” Lilia soothes you as you begin to bawl salty tears falling down cheeks as you let out the pain of losing your best friend and love to another with Lilia comforting you as your heart lamented your first love.

And nothing I could ever have.”
-Ranata Suzuki

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Imagine that the theory of TWST being a dream is true, but the characters are actually people Yuu knows and because it’s a dream, Yuu can’t remember much outside of it.

Maybe they’re in a coma or something, and they finally wake up to see everyone in the room looking at them with tears of happiness and sadness in their eyes…Like, the best way I can explain it is through writing, so here. Here’s some angst too, have fun.

Note from after I finished writing this: I never meant to make it this sad, I’m so sorry


It was over…Malleus and Grim were saved from their overblot. Yuu felt like they were falling, everything turning black as they heard everyone running to them. Right as their back as about to hit the pavement…they woke up? It was bright, greeted by walls so white and clean. They tried to sit up, only to be met with pain. Yuu hissed and layed back down. It gained the attention of the other people in the room.
“Yuu?” A man who looked a hell of a lot like Malleus, just minus the horns, mumbled out of pure shock. “Malleus?” Yuu moved their hand up to touch the man’s arm. “Malleus? You’re probably still out of it. I’m @%#*.” Yuu was wondering what was going on. Everyone looked like the men from NRC, but there was certain things that were different about them.
‘Malleus’ doesn’t have his horns, 'Heartslabyul’ doesn’t have their usual makeup, 'Savanaclaw’ doesn’t have their animal parts, and 'Rook’ doesn’t have his funky hat. A guy who looked a bit like Grim walked up to Yuu. “Hey, it’s me…” He wiped away some stray tears as he unwillingly smiled, “You still owe me food, y'know?”
Yuu started mumbling 'no’ repeatedly. “What’s wrong, little one?” A man who looked like Lilia appeared by their side. “You-You’re not them!” Yuu shouted. A man resembling Epel piped up, “What do you-?” “YOU’RE NOT THEM!” Everyone tried to comfort Yuu, only for them to push everyone away. “Get away from me! You aren’t them!” A guy who looked similar to Riddle called for a nurse, doctor, just anyone to try and help.
Multiple nurses ran in, along with the attending who was on Yuu’s case. Yuu was getting overwhelmed and repeatedly shouted for the imposters to leave. Eventually, Yuu was put to sleep once more…
“…u.” “…uu.” “Yuu!” Yuu shot up, only to be on the ground of the Mirror Chamber again. “What…?” “Are you ok?!” Kalim asked frantically. “They just passed out, they should be ok until we get them to the infirmary.” Jamil tried to calm down the dorm head as he pulled him off of Yuu. Everyone was talking, but Yuu only focused on Malleus. His outstretched hand was beckoning them.
The human wondered what this all meant, but if them grabbing Malleus’ hand and being asleep meant they stayed in Twisted Wonderland……then…
…Meanwhile, in the waiting room of the hospital, a group of over twenty people broke into sobs as they heard the news from the doctors…Yuu was gone.
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scarashit·3 days agoAnswer

Hey! May I ask for Malleus and Lilia being hesitate to start a relationship with the mc because of their long life span? And also welcome to the fandom!

Σ(°ロ°) You probably didn’t ask for angst but this is just such a good angst prompt and I LOVE writing angst more than anything so I hope you don’t mind. I might have gone overboard with it though. If you do want a happy ending instead don’t hesitate to tell me! Thank you! Everybody’s so nice in this fandom.

Also, stan Lilia. Man, I simp for this old man so much.

Pairings: Malleus Draconia x Reader, Lilia Vanrouge x Reader.

Now, let’s depart enter this twisted wonderland~

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# grown siblings fighting over tamagotchis

Malleus and Leona fight be like

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I just finish watching all the seasons of kakegurui and I kinda thought about something what if Idia , Azul , Jade and Floyd are at that universe

oh god the deals and not to mention floyd and jade taunting plus idia going nuts though I would love to see their strategic ways

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  • The taller and/or sportier boys do the thing where they jump up and hit the top the doorway on their way into Trein’s class.
  • Trein hates it.
  • Ace is SUPER obnoxious with it. There’s not a single day where he doesn’t at least attempt the doorway tap.
  • Riddle doesn’t care enough to do it, but gets pissed when everyone else does it and rubs it in his face.
  • Lilia is too short, but he uses his floating to cheat LMAO
  • Epel sobs internally bc he can’t reach (f in the chat for our short king 😔)
  • Jack once tried to jump up too. Hit his head really hard. Now he just awkwardly reaches up and taps it with his arm as he walks in
  • Surprisingly enough, Jamil gets really into it. He SLAPS that doorway! Kalim claps for his efforts.
  • Azul tries, but his weak land legs just won’t do it for him. He sulks big mega over it and tries to get someone to sign a contract to give him better jumping abilities, but nobody agrees bc they just want to see him suffer lol
  • Leona literally doesn’t give a shit anymore, he just keeps going zzz while everyone else is going IN THE JUNGLE THE MIIIGHTY JUNGLE
  • Lunchtime in nrc’s cafeteria is a NIGHTMARE
  • At least three catastrophe level food fights have happened since the beginning of the school year.
  • “Hey, wanna see how many cookies I can fit in my mouth?”
  • Ace is an agent of CHAOS so he texts and calls Sebek constantly in class just to get his phone to ring and get him in trouble
  • Sebek is getting closer and closer to considering murder as one of his options. He settles for the block instead. For now.
  • There’s NO WAY the tweels haven’t changed their haircuts for a day and pulled a “which one is which?” on everyone at least once.
  • Ruggie puts fake bugs in Leona’s wardrobe.
  • Idia, without question, has absolutely rickrolled the entire school before.
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Kiss Me

‘He’s as beautiful as always.’

You thought to yourself as you watched him dance and sing with a few of his fellow classmates. He looked so elegant as he moved to the music, his blonde and lavender hair moving with grace and his amethyst eyes brighter as he got into it. You sighed, getting lost at his bewitching performance. Vil truly was incredible in so many ways and it was always a treat to witness him doing the things he loved. He obviously put his all into everything he did, working harder than most to make sure he did his best. It was one of the many things you loved about him.

'Too bad he’d never notice me the way I notice him.’

The thought made your heart ache. Despite being friends with Vil, you’d found yourself wanting more with him. You had no idea when you’d started to feel this way, but you did know one thing. You were head over heels for Vil Schoenheit and it was starting to become a problem. You’d started to stare at him more, spacing out and daydreaming about impossible scenarios that would never happen in real life. You’d started to blush when he’d compliment you and accidentally touch your hand. Your heart would race when he’d smile or laugh at you. Yes it’d become a problem as of late as you found yourself thinking of things you never thought about much before, and getting more nervous to be with Vil alone.

'You’re a mess (Y/N), a complete, utter disaster for Vil.’

You thought slightly annoyed. To think that one person could make you so weak and so lovesick. It was ridiculous if you thought about it. The sounds of laughter broke you out of your musings and your eyes flickered over to Vil and his group again. He was laughing at something Rook had said, his eyes crickled up as he smiled in amusement. Your heart skipped a beat at seeing that wonderful smile. Almost as if he felt your gaze on him his eyes turned to you and he gave you a smile before excusing himself and making his way to you. You blushed, heart pounding as he came closer before stopping in front of you.

“Well, well potato. I wasn’t expecting you to be here.”

Vil said sounding a bit breathless. Probably from his dancing not too long ago. You fiddled with your sleeve and gave him a somewhat shy smile.

“Well I heard that you were going to dance and I wanted to see. Your form is really good Vil, I enjoyed watching you.”

You said trying to remain calm and not a nervous wreck. Vil’s eyes softened a bit as you looked at you.

“I’m glad you found my performance to your liking.”

He said softly, pleased. You gave another smile at him, getting lost at looking at him again. Even when sweaty and somewhat gross he was still handsome. It honestly wasn’t good for your poor heart. Your gaze flickered over his face, before stopping at his lips. They looked slightly glossed by lip gloss and incredibly soft. It was torture, completely unfair.

'Please……kiss me……’

You thought wistfully, imagining him leaning in closer to you. His lips mere inches from yours, begging to be kissed.

“(Y/N)? Is something wrong?”

Vil’s voice broke through your daydreaming. You gasped softly blushing in embarrassment. You’d forgotten that you’d been staring, at his face no less!

“N-no! Everything is fine! I just uh…! I was just uh thinking about how fun it’d be to dance!”

You quickly scrambled out, wanting to crawl into a hole and never come out. Vil gave you a look of bafflement.

“Oh? Is that so?”

He asked. You nodded quickly, praying that he wouldn’t question you more. Vil continued to stare at you, looking thoughtfully. He gave a small hum to himself as if he’d decided on something.

“Alright. Why don’t we try it then? Say later tonight in the Pomefiore dance hall? I’ll teach you.”

He stated simply. You about choked on your spit and looked at him, her heart racing and your stomach exploding into butterflies. Did he just…?!?

“U-uh yeah I’d like that! Thank you Vil, I um gotta go now! I’ll see you later tonight!”

You said in a rushed way, not even giving Vil a chance to respond as you sped walked away leaving him behind. Your cheeks were bright red as you walked, smoke practically coming out of your ears. Vil had offered to teach you how to dance.


Oh Great Seven help you.


The day passed by rather slowly, your thoughts filled with nothing but the event that happened earlier. Vil Schoenheit had invited you to join him in dancing. It was a dream come true in a way, despite the nervousness that had developed when you were alone with him you’d also been dying to do something with him. While you knew logically that he’d offered this because he was your friend, that small part of you couldn’t help but hope that this was for something more. You sighed to yourself as you made your way to your dorm room to get ready for the thing with Vil tonight. Dropping your stuff and Grimm off, you told Grimm where you were heading and started the journey towards Pomefiore.

It didn’t take long to get there, the gleaming gates welcoming you as you stepped inside and made your way quietly towards the ballroom. Once at the door you gave a small knock and heard Vil’s voice telling you to come in. Opening the huge doors your eyes landed on the Pomefiore dorm leader, who was setting up the stereo for the two of you. Hearing the doors open he looked up and as soon as he saw you he gave you a smile.

“Ah you made it. Well shut the door and get yourself ready, and we’ll get started.”

He said going back to fiddle with the stereo while you did what he told you to do. Shutting the door and making sure your shoes were tied up you then waited patiently for him to finish up. As soon as he was done he got up from the crouching position he’d been in and made his way towards you, stereo remote in his chest pocket.

“Alright, we’ll start with the basics and then work our way up from there yes?”

Vil asked you to which you nodded to confirm you’d gotten it. Pleased he started up the music. It was soft sounding, it’s gentle rhythm echoing throughout the ballroom. Vil then without much warning grabbed your hands, making your face explode as he pulled you closer.

“And now we begin. 1, 2, 3..”

He spoke, moving the two of you around as he counted out the steps. You followed him, your heart doing somersaults at the closeness. The two of you danced across the dancefloor, Vil correcting you when you messed up. Time seemed to stop for you as you danced with him, the music and his soft, soothing voice being your guide. The song started to come to a close, Vil twirling you around gently before moving you into a dip. The world froze as well as the breath in your lungs as you took a good look at Vil’s face. His eyes were looking right at you with an unnamed emotion, his face close to yours. Again the thought from earlier filled your mind.

'Please…..kiss me…..’

You pleaded quietly in your head. The two of you started to move closer, lips just inches apart….


The doors burst open revealing a Pomefiore student looking slightly panicked. You and Vil jumped away from one another like you were on fire, blushing brightly. The Pomefiore student blushed as well, stuttering out an apology for not knocking. Vil just looked at him annoyed while you were as red as a firetruck.

“Ah it’s alright! I should probably get going anyway. I had fun Vil…! I’ll see you later okay? Night.”

You said with a small smile, your heart twisting at the loss. Vil just blinked, looking a bit conflicted before giving a tired sigh and wishing you a goodnight before begrudgingly following his student out of the room. You took that as the okay to go and quickly left, feeling a bit stupid as you made your way back to Ramshackle. You were embarrassed by your actions.

'I’d nearly kissed him….oh god.’

You thought growing red. It was only after you’d gotten home and shut the door that you’d realized that Vil had nearly kissed you too.

You went to bed that night red and screaming internally.

*Vil Schoenheit has ruined my life officially now and honestly I’m not even mad. Anyways I wanted to do something somewhat cute, and this popped into my head sgdgdgdgfg. The song is Kiss Me, it’s an older song and I love it. Anyways if any y'all read this I hope you enjoyed it!*

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I believe and endorse Schoenheit supremacy.

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𝒂𝒏𝒐𝒏𝒚𝒎𝒐𝒖𝒔 𝒂𝒔𝒌𝒆𝒅: If you don’t mind, a happier follow up for Missed Connections (since I keep seeing sad unrequited, I wanted a little fluff to make up for it</3) I was hoping, when Vil , Jamil, Leona finally confess that they missed their chance and lament to the reader, the reader whips out the “No u” card and confesses they never let go and it’s a happy end-

𝕡𝕒𝕚𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕘: jamil viper x gn!reader, leona kingscholar x gn!reader, vil schoenheit x gn!reader

𝕤𝕦𝕞𝕞𝕒𝕣𝕪: the simple answer is “yes”

𝕨𝕒𝕣𝕟𝕚𝕟𝕘(𝕤): none!

𝕨𝕠𝕣𝕕 𝕔𝕠𝕦𝕟𝕥: 1.5k (total)

𝕟𝕠𝕥𝕖: this was!! very fun and i’m such a sucker for fluff but?? my hands slipped and have a bittersweet one in return whoopsー

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Jamil in werewolf costume, and look at those tattoos~! 💖💖💖💖💖👌👌👌😆😆😆

listen… my mind broke………

If this event is voiced I’ll be a true goner….

what if he growls????? HAHAHAHA sayonara world

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