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#911 cast
crown-on-your-head · a day ago
Keep going guys! 🐦🐦🐦
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funny how that is actually a different ryan in the picture
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Oliver and Ryan on set after seeing what they have created with 4 posts and 4 emojis.
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matan4il · 13 days ago
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Oli trying to commit mass murder by killing us all...
(vid credit to the gorgeous @loveyourownsmiilee who is a star for always capturing these for all of us to enjoy!)
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rbertpattinson · a month ago
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OLIVER STARK on Instagram Stories
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therogueheart · a month ago
I don't think people realise how lucky we are in terms of Oliver, Ryan and the other leading cast / most of the crew members being explicitly open, accepting of and pro-(Buddie)-ship.
And a queer, male x male ship at that, with two straight actors behind the characters.
Like most actors will stay deathly silent at best. Others will decry the ship at worst or promote the ship that's canon/their favorite.
We not only get the actor(s) saying they'd be up for it and supporting the storylines, but we get fan interaction, defence against homophobia, support for fan content, ect.
I've been in over thirty fandoms and I can count on one hand the amount of times the actors have even come close to that amount of support, advocation, ect.
Don't take it for granted. Don't put more pressure on the actors. Don't say its not good enough.
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mellaithwen · 5 months ago
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“I did particularly enjoy trying to chase down the runaway hot air balloon. The younger guys on the show Ryan Guzman and Oliver Stark were speeding past me in a few of the takes. There was a take later on where I thought ‘well I’m gonna get far out ahead of them’ so I leapt out of the fire engine and it was... not the most even ground, so I tripped and fell flat on my face. Fortunately it didn't wind up on camera.”
— Peter Krause: Scene Shout-Outs on instagram
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from-nova · 11 days ago
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The short film "She Said Yes" is being released on YouTube on Friday (11/26) at 4pm PST!
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I may be crying over Ryan signing this picture of Gavin as ‘To superman! Love, Eddie’.
No wonder they are so cute in their scenes ❤️
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matan4il · 20 days ago
I heard what Cocoa Brown said and all I can think is...
Bobby and Athena had zero meaningful interactions in the first 9 episodes of the show. NONE. The first significant interaction we saw between them on screen happened in ep 110, the same episode in which they got together. Their ship came out of nowhere and can def be said to have been forced at that point in time.
And I still love them as a couple, because after they got together, i.e starting in 201, the show really took its time investing in them and developing them as a couple and as a family, even giving us flashbacks that showed us a bit more of their friendship before they became a couple.
And that’s actually why what Cocoa was saying, whether she realized it or not, is the argument for Buddie. Because too many same sex couples are forced together for the sake of a show being able to boast they have one. But in contrast, 911 has really taken its time and has given us so far 3.5 seasons of investing in Buddie and developing them as friends, as partners and as a family unit.
Let me repeat that: Buddie have already had more build up than some opposite-sex couples got before going canon.
Buddie aren’t forced, and Cocoa is right in that we do deserve that for our queer couples. She’s just blind to the fact that Buddie wouldn’t be forced, and that bisexual men coming into their identities later in life would be wonderfully and naturally represented by them. Generally speaking, slow burn and build up is what’s still so sorely lacking on our TV screens when it comes to same sex couples, due precisely to some executives believing in the same ideas that Cocoa expressed regarding “heartthrobs”. I don’t believe the execs on 911 are among those people, not when they have been involved in some of the most gay-friendly and queer groundbreaking shows we’ve had (for example, Tim in the Buffy-verse, Joaquin in Glee, Kristen in AHS, etc). They know better than to agree with Cocoa. And 911 can take it a step forward and give us a historical breaking of a glass ceiling in GLBTQ rep. The need for this is what I posted about even before I became an active part of the 911 fandom. I do believe Tim knows he can do something revolutionary with Buddie exactly as a counter action to opinions like those expressed by Cocoa, and to make this show go down in queer TV history, rather than be just another good show, that’s quickly forgotten after it’s taken off the air.
Anyway. JLH, Oliver and Ryan have all voiced support for Buddie and took a clear stand FOR the LGBTQ community. Sasha Roiz, back in 2010 (!) gave an interview where he mentioned being told after (!) he was cast that his character Sam Adama on Caprica would turn out to be gay. Instead of being angry or hateful about this turn of events, he said he welcomed the opportunity to expand gay rep in a genre that was still considered more homophobic than most. I’m gonna focus on the positive and stan these people even harder for clearer skin.
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bellafarella · a month ago
i just saw this video on twitter and omfg he is just the CUTEST i cannot handle it 🥺🇨🇦❤
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reindeerbuckaroo · 12 days ago
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When the youtube subtitles are being disrespectful
should've made that meme ages ago
[based on this post]
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itsbuddiebaby · 2 months ago
Eddie: All I want is for Buck to be happy and get the love he deserves
*Buck starts spending time with Taylor*
Eddie: No not with her, I meant me
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