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I once Photoshopped the Foxy Grandpa hat from Spongebob on Mujirushi Iyami. I don’t remember exactly what prompted me to do it but I still have the picture.

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We’ve got a couple of secondary character units coming our way, it’s the return of Iyayo and Chibimi! They have a set of special skills that makes them particularly powerful against the Matsus they dated – so Iyayo is especially powerful against Kara, Choro, and Jyushi, while Chibimi is especially powerful against Oso, Ichi, and Totty!

These two will come along after the next maintenance session!

~Mod Ichi

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!!!!! I’m so glad you liked it! I mean, of course I read it because it was about Iyami but I really enjoyed the story for what it is as well! And Maria is so good! I had never considered before but Iyami just goes well with crows, what with him also being a not very well liked urban creature with a fondness for riches that do not belong to him and whatnot.

I also think it ended “where it was supposed to” but man, I surely wouldn’t mind learning more about the Mujirushi universe either… We read it together on the Iyami fans Discord server as it came out and we talked about how much we’d like to see how other Osokun characters would fit in such a story, especially Chibita! Given that Iyami must be around his 60s or so in it, Chibita would be a fully grown man… would they still be friends? We had a theory that when Iyami faked the phone call to Sylvie Vartan that was actually Chibita checking on him, heh.

A detail I really liked is how Naoki Urasawa made him fairly knowledgeable about France and how his whole talk about it was fairly believable (well, not counting the whole “I’m friends with French celebrities” thing) but you could still spot little holes in his story that showed he had never actually been there such as him saying Paris was the City of Flowers as opposed to the City of Light!

Also… -and this is something very, very nerdy of me, I’m straight up a little embarrassed to talk about it, heh- I used to live in France when I was a kid and my family and I went back there to visit… a year or so after Mujirushi came out? So while I was there I took the opportunity to visit the Louvre because… I wanted to compare the things Iyami said in the manga with the actual museum layout. Yeah. Spoiler alert, none of the things he mentions are where he says they are. I got incredibly lost in the name of being a nerd.


Managed to reunite him with his favorite painting though!

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Kireina: *at Sutabaa drawing on her tablet at a small table*

Iyami: *sitting across from her* “Whatever are you doing, Kireina-chan?”

Kireina: “Oh! Hi, Iyami! ^^ I’m just drawing something for my art class!”

Iyami: “May me see?”

Kireina: “Sure!” *shows Iyami a digital tanuki drawing, colored in with a cherry blossom tree background*

Iyami: “Why my, my! That is a VERY unique art style you have there, Kireina-chan!” *gets up and pats her back with praise*

Kireina: “Thank you, Iyami! May I see an art piece of yours as well?”

Iyami: “Why, sure!” *sits back down and carefully takes out an oil painting of a cat with trees in the background from his portfolio and shows it to Kireina*

Kireina: “Oh, that’s lovely, Iyami! <3”



“Why, thank you, Kireina-chan! That’s very nice of you!”

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I dreamt of Iyami last night, and I was lucid!

It was kind of hard to “summon” him, but when I turned back on my third attempt I saw someone that looked like him far away and I ran up to him but he turned into a child; I thought he was cute so I hugged him and he turned back to his adult self. I was so happy that I started to talk nonsense in what little french I could muster and he of course loved it (He also called me “Mon amour”)

I will spare you the details of how we kissed, but his teeth didn’t get in the way, it was really nice.

We then talked for a while and I noticed his voice was weird, so he started talking in his 80’s japanese but in spanish, that was really weird but then I woke up because it was quite late

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Hey now! His monster dong would just be a complement to our successful marriage, which would be based on mutual understanding, our shared fondness for disgustingly cheesy displays of romance and the fact the cultural barrier between us means I don’t find him half as rude and outrageous as his fellow countrymen do, therefore I wouldn’t feel like killing him nearly as often.

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