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Controlling the magnetic properties of complex oxide systems

The study of complex oxides of iron to create new functional materials is one of the most intensely developing fields of investigation for SUSU scientists. The physical properties of complex iron oxide systems can be varied by changing the chemical composition. This makes it possible to trace the fundamental effects that arise when ions are replaced. In a new study, researchers chose to investigate spinel-structured ferrites, changing their magnetic properties through modification of their chemical composition by substituting iron ions. The results of their research were published in Nanomaterials.

The researchers, an international group including scientists from SUSU and their colleagues from Belarus, Saudi Arabia and India examined ferrites of the Co-Ni system with double substitution of iron ions by thulium and terbium ions. The chemists were interested in the magnetic properties of the investigated compounds that manifest themselves in ferrites during the transition to the nanoscale.

During the study, the scientists established the peculiarities of the distribution of substituted ions in the structure of ferrite spinel. The relevance of the study was due to the correlation between the distribution of the substituent ions in the ferrite spinel and its influence on the magnetic properties under conditions of double substitution of iron ions by Tm and Tb ions comparable in radius.

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Top 5 vacations.

Oooh, good one. I’m going to split this between “have actually taken” and “would like to take”. 

1. There is a spot in Thailand that I love. I first went there more than 10 years ago for a 3 day weekend by myself due to work stress. I have been back a few times, always alone. It is always heaven. 

2. I once took my family to London because I had a conference there and for various reasons we saved a lot of money. While I conferenced, my husband took the kids around. They did over 150 km in two days. We then drove to Portsmouth, saw the HMS Victory, the Mary Rose, and had a totally serendipitous dinner with a friend who lived nearby (I didn’t know she lived nearby) who saw my post on Facebook. The next morning, we got an early ferry to France, drove to Bayeux and saw the Bayeux Tapestry, then spent some time in town, then drove to Mont St Michel. We spent the next morning exploring it, then drove to the D Day Beaches, then got a very late ferry back to the UK and drove to somewhere near Heathrow. The next morning, we went to Windsor Castle, and in the afternoon we went to Stonehenge. The next morning we took a hike above Highclere Castle (Downtown Abby). Then we all went to Heathrow and went in different directions. It was a PACKED schedule and we didn’t spend enough time anywhere, but the kids got to see a lot and we will go back or they will go back one day on their own. (It’s about planting seeds, right?) It ranks as one of their favourite family holidays.

3. Similarly, I had a conference in Europe in 2018 at the same time that my kids had a week off school. My brilliant husband found super cheap tickets and cheap airbnb’s and we flew into Prague, drove to Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest, Krakow and Warsaw. I missed part of it when I went to my conference (which was in Amsterdam) but again, it was fantastic. One of my kids is a whiz at Eastern European languages and he had downloaded tons of music so we have a funny video of him in the car singing “Take me Home Country Roads” in Slovakian or Polish. Again, a favourite family vacation.

4. Staycations! I love them because it lets me clear off mental clutter and gives me peace of mind. Plus I have a cleaner and more organized house and life.

5, 6 and 7. I would love to try  The Blue Train in South Africa, The Palace on Wheels in India, the Eastern & Oriental Express in SE Asia.

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“I know that you know about compound interest, so in 1991, don’t cash in the thing that’s getting 12% interest per year. Ok? Ok.”


“Either don’t wait so long to say what you want, or just don’t say it at all.”

30. The smell of cow pats (really), Queen Anne’s lace (the field at the end of the road was full of it) and the smell of marshes (particular marshes that I had to cross to get to an island). Also dusty old books and a certain kind of crystal. (These are my childhood home, btw. I don’t feel “home” anywhere now.)

Thank you for asking!

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thulium replied to your post: thulium replied to your photoset: …

Sorry. Duh.

No worries, I honestly appreciate the concern. 

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thulium replied to your photoset: 2012 vs 2018

Hope you’re ok.

I’m fine now. Pic was from the new year when I got leveled by a terrible virus. 

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Although thulium is very limited in availability, so limited in fact that it is the most expensive element on the periodic table due to its rarity, one of its few applications is in lasers. The element shows some promise in the medical industry, as it is sometimes used in portable x-rays, but we can’t really research into it because it’s so scarce.

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thulium replied to your audio post: This makes my list of perfect pop songs.  I saw…

I saw him maybe a year later when he was touring with the Indigo Girls and it was a fantastic show.

Ooh, that’s a great lineup. I saw the Indigo Girls around the same time, maybe the same tour? But I don’t remember who opened for them.

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thulium replied to your post “Guess who sliced a chunk off his face using a cheap fucking bic. ”

I’m having a hard time picturing this. But regardless, good job.

It honestly looks a little worse than it actually is. Bled a lot. I dressed it and put a liquid bandage over it because I was on my way to work and don’t do the whole “band aid over face” thing, plus it’s so close to my hair line that I knew the conventional band aids I have wouldn’t stay on for more than a half hour tops.

Weird though, it’s not deep, its’ not very noticeable, but I guess it hit the right spot to pump out some Suspiria levels of blood (JK seriously though, larger than your average shaving accident, I was taken aback. 

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thulium replied to your post: Films of my life meme

I almost asked if you really liked all of these movies when they came out, and then realized you probably didn’t see Blood Simple when you were 4.

There are some on that list that I straight up loathed on first viewing. 

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thulium replied to your link “Arena Football League franchise coming to Baltimore”

Arena football is still a thing?

According to the article, just barely. As of now, there are five teams, three in the mid atlantic alone. All West Coast AFL fans must hope their local public access channel picks up Cleveland Gladiator games. Don’t worry, the Tampa Bay Storm (The 49ers of Arena League Football) are still in it, but unfortunately Gene Simmons kiss themed squad belongs to the ages. 

Five teams. 

This paragraph’s a doozy:

For the 2011 season, the Philadelphia Soul, Kansas City Brigade, San Jose SaberCats, New Orleans VooDoo, and the Georgia Force returned to the AFL after having last played in 2008. However, the Grand Rapids Rampage, Colorado Crush, Columbus Destroyers, Los Angeles Avengers, and the New York Dragons did not return. The league added one expansion team, the Pittsburgh Power. Former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Lynn Swann was one of the team’s owners. It was the first time the AFL returned to Pittsburgh since the Pittsburgh Gladiators were an original franchise in 1987 before becoming the Tampa Bay Storm. The Brigade changed its name to the Command, becoming the Kansas City Command.[34][35] Even though they were returning teams, the Bossier–Shreveport Battle Wings moved to New Orleans as the Voodoo, the identity formerly owned by New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson. The Alabama Vipers moved to Duluth, Georgia to become the new Georgia Force (the earlier franchise of that name being a continuation of the first Nashville Kats franchise).[36] On October 25, 2010, the Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz did not return.[37] The Milwaukee Iron also changed names to the Milwaukee Mustangs, the name of Milwaukee’s original AFL team that had existed from 1994 to 2001.

I almost got whiplash. No wonder Jon Bon Jovi’s set his sights on bigger fish.

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With few applications, thulium is commonly used in lasers and as a portable source of X-rays. Other applications of the element include high temperature superconductors, in ferrites, and as a measure against counterfeiting in euro banknotes thanks to its blue fluorescence under UV light.


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thulium reblogged your photo and added:

Oh! Oh! Please look into The Dog Stars by Peter…

Just added it to my list of books to check out. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

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So I was playing a trivia game and a science question came up.

What element on the periodic table has an atomic number of 69?


How do I know that?

Garrus vakarian from mass effect.

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Jessica Lee wins everything with the most epic use of the periodic table ever.

(F) flourine 
(U) uranium 
© carbon 
(K) potassium 
(Bi) bismuth 
(Tc) technetium 
(He) helium 
(S) sulfur 
(Ge) germanium 
™ thulium 
(O) oxygen 
(Ne) neon 
(Y) yttrium

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