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this week is thanksgiving break for me and most other americans, so I have far less work assigned by my professors.

my goal for this week is to use all the extra time to catch up on my lab notebook and other projects that i’ve fallen behind on. my biggest issue so far with virtual school is the lack of time reserved for studying and studying alone. most of my professors have been making us complete a ridiculous amount of extra assignments, quizzes, projects, etc. to make up for not having a lecture/lab. although i understand their intentions, i wish they wouldn’t because this leads to me spending all of my time completing these assignments and barely having any time to just study. I have never had so little time to just study in my life. despite this challenge, i think i’m doing fairly well. i’m a straight A student baby!

anyways, happy holidays to you all, i hope that those of you who get a thanksgiving break find some time to relax and destress this week!

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November 25th, 2020


^^She is me after my exam.

21/100 days of Productivity

11:34pm, Wednesday Night

Today I:

-Did my Methods 2 exam

-Studied a little for Chemistry

-Went on a little trip with my friend

-Studied a little for my Japanese Exam tomorrow

-We did a zoom call

-We tried to speak in Jap only

-We did 2 worksheets

-And now I’ll proceed to try and finish that 238k word fanfic I was reading

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dark academia as high school classes i have this semester: 


black coffee and turtle necks. bags heavy with books. poems written in the margins of their notes. can probably recite shakespeare. Listens to baroque music, and plays the piano and probably another instrument. Writes with a fountain pen, they think its cool. way to many notebooks, half filled with their cursive script.


classic, wooden pencils. collared shirts and sweater vests. all their notes are taken on graph paper, no matter the class. programs games in their calculators while the teacher is teaching. always finishes the exam with time to spare. loves green tea. or any tea really…as long as its caffeinated. sketchbooks filled with geometric drawings inspired by da vinci.

social studies:

member of model UN and debate. arms are always full of textbooks. is always up to date on current events. blazers and trench coats. and oxfords. can’t forget about the oxfords. has maps as posters in their room. loves to travel. can speak several languages. obsessed with mythology of any kind; greek, roman, norse, and traditional stories from aboriginal cultures. 


coffee stained pages, messy incoherent scribblings in the margins. always writes in pen, no matter what. can recite the periodic table for you. writes formulas on their wrists to help them memorize. post it notes…so many post it notes. beakers and flasks used as vases for propagating plants. loves a skirt and blouse (so long as the sleeves aren’t too billowy). 

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