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#also please cry with me at all the times in fic buck says he'll be at eddies in 10 minutes
ohmygodwerebackagain · 7 days ago
9-1-1verse Locations
Hi all! I wanted to compile what we know of the locations frequented in 9-1-1 in a visual manner to give us a better sense of where characters live in relation to each other and the firehouse (more on that later). 
First and foremost, I could not have done this without @monsterfuckerdiaz and @liesoverthec - their invaluable research made this possible.
Here is a visual snapshot of where Chim/Maddie, Eddie, Bobby/Athena, and Buck reside:
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: Some distances and times are approximations (~) based on neighborhood and traffic. This is LA so a mile can take 30 minutes depending on time of day or location (side eyeing Buck’s loft in Downtown LA).
Observations and analysis under the cut.
Hen/Karen - As you can see there is no discernable address for them, so using my powers of deduction, I’ve concluded that their house must be in the pink quadrant highlighted on the map. They obviously live in a residential area and more likely than not, near Athena. 
Station 118 - This address was another shot at my powers of deduction. Based on everyone’s locations + calls they take (typically residential, but also in downtown LA) it seems this location fits the bill. In real life, this is Station 26 - 2009 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90018 and when you look at pictures from the outside, could be Station 118 was modeled after it. 
Chimney/Maddie - Their address is: 2385 S Orlando Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90035, Apt. 2B. There is a North Orlando and a South, but based off what we saw of the outside in 5x04, South Orlando seems like the more plausible address. 
Madney live 20-25 minutes from the Firehouse [ 4.5 miles ]. There is another station closer to their apartment (about 10 minutes) but it makes sense it is not the 118, because in Breaking Point when considering a home birth, Chim mentions the closest firehouse but doesn’t address it as the 118. 
In relation to everyone else, Madney live:
8-10 minutes from Eddie [ 1.8 miles ]
~20-25 minutes from Bathena [ ~3.3 miles ]
~30-35 minutes from Buck [ ~6.1 miles ]
Bobby/Athena - Their neighborhood is on: Fallsgrove St, Los Angeles, CA 90016. This is in the middle of a residential neighborhood. What is interesting is that it’s just west of Crenshaw, which Athena has referenced as being familiar with in 2x01. 
Bobby lives 20-25 minutes from the Firehouse [ ~4.6 miles ]. We don’t really have an address of where he lived before, but since he moved in with Athena, my guess is that it put him further away. To put it in perspective, it seems like the Police Station Athena would work at is 6 minutes away, unless she works at the LAPD Headquarters which is in Downtown LA, about 30 minutes away. 
In relation to everyone else, Bathena live:
~10-15 minutes from Eddie [ ~2.2 miles ]
~15-20 minutes from Madney [ ~3.3 miles ]
~20-25 minutes from Buck [ ~7.4 miles]
Eddie - Based on the show his address is: 4995 S Bedford St, Los Angeles, CA 90034, Apt.403. I say based on the show, because when looking at street view on Google Maps, S Bedford makes sense, but not the house number. They probably just changed it for the show. Reyneir Park is right down the street from his house.
Eddie lives about 15-20 minutes from the Firehouse [ 5.2 miles ]. The same firehouse I referenced for Chimney is 10-15 minutes away from Eddie. Not sure if we can assume this would be the infamous Station 6 or, Station 126 since they are the closest to the Santa Monica Pier and would’ve responded to the emergency prior to the Tsunami in 3x02. 
In relation to everyone else, Eddie lives:
8-10 minutes from Madney [ 1.8 miles ]
~10-15 minutes from Bathena [ ~2.4 miles ]
~20-25 minutes from Buck [ ~7.2 miles ]
Buck - The neighborhood we have for Buck is on: W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA. This obviously puts Buck’s loft downtown in Westlake and based off the overview we saw in 5x04, the point on the map best represents that. A couple of observations specifically for Buck:
He lives the furthest away from everyone. It’s heartbreaking to think, when seen visually, that his distance is a representation of how he feels like he’s not a part of a family. Of course, he could’ve just picked a bachelor pad in Downtown for aesthetics sake, but considering when he rented it - midway through season 2 while with Ali - I think it best represents where he was mentally in relation to the rest of the Firefam. Or, he may have wanted to just be near the only family that he had, which is Maddie. 
Brings me to my next point, prior to Maddie moving in with Chim, she could’ve lived closer to Buck considering the Dispatch Center is in Glendale and about 20 minutes from that general area. At the moment, where she lives, she has the longest commute out of everyone, about 45 minutes. 
Buck lives about 10-15 minutes from the Firehouse [ ~3.4 miles ]
In relation to everyone else, Buck lives: 
~20-25 minutes from Eddie [ ~7.5 miles ]
~20-25 minutes from Bathena [ ~7.2 miles]
~30-35 minutes from Madney [ ~6.1 miles ]
So there you have it! If we ever find Hen and Karen’s house/neighborhood, I’ll come back and update this. For now though, I hope this proves helpful. 
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AN: I've seen plenty of fics where Reader is the one being walked in on while masturbating, so I wanted to flip the script a bit. I also added Voyeurism because I can.
Pairing: Shouta Aizawa/Eraserhead x Female Reader, Hizashi Yamada/Present Mic x Female Reader
Series: Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia
Rating: M
Word Count: 1,749
Warnings: Voyeurism, Masturbation, Rough Sex, Cream Pie, Penetrative Sex, No protection, Overstimulation, Cockwarming.
Tip Jar: 💵
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Tumblr media
Hizashi Yamada (Present Mic):
The guy is pretty busy. He juggles three, sometimes five, jobs and probably doesn't have a lot of free time to actually take care of his needs, and unfortunately that means he doesn't have a lot of time to take care of your needs.
He really does try his best to take care of you, especially when it comes to sex, but sometimes life just gets in the way. It makes him feel pretty guilty at times, even when you reassure him that it's fine.
It's probably been weeks since he had any kind of release, so when he does finally get a quiet moment, his mind will eventually start to wander.
He'll be sitting at his desk, laptop open and headphones on, trying to focus on his work, but he just can't stop himself from focusing on how pent up he is. He feels so sensitive, so hot, and you aren't helping anything.
All of his thoughts are about you. They start off innocently enough, with him holding you in his arms or kissing you, but then they become more lewd in nature. He starts to imagine you on your knees, underneath the desk and sucking him off.
Or he thinks about you on the bed, your legs spread open invitingly, allowing him to see your sopping wet pussy, just begging to be filled with his cock.
He groans involuntarily, and with his headphones on he doesn't realize how loud he's being. You can hear him in the other room.
His pants grow tighter as his thoughts become even filthier, imagining the sounds that escape your lips when he bounces you on his cock and abuses that tight little hole of yours.
His hands twitch, stopping dead on his keyboard as he tries on last time to get back to work, but it's in vain. He reaches down and finally pulls his dick out of his pants. He's painfully hard, pre-cum already dribbling from the head as he throbs in his hands.
What he doesn't realize is that you came to check on him, peeking in through the crack in the door. Your breath catches in your throat the moment you see him holding his pretty pierced cock in his hand and you rub your thighs together to try and quell the aching in your loins, remembering how neglected you've been these past few weeks.
Hizashi starts off slow, pumping his hand up and down his shaft. He's so painfully sensitive that he can't stop the moans leaving his mouth. He curses under his breath, chanting your name as he reaches down to cup his swollen balls, gently squeezing and fondling them.
At the same time, you slip your hand into your panties, rubbing at your slick folds. You whine when Hizashi picks up speed, watching as he desperately ruts against his hand, his head falling back against his chair in pleasure.
Your legs are shaking now and you're panting, rubbing desperate circles against your swollen clit. It's hard not to feel frustrated, watching your boyfriend please himself when all you want is for him to be inside of you.
You bite your lip, reluctantly pulling your hand out of your panties as you knock on the door. That gets his attention and he nearly falls back in surprise when you enter the room.
If he has any explanation or excuses, you don't hear it. You waste no time at all going over and kissing him, pulling his headphones off in the process.
You only pull away to strip yourself of your pants and underwear, tossing aside the offending objects for wasting your time as you crawl up into his lap.
Hizashi immediately catches on, something you're both grateful for as he takes ahold of himself and guides the head of his cock to your opening.
You sink down immediately, gasping out loud in relief as he stretches your cunt, his Jacob's Ladder piercing rubbing against your silken walls. You cling to him, arms wrapped around his shoulders as you bury your face against his neck.
Hizashi clenches his jaw, holding your ass with both hands to ensure you don't fall back. He missed this, how hot and tight you feel around him, how your walls flutter and squeeze around him like velvet. He's amazed he doesn't immediately fill you up with cum.
He thrusts upwards, barely managing to control himself when his sensitive balls slap against your ass, sending a jolt of pleasure up into his stomach. The very moment you give him the go ahead, he starts ramming his cock up into you.
His pace is fast and hard, his hands gripping your ass so hard he's bound to leave marks as he forcefully pulls you down onto his length. All you can do is cling to him and try not to lose your mind in the overwhelming sensations.
He quickly pushes everything on his desk back to make enough room for you, pushing you onto your back and onto his desk.
He stands up, his hips almost a blur as he pistons into your pussy, leaning over you as the pleasure mounts to an almost unbearable height as he chases his fast approaching release. The only sounds filling the room are the sounds of your and his moans and pants and the wet smacking of skin against skin.
He can tell your close. Your entire body is shaking and the walls of your pussy are fluttering wildly, sucking him in deeper. He reaches one hand down between your bodies and finds your clit, rubbing tight, hard circles.
Your back arches off of his desk as you cum. Hard. Your body goes ridged save for the powerful aftershocks that cause your legs to shake. All the while Hizashi doesn't let up, fucking you through your high.
You instinctively try to push him away, oversensitive from your orgasm, but he grabs your wrists and pins them above your head.
The way your pussy squeezes his cock when you cum has him following quickly after, his thrusts losing their rhythm as he gives one final thrust, bottoming you out as he cums inside, filling you up with hot ropes of cum.
Tumblr media
Aizawa Shouta (Eraserhead):
Like Hizashi, he's overworked and usually exhausted. He doesn't usually have time for sex or to masturbate.
Still, going several weeks without a release leaves him feeling frustrated and unusually distracted. It reaches its worst when he gets home one night, having stayed late to grade some papers. His skin is buzzing from how sensitive he is and he can't focus. He finally cracks and decides he needs attention, but he finds you in bed, asleep.
As frustrated as he is, he wouldn't feel right waking you up, so he quietly strips himself down to his boxers before carefully climbing into bed to sleep.
At first, he thinks he can just ignore his growing urges. He can wait until tomorrow surely, but every time he closes his eyes all he can see is you, looking at him with lust filled eyes as you play with your pussy.
This goes on for several minutes with him tossing and turning, trying to ignore how hard he is. He doesn't even realize he's woken you up with all of his tossing.
He moves the covers off, he's much too hot and sweating. He bites his lip before finally succumbing to his needs and pulling his boxers down to let his cock spring free. He tentatively wraps his hand around his shaft and starts to pump his hand up and down.
You watch him, unsure if you should say anything or not. Your eyes have long since adjusted to the darkness, giving you the perfect view as Shouta pleases himself.
Shouta pumps his length faster and harder, using his other hand to focus on the head.
He swipes a thumb over the tip, rubbing the pad of his thumb roughly over the sensitive head that nearly has him crying out.
The noises he makes are absolutely sinful. Low growls and quiet, strangled groans as he tries to keep his voice down. You can't help but to reach between your legs and slip two fingers into your aching hole. Your mouth waters at the sight of his cock, biting down on your blanket as you finger yourself in time to his strokes.
It's only when you start having trouble keeping your hips still that you take initiative. You pretend to wake up, feeling how Shouta immediately stops when you roll over and lay your head down on his chest. You smirk when you hear how fast his heart is beating and how labored his breath is.
You move your hand down, grazing his cock in the process, acting like it was just an accident on your end before you look up at him and ask, "Why didn't you wake me up?"
He doesn't have a chance to answer as you sit up. You're already stripped down to your underwear, and you're too needy to take them off. You move your panties just enough so that Shouta has access to your throbbing cunt before you straddle him and sink down onto his length.
He grabs your hips, impatiently pulling you down, groaning at the way your greedy pussy sucks him in. As soon as he's all the way in, you start to grind against him, gently rocking your hips before you lift up and start to ride him.
You cry out when he digs his nails into your hips, bucking up into you and forcing you to go faster.
It isn't long before he flips you over onto your back. He grabs your legs, pushing them back against your chest as he mounts you, getting you into a mating press as he slams his cock into your tight hole.
You see stars, eyes rolling back in your head as he completely dominates you, leaning over and groaning into your ear. In just a few thrusts he has you cumming on his cock.
Shouta cries out when your pussy squeezes around him, pushing him over the edge as he finishes inside you and you're quickly filled with warmth as he pumps you full of his seed.
Only after he's sure he's filled you up does he let your legs down.
He refuses to pull out, instead bringing you with him as he rolls over to lay on his back. You can keep his cock nice and warm
Tumblr media
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