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incorrectbuddie · a day ago
Buck, reprimanding Chris: We’re not mad, just disappointed.
Eddie: No, we’re mad.
Buck: Yes, we are mad. We’re livid. But we’re going to let this one slide.
Eddie: No, we’re not.
Buck: I’m not a mind reader, Edmundo.
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incorrect118buddie · a day ago
Buck: This is a mistake
Eddie, enthusiastically: A mistake we're going to laugh about one day!
Buck: But not today
Eddie, still enthusiastic: Oh, no. Today's going to be a mess
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disasterbibuddies · 14 hours ago
What I got out of tonight’s episode is that Eddie literally would prefer to be shot than be married/have kids with Ana
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daily911 · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So let this be a lesson. Never give Buck a clipboard. Never.
Image ID: gifset of a scene from 911: Season 5 Episode 2, Desperate Measures
gif 1: Buck holds out a finger to indicate that Ravi should be quite. He tells Chim, very seriously, “Do not attempt to bribe me or you will be docked two charges.“
gif 2: Chim starts to smile as he replies, “Give me a charger or Uncle Buck will never see his niece again.“
gif 3: Buck looks scared/nervous and says nothing. Ravi’s eyes move from Buck to Chim.
gif 4: Chim has a cocky grin on his face.
gif 5: Buck sighs, looks away from Chim and gestures to Ravi and says, “Give him the charger.”
gif 6: Ravi, impressed, hands Chim the charger and says, “Well played.” Buck looks at Ravi, betrayed.
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buckspooked · 14 hours ago
still cannot believe buck picked christopher up and held him like he was his own son. that happened.
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groundersandvigilantes · 12 hours ago
So the 911 writers are just straight up reading Buddie fics too huh?
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so what happens when eddie breaks up with ana and the panic attacks don't go away because he's been carrying so much baggage and the dam's been broken and he has to face the scars from his trauma and he has to stop running from himself and face his demons head on and buck is there to help him through that and maybe he pushes him at times and eddie snaps back at him and it's tense and raw and he begins to realize that his family isn't made with a cookie cutter and that they have rough edges and fail each other sometimes but they also never stop fighting for one another because they are a family and they love each other and they are a family and they love each other and they are a family and... yeah, what then?
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shh-im-fangirling · 18 hours ago
Okay here me out.
It's the mid-season finale, it's an emotional episode and the voiceover at the end is talking about finding love or something and the last scene we see it's Eddie at home there's a knock at the door and he goes to open, before we can see who it is the screen goes black sending us into craziness and in a black hole of theories and fanfics on who knocked.
Some months later we get the titles of the first 2 episodes of 5B and the second one is called "Begin" and more theories come out.
The show is back and there is another small time jump, we are never told who knocked at Eddie's door. During the entire episode the entire firefam notice that both Buck and Eddie are acting weird but nobody wants to ask them. At the end of the episode the entire firefam has the same idea and end up at Eddie's house to ask informations, Buck opens the door instead and no one is surprised by that, then something happens (Eddie calls out to Buck with a pet name or they are half naked) and they all understand what's going on. Black screen, episode ends. The next episode real title is revealed and it's called "Buck and Eddie Begin" and it shows us what happened after Buck knocked at the door and how they have spent the time jump together. Lots of domestic and family scenes. We all cry.
(Another option is that more than one character has an unclosed plotline and the screen goes black and we don't see whose door someone knocked on and who knocked. Everyone goes wild with theories. It still is Buck and Eddie and we all cry at the beginning of Buddie.)
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bee-notes · 13 hours ago
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incorrectbuddie · 2 days ago
Eddie: It’s pretty cold outside, don’t you think?
Buck: Yeah. We should hold hands. And probably stand close together to conserve body heat.
Eddie: Exactly! Good idea, Buck.
Chimney: ...
Chimney: it’s fucking 90 degrees outside.
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feral-peacock · 7 hours ago
Buck uses a clipboard during sex.
Eddie hates how into it he is.
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disasterbibuddies · 21 hours ago
So does this mean we’re getting Buck’s arms exposed in tonight’s episode?? 👀👀👀
(from that bts pic from a couple months ago)
Wondering how the heatwave is gonna affect the heat between Buck and Eddie... 🧐😏🥵
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maddiebuckleyhan · 16 hours ago
Buck takes Christopher to the zoo frequently 🥺
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a-fxandom · 2 days ago
tsunami episode always leaves me so stressed but i can’t bring myself to skip it …
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Okay obviously the buddie tension was strong in last nights episode but am I the only one who noticed the low key vibes coming from Ana and Ravi??? Like okay Probie get some.
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