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#pelle lavellan
pellelavellan · a month ago
Tumblr media
Vhenas is always cold...
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emilesmuseassemblya · 2 years ago
So yeah !!  The cross - reference thing is happening under the cut.
I have a Zer0 muse over at @emusecollective​ and most of my other muses have Borderline AUs,  because I really love the universe.
Detroit Become Human
All of my Detroit Become Human muses can be found over at @emusecollective.
@anarmyofme;  we’ve had some interactions between your Connor and my Markus from several of my other blogs before I moved him,  he is now over at @emusecollective.
@vexeddetective;  I would honestly love to see how Gavin would deal if he had to work together with LUCAS  (my PC200 OC).
@exeit;  I’ve been following you since before this became your main verse,  but !!  I just really like Colin and his concept!  I would love to throw a human verse AU of any of my Android muses at him.
Devil May Cry
I have a canon - divergent Vergil over at @emusecollective.
@demonslayvr;  I’ve been dying to interact with you with my Vergil!
@hollowvergil;  probably something with both Vergil’s meeting and confusion,  and then trying to figure out how the whole  ‘multiple - dimensions’  thing works,  and trying to get the other back home.
Dragon Age
All my Dragon Age muses are over at @stillfollowsme​.
@atonings;  I can’t believe you’re my Loghain main,  but forgot to refollow me when I remade.  *fake noises of disapproval*
@illstcrred;  same as the above !!  (I’m obviously joking,  I love you both.)
@pelle-lavellan;  we would probably continue what we had going on with Pelle and Lillith,  but now over at @stillfollowsme​.
Life is Strange
My Life is Strange muses are over at @emusecollective.
@cazalobo;  hello twin!  Eduardo moved to @emusecollective after my other one archived,  so that’s where you can find him now!
My Clint Barton is over at @emusecollective​.
@cardshcrp;  you’re amazing and we should definitely interact!  I have a Clint,  but also somewhat of a crime - family over on @littlewoodenheads that I could see Gambit interacting with.
@lackspraise;  I could see Harry interact with Nathan over on @emusecollective  (since they both have this ‘rich kid with daddy issues who are actually not as bad as they seem’-thing going on)  but also Clint Barton,  if you want to stay within the Marvel universe!
@terrifiesthem;  give me Frank and Clint interaction anytime anywhere.
@trustedsense;  more Clint / Spidey interactions,  please.
@bluebracelet;  Delsin has been deactivated for a while,  but can now be interacted with on @scrappedandisregarded if you’d like!  I also think that him interacting with anyone from @littlewoodenheads and trying to find out wth is up with them could be fun,  tho.
@spilledblood;  I could see a lot of potential in a Rick Grimes and John Wick team - up tbh.  (My John is over at @emusecollective.)
@heartsurpluss;  you know I love you and your muses,  friend.  Any muse,  any time.
@doctorxdoom;  I love your blog and have enjoyed being mutuals for as long as we have a lot!  We will definitely figure out who / what and where to RP in time.
@ohfiendangelical;  I have the feeling Zero would feel right at home with the Blue Whale crew over at @littlewoodenheads.
@killthebxy;  he’d probably get along best with either Gin or Sannin from @stillfollowsme;  all young men with enormous responsibilities thrust upon them.
@zcldrizes;  maybe Dany and Gin  (from @stillfollowsme)  bonding over their birthright / connection with dragons.
@pilothearted;  I will just follow you wherever you go.
@misplacedheroics;  I could see him go well with several of my muses,  tbh ??  but most would need excessive explanation,  so if you’d like to interact I would love for you to IM me!
@heartoftheyugi;  I have no idea how any of our muses would interact and just follow you because we’re friends IRL and I like your writing a lot.
@dojiryu;  I love your writing,  and I like your dog,  but I again have no idea how any of our muses would interact yet.  If you have any idea,  feel free to IM me,  I’m open to any suggestions!
@zeitlosleben;  Ellie would fit in with Adinah and Matilda really well,  and Aphonso could offer her that brotherly / fatherly bond you said you wanted to RP a while ago!  So I think that @littlewoodenheads would be our safest bet.
@gwaed;  there’s a lot of compatible muses here,  so I would love to talk business through IMs if you’d be up for it.
@hunterhuntcd;  I just honestly follow you on all of your blogs because I love your writing style,  but I’m not sure who of my muses would be most compatible with Clayton.
@seesgood;  I could really see her interact with Adinah over at @littlewoodenheads,  since Vampire Diaries already has those supernatural elements and Adinah is very good at getting under people’s skin.  I just think it could be lots of fun!
@shotbelief;  I can always see both Frank and Steve interacting with Clint over at @emusecollective,  since he tends to have quite a unique bond with both of them.  Your OCs are also very interesting,  so if you have any ideas involving them,  please feel free to throw them at me!
@honorthedead;  I just really like Glenn + your writing,  but I’m not yet sure who to interact with you yet.
@shapingmonsters;  I could just see ... any of your guys looking into @littlewoodenheads and their past crimes and just... all the chaos that ensues.
@leadslosers;  I have an IT au over on @littlewoodenheads if you’re interested!
@itsbitmxdinhere;  honestly ??  I am so ready for a Jacob VS Aro standoff.  Place and time,  you name it.  (Jacob is over on @emusecollective.)
@joeofmedan;  my Man of Medan verse for Matt will be up over on @emusecollective soon if that’s something you’d be interested in!
@heiscnbcrg;  an AU where Nathan  (over on @emusecollective)  gets his drugs from Walter or maybe even works for him ??
@ghoulgliitters;  there are so many possible plots and muse combinations here that I can’t really list them all in this post,  so...  IM me if you’re interested in interacting.
@tornhumanity;  Adinah  (over at @littlewoodenheads)  kinda has a crush on her.
@smugliar;  at re - reading his bio ... I am pretty sure he will feel right at home between my muses over at @littlewoodenheads.
@janehopperr;  I love your Jane / Elle and I just ... smile every time I read your writing ??  I’m not quite sure who to write with you with,  though.
@1upbcy;  I feel like Mario is so precious,  and most of my muses are ... not.  They’re not worth you,  Mario.
@faeofheart;  I want Jamie and Kristoff  (of @emusecollective)  to interact because...  they’re both fae,  yet their upbringings and their experiences as ones is so different and it would make for such an interesting culture clash.
@deadlcrd;  your writing is so good,  and I would okay with interacting with you with anyone,  I’m pretty sure we can both be flexible enough to fit our muses in each other’s verses.
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dalishunter · a year ago
( continued from here ) // @crossing-the-threshcld
          A pang of guilt slowed Arasulahn’s steps just at the foot of the stairway leading to the entrance of the Great Hall, chewing the inside of her cheek as she considered what story she would tell the Inquisitor. The wound would tell a tale of its own; a consequence of simply being elvhen among many who quietly held a disdain for her people, perhaps an angry, hateful someone decided to “put her in her place”. For little else but her pointed ears and the compassion that Pelle seemed rarely in short supply of, Arasulahn had no reason to suspect that she would appear as anything other than the wronged party; and she struggled to banish the regret that came with the fact that she wanted it to remain so. She sighed steadily through her nose to counter the tightness in her chest, swallowing the truth, for now.
          “Fine,” Arasulahn relented, giving in to the fruitlessness of her belief that she could hide her face from the Inquisitor until the swelling had healed. She turned to face Pelle, fighting the impulse to look him anywhere but his eyes, ignoring the distracting weight of her swollen lid as it drooped heavily over her vision.  “Surely there are injuries here in more need of attention than this.”
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abracafockyou · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ko-fi headshot/icon commissions for @pelle-lavellan!
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hadiden-lavellan · a year ago
❝ You insist on describing the torments of love when you know NOTHING about them. ❞ (Pelle)
“And you insist that Mallas was the only type of love you could ever know!” Hadiden was fuming, angry that Pelle had the nerve to assume he knew nothing of heart break or love. While he hadn’t lived through losing a young love, he had been heart broken; Oliver had been a young love that convinced Hadiden that he could leave his clan and start over. Hadiden wanted to leave, wanted to join him, but his magic stopped that. And Nolan only caused Hadiden to see the light of deception. He only used Hadiden as a game, a score, and meant nothing to him. Hadiden had been a pawn and was lead on. But Pelle used Mallas as the reason to shut down, to be hard to love. It was frustrating and annoying that Pelle would assume that because Hadiden didn’t have a lover die that he knew nothing about it. “You put Mallas on a pedestal and refuse to take him down,” Hadiden barked at Pelle. He didn’t want to be mean, but he was pacing away from Pelle, a hand running through his own hair. “You are living in the past and refuse to move forward and it’s childish.”
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pelle-lavellan-a · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There he is <3
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blasphemousherald · 2 years ago
have a blog for positivity? No have a couple pcseverance, pelle-lavellan, afleetingimpressixn​ ^^
Send me a url and I'll write some positivity for it.
tagging @quiprava​ since they also asked about pcrseverance. okay let’s go!
listen. let me tell you about klaus. klaus is a super great mun, one who i cherish deeply (even tho i’ve been too tired to stay up late and message them lately lol) and one who is way too hard on herself. i love all of the little details she’s put into her cullen, from his hair picking thing, her little metas on how lyrium is taken and affects her cullen and i know she jokes about never replying but like.... every post of hers on the dash, whether ic or just wondering where exactly a naked solas is holding his staff, brings me genuine delight. 
miles is a gremlin. one who torments his poor roommate and should not be given tequila. or rum. and his poor cat! no but in all seriousness i adore miles and i really ought to reply to our thread with taeris and pelle rifp. i love everything about pelle’s gay ass, and i have mad respect for all the like... how well fleshed out every character in his backstory is. one thing i struggle with is implementing my muses into the world. all my muses exist in a void with no friends or family to speak of lmao. plus! he has a whole other blog for meta! how cool is that?
okay but like... i adore leo? and also all of her ocs like oberon and everything. i really have to set up jamie again on his own blog so we can do more interacting with our fairies. each character is so unique and well developed, and they really inspired me to properly delve into what it means to be fae for jamie and how distinctly inhuman and hauntingly beautiful they would be, which was something i hadn’t fully explored before them. a great person and a great mun all around!
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sakurabunnie · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Presenting the 2018 Pumpkinquisition!!!(੭ˊ꒳ ˋ)੭♡✧*。
From Left to Right: Elden Trevelyan, Soren Lavellan, David Trevelyan, Daylen Amell, Amarth Mahariel, and Pelle Lavellan!
@daihell,  @mommydragon-of-all,  @tessa1972,  @stumblingsbalderdash, @hadiden-lavellan,  @pelle-lavellan
2017 Pumpkinquisiton
2016 Pumpkinquisition
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pellelavellan · a month ago
Tumblr media
might fuck around and color this but for now there is nothing holy about this and I fucking love it
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emilesmuseassemblya · 2 years ago
Because I love OCs
please take a look at these beauties. <3
@terrorzer  Jax Wade  fandomless OC
@metalmended  Sid  fandomless OC
@pettyshot  Taeyung Mahariel  Dragon Age OC
@warkept  Ashley de Beaufou  fandomless OC
@vintyvanora  Vanora Tiberius  Dragon Age OC
@thegirlfallsfromthesky  Alex Anderson  Multi-fandom OC
@bloodimagery  Vhennug Surana  Dragon Age OC
@vclnora  Aoife Valnora  Dragon Age OC
@adahlenxerelan  Arryn Sivahn  Dragon Age OC
@couldntbcloved  Nakoma Tamaari  Dragon Age OC
@beshkaari  Ashkaari Meraad  Dragon Age OC
@greymarch  Rodric Cousland  Dragon Age OC
@biirdbone  Emma Wool  fandomless OC
@pelle-lavellan  Pelle Lavellan  Dragon Age OC
@blackmagicblackheart  Alexi Delaney  fandomless OC
@dryadalismagicae  Lyrian Methalin  Dragon Age OC
@trevelyandominic  Dominic Trevelyan  Dragon Age OC
@tippedtowin  Cooper King  Detroit Become Human OC
@of-fortuity  Harry Edwards  fandomless OC
@detroithearted  Tess Walker  Detroit Become Human OC
@ledremoved  Evangeline Cross  Detroit Become Human OC
@droidance  Heath  Detroit Become Human OC
Okay, so... I got a little carried away once I started.  I can personally couch for the quality for each of these blogs, though, and they are all amazing characters with very cool and creative people behind them.
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charmerofkirkwall-blog · 2 years ago
Sometimes he was jealous of humans and all their body hair. When it was cold out, the snow was up to his knees, and the wind had a bite like a wolf–he greatly envied the body hair of human men.
Today was not one of those days…
It was hot. The type of heat that could fry an egg: dry, miserable, smoldering heat. Mythal’s tits how he detested it. And the sand–ugh deserts had to be one of his least favorite places in Thedas.
Seemed that Hawke would agree.
He didn’t blame the champion for stripping so casually. He too had taken the liberty of typing his up off the back of his neck and removing his armor to reveal the sunburned skin underneath. Hawke’s body was far less unattractive underneath his armor, however.
He was–in all regards…a bear.
And although Pelle’s face was already flushed red from the heat–he felt his ears warm up just a little at the sight of Hawke’s bare torso. Hawke didn’t have to know that though.
Dragons? A blast. Demons? Commonplace. Darkspawn? A good laugh now and then. There wasn’t much that Hawke couldn’t laugh at, even if he was using it to deflect from painful situations.
But this ungodly heat wave? No. Just no. Hawke was built for the deep cold Ferelden winters, not this environmental oven bullshit. And he was grumpy, a mood that could rarely be bestowed on the amicable Champion.
So of course he was fucking stripping. His armor wasn’t made for Northern summers any more than a halla belonged in the Deep Roads. He let out a loud, dramatic breath of relief once his top was bare, and slumped back down into the shadow of the tree he’d chosen to take shelter with for now. It was too stuffy inside. The only thing worse than the heat right now was the heat and being cooped up inside where the air was thick enough that it felt as if you were inhaling syrup.
He gave the elf a sideways glance and grumbled as he drank from his water flask. Messily. It ran down his chin and over his chest as intended, then he upended some onto his face in an attempt to cool down even more. A growl left him. “The sun is evil and I hate it.”
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theharellan · 2 years ago
❛ I dislike the feel of these woods. ❜
the last unicorn starters | not accepting
Tumblr media
“The Brecilian Forest has a long history, not all of it pleasant. It was not so long ago the towns and villages around this area spread rumours of werewolves that live in these woods.” He pauses to listen to the sound of the trees whistling through dry autumn leaves. “I have yet to find evidence that substantiate said rumours, however.”
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hadiden-lavellan · 2 years ago
@pelle-lavellan replying to X Hadiden wanted one last kiss before leaving. His clan was leaving in an hour, maybe less. They had to go, had to follow their migration path if they hoped to find a suitable spot before winter. If they stayed too long, lingered at the Clan’s meet for too much longer, they would be in for a rough winter. And no one was going to wait on Hadiden. As much as he would give to join Pelle’s clan, to abandon all that he had, he had no hope in Pelle’s clan. It was much bigger, more people, and he was a stranger. There was no good reason for him to leave his clan for another. He wasn’t an out mage, so he was no use as a Keeper’s apprentice. And even if he was, Pelle would be his Keeper, and in his clan, people looked down on the apprentices that had relations with the Keeper.  Plus, they were both men. Hadiden wanted a single kiss before leaving Pelle, to commit something to a sober memory. This was the first time that someone was looking for more than just a night of fun, of something to just release stress. Hadiden wanted to hope that Pelle had better intentions than Nolan or Oliver, better intentions than to just play with his feelings. Pelle seemed to offer more, and it was a tragedy he had to leave the younger man.   As Pelle slipped his hand into Hadiden’s, the older Dalish’s cheeks grew a pink tint. “You say that as though I don’t remember a thing,” he said, gently squeezing Pelle’s smaller hand.  Hadiden remember everything, wasn’t incoherent the other night. No, he absolutely remembered the taste of Pelle’s lips, how soft they were. He remembered the way that Pelle’s eyes glazed over just barely as they drank, his vision probably doubling from the whiskey. But Hadiden wanted to commit the feeling, the emotion, the pureness of the kiss. He wanted something to hold onto for just a little bit longer because this couldn’t be ending. He really didn’t want to go.  But Hadiden took lead, taking Pelle’s hand and guiding him towards the woods, towards the spot that they first started the adventure with moonlight drinking.  “You act as though you don’t want more of me,” Hadiden joked, offering a playful smile through a breaking heart. He was really leaving, wasn’t he?
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endtablefororphans · 2 years ago
So I have been making this list of my mutuals and because I have been working on this and listing everyone anyway, I thought... why not publish it so everyone can meet each other?
project metanoia
My Project Metanoia family! It’s a super interesting verse that is still open to join! So please feel free to submit through this link if you are interested.
@biirdbone​​​  ||  @batterediron​​​  ||  @cropvamp​​​  ||  @fuckingvictus​​​  ||  @heavenskrystal​​​  ||  @ghoststain​​​  ||  @anthclogy​​​  ||  @reprcbates​​​  ||  @hellfiredawn​​​
Our brave Inquisitors!
@pelle-lavellan​​​  ||  @heraldeath​​​  ||  @trevelyandominic​​​
Cremisius Aclassi
Our favorite Krem-puff.
Cullen Rutherford
I’m very picky when it comes to Cullens, but this one it top-notch.
A very good Blackwall.
I like theorising with this Solas a lot.
Our cat-loving Warden.
Blessed be our Wardens.
@soutarasyl​  ||  @bloodimagery​
Loghain Mac Tir
The problematic fave. (I love talking to them so much.)
Alistair Theirin
This Ali? High quality.
Goodest Bard.
All Dragon Age themed multi-muses (or multi-muses including Dragon Age characters).
@thedasneedsheroes​  ||  @cxnvenit​  ||  @blasphemousherald​  ||  @anthologii​ ||  @tryvyalsynnes​  ||  @scarsthatshapeus​  ||  @aniente​  ||  @thehopefulones​  ||  @quiprava​
general OCs
OCs are so good!
@dryadalismagicae​  ||  @magicofseheron​  ||  @felandaristhorns​
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shokadaar · 3 years ago
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pelle-lavellan-a · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He’s so pretty I can’t
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blasphemousherald · 2 years ago
privacy had never really been a concern of his. how often had he changed amongst the other children in his youth? how often had he shared baths with the other hunters in his apprentice years? it had never been anything to concern himself over – he knew his brother found it difficult sometimes, getting all blushy and stammering when he saw a particularly attractive person but…. taeris didn’t know. it was just a body.
things, of course, had changed a little bit when he realised his attraction to pelle. it had been like a…. like the release of an arrow. for so long that string had been slowly pulled taut, and then one day without warning the arrow was loosed, the tension of the bow snapping quite suddenly and like that, he realised he found pelle to be… attractive.
regardless, he doesn’t even blink when pelle enters the room in the midst of him changing, old clothing on the floor and smallclothes in his hand. he simply offers him a smile, head tilted in his direction. “did you miss me that much, sunflower? couldn’t even wait for me to get dressed?”
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kaaras-adaar-a · 2 years ago
Symbol meme starters.
(yank) - for your muse to yank mine out of the way of danger 
Kaaras felt the air from his lungs shoot out of his mouth as he was shoved with a force that seemed impossible from such a small elf. His back hit the wall and he braced himself--thankfully his head not hitting. He also had horns, though, and they took some of the hit. 
It gave him just enough time to pick himself up, however, and reassess the situation. Some idiot on a horse had come rushing down the street. They’d almost run him down without a care--probably because he had horns on his head and was tall. Arseholes... 
Looking at Pelle, he pushed himself from the wall and brushed his coat down. “Thanks for that. Bloody idiot, he’ll end up killing someone acting like that.” He frowned and watched as the person rode away. That was until someone came running down the dirty, Fereldan street yelling that the man was a thief. 
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